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The Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea
Travel down this storied river and visit a city inhabited during one of the few times the lost tribes of Israel returned to the Land, find out why Jews still avoid traveling through Samaria, and follow the river named "descender to the lowest point on the Earth's land surface.
Mt Moriah: There's More to Restore
Zero in on what Ezekiel called the "Center of the Earth". See what remains of its ancient glories--and what doesn't. Ponder the House dismantled because of a spiritual "leprosy" and what will be required to realize the prophets' vision of restoration.
Sharon (The Coastal Plain)
A city whose name tells about Israel's restoration... Where Jonah set sail ... Herod the Great's showcase city ... site of Elijah's showdown with pagan prophets ... Whoever controlled this city ... a seaport with a surprising means of defense
Fewer than 1,000 Jews kept the Roman legion at bay for over two years, and had water and food to spare. Why did they end up losing? But who ultimately won?
The Aravah and the Negev
David Ben Gurion saw such great potential for making the desert bloom that he spent his last years living there and experimenting with what could be done there. Also visit Israel's best-kept secret--a fortress with more history than Matsada!
In Joshua's Footsteps
Follow the path Joshua took through the lands of Edom and Moab and the two and a half tribes' added territory east of the Jordan River, cross the holy border to Jericho, Gib'on, the Beth-Horon Descent, and the Ayalon Valley.
Journey Back to the Center of the Earth
Introduction to our video series which will feature interesting facts about the different regions of the Land of Israel, show relationships between locations as if on tour, and highlight things of special interest to the returning Northern Kingdom of Israel--which may include you!
Qumran and Eyn Gedi
Two fascinating stops as we travel south along the western shore of the Dead Sea. See where the Dead Sea scrolls were found, how the community that lived here in the desert got fresh water to drink and wash, and where David hid from King Saul and spared his life when he could have killed him.
The Sh'phelah and David's 2 Towns
Learn why the fortress cities designed to defend Judah's capital fell, and why the capital didn't. See how the city David really wanted for his capital was captured, and how big the world's most famous "little town" is now!
No Fly Zone
Return of the Rest of Israel Part 1
"Next year in Jerusalem"? The Jews can already do the Passover there THIS year. But the Scriptures say that there's a much bigger Exodus coming--one that would almost make us forget the first in comparison. Yet the seder hasn't changed. This means there's something much grander still to come. What is it?
Return of the Rest of Israel Part 9
The Time of the Restoration of All Things
Return of the Rest of Israel Part 3
Putting two and two together
An ancient wine press and how it worked
Return of the Rest of Israel Part 5
How the first return went sour
Return of the Rest of Israel Part 4
Lost sheep and one shepherd
Return of the Rest of Israel Part 8
Renewing the covenant
Return of the Rest of Israel Part 2
Where Did the Other Tribes Go?
Return of the Rest of Israel Part 7
A Divided kingdom coming back together
Return of the Rest of Israel Part 6
A legendary leader put back in context
Galilee and the Golan Heights
Some misconceptions about Y'shua are cleared up when we get into the actual setting where he lived. Also see how strategic the Golan Heights are to Israel's survival today, and see not just the site of Jeroboam's altar at Dan, but something that was done there to remedy the problem that began there.
Israel's Capital: Jerusalem
It's always an ascent when you come up to Yerushalayim! Walk through an old-world marketplace in a thriving modern metropolis. Make a complete circuit around the Old City and walk on its walls before entering and seeing its treasures.