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hesed: Hebrew has a word for it #1
hesed is one of those words that mean several things at once if we try to translate it to English. It is a key virtue in Scripture, deeply theological, but difficult to pin down in English. Here's an attempt to explain this core value of the Bible quickly and simply.
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Go'el: Hebrew has a word for it #2
Go'el is another thoroughly cultural word, that is highly theological. Again it is prominent in Ruth. This time there is one English word that is often a decent translation, redeemer, the problem is redeem carries a different weight of overtones from ga'al
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Getting Bible Commentaries without a library
Shows how to access recent Bible commentaries on Google Books, and how to get to the section you want easily and quickly. Making serious Bible Study quicker, and real biblical studies more accessible.
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The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies
Beatrix Potter's classic children's story of the Flopsy Bunnies, read by Tim Bulkeley.. The bunnies eat Mr Macgregor's lettuce and fall asleep. He catches them but Mrs Tittlemouse helps them escape :)
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Squirrel Nutkin
Beatrix Potter's children's bedtime story of "Squirrel Nutkin" animated and narrated. (NB although the pictures and text are out of copyright in the USA, Australia and New Zealand this video should NOT be watched from Europe where they are still protected!)
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Land of the Bible: The Rift Valley
The Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea are below sea level. At least in the south the valley forms a significant barrier. There are notes to accompany these videos here: https://scbc.org.nz/bibleland/ The helicopter footage is used by permission from http://preservingBibleTimes.org
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The Tale of Tom Kitten
Beatrix Potters kittens are not at home in clothes. But the waddling ducks take to them like ducks to water. Oh, dear!
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Biblical Secrets of a long and happy marriage
Here's what I might have said if I had been asked about the Bible and marriage ;)
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Rendering unto Caesar:  separation of church and state
Presuppositions can be dangerous to our Bible reading. Jesus said "Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's" but did he mean to teach the separation of church and state, or was he being much more revolutionary - today as well as in the Roman Empire?
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Visit Beersheba city in southern Judah from the time of the Old Testament, governor's palace, storage buildings, houses, barracks and city gate...
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Genres in the Bible: Part 1: Introducing Genre
The first of a series on -Genres in the Bible- is an introduction, so very general and just introduction. The series will soon get into deeper stuff ;) The graphic of the -Bible Library- comes from this post: http://www.reclaimingthemind.org/blog/2010/08/two-charts-on-the-literature-of-the-bible/
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God as Mother in the Bible
We often notice that the Bible talks about God as -father- (though this picture is rarer than we think), how come we don't notice it also speaks of God in motherly ways. See Chapter 2 of Not Only a Father http://bigbible.org/mothergod/2-1-biblical-talk-of-the-motherly-god-a-personal-god-without-icons/
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Tel Gezer
Visit Tel Gezer on the edge of the Shephelah in Ancient Judah. The city Pharaoh gave to king Solomon as a wedding present. For more information and photos see http://bigbible.org/israel/gezer/ and http://books.google.co.nz/books?id=oYearm8YobQC&pg=PA338&dq=gezer+egypt&cd=1#v=onepage&q=gezer%20egypt&f=false for details of the archaeology
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Land of the Bible: Jezreel Valley
In this episode we visit two city sites in the Jezreel Valley, Megiddo (with a wealth of archaeological features) illustrates a major royal centre of power, and the smaller Jezreel a royal palace and capital. There are notes to accompany these videos here: https://scbc.org.nz/bibleland/ These visits will lead to a consideration of stories of the reign of Ahab and of the place of kingship in ancient Israel. (See http://5minutebible.com/reading/context-reading-2/land-of-the-bible-jezreel-valley/ ) Special thanks to http://preservingBibletimes.org for permission to use helicopter footage, their resources are a great help to anyone who wants to read the Bible in context!
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Introducing the Torah or Pentateuch
A very quick introduction to the first five books of the Bible (Torah or Pentateuch) to start you thinking. Looks at the shape, contents and functions of the collection and considers scholarly suggestions of more ancient four or six book units (Tetrateuch or Hexateuch).
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Land of the Bible: Wadi Qelt: the road from Jerusalem to Jericho
In this video we visit the Wadi Qelt, the gorge that cuts down into the steep Judean Hills and so provided a passable route in ancient times between Jericho (in the Jordan Valley and Jerusalem in the hills). We'll begin near the Ein Prat (Prat Spring) and passing the monastery head down towards the opening into the valley below Jericho. There are notes to accompany these videos here: https://scbc.org.nz/bibleland/ The video would not be possible without resources from others. Short flash lood clips are used to point you towards the full videos by: Guy Shachar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yj94OXAg78g and Eyal Bartov http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=fde_1317011675 these are essential viewing for anyone interested in reading Psalm 23 The Helicopter video from http://PreservingBibleTimes.org is used by express permission, they offer brilliant resources for studying the Bible in context. The shot of the Nahal Prat is from SuperJew on Wikimedia.
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The Tale of the Pie and the Patty-Pan
This is a story of a cat and a dog (who are friends) by Beatrix Potter. Ribby (the cat) invites Duchess (the dog) to tea, she has a mouse pie, but duchess would rather eat her own veal and ham pie. She puts her pie in Ribby's oven, but there are two ovens, so she not only wolfs down the mouse pie, but fears she has swallowed the "patty-pan" (a metal pan put upside down to help hold up the pastry). Never mind Dr Maggotty, the magpie, to the rescue! The words and pictures come from Project Gutenberg and the music is generated by the software I use to animate the pictures.
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The Tale of Johnny Town Mouse
Beatrix Potter's story riffs off an idea from Aesop's Fables. Through the adventures of a country mouse and a town mouse, we are invited to recognise that different situations suit different people. This is a tale with no violence or other elements that might be troublesome to modern sensibilities. For the record, like Beatrix Potter, my sympathies are with Timmy Willie.
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The Tale of Ginger and Pickles
a children's story by Beatrix Potter, read and animated by Tim Bulkeley (of BigBible.org)
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STEP Bible: first steps finding a Hebrew word without knowing Hebrew
In this first "STEP Bible first steps" screencast I'll show you how to find the places in Ruth chapter 1 where the Hebrew verb shub occurs, even if you know no Hebrew at all All this is available in STEP - from Tyndale House in Cambridge - without even looking for Strong's Numbers or any other arcane tricks. You can find STEP Bible here: http://www.stepbible.org/
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Why do you read? Or: Was God married?
The Daily Mail (a UK tabloid newspaper) carried an article "Why the BBC's new face of religion believes God had a WIFE"1 It caused a flurry among the Twittering classes, and on Facebook, and even among the biblioblogs (though in the latter group most dismissed the article saying: What can you expect from a British Tabloid?) Actually the article is by Dr Francesca Stavrakopoulou a member of the Society for Old Testament Study with a DPhil from Oxford and a job at Exeter University. So in this podcast I'll take her article seriously, but use it to ask whether and how it matters why one reads.
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Land of the Bible: The Hill Country
Much of the Old Testament is set in the Judean Hills, and much of the Gospels in the hills of Galilee. Life in the hills is more varied with a mix of shepherding and agriculture.
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The Tale of Two Bad Mice
Beatrix Potter's second story, the mice are not as bad as the title suggests (quite) and nobody gets hurt. Excitement in the dolls house and two hungry mice.
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The Tale of Jemima Puddle Duck
by Beatrix Potter, narrated and animated by Tim Bulkeley (please for copyright reasons do not watch this in Europe).
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Jeremiah’s first confession: Jer 11:18-12:6: Part One
Before thinking about this “confession” we’ll first look at lament psalms briefly. Lament psalms often contain: an address (maybe simply “O God” or “O Lord”) a/some complaint(s) a request for help addressed to God the affirmation of trust in God, as thanks for past action or simply as praise and conviction God will act a vow to praise God when the crisis has passed (44:8; 80:18). The first Confession of Jeremiah is a good illustration of both how these speeches are like, and that they are unlike Lament psalms. We will also notice how in Jeremiah the lament-like material works with its surrounding text. The confessions are not a separate part of the book, they are parts of the book. (The next podcast will continue to look at this text, building on this material.)
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Is there such a thing as (biblical) Hebrew Poetry?
Much debated by specialists, highly technical, yet even a 5 minute look at the issues can help us read the Bible better :)
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The Tailor of Gloucester
Perhaps Beatrix Potter's most cheerful story, even Simkin the cat (the villain at the start) has a change of heart, and the mice save the day. Strangely the story was based on real events, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Tailor_of_Gloucester#Composition and a tourist shop has been opened where the tailor of Gloucester once worked http://www.thecityofgloucester.co.uk/things-to-do/search-results/beatrix-potters-house-of-the-tailor-of-gloucester-p136633.
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Prophets: three principles to unlock the code
Three simple principles that make reading the prophets much less confusing and puzzling. The biblical prophets are not 'difficult' just misunderstood! As a bonus to make the three principles easy to remember each is a CON :)
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Text, canon, and the woman caught in adultery
John 7:53-8:11 is a fascinating test case for our understanding of Scripture. But it is not at all an easy one, so if you don't like being left with puzzles, avoid this one!
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Humour in the Bible: Book 1 Genesis
In a post Why the Bible is just not (so) funny David returned to a theme he's argued before, that the Bible is not funny. Aparently back in 2007 he issued a challenge that readers of his blog could not give examples of humour from every book in the Bible: Funny Stuff in the Bible. Now of course his 2007 post was cheating. He set a (nearly?) impossible task, to find humour in Lamentations might be hard! But that does not mean that there is no humour in Scripture. Just think of one of the occasions when Jesus spoke about camels (he seems to me to have had a thing about camels). Or, for crying out loud, read Jonah aloud in any translation or language you like, and try keeping a straight face... I thought I would take up David's challenge. Not seriously, as I said I expect there are some books devoid of humour, it takes all sorts to make up God's world, even the humourless! But I do plan to work through the Bible (or at the very least the Hebrew Bible) pointing out humour in most of the books. This podcast refers to Gen 1:14ff. and Gen 3:1-7.
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The Tale of Timmy Tiptoes
Nice story of a prudent but less than sensible squirrel and a feckless chipmunk. Beatrix Potter delights again :)
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Humour in the Bible: Book 6 Joshua: Rahab and the bungling spies
The little story, in Joshua 2, of Rahab and the clueless pair of young Israelite would be spies, provided Spenser (see Signs of humour: especially in written texts across cultures) with a nice example of several of his criteria all together in one text, making it evidently humorous. What do you think? Do the criteria work? Or is this vignette deadly serious? http://5minutebible.com/signs-of-humour-especially-in-written-texts-across-cultures/ F. Scott Spencer "Those Riotous -- Yet Righteous -- Foremothers of Jesus: Exploring Matthew's Comic Genealogy." In Are we amused?: humour about women in the biblical worlds, edited by Athalya Brenner, 7-30. Continuum, 2003
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How the Rhinoceros got his Skin
The third of Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories. Tells the cautionary tale of a rude and greedy rhino and his ingenious comeuppance at the hands, or rather by the crumbs, of the Cake Parsee.
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The Tale of Mr Jeremy Fisher by Beatrix Potter
Children's story read and animated by Tim Bulkeley
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Land of Promise
The location of the "promised land" was strategic, on the route between the ancient empires. The land itself divides into several quite distinct regions. Understanding the basic geography helps us understand the Bible.
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God as exegete: 2 Samuel 7
Passages where God explains his own words are really interesting. In this video we'll look at 2 Samuel 7, where David wants to build a 'house' = temple for God, since he already has a nice 'house' = palace for himself ('house of cedar' means a palace with expensive wood panelling). I'll look at how God gives a four word speech and then explains in detail what it means. And in the process starts the punning and wordplay that lead to the superb promise to David, later in the chapter.
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Backup Zotero
How to backup your Zotero bibliography data and keep it safe.
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The Tale of Peter Rabbit
Perhaps Beatrix Potter's best loved story, this version uses the newer more coloured pictures she prepared for later editions.
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Isaiah 6: a vision of a different God
This passage is one of the "pillars" on which the book of Isaiah rests. Isaiah looks back on his vision experience in the temple. The vision came to him in a pivotal year when Judah began to change from an independent kingdom to a vassal state serving the king of kings, the king of Assyria. In that context Isaiah receives a powerful reminder that God is neither a god, nor a king, but lord over all gods, kings and people.
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Eliphaz:Truth into Lies
One of the easiest and most dangerous theological errors is typified for me by Job's friend Eliphaz. He turns truth into a lie, and in doing so earns God's reprimand. One way to avoid Eliphaz mistake when interpreting the Bible is to read the passage as a whole, in context.
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Does Jephthah slaughter his daughter?
A friend asked me about her pastor's reading of the story of Jephthah's daughter. He made the story much softer and with gentler messages. I'll need at least one more in this series on Jephthah, but because i'm currently in the Majority World and it needs more access to academic resources it will have to wait for my return....
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Genesis 1: Beginning Right
Beginnings matter, so the first chapter of the Bible is especially important. The chapter (actually 1:1-2:3 or 4a) is highly polished writing, full of echoes and patterns, and these set the foundation of all of the Bible. It also introduces the 'different God' of the Bible.
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The Story of a Fierce Bad Rabbit
One of Beatrix Potters shorter children's stories. Despite the title ("fierce bad") and the presence of a "man with a gun", no one gets seriously hurt, though the fierce bad rabbit gets his just desserts loses his whiskers and tail (which looks just like the stick-on tail of a toy rabbit.
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Reading the parable of the Big Feast in context (Luke 14)
Learning about the cultural context and noticing the textual (biblical) context of one of Jesus best-loved parables can help us read it more clearly. In this podcast we think about the parable of the feast in Luke 14, information about the cultural setting will make sense of the "difficult" detail of the two invitations, while the Bible context helps sharpen Jesus' meaning.
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Beginning to read Isaiah
Introduces the big sprawling book of Isaiah, looking at the sections of material, each different from its neighbours, but united in themes and styles.
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The Elephant's Child
A young elephant is full of questions and gets spanked often because his 'satiable curiosity annoys his elders. Finally his quest to learn "what the crocodile has for breakfast" leads him to the "Great Grey Green Greasy Limpopo River" where a tug of war with a croc stretches his nose. His long nose is so useful that all the other elephants have to get one.
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The Tale of Mr. Tod
Beatrix Potter's longest story, and perhaps the darkest. Despite the length it is well-told and I enjoyed reading it. Because of the shadow of death (which Potter, living nearer the source of her food, too for granted as part of life) you may want to listen yourself before showing it to your children.
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KKBBSC student choir at graduation 2008
Bible School in the Mae La refugee camp. For the 25th anniversary (most of those years in the camp, though founded in Karen State, Burma) the choir sang several songs.
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Casuistic and apodictic: part 2: The Jesus Key
Here's part two, I hope it will repay your patience by beginning to explain why the dull stuff matters. Indeed it helps us make sense of Jesus' reading of the Old Testament. In part three I'll offer more evidence for my claims :)
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Casuistic and apodictic: part 1: What the terms mean
Now here's a topic that looks duller than ditchwater, only a rabid scholar would be interested. The sort of thing that turns students off biblical studies in their droves! And yet... if you are willing to waste a few minuets on this dull podcast, I promise you the next one (tomorrow) will show you why this stuff really does make a difference :) And, I think, why it mattered to Jesus!
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