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शरीर में स्थित ७ अद्भुत चक्र और उनके जाग्रत होनेका परिणाम | कुण्डलिनी | Chakras Explained
Here is the same video of chakras in Hindi, There are 7 Spiritual chakras in human body, and kundalini energy rests at the bottom of our spinal column. Kundalini awakening is not a simple process, you need lots of meditation and chanting of mantras.Third eye opening is also the process of opening chakras. ========Subscribe======
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Keep These Things At Your Home Entrance for Good luck | Vastu Tips
How to bring good luck and prosperity in your life, Keep these things at your door or main entrance gate for prosperity and good luck. It will help you to remove negativity and diseases from home, Vastushastra tips Please Like, Comment and Share with your friends and family. Thanks for watching. =====Subscribe==== Reference: http://daily.bhaskar.com/news/JM-SUC-diwali-boost-good-luck-5446218-PHO.html?seq=6 http://www.speakingtree.in/allslides/keep-these-things-at-your-homes-entrance-for-good-luck-and-prosperity
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7 Methods to Please Lord Hanumana | The Magical Indian
Here are 7 simplest method to please our dearest Hanuman. to attract more attention of god towards you. Hanuman is great devotee of lord Hanuman, So never forget to say jay shree ram everyday. Thanks for Watching. =====Subscribe=== Reference; http://www.mindcontroversy.com/how-to-worship-lord-hanuman/
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Mahashivaratri Do These Things For Good Luck | Om Namah Shiva |The Magical Indian
If you are great devotee of lord shiva, you should follow this simple methods to please lord Shiva and get lots of blessings from him. On this Mahshivaratri Lord Shiva will remove all bad luck from you home. Thanks for watching =-=-=-=Subscribe=-=-=
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Best Sleeping Directions to Increase Memory Power, Knowledge, Wealth and Prosperity | Vastu Tips.
Check the video to know, Which direction is best for Sleeping as per Vastu Shastra? You can gain Wealth, Prosperity and Knowledge and Avoid Sleep Disorders. ======Subscribe====
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Keep These Things Under Your Bed for Wealth and Prosperity | Vastu Tips
According to vastu shastra, keeping these things under your bed will enhance flow of money. Please check out the video to know which are those things.
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Why We Should Worship Lord Shiva [10 Reasons] | Shiva Mahima
Here are 10 reasons, why to worship lord shiva. Jai shivshankar. There is great importance to lord shiva in Hindu culture, Please like comment and share ======subscribe====== thanks for watching Reference: http://www.hinduwebsite.com/buzz/ten-reasons-to-worship-Shiva.asp
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Never Forget To Offer These Leaves to Shiva Linga | The Magical Indian
Lors shiva accepts these types of leaves, must offer these leaves and get blessings of lord shiva. Om Namah Shivay ===Subscribe=== Thanks for watching
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Goddess Lakshmi Will Never Stay Near these 5 People | Vishnu Purana | The Magical Indian
According to Vishnu Purana Goddess Lakshmi will never stay near people having 5 traits, which i explained in video. Sometime people will have money, but they will become poor in future and they will never live in peace. Goddess Lakshmi's wrath will make them poor. How to become rich and successful, follow the Vishnu Puranas guidelines, Never keep these bad traits with you, and when you do goddess Lakshmi's Pooja/Sadhana without having such traits, Goddess Lakshmi will definitely come to your Home, and She will bring prosperity and wealth. Thank You for Watching. Like Comment and Share With your friends and family. Read more here : http://www.speakingtree.in/allslides/goddess-laxmi-never-goes-near-these-5-people
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Life Span And Height of Humans In Different Yugas | Every Hindu Must Watch This
Every Hindu Must know these things about our Hindu Sanatan dharma. There are 4 yugas, Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwapar Yuga and Kaliyuga. Shri Hari Vishnu Took different avatar in different yugas to save dharma, satya. You may be wondering, what was the height of humans in saty yuga. In this video i told you about, life span of humans in different yugas, Height of humans in different yugas. and also Environment on earth in Different Yugas. Thank you for watching. ====Subscribe===
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Have Letter "M" On Palm Check out the Meaning | Palmistry | The Magical Indian
If you have letter on Palm, then check out what it means, Palmistry is an ancient science, Alexander the great was also one of the believer of the Palmistry. "It is also important to note that the hand will change over time with the person’s life situation. The lines will disappear or change to show an accurate reflection of the individual’s life" Share this video with your friends and family. check out their palms too. Thanks for watching ====Subscribe===
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Amazing Meaning of Lord Shiva In Dreams and Things related to him | Meaning of dreams
If you see lord shiva and things like damru, trisul, shiva lingam snake, temple etc in dreams, check out meaning of this. Seeing shiva lingam in dreams is good omen, dancing shiva in dreams. The magical Indian -=-=-=Subscribe=-=-=- Our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/themagicalindianbsb
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Learn 5 Things From Crow To Become Successful | Chanakya Niti | The Magical Indian
If you want to become successful in life follow chanakya neeti . chanakya niti teaches est neeti's for becoming successful in life. subscribe
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5 Simple Methods to Please Shani Dev and Remove Bad luck | The Magical Indian.
Shani is embodied in the planet Saturn and is the Lord of Saturday. He is the son of Surya. To please shani dev apply these simple methods in everyday life. Shani dev is very kind god, he will remove all the bad luck from your life if you do these thing. Please chant the mantras provided at starting of the video. Shani mantras are very powerful and easiest way to please shani dev. Read Shani Mahatmyam on Saturday to please Shani Dev. Thanks for Watching Please Like comment and share. References: Shani Mahatmyam http://daily.bhaskar.com/news/JM-SUC-shani-dev-upay-effective-5427944-PHO.html?seq=4 http://daily.bhaskar.com/news/JM-4-methods-that-will-please-shani-dev-and-shine-your-luck-4155262-PHO.html?seq=2 http://www.speakingtree.in/allslides/shani-a-friend-or-a-foe
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Keep Silver Elephant Here To Attract Money and Prosperity | Vastu tips
Here are some vastu tips to attract wealth and money and also to bring prosperity in house. According to vastu shastra an silver elephant statue can attract wealth
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IF YOU ARE FACING PROBLEMS IN OFFICE BECAUSE OF OFFICE POLITICS, THEN YOUR SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THESE SIMPLE TIPS TOLD BY ACHARYA CHANAKYA If you find this video informative, like it and share it with your friends thanks for watching Subscribe to our channel to watch more videos
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Never Do These Things With Idols - Varaha Purana | The Magical Indian
In Varah Purana, Prathvi asked Lord Varah about Methods of Intalling Idols in Home. i Will tell you about proper methods of installing idols in my next video. ====Subscribe to our channel=== Like our Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/themagicalindianbsb
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Shocking Facts about Teleportation in Veda | Quantum Science Proof
Quantum Mechanics is one of the most successful theory ever discovered by physicists. And teleportation is a theory in quantum mechanics. ======================================================== Credits: Thanks to CyberWebFX for provide Video https://www.youtube.com/user/DepockVlogs Thanks to footageisland for providing video. https://www.youtube.com/user/footageisland ======================================================== Thanks for watching Our Video. =====Magical Indian======== Thank you for Watching Our Video. Please Subscribe, Like, Share and Comment =====Magical Indian========
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Never Keep Mirror At These Places in Home or Office | Vaastu Tips
You should never keep Mirrors at these places in home, It can bring Vastu dosha. So please avoid keeping mirror at these places, it will attract negative energy to your home. Like comment and Share ====Subscribe=== References: http://daily.bhaskar.com/news/JM-RELI-vastu-mirrors-dosh-5406572-PHO.html?seq=6&ref=ltrec
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Shocking Secrets About Dark Matter In Vedas | Dark Matter, Dark Energy | The Magical Indian.
Here is the video about verses of Vedas, which explains about dark matter. Please Excuse me for accent, Tell me the lines or words if you can't hear them properly. Thank your for watching this video, i am just trying to tell the truth about ancient scriptures, and spreading the knowledge of Vedas. If you found this video informative, please like comment and share.
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Best Place To Hang Calendar For Good Luck | Vastu Shastra | The Magical Indian
Vastu Shastra tells us about best directions for things that indicate time. Please Check the video to know best direction and place for hanging calendar or clock. =====Subscribe=======
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Vastu Colors for Home Bring Good Luck and Prosperity | The Magical Indian
Vastu color tips for home, Please watch the video carefully. ====Subscribe====
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Keep Bamboo Plant Here In House For Prosperity and Wealth- Vastu Tips
Check out these vastu tips for lucky bamboo plant, which brings wealth and prosperity. Like comment and share Subscibe
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10 Most Effective Vastu Tips to Attract Wealth and Prosperity | The Magical Indian | Vaastu Tips
Here are 10 most effective Vastu tips to attract Wealth and Please Goddess Lakshmi. ===Subscribe====
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Very Powerful Mantras To Become Rich And Successful | Mahalaxmi Mantra
In this video, 5 Very powerful mantras to become rich, wealthy, successful in life. Just chant these Mahalakshmi Mantras daily. Mahalakshmi will fulfill all your wishes immediately. Rich people always chant such mantras, or hear from their priest. But they never expose about such secrets of their success. These Mantras are true and very powerful. It has very powerful effect on some people and there will be less effect too. But these mantras help everyone. Pleas like, comment and share. Thanks for watching
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8 Unbelievable Super Powers of Hanuman | Every Hindu Must Watch
Our favorite lord hanuman has 8 Super powers, also called Siddhis. Know about such amazing powers. If you found this video informative, please like comment and share =-=-=-=Subscribe=-=-=
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Amazing Tips For Successful Marriage | Chanakya Neeti
Chanakya was one of the wisest philosopher in the world, he has mentioned lots of tips for successful life in his books. He also mentioned about some tips for successful marriage please check out them here. Like, comment and share. =======Subscribe====== Check out these references for more info. References: https://fusion.werindia.com/incredible-india/chanakyas-tips-successful-marriage http://www.speakingtree.in/allslides/chanakyas-secret-advise-to-ensure-successful-marriage
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Shocking Secrets About Lord Vishnu That You Didn't Know
In this video i am going to tell you some amazing facts about lord vishnu that you must know. He is the supreme lord and always live in peaceful form.
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Unknown Vehicles of Gods | The Magical Indian
Here are some vehicles or Vahanas of gdds you may not know. If you know some other mysterious vehicles, please write in comments. Thanks for watching Our Video. =====Magical Indian======== Thank you for Watching Our Video. Please Subscribe, Like, Share and Comment =====Magical Indian========
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5 Ancient Tips for Success and Good luck
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Sinners and Their Time Period In Hell | Agni Puran | The Magical Indian
If one worships Vishnu with flowers, one never goes to hell. Agni Purana Purana is basically a preaching to the sage Vashishth by Agni. In his turn, Vashishth narrated it to Vyasaji, who related it to Sutji. Ultimately, Sutji narrated Agni Purana to an assembly of the sages in Naimisharanya. कमजोर दिलवाले न देखे Know about Sinners, Hell and Punishments written in Agni Puran. Thanks for Watching. ====Subscribe=====
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Why Students, Singers Must Have 4 Mukhi Rudraksha | Brihaspati | The Magical Indian
If you would like to become rich, successful in life, then students, singers, teachers, musicians must have 4 mukhi rudraksha for greater success in respective fields. Brihaspati is god of Jupiter, and Great guru. Chant brihaspati mantra after wearing this 4 mukhi rudraksha to remove badluck and gain nowledge. Defficulty in mathematics then must try this 4 mukhi rudraksha, Subscribe Thanks for Watching
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What is Exact Age of Lord Brahma? | Vedic Cosmology
====Subscribe to our channel====== To know the concept of vedic cosmology watch this video. Lord brahma is one of the trinity,. I did some research and calculated the age of Lord brahma, How old is our Universe, When brahma dies our Universe will also get destroyed. Our vedas exactly calculated age of the universe, the number matches with current number determined by scientists. I will create videos on Age of Vishnu and Shiva in later parts. With the help of Vedas we can determine age of earth, age of solar system and also the age of Universe. The Magical Indian. ====Subscribe====
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This thing removes all fat on liver | The Magical Indian
According to Ayurveda tamarind is very helpful for you liver. It helps to remove fat and also aid in weight loss.
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These Signs on Your Palm Indicates Blessings of Lord Shiva | The magical Indian | Palm Reading
These sign on your palm, Indicates blessing of lord Shiva. We will create more videos related to Palmistry, doing research in this field. Thanks for watching. Like comment and share. Like our facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/themagicalindianbsb Check out this channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIZldFMMYNZfN7H0pbdiIuw Reference: Check this link to read more http://www.speakingtree.in/allslides/these-markings-on-your-body-are-said-to-be-blessings-from-shiva-and-vishnu
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Most Important Vastu Tips About Main Entrance | Vastu Shatra | The Magical Indian
Check out this amazing video about Most important Vastu Tips =====SUBSCRIBE=== Like us on Facebook :
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Effective Vast Tips to End Family Quarrels and Disputes | The Magical Indian
Simple and effective Vastu Tips to End Quarrels in Home. Follow these Vastu Tips for Peace in home. =====Subscribe=====
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Unknown Secret Facts About Goddess Kali Maa | The Magical Indian
here are some mysterious and amazing facts about goddess kali you should know. Like comment and share Subscribe for more videos
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Amazing 7 Spiritual Chakras And Effects | Kundalini Awakening | Part I
Know about 7 Spiritual chakras mentioned in our Ancient scriptures. Know about Your Internal Powers. Open your third with the help of this video. CHant the mantras given in this video ===Subscribe====
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15 Shocking Facts About Female Body You Didn't Know
15 Shocking Facts About Female Body You Didn't Know Please like comment and share Subscribe our channel
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Learn Qualities of These Animals To Become Rich And Successful
Hello friends, In this video, you can learn the qualities of animals told by Acharya chanakya in his Chanakya niti. like comment and share this video with your friends. Subscribe to our channel for more interesting videos.
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Vastu Tips For Students To Increase Concentration And Score High
check out these simple vastu tips for study room which helps to increase concentration and also helps to get high score in exams. Like comment and share Subscribe
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Wife is Not Beautiful? 5 Solutions By Chanakya | Chanakya Neeti | The Magical Indian
If you think your wife is not beautiful, then you must remember these 5 thought of Chanakya. =-=-=-=Subscribe=-=-=-=-=
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5 AMAZING SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS Warning: Kids dont do 1st One
HERE ARE SOME COOL SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS YOU CAN DO AT YOUR HOME AND SHOW TO YOUR KIDS. Note: Please don't try this at home, Kids must not try first experiment at home. Be careful while doing first experiment. how to make elephant toothpaste? and how to make chemical volcano?
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Mystery of "X" Mark On Palm Only 3% People Have Such Mark | Palmistry
According to research, there are only 3% people in the world who have "X" mark on their palm, X mark was present on the palms of Abraham Lincoln, American President, Alexander the great. Also Russian president Vladimir Putin also have the same mark on his hand. Check out this video to know, what the meaning of x mark on your hand. Tell us about your mark in comments Thanks for watching =-=-=-=Subscribe=-=-=-=
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Vedic Verses Explain Speed of Light Accurately | Vedic Science | The Magical Indian
Vedic verses mention about sun light and its speed, Once 15th century vedic commentator, calculated speed of light accurately. The number matches nearly equal to the number measured by the modern scientists. There are lots of secrets of science in vedas. Please read the vedas and try to study vedic verses carefully. Mysterious facts in vedas. -=-=-=-=Subscribe=-=-=-
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7 Excellent Weight Loss Tips In Ayurveda, Ancient Indian Medicine
Here are some simple but best tips for weight loss from ancient Indian medicine book Ayurveda
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Doing This Will Shorten Your Life Span | Garud Puran
Garud puran is one of the 18 Mahapuranas, and It consist of lots of important teachings for life, success, Good luck etc. Watch this video to know about 5 things, which can shorten your lifespan. Thanks for Watching =Subscribe===
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Longest Lived Creature on Earth, Created by Bramha | The Magical Indian
You may know about an longest lived creature on earth, He was in Satya Yuga, In Treta yuga also In Dwara Yuga. From Churning of Ocean to the End of Mahabharata War, He was the great warrior, and also the great devotee of Lord Vishnu. Lord Bramha created him for a great purpose. He was in Ramayana to Help Shri Ram, for rescuing Seeta from Ravan. He was present at the time of Churning of Ocean [Samudra Manthan] , Where he learned about medicine, later he used that knowledge to save Laxmana. He was Present in Treta Yuga, Vamana Avatar. He was Present In Dwapar Yuga, He Fought with lord krishna. He was Riksha King. There are lots of legends present in Hindu Scriptures about him. Sometimes it is said that, he was one of the Seven Immortals, or Chiranjivis. He is compared with Hanuman and Parshuram. Thanks for watching Please Like comment and share Like our Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/themagicalindianbsb References: https://pparihar.com/2016/01/11/jambavantha-in-ramayana-were-not-bears/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jambavan https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samudra_manthan https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yuga
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Every Intelligent Should Learn 3 Things from Donkey for Success- Chanakya Neeti
Every Intelligent Should Learn 3 Things from Donkey for Success- Chanakya Neeti Like comment and share Subscribe for more videos
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