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View Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO Vision ! Must Watch.
Amazon was just four years old at the time, but it already had $1 billion in annual sales only two years after registering just $60 million. The talk is a bit meandering — there’s a demo that takes a while to work, and Bezos more than once giddily recites anecdotes that end with sex-related punchlines — but it’s full of the kind of statements about how Amazon would stand out that convince you that this monstrosity of a business was in no way an accident. If you’re an entrepreneur building a company, or simply interested in how one of the world’s most successful CEOs thinks about guiding a business, you should really just watch the whole 50-minute video. Bezos is alternately awkward and charming, but all in all, it’s a treat. If you want the CliffsNotes version of the CliffsNotes, though, I’ve dropped some of my favorite quotes below.
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Learn Business Analytics - Best Job 21st Century
This is an introduction video to the course business analytics foundation with R tools in which you will be able to learn the difference between analysis. This is an introduction to business analytics... Interested in building your analytical skills? Microsoft Excel can be a key component of that. If you want. business analysis marketing analytics masters in business analytics msc business analytics business data analysis msc in business analytics analytics business data analytics degree business analyst it ms data analytics business data analytics masters in business analysis msc data analytics ms data science analytics in business business analytics course analytics for business data analysis degree master of science in predictive analytics business analyst responsibilities analytics programs big data graduate programs
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Amazing Chinese Comedy Video --hahahaha....
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Ultimate Comedy Video
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How People in abroad praises narendra modi
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funny animal videos | video of funny clips
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Best of Charlie Chaplin.. So Funny.. - Watch
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Rabbit farming - 0 investment business idea
Rabbit farming is very profitable and enjoyable. You can raise rabbits for both making profit and as a pet. Rabbits are being reared in our country from a long time ago. And it is considered as one of the best animal for farming business. Weather and climate also very suitable for commercial rabbit farming in India. Here, I am describing shortly the advantages and step by step process of starting rabbit farming business in India. Advantages of Rabbit Farming in India Rabbits are small sized animal. There are many advantages of commercial rabbit farming in India. The main advantages are described below. Rabbits are small sized animal. So, they require less space, feed, care and management. You can easily raise rabbits in your farm, backyard, terrace and even at home. Required capital/investment for starting rabbit farming business is very low. You can start with a very little investment. Rabbits grow rapidly and gain maturity very fast like broiler chickens. They become suitable for slaughtering purpose within 4 to 5 months. Rabbit meat is very nutritious and tasty. It is lower in cholesterol and fat and higher in protein. All aged and all types of people can easily consume and digest rabbit meat. In small scale farming, you can feed your rabbits various types of foods including waste vegetables, easily available leaves, grains available in the home etc. Rabbit has a very high reproduction capacity. One female rabbit can give birth of kids after every 30 days and 2 to 8 kids per delivery. Rabbit farming in India can also be a great source of income and employment. Unemployed educated young people can create an income and employment opportunities by raising rabbits commercially. And women can also raise some rabbits with other household animals or birds to earn some extra income or to fulfill their daily family nutrition demand. Rabbit farming is also very pleasuring and entertaining. Even, you can do this business with your current job or occupation.
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Tax Deductions  while Selling or Buying Property
saving scheme best investment to save tax tax interest save money on taxes tax on savings interest what can i itemize on my taxes tax saving 2014 tax return estimator tax savings options savings tax top 10 tax saving mutual funds tax saving fds write offs for taxes tax reductions how tax can be saved income tax return filing capital gains tax standard tax deduction tax return services individual income tax return deductible items for taxes tax right off list tax online a list of tax deductions 80c investments corporation tax tax evasion state tax filing best tax saver plan things you can claim on tax tax saving insurance tax saving schemes in india estate tax state income tax refund income tax deduction how much investment to save tax tax preparation business income tax saving year end tax tips 2013 how to save capital gain tax tax return deadline income tax return online things you can claim on your tax return what deductions can i use on my taxes list of all tax deductions tax deduction 2013 what can i deduct on taxes savings account tax what to save for taxes tax saving options for salaried tax saving sections how can i save on taxes how to save money from tax list of things to claim on taxes tax rules social security tax taxes and deductions what can you deduct from taxes calculating income tax tax saving guide income tax refund what all can you claim on your taxes state tax refund tax advice uk what all can i claim on my taxes tax deductions calculator things to claim on taxes 2013 tax return service calculate income tax deduction of tax list of acceptable tax deductions income tax filing tax reduction tips it tax deductions maximum investment to save tax tax saving instrument list of possible tax deductions how can i save money on taxes 10 best tax saving investments 2013 tax saving tips business tax preparation things you can claim on your taxes 2013 income tax savings what to deduct from taxes ways to save taxes inheritance tax advice corporate tax deductions online income tax income tax rates income tax preparation software deduction on taxes how to save money on taxes 2013 income tax saving options federal income tax deductions offshore tax planning investment income tax tax deduction information online income tax return corporate tax planning
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Learn Web Scraping with Python in one hour! Watch ow
Web scraping for beginners. Web scraping using Python and BeautifulSoup for beginners. This is the first video in a series of videos that teach web scraping. Code for tutorials can be found at my github repository. Even more code is available for free here as well. web scraping web scraper screen scraping website scraper data scraping web scraping tools scrape website web data extractor data scraper scrape data from website web scraping tool web scraping python site scraping html scraping web scrapers scraping tools extract data from website web page scraper data scraping tools scraping data web data extraction best web scraper scraper tool web content extractor
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Earn Money as freelance copywriter and Earn $750 per day
0:18Firstly what is copywriting 0:21Copywriting well there's a lot of different types of copywriting 0:24headlines blog copy script writing 0:29There's also long-forms or writing brochure copy for you know some type of marketing collateral 0:36So anything where there's words 0:38Yes 0:39Alright cool 0:39And what kind of demand is there for copywriting freelancers versus say full-time people 0:43I would say freelance is probably the majority of our copywriting opportunity 0:48We don't see a lot in full-time because it definitely is 0:51You want to have a variety and a different type of idea or thought 0:57So that's why our clients request more of the freelance side of things because they 1:03want to have different ideas different voices all of that 1:07Ok so what kind of experience do you need to be a copywriting freelancer 1:12Wow well some people have you know their background in creative some kind of Masters or graphic 1:21design background 1:22Oh really even for that okay 1:24Yeah yeah sure or it could be also just you know an English degree 1:28Yeah I was thinking about journalism or English degree 1:30Yeah 1:31Well a lot of copywriters start in like proofreading and editing and then they might move into 1:35copy or vice versa it really does depend 1:38But I would say the majority of our copywriters tend to be just almost self-taught as well 1:46So if you have a great you know mind for words I mean why not 1:51Copywriting 1:52Why not put it Yeah why not make it a career 1:55Alright cool so what does a copywriting career look like and what kind of portfolio you know 1:59are you looking to build 2:01It depends so a lot of times we have copywriters that have a full range of experience 2:06Not only have they done website writing but they've done blog headlines they've done anything 2:15really product copywriting even the little labels on you know your sandwiches 2:22Like the ingredients labels and 2:23Yeah yeah so we have a lot of you know specific clients that come in to say we need somebody 2:28that can write a label for a sandwich we're trying to sell something like that 2:36I'd say a lot of the clients request copywriters who have corporate experience so long-form 2:42marketing collateral 2:43It could be a brochure or it could be even a presentation it just depends 2:48Okay 2:48But a lot of different variety 2:50Okay so let's say you have that kind of experience and you've built that kind of portfolio 2:55What kind of money could you expect to earn in the marketplace 2:57So usually junior copywriters are around thirty an hour pay and they can make all the way 3:04up to like sixty seventy-five 3:06It just depends on what their you know what their variety what their book looks like with 3:12their portfolio looks like 3:13Understood 3:14And with that in mind what does a sort of typical copywriting project look like 3:18Is it one hour one day one year one month 3:20And that's the other thing there's so much variety in copy 3:23So you could do anywhere from like three hours of projects where you're just typing out headlines 3:29you know busting out headlines for a client 3:31Or you could be writing long form which could take anywhere from like forty hours to sixty 3:38hours it just depends on the project for sure
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Funny Kids Video - must Watch
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Web Scraping Best Practices! quick Watch
Python Web Scraping Tutorial 1 (Intro To Web Scraping): site scraper online web scraper php scraper scrape a website screen scraping tools page scraping python web scraping web data scraping scrape website data page scraper screenscraping scrape web page web data scraper internet scraping php web scraping php web scraper html scraper content scraping web harvesting content scraper website scraper tool web scraper tool google scraping scrape website content web screen scraping email scraping scraping web visual web scraper web scraper plus web scrap scraper site web scraping php scraping tools web scraping web pages scrape site open source web scraper web scraping script php screen scraping extract website web scraper open source web scraping free python screen scraping best web scraping tools python scraper extract data from html online scraper website data extractor web scraping companies extract information from website web extraction easy web scraping website data extraction scraper web simple web scraper web scraping tools open source grab data from website web scraper free web page scraping tools web screen scraping tools web scraper python screen scraping php web scraping open source scrape website for data data crawling site scraper tool web page extractor web scraper php best web scrapers price scraping scrape html online screen scraper automated web scraping extract web data website parser scraping the web scrape page google web scraper web scraping software ruby web scraping
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Tax Saving Tips for Small Business Owners
what can i deduct on my taxes common tax deductions itemized deductions allowable tax deductions tax breaks what can i claim on my taxes how to save on taxes small business tax deductions how to save money on taxes tax saving deposits deductions on taxes investments to save tax tax saving calculator what can be deducted from taxes business tax deductions best way to save tax self employed tax deductions tax saver mutual fund save on tax investment to save tax what can i claim on tax best tax saving mutual funds what can you claim on your taxes list of tax deductions 2013 2013 tax deductions and credits
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How to Calculate medical Tax Credit
federal income tax tax saving tips for 2013 income tax return form tax guide sales tax deduction income tax estimator tax avoidance deductions tax tax return preparation best tax saving options tax saving infrastructure bonds tax saving advice what can be claimed on taxes tax refund calculator income tax rules deduction for taxes how save tax itemized tax deductions unfiled tax returns back taxes help tax saving funds tax return preparer state income tax tax estimator tax savings calculator tax deductions for 2014 what to deduct on taxes tax refund form things to deduct on taxes efile tax returns file income tax return income tax saving schemes how can i save my tax what can i claim for on my tax return
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The best of Charlie Chaplin  - Funny Video
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Cat and Mouse Funny Fighting Video...Must Watch
mast funny video for cat and mouse fighting.
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Ultimate Funny Videos. Must watch
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Narendra Modi - Great Speach in Parliament Must watch
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Modi Virodh par Kejriwal Ko Tamacha! Must Watch
Here is the live video of Arvind Kejriwal, who came in audience to oppose Narendra Modi for Currency ban. But People Starts Chanting Against him. Watch this
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Kejriwal - Real Cheater in Indian Politics
Sacked Delhi minister Kapil Mishra, whose allegations of corruption against Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief Arvind Kejriwal triggered a crisis in the party on Sunday, said he'd be approaching the Delhi Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) with evidence to back his claims. Earlier in the day, Mishra had levelled the stunning charge that he was the eyewitness to an illegal transaction of Rs 2 crore between Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal and his cabinet minister Satyendar Jain a few days ago. He'd further alleged that he'd been axed from the party for saying he would submit the names of those people involved in the Delhi Jal Board water tanker scam to the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB).
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Dhongi No 1 - Kejriwal ! Must Watch
Despite being hit by scandals from Punjab to Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) managed to draw a huge crowd on Sunday at the rally held in Moga. One look at the crowd is indeed going to give sleepless nights to Congress leader Amarinder Singh and Badals who currently rule the state. Kejriwal was accompanied by Punjab convener Gurpreet Ghuggi, MP Bhagwant Mann, state affairs in-charge Sanjay Singh, AAP spokesperson Sukhpal Singh Khaira and other senior leaders of the party as the manifesto for farmers was rolled out. It is notable that AAP has been making the headlines but mostly for the wrong reasons. Firstly, AAP minister Sandeep Kumar was sacked by the party as a sex tape featuring him and several obscene pictures of the leader came to light. A woman who was seen in the sex CD alleged rape by Sandeep Kumar after which he was arrested.
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Charlie Chaplin -  Funny Video Amazing to Watch
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Setting Google Adwords Campaign in 1 Minute
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Virat Kohli Great Knocks in U19 World Cup
great innings by virat kohli. watch this ultimate video.
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Amazing Funny Video For Refreshment - Chinese, Indian, Japanese
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Amazing Indian Men playing with BEES
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Top Bollywood Celebrities Who married for money
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ERP Software for Higher Educational Institutes
Institutions around the world don’t just run on Educational software—they help shape it. From admissions and finance to student success and advancement, our vast customer community contributes to every advancement of our higher education software.
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See How Social Media Marketing Helps in Brand Management
Brand managers guard over the brand’s identity and reputation and strive to improve sales and grow market share. Nowadays a brand’s reputation depends in a large part on the online activity and conversations around it. Social media have become an important medium for marketing and customer service. If customers react in a negative way to a certain service or marketing campaign, the influence on the brand’s reputation can be enormous. Brand managers should be aware of this (obviously) and they should also be in the know whenever something is happening. internet marketing strategies online marketing strategies online marketing services social media distribution experiential marketing agency digital marketing consultant social media marketing solutions using social media to market facebook marketing digital marketing strategy email marketing agency marketing by social media social media & marketing best social media for marketing internet marketing company social network market social media outlets for marketing using social media to market your business what is digital marketing social media manager online marketing consultant what is social media marketing marketing business marketing your business on social media social marketing network web marketing company internet marketer social media monitoring tools social media marketing content internet marketing agency publicidad en redes sociales best email marketing marketing strategy facebook advertising media for marketing media in marketing companies using social media marketing best seo
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Switzerland -  a best tax haven
list of tax deductions tax saving options tax savings federal tax deductions deductions for taxes tax deductible items tax saving fixed deposits tax saving plans tax deductions list tax deduction calculator 2013 tax deductions tax deductions for 2013 best tax saving plan tax deductions 2014 best tax deductions tax tips tax saving mutual funds tax savings tips tax saver best tax saving investment tax saving investment options tax saving bonds ways to save tax what can i deduct on my taxes common tax deductions itemized deductions allowable tax deductions tax breaks what can i claim on my taxes how to save on taxes small business tax deductions how to save money on taxes
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Clever Japanese Security Guard
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Whatsapp Ultimate Chinese Funny Comedy Videos
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How to earn $10,000,000 with LinkedIn and Facebook
Learn how to make money with these three social media platforms. earn money with social media make money with social media get paid to tweet make money from social media make money social media money social network make money on social media make money tweeting make money using social media make money social networking social media money media consultant make money with social networks making money through social media earn money from social networking social media money making make money on social networks making money with social media ads get paid to tweet ads how to make a social network make money online with social media websites that make money earn money from social media social media make money social network money social network to make money social media consultant make money social network sites how to get paid for tweeting social network make money make money online social networking make money tweeting ads money making social networking sites how to make money tweeting earn money with social networking sites earn money social media how do websites make money get paid for tweeting earn money through social media how to get paid to tweet how websites make money earn money by social networking sites social network earn money money network make money social media marketing make money with social network earn money social networking sites websites to make money using social media to make money make money by tweeting
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Sudhir Chaudhry Exposed Kejriwal! Must Watch
Watch the tongue-in-cheek interview with AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal on Zee News.thanks for watching video plz subscribe our channel. kejriwal exposed.
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How to map data using WSO2 ESB Software
0:02yeah 0:10i sat on the software engineer at wso2 this is screencast i will introduce the 0:19data mapping wso2 ESB I start of it then overview the data mapper mediator and 0:28that simple use case of the mediator 0:30next I'll explain the method conversion of the sample use case and its 0:34implementation data mapper is a mediator that can be integrated automated 0:40mediation floor and can be used to transform or change the instructive to 0:45message format 12 canada this use case the client or user will access this off 0:52in . to the ESB the users in the DSM request to the ESB and they said message 0:58will be connected xml and sent to end . then assault response will be connected 1:04to Jesus and and sent back to the user when looking at the client-server 1:10request and response the client killed mrs. the eccentric just as follows it 1:15will be converting the soul breakfast n into the end . the soap response will 1:22look like this then it will be connected to the gsm and then back to the client 1:27next we will continue to implement this use case using developer studio before 1:36you start you should have installed USB 500 and developer studio with the tool 1:47open develop a studio and create you 1:53yes be serious and pretty unique name as many more here we can play it cool 2:04subject forest resources and composite application scenes connectors Porter 2:09project is not required we can't escape with 10 penis when you are done you can 2:17see the three projects that have been created 2:19next we will create Sapa to implement and configure data mapper 2:33username and context and take things when you are done you can see the design 2:45view of the APA we need to define the post method of that sauce like this next 2:55you need to implement the data mapper mediator and use immediate center it 3:00gets too in . then we add the data mapper mediator and set its input type 3:12fast 3:13Jason and output type ass sexy me when you said output at 6am mill its method 3:22type will be application submitted by default but we need to take it to the 3:27appliqués and so pass xml by an informative mediator 3:50then mutual defense in mediator and attn . mediator then configure the inn . by 4:04setting you are a template and HTTP method now we have implemented in 4:13sequence and we need to implement the new data mapper mediator for out sequels 4:17and its input type will be xml and output type will be usin then we will 4:34implement this in mediator to send the response back to the client 4:45now we have implemented flow and that we need to configure the data mapper 4:49mediators 5:03we knew double-click on the mediator you can create data mapper configuration in 5:08the is to put it by giving a name when you are done you can see the go boxes to 5:20define the decent is Kim asked for input and output you can defend its kima item 5:27and will you or by using a sample message to generate it automatically i'm 5:33going to know the sample request by landed in that is kima automatically 5:37like this 5:45then you can see the generators Chema's here i can do this put our put this 5:51schema in the same manner have to defend his key Matthew can make the input and 6:02output videos like this now we have defended in sequence media to 6:09successfully and we will configure the article mediators in the same 6:30and its input type will be example and output type will be 6:48with nothing input and output value here i use the same value as input value for 6:54output value but you can use other available operation to define complex 7:01output value of this on the input values now we have completed data mapper 7:15mediator configuration and the next step is to deploy this arch back into the ESB 7:20we knew go to design we've of the palm of compensate application you can see 7:31the available artifacts created you can select them all and click archive button 7:46create the cop I 7:57then he will deploy despite into yes the manually 8:22this is the Kirby's to exit the sample APA the Creator 8:37renew executed girl come on you can see the response in Jesus and format and we 8:43knew and i think yes BBY look you can see the message condition but sorry the 8:56power of Independence is for more about yes we do have a mediator we hope this 9:01was helpful thank you
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Woman stunt and exercise on moving bike
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how small company become big company? Great Watch
Great learning insights. how to grow your business?
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Find Work in 4 Hours - Be your Own Boss
0:00in the 4-hour workweek tim ferriss is going to be arguing that you can create 0:05a full time income with just four hours per week of your time now this is 0:11teaching you something that you didn't learn in school which means that after 0:16you graduate high school graduate university you do not need to get a job 0:22where you work 40 or more hours per week to make a sustainable living wage on my 0:29blog at Brenda macys.com i share my income reports every single month so if 0:35you've been following me for a while now you know that i make around seven to ten 0:39thousand dollars every month 0:41well how much time does it take me to make that kind of income 0:45the answer is that my business really only takes about 10 to 20 minutes per 0:50day to maintain so if I didn't care about growing my business would really 0:55only take me about 10 to 20 minutes and I'd still make that seven to ten 0:59thousand dollar per month income stream 1:01however if I wanted to grow my business the growth comes in the extra time that 1:06I spent but still the idea that you can spend four hours per week and still get 1:11a sustainable living wage is a hundred percent possible so do not believe the 1:17doubters out there that say that the 4-hour workweek is not possible 1:22believe me the two hour workweek is possible but what are the challenges to 1:27a 4-hour workweek because it sounds great I'm sure that most people that see 1:32the book the 4-hour workweek or they hear about it think this is an amazing 1:37fantasy that must be just a beautiful beautiful lifestyle 1:42well the reality is that there's really two challenges the first challenges 1:46you're not going to be able to start a business with just four hours and grow 1:51it into a sustainable income stream so when Tim Ferriss says that you can have 1:56a 4-hour workweek you really have to build up to the point where you can just 2:01lay back and let the automated processes take their course but in the process of 2:06setting up a business 2:08nobody's going to set up a really highly profitable business 2:11with just four hours per week you need more time than that 2:15the second challenge is that no matter how much time you put into your work 2:20whether it's 40 hours or four or two 2:23you still need to be doing something in your life that you're passionate about 2:28so for a lot of people they use work to exercise their passion so let's say for 2:35example that you're a high school teacher right and you're teaching the 2:39kids sure your salary might only be forty thousand per year and you'll be 2:44working long hours 2:46who would ever ever take that job well obviously they have people to take that 2:51job and the reason for that is because it's what people want to do its they're 2:56calling so even though you might like the fantasy of working for a little 3:01period of time and then just relaxing for the rest it gets old fast and i can 3:07tell you that from personal experience the good news is that your passion does 3:11not have to be your work and I know that we're all used to in our everyday lives 3:16to attach so much of our identities to what we do for a living but it really 3:21doesn't have to be that way 3:23it's like the second question that everybody asks they always say hey 3:26what's your name and the second question is what do you do 3:30and when people ask what do you do they're not really saying what are the 3:34kind of activities that you like to do what have you read what are your hobbies 3:38what they're really asking is what is your occupation and that's the sad 3:42reality of the world that we live in now if you do manage to break through and 3:46you create a 4-hour workweek type business which is entirely possible 3:51I've done it myself then you're going to have a heck of a lot of extra time to 3:56spend your life trying to find your passion 3:59ok now some great examples of ways that you can exercise your passion and i'll 4:04use myself as a personal example is me and my now fiance Caitlyn for the last 4:10eight months before we just came back to Canada here we were traveling all over 4:15the world so we were started in Colombia down a meta-gene columbia down there 4:19then we went up to panama city then we went over to tie 4:24land cambodia and then Vietnam and then eventually came back to Canada because 4:30we missed panicle pizza which is a little bit of a joke if you know Canada 4:34panicle pizza is very very good but all jokes aside we were able to just enjoy 4:39ourselves and Explorer and adventurer and get out into the world and we didn't 4:45really have any obligations because i have this online digital
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How to Reduce Adwords Cost and Increase Conversions
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Fun Video - Laugh Laugh .....Laugh
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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How to make money through affiliate marketing
hey guys Sam started having an amazing day 0:03look at this video I'm going to give you want to talk about two things number one 0:07easy way to make money online marketer and number 2 i'm going to show you 0:12something that that always scared when i first got online soon as I don't want 0:16delved into it and really are ready to turn my life around and only time I 0:22marketing around online and they're not successfully number one was easy to make 0:25money online affiliate is a sell weapons were already born 0:29yeah it says they're super alright but it's amazingly it's amazing how parallel 0:34often speak to people or I just people on facebook or not or even know what 0:39they're doing and just trying to sell stuff to people literally our boy on it 0:42but it's not gonna run about it the right way so that is very simple 0:47strategy was on the you the biggest retail shop online where online store in 0:53the world is highly trusted you will go to every single able to stop and the 0:59great thing about Amazon you think there's a boy is searching you know real 1:03thing google number one so changed more you think of hours on hours the number 1:06one by searching people were on amazon purely to buy products right so these 1:11markets people you want to you want to attract you want to go 1:14people buy with money you put got credit card here literally going along the box 1:18no great thing with amazon is an example now this just goes on you can do this 1:23with a whole bunch of different outside whole bunch of different sides he's 1:26gonna get crazy sometimes 1:27amazon just a very simple and easy example they list their best-selling 1:31items and best practice in every category so you can just go to any kind 1:35of go to and no pets or health or electronics or gadgets whatever I find 1:42the best selling parts in in those in those categories and I wasn't telling 1:45how long that perhaps beyond the number one bestsellers this as a move that was 1:51the move down what's movers and shakers and doing a whole bunch of information 1:54so you can go there was a feeling you know these people already buying this 1:59stuff you don't have to convince them you have to do anything all you do is 2:02get your link in front of in front 2:04the people the hordes of people are going online to buy that product now 2:09unnecessary i do that since mother some of my other videos make sure you 2:13subscribe and all look at my next up next video is going to show you how to 2:17do this but you can keep this in mind it's a very simple formula is so when I 2:22was a little boy hardest thing to do is trying to convince someone to buy 2:26something that they don't want now I said I know it's a simple strategy but 2:30just keep that in mind 2:31you always make my online right now the second thing is don't be afraid of big 2:36markets this really know is 324 Wayne big market joint marketing online just 2:43to make money in the health niche and relationships 2:47the other 1i putting personal development personal development is even 2:50in your I don't even pretend health issues all that you've proven yourself a 2:54lot of sightings now when i first got online always scared to go into those 2:59markets the reason one needs all the competition on 3:02I mean there's a lot of money for competition and I didn't inconstant 3:07noting that the schools getting there so i started providing always a little
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Top Tourist Attractions in Australia - Amazing place for traveler
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Steps to perform Web Scraping with Python
We learnt earlier how to scrape web data from web pages with Excel VBA using the inbuilt features of MS Excel . Coding with Python -- Scrape Websites with Python + Beautiful Soup + Python Requests Scraping websites for data is often a great way to do research. html screen scraping web scraping framework scrape entire website extract data from webpage extract database from website best web scraping extract website data scrape content from website web content extraction url scraper tool scrape contact information from website scraper website price scraper web scraping technology website scraper free scrape web data open source screen scraper building a web scraper web scraping code website scrapers scraping google internet scraper scraper extension website content scraper screen scraping web pages web scraping r data crawler
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Krantikari ! Kejriwal Fixing Media News Reporter
It shows Kejriwal deliberating and discussing about his interview in a friendly manner with the journalist. No big deal really. The last part of the clip shows Kejriwal asking the journalist to play up some portions of the interview that he thinks would resonate with the masses. The journalist agrees saying that the particular portion was krantikaari (revolutionary) and would get a lot of 'reactions'. Maybe the journalist agreed out of 'courtesy' and didn’t actually play it up? Unless we have proof that the portion – Kejriwal comparing his resignation with martyrdom of Bhagat Singh – was indeed played up again and again by the journalist and the channel. But even if the portion was played up, maybe it was due to the journalist 'genuinely' agreeing with the politician’s point of view?
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How to make Euro 50 Per day through internet
0:02you too how's it going one two three LG productions here and today i'm going to 0:09tell you 0:0912 ways you can earn an extra fifty dollars per day 0:12these are methods that are concerning fifty dollars starting tomorrow but if 0:17you put in the effort and you're consistent 0:19you can build your way up turning 10 20 30 40 50 or even more dollars per day 0:26so the first method is a website called fiber fi ve double our comm fibers 0:32website where you can post jobs or they're called gigs small jobs that 0:38you'll do for five dollars 0:39the company fiverr.com keeps one dollar so you get four dollars for every gig 0:44that's old 0:45so you can post the gig for example I'll take a video of myself jumping into a 0:50public swimming pool screaming your company's message for hot dollars so 0:54that's something crazy and there are crazy things like that and people will 0:58pay for that but you can be simple things like I have a twitter account 1:02with 5,000 followers 1:04I will treat your company's message to to my five thousand followers for five 1:10dollars and if you post a whole bunch of gigs like that and you can build up to 1:1612 sales per day so if you can get 12 sales overall your gigs per day at four 1:23dollars each that's almost fifty dollars right there 1:26so so you the trick is to do things that are only going to take you 5 10 maybe 15 1:31minutes to do so you don't want to earn four dollars on something that's going 1:35to take you three hours 1:36it's not worth it ok so number two would be sponsored tweets sponsored tweets is 1:42a website where you link your Twitter account so if you have a twitter account 1:48with 500 followers 1:50this is not going to work you want to build up yourself so worried about a ton 1:53of followers so for example i have an account a twitter account that I've 1:58built up to 10,000 followers and these are real followers not followers that I 2:02i bought somewhere first earn my money I earn these followers 2:08so I links to my Twitter account and what actually happens is companies will 2:15that are on this site sponsored tweets will offering money to post you there 2:22message to your followers so i might get a certain for example you might get ten 2:26dollars for posting a tweet about an advertisement or you can set the price 2:33that you get paid but the lower is the more offers you get a higher it is the 2:38few offers you will get but you'll be earning more money so i have a twitter 2:43account that I said ten thousand if I build that up to even higher i can 2:47charge more so the trick is to start small with your 500 followers post stuff 2:53that people want to hear 2:55post something is going to become popular and build it up so you have ten 2:59twenty thirty forty fifty thousand followers and if you can get an offer 3:03per day at fifty dollars each with their arms right there 3:07so next would be to make iphone apps so if you don't have make iphone apps now 3:13problem and sorry not a problem 3:17find an idea find something that needs to be solved that you can do be an 3:22iphone ax 3:22so if you have a problem that you want an iphone app to solve think of it 3:27draw it out making design you could pay someone to make it for you or you can 3:31learn how to do yourself 3:33so if you don't want to learn how to code and everything that like that just 3:37learn how to code just to make your appt so do the design do the basic 3:41development make it a simple app so you don't have to spend too much time making 3:45it and market it released on the app store for ninety-nine cents make it 3:51should make sure it's something people are going to want to buy and if you can 3:54get 70 sales per day at 99 cents per sale 3:59that's about fifty dollars so you could release multiple apps 4:05so you only have to do if you have two apps that's 35 apps and ninety-nine 4:09cents per day and still you are in the same amount or you have 10 apps at what 4:137 apps and if you sell 10 of each per day 99 cents that's fifty dollars right 4:19there 4:19so any combination just make sure they're good quality apps that you
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How Celebrities Supporting Donald Trump
donald trump in the news donald trump companies owned how rich is donald trump donald trump and his wife what happened to donald trump donald trump has a big one life of donald trump donald trump cover donald trump nationality biodata donald trump donald trump first business donald trump college donald trump jr family photos companies owned by donald trump donald trump new wife donald trump greta donald trump ex wives names donald trump as a child donald news what did donald trump earn his money donald trump office donald trumo net worth of donald trump donald trump wiki the story of donald trump where did donald trump get his money donald trump rich donald trump values donald trump competitors donald trump jr house donald trump real estate school donald trump jr net worth donald trump daily schedule
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Become Millionaire in  a 100 DAYS! Try Now
how to generate money online. become to earn money in with any problem.
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