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I need FAVOUR!
The spiritual protocol for FAVOR!!!!
The Invisible Robbers
Understanding why as a Christian you're still struggling, there're no miracles, you're still sick, tired, broke, disgusted and frustrated. Even though you're told God is going to turn it around, you're breakthrough is around the corner etc. You must ask the question, it has been year after year and there is absolutely no evidence of these prophetic declarations... SO WHAT HAS HAPPENED OR BETTER YET WHAT IS HAPPENING? Watch my brief video to unlock the mystery behind your misery! *I realize that at 10:51 minutes into the video up until 12:00 minutes I said that Moses went into a deep sleep when it should have been Abraham.
Dream markers Pt.1
Just a brief understanding on dreams as it relates to identifying certain markers in one's dream.
Dreaming of your former residence, school, job etc
If you are always having dreams where you're always dreaming of your former residence, childhood home, your former school, especially if these dreams are repetitive. Then such dreams are revealing spirits of setback, delay and anti -progress. Such dreams will usually surface when the dreamer is on the brink of a breakthrough.
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After the fast
Most folks believe that once they've completed a fast, everything that they were fasting for should now miraculously change as a result of their fasting. The reality is, it would be after the fast that the real challenges emerge. As a reminder, during the fast there was a major spiritual fight where you were breaking the bands of wickedness, undo heavy burdens, setting the captive free and breaking yokes. Again, all of this took place spiritually. It is after the fasting that these same spirits you've unseat that will come at you with everything they've got. Luke 4:1-13 the scripture provides a spiritual protocol as laid out by Jesus himself as to how we should behave after a fast.
Recompense for the righteous part 1
There are some stuff that you've loss and it seem as if there is no way you can replace them. Well this may be true if you're
Am I cursed.AVI
A series of short teachings about curses. Am I cursed? What are the signs of being cursed? Can curses be passed on from generation to generation? Is it possible that someone I'm connected to be the source of the curse that's in operation in my life?
The understanding of faith.wmv
A simple understanding of faith. Without it, it is impossible to please, satisfy or meet the requirements for God to act on your behalf. Why we are commanded to walk by faith and not by our sight.
God has sent someone to sustain you
God has sent some to sustain you. It is imperative that you not allow your season of favor pass by you because your sustainer should look a certain way.
Another brief teaching on identifying specific signs, actions, symbols that will reveal pending situations for you life, be it negative or positive and how to be proactive in addressing them.
Spiritual Insight into what happens after deliverance
Having you been feeling as if you are not delivered even after renouncing and evicting evil spirits out of your life? Does it feel as if the feelings of certain spirits have come back to re-enter you with vengeance? Tune into this spiritual insightful teaching to discover what is really happening.
The Invisible Robbers 2
Deep insight into the world of dreams. As a continuation of the teachings on The Invisible Robbers 1, in this particular dream teaching we're focusing in on recognizing and identifying "The Spirit of DELAY". This teaching will show and explain to you why you are being delayed in your everyday life and the origin of those delays. You will be given scripture after scripture saturated with revelation all in an effort to unfold the mysteries of this active subtle spirit in the average person's life. So many Christians and Believers of Jesus Christ are lost and confused as to why they are not prospering, why they are not being blessed etc. I promise you this teaching will give a brief but detail understanding of what has been happening and what to do to change your defeated position.
Recompense for the righteous part  2
In part two of this dynamic teaching we will discover that the Believers of Jesus Christ are entitle to a recompense for the losses they've suffered along their Christian journey. We will unfold the mystery behind the "GREAT RECOMPENSE"
The laws of self control
A brief teaching on the spiritual origin as to why folks lack self-control. In this teaching, we will briefly go in-depth as to what motivates a person to ignore the consequences and obvious red flags to enjoy a temporal pleasure that is saturated with long-term consequences.
Serpents Will Always Change The Narrative
In this particular teaching, we will learn how to stick to the narrative of our discussions even when others (Serpents) try their endeavor best to dismiss your narrative only to replace it with their own.
Dream Markers Pt  5
We've finally arrived at the conclusion of our series on, "Dream markers." In this final teaching, we will discover the importance of not only observing our dream markers but more importantly, applying their meanings in our everyday life.
Temptation vs Deliverance
Many folks that have experienced deliverance have become confused in that they believe because they were tempted in the area they were delivered in, they are not truly delivered. Well, we will discover in this timely teaching that temptation is a part of the deliverance process. Evil spirits have the right to temp the once victim, but a temptation does not mean you're not delivered.
Dream markers Pt 3
Understanding is vital when it comes to dream interpretation. Hence, it is essential that we understand the rules, principles, and laws that govern this critical part of our lives. In this teaching, we will discover how the good and evil that is manifested in our physical lives were initially planted in our spiritual lives. Hence, our spiritual world dictates the course of our physical world.
Dream Markers Pt 4
Familiar spirits are spirits that are from the kingdom of darkness who are responsible for inflicting evil, depression, poverty, etc. on its human victims. More importantly, they are responsible for recording and gathering information from their victims for future use against their victims. Masquerading spirits, which are also familiar spirits alter their identity all to deceive the dreamer to secure evil covenants with the dreamer. In this Part 4 of "Dream Markers" will expose masquerading spirits as some of the key players in our dreams to secure evil manifestation in our natural lives.
My personal testimony! The transforming power of God Pt. 3
God has delivered from the clutches of evil.
Witchcraft in the work place
Do you feel targeted in your work place? Is there a specific person or group that's victimizing you and making life difficult on the job? What about a certain Bully, or a person that possesses a controlling spirit who hates the dirt you walk on and has this uncanny ability to turn others against you for no particular reason at all. Well, you need to watch this video to understanding the spiritual order that's operating in your work place namely, Witchcraft!
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After the fast-FULL TEACHING
This is the full length of the original posting of "AFTER THE FAST"
Fasting before end of year to break false prophecies Kevin L A Ewing
There may be spiritual anchors that have you restricted spiritually that's causing you not to progress physically. Unfortunately, most of these spiritual anchors were subtly put in place by the false prophecies of false prophets. Join me in this informative teaching on fasting to break the evil covenants of the many false prophecies that have or is currently hindering your progress!
Understanding dreams
Dreams and their understanding part 1
Sharing biblical insight into the world of dreams.
Doctrines Of Devils Pt. 3
Just a small recap of what we've done on the topic, "Doctrine Of Devils.
The law of expectation!
The law of expectation: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you!
The spirit realm is waiting on your words
As crazy as this may sound, the unseen world reacts to the words that leaves our lips. The action of the spirit realm in our world will always be determine by the negative or positive of which we speak. Amazingly, we can speak to the spirit world by declaring the laws of God via his word!
My personal testimony! The transforming power of God Pt. 1
My personal story of where it all began, explaining how I became committed to the understanding of the spiritual realm.
Dreaming of shoes Pt.1
Are you having dream after dream of shoes? Join me in this teaching that will reveal to you the revelation such dreams are revealing.
Fasting! The Game Changer
Well, we're at the final day in the year 2018, it is vitally imperative that we try to get in a fast before the year closes. In this teaching, "Fasting! "The Game Changer" we will discover how to enable our "Spiritual helpers" while engaging in our fast.
Evil covenants subtly forged via fasting
Can an evil covenant be unknowingly established in a dream? Can someone engaging in a genuine fast be deceived by evil spirits to reinstate evil covenants that were initially broken during their fasting period. Well, join me in this teaching as we explore the subtle, craft devices of evil spirits and how to recognize and destroy their wicked plots.
Being released from ancestral penalties
Have you ever wondered why is it that you have everything to prosper but for some reason progress for you seems to be the IMPOSSIBLE? Could it be, that there were negative words spoken over your life that you thought nothing of but the reality is those words are dictating the course of your life? Join me in this powerful teaching, "Being released from ancestral penalties" that I a sure will cause you to challenge the words you've said concerning yourself and others as well as words spoken over you life!Curses
The Evil Spirit Of Jealousy
Source: https://www.spreaker.com/user/ministerkevinewing/kevin-l-a-ewing Join me in this thought provoking teaching on the spirit of Jealousy
The Mystery Of Angeles Pt. 1
In this teaching on the Mystery of Angels. We will discover the role of these Ministering spirits as it relates to our walk with the Lord.
Dreams indicating witchcraft activities in your life
Are you having dreams about snakes, animals or mad men chasing you? What about monsters or evil creatures attacking you in your dreams. Well, maybe you could be a victim of witchcraft attacks.
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Many time when one declare to others that they are a Christian. Almost immediately their title is viewed as a dull, strict religion. However, in this dynamic teaching, we will learn that there are many benefits to being a righteous person.
The Holy Spirit (made with Spreaker)
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The beneficiary of your spiritual life's policy
Aside from the material things that will be passed on to your children. What are you leaving in place for them spiritually? Many folks give little to no consideration to this natural process. Join me in this powerful teaching as we explore this understanding!
The Unopened Gift/Spiritual Gifts
Every human being has been given a gift/talent from God. In fact, the scriptures advised us that we've already been blessed with all spiritual blessings in Christ Jesus and that this was all done before the foundation of the world. Join me in this profound teaching that will reveal to you the severe consequences of sitting on the gifts and talents God has equipped us with.
Understanding the mystery of fasting
The primary reason for fasting is to change a spiritual order. As a result of this change the manifestation of healing, wisdom, knowledge and understanding etc is released. However, there is part of the process of fasting that very little is said about that we're about to discover in this teaching.
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Program to fail
Failing in life did not happen when we physically acknowledged failure. Instead, failure occurred on a spiritual plane well in advance to the physical evidence of failure. Join me in this dynamic teaching on how to prevent failure while crossing over into 2019
Dreams that's revealing the spirit of poverty attached to your life
Our dreams consistently speaking to us. In fact, they're either revealing things that's pending for our lives or revealing the source of issues currently in our lives from a spiritual perspective. Dreams, whose contents are filled with cockroaches, rodents, counterfeit money or your dream is displaying you in torn or tattered clothing are all symbolic of the spirit of poverty!
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The spirit of fear (made with Spreaker)
Source: https://www.spreaker.com/user/ministerkevinewing/the-spirit-of-fear_1 The foot soldiers of the kingdom of darkness are the spirits of fear. It is important to note that fear is not a feeling. Instead fear is a spirit and the fearful feeling that one encounters when one becomes fearful is just the evidence that the spirit of fear is present. Scripture clearly tells us that God did not give us a "spirit of fear" suggesting that fear is indeed a spirit. Please! Join me in this powerful teaching that will enlighten you on the spirit of fear along with the law of fear.
My personal testimony! The transforming power of God Pt. 2
My personal testimony is really all about all things working together for my good. I am convinced that God had me on a spiritual journey educating me spiritually about the things of the spirit world.
Recognizing the spirit of fear in our dreams
Are you having dreams where you're terrified upon waking. What about dreams where upon waking you feel as if there is an evil presence in your environment? Well, you would want to watch this teaching in to understand what's really happening!
Spiritual sickness Pt  2
In this teaching, we're going to another level of understanding as it relates to spiritual sickness. We are focusing on the heart of man which is the decision making place that sickness will be initiated.
The spirit of Knowledge
The dictionary defines knowledge as being aware or cognizant of something. However, the scripture makes it clear that knowledge as a "SPIRIT" according to Isaiah 11:2. Join me in this awesome teaching as we explore the spirit of knowledge.
Exposing The Mysteries Of Faulty Foundations Pt. 1 Kevin L A Ewing
The scriptures dictate that if the "FOUNDATIONS" be destroyed, what can the righteous do? Psalm 11:3. In this particular teaching, we will discover why the righteous (Christians) are not getting ahead or prospering as promised by God in his word. We will also discover that carrying the title of Christianity alone and ignoring spiritual family secrets such as (the worshiping of other gods and forging covenants with other gods) have so much to do with our foundation being faulty. Hence we're not able to perform successfully as born again believers.