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Her last words (depression based)
Song made for people who have got depression or want to try and understand it more like subscribe
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When she cries - britt nicole
Not fully aware of original artist but i can assure you this song is amazing please listen and subscribe if you like my video's and also like this video
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Miley Cyrus performs joelene in her backyard
Miley Cyrus performs joelene like,subscribe :-)
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Katy McAlister - Another empty bottle
Slow paced original song by Katy McAlister like , subscribe
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Count on me abby miller sings for ill taylor
Count on me cover (Abby Miller) Abby miller sings for taylor love who is battling her illness and Taylor gives Abby a special Valentines gift
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Roomie - one guy, six countries
Roomie takes six different countries and makes a rather amazing song out of it
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Skyscraper -cover Boyce avenue feat Megan Nicole
Boyce avenue and Megan nicole join up to create their very own version of skyscraper by sam bailey
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KSIVuni beast - the graduation
KSI The graduation. Like,subscribe
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Boyce avenue covers All of me by john legend
Great cover :-) enjoy like,subscribe
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