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A 12 years old girl's suicide note died of depression !!! Very touching

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A 12 years old girl's suicide note died of depression !!! Very touching
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Nope... 'Still don't Believe in Leaving that way. You Win some, you Lose some, But you Live to Fight another Day. But honestly, I thought I was never going to stop crying the tears out after watching this. Too Heartbreaking..... *Sobs*
Lucy Hale (2 months ago)
When I was 12 (last year) the school councelor called my parents after a friend told her I self harmed. My mom acted fine on the phone but when I got home she was anything but. She took me in her car to pick up my brothers from school. She screamed at me the whole way, telling me "I wish you had killed yourself" and "you're nothing but a selfish bitch", occasinaly stopping to hit me. She wasn't focusing on driving and almost wrecked more than once. I agreed with everything she said convincing myself I was horrible and selfish. When we got home she forced me to clean for hours not letting me eat dinner. (She knew I hadn't eaten all day because I don't eat breakfast and forgot my lunch at home). I couldn't fit all of the clothes in the washing machine, so she grabbed me by my collar and screamed at my asking why there were still clothes in the hamper. I told her "it was a mistake I'm so sorry" (still mentally defending her). She screamed back *"NO MORE FUCKING MISTAKES!!!"* as she threw me on the ground. She interrogated me for hours demanding I explian while belittling me and hurting me. My dad sat there and watched. However she was very careful to never hit me around him. Right before I went to sleep she told me "*i love you and only want to help*" *I believed her* The next day: A snow day Are you fucking kidding me!! My mom took me buy clothes telling me the clothes I wore caused me to self harm. (I mostly wore black and white nike hoodies and black leggings). I was by her side all day. I wasn't allowed to eat. It hurt so much but I told myself I deserved it. I was convinced she was good and I was bad. The physical abuse went on for only 4 days. The emotional manipulation never stopped. I could be survived if had dissociated from the situation. But I didn't so now I'm suicidal still self harm and anxiety. If they knew it'd happen again. -Safe, Lucky, Happy-
Apple Gacha Girl (2 months ago)
I hope I can do this too...
Assd K (2 months ago)
Really The Tears Are Continuing Flowing From My Eyes To Read Her Last Sucide Note, AhA See ( Don't Try To Disheart Yourself, I was did truth love with my cousion, we both marry, after marry she borned my two sons, and then only for property she leave me and our both sons,and get divorce, I was not want to gave her divorce, at the time of divorce the tears were flowing from my eyes I not want to leave her, I want to lead my all life with her but she did all. As her parents like, her parents were greedy they like only money she was leave me forever, I have only good memories for her in my mind, anytime I remember her and feel good and in my thinking I smile, her, Parents did her marriage another place , since nine years ago she was disconnected,i dont know where she is? I don't try to know about her, after that I lead alone my life,But I can't forget her, it's was bad shack of my life , I dont know how I endure ? I was fully trust at her, I was making breakfast, and many times I get he her in five star hotels for doing dinner, late night before sleeping I daily make milkshake off babysit mango for her, I want she look beautiful and healthy so I take care of her, I don't know why she did bad with me, I was lead 18 years of my life with her, but atlast she broke my heart, she was also said these words that that money which I got from yours is rent for borning your both sons, Really her each word I can't forget in my life, parents have no more, I have no brothers no sister, many time I was also dishearted from my life, and I also not wantfroto live in this world, but I thought now the both sons responsibility depend at me, if I finish my life then who will care them, so for them I make desicion for living alive, so I alive, plz it's my kindly request to you don't get sucide, plz it's my kindly request to you, see I have only support of God, plz always to think good for yours, and naver try to hopeless, Remember, the time will change your life keep good hope in yours don't hopeless plz, and plz live happy, see I am also brave, so you make yourself brave, it's my best wishes for all of yours. Thanks )
hipkeymaster 244 (2 months ago)
Matt Fuller (2 months ago)
That absolutely wrecked my heart and tear ducts! 🙏🏼
Dinosaur island (2 months ago)
My friend is cutting but now i think she is going to commit suicide because I'm not there for her( I moved away) when I went t o visit her she was already sad and wearing all black!!!!!! Life is so dang hard...
Joshua Servin (2 months ago)
I was about to kill myself last weekend but I ended up doing drugs and that made my case a bit better
KUSH GAMER (2 months ago)
Ahhh dammit why do i watch this type vids? I habe broken my heart now.... it is reminding all my childhood... im crying sabe me..... shit....😭😭
D O G G Y DOG (2 months ago)
My twin sister suicide because our parent left us and she's working for the both of us her boyfriend cheated on her cause we're poor and one day my sister has been fired in her job and we have nothing she told me to go to the adoption center cause she need to do something after 2 he's everyone started surrounding the back of the building and I saw my sister we called the ambulance but it was too late I was crying cause I got no one know i alway blame my self why my sister suicide one day I got adopted I got a good knew parent and also a loving Siblings they would always protect me they would call my step sister a spoild brat cause they're family is Rich I would also protect them like my real sister but every day I saw my little step sister and my older step sister togethi would always remember me and my real big sister playing when I was young I still remember her face I miss her but I'm just thankful to God cause I'm lucky to be adopted by a rich and LOVING family I don't care about the money all I care about is my new family who loves me
Reign Delacore (2 months ago)
Well the video made everyone cry, I guess that was the point. I can't cry because this isn't the whole story it's just the bad part. Let's dry our eyes and really think about this. 1. She was 12 at that age you can't possibly begin to weigh the pros and cons of life, because you haven't lived yet. First kiss... First car... First love... College... sex... marriage... children... the gravity of life doesn't come in list form. 2. At 12 she said her friend was her soulmate. If that was actually the case she'd still be here, soulmates don't part by choice. 3. This sounds very upbeat and yes some people get a certain glow of clarity when they finalize their plan because it's going to be over soon. But the perky jest and terminology used suggest she believed she'd wake up tomorrow and somehow her suicide was going to change things... I don't hear the weight of knowledge that comes with knowing how final death is. 4. Sorry someone is going to get offend regardless but... no, you aren't in a better place, you are in a box six feet under. No, the world isn't a better place without them, it's actually worse because no everyone you know has to live their life with regret, guilt, or anger. Dead is Dead, you aren't going to Disney in the sky. I hate to be the person that sounds all jaded and cold but other kids are killing themselves more than ever before and someone needs to slap them with a reality check. Kids in one way or another kind of idolize these stories because they see the aftermath in which everyone suddenly values the person after they are dead. They do but guess what the person that needed to hear that will never hear that because they are dead. To the creator of this video feel free to delete my comment if you think it's disrespectful my apologies in advance.
YEET! At the disco (2 months ago)
Rest easy Stephanie, I hope heaven treats you well baby.
WOW WOW (2 months ago)
If it was true, to Stephanie, you'd better be my girlfriend rather than taking your own life. We could see the beautiful side of the world together. I would hold your hand and kiss you under the light of the sunrise and the rain pouring from the sky. I would always be there for you. The great adventure of the earth was waiting for us. I loved you. I hope you will incarnate and we will meet someday in a very wonderful life.
Sad Memes Me Oofie (2 months ago)
I tried killing myself once. I almost did it with my friend... I was on a mountain and thought that it was opportunity to actually jump off.. I slip of a rock and almost fell, my friend picked me up and then she jumped off... now I've been depressed over 6 years of my life. I always put a fake smile and pretend to always smile... may rest in peace my friend and this 12 year old girl..... I hope I jump off soon...
DINO DOOMAKER (2 months ago)
Man this world is cruel at times but it is worth staying. I’m open to talk if anyone needs help. 🙏
stephawinner Stam (2 months ago)
Omg. What if I just told you.....yeah you random person scrolling through the comments... MY FREAKING NAME IS STEPHANIE AND IM FREAKING 12
yA yeet (2 months ago)
*_who’s onions_*
Haneen Addi (3 months ago)
I’m crying so much omfg :(
Alexia Solorzano (3 months ago)
I’m crying 😭 this is so sad 😞 it’s hard to leave someone That u loved but they Left!
David Parkinson (2 months ago)
I ha e no tears left after watching this I've been suicidal most of my life as I was abused rest in peace beautiful Angel❤
Jake The mutant (3 months ago)
My quote is starting to come true "The most beautiful people have gone through the most" Shes gone through so much And even ended here life And look at her in the pic Shes beautiful Basically All scuicide victim's pictures I've ever saw They looked... Beautiful And even everone else Whos going through the struggle of mental illness I met people And made them feel better They even said "Jake without you i would've probably already killed myself" And every time I see a scuicide letter Or hear someone commited scuicide I get very Disappointed in myself Bc I know that in one way or a another I can make them feel better Thanks for reading till the end Love you♥♥ And bye =3=
;Billie Eyelash; (3 months ago)
Today she would’ve been 18 ❤️ RIP xoxoxox
Squishy Kookie (3 months ago)
T H I S M A D E M E E V E N M O R E D E P R E S S E D 💔🖤
Squishy Kookie (3 months ago)
D E P R E S S I O N 💔🖤
Froster FaZe23 (3 months ago)
(This is a story of my friend he said all this) I should be happy right now, but yet I’m not. My parents always blame everything on me on something I never even do. I didn’t do anything to them, I tried my best to make them like me. But, they always like my other sister more than me. My mom said she likes me and all my other siblings the same, But she doesn’t prove it me. It’s like i’m the unwanted child.😭 She was like this for almost 3 years now ever since I’m a kid. There was once I was helping my Mom with the grocery bags outside the car, I was trying to bring them inside so we can start eating. What she did broke my heart really bad, She took the grocery bag out of my hand and told everyone to get inside the house, but I needed to close the car’s door. But when everyone is inside she just locked the door in front of my face and let me stayed outside for 3 hours in the rain, I was really hungry and all I can do was watch them eat inside through the windows and watching them forgetting about me😭. Why is it me the youngest out of 4 siblings have to be the hated one? All I ever wanted was to be happy! Why is it that hard to be really happy!?
Angela encluna (3 months ago)
My mom knows how I feel but they don't care everything i told them.. nobody understands me I will drink poison tonight bye
Angela encluna (3 months ago)
My mom knows how I feel but they don't care everything i told them.. nobody understands me I will drink poison tonight bye
super Gman (3 months ago)
People did this not god
Low key. Aniyah (3 months ago)
Rip I’m sorry for your loss 😭💔💔💔rest In Peace. We all love u too. I’m sorry..you didn’t deserve this..I understand your pain because I wanna be gone too💔😭🤧we will miss you. You will never be forgotten.
Victoria Bogdanchikova (3 months ago)
But she is in a beautiful peace world called heaven
Victoria Bogdanchikova (3 months ago)
But...she made a a good decision where she can be in a place of for the rest of her life I'm sad too but it's just life and she will never forget you even more than you think she loves you and everyone ... she is in a better beautiful place called heaven.
Ashton Chabot (3 months ago)
I’m gonna commit suicide
everything has be end (3 months ago)
You made me cry so much
everything has be end (3 months ago)
You made me cry so much
BABY DRAGON (3 months ago)
she died after she said goodbye... sad... but by the way, she don't look like a 12 year old
BABY DRAGON (3 months ago)
😭❤️🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 prayers, I feel u.. :'(12 years old were too young for depression.. 🧠 is still fresh on this girl's age im crying
Šhīřō Dionco (3 months ago)
Asian Avocado (3 months ago)
R.I.P, she may be with us
Caleb Bessler (3 months ago)
Wow, I didn't know it was possible for a piece of paper to die from mental illness
GachaSnowQueen Gachalove (3 months ago)
Can that be me? But RIP
Shes_ Ok (3 months ago)
She died on my birthday 2nd March...I wanna die too..
big lad rory (4 months ago)
i’ve been depressed and suicidal for over 9 months, I cut myself, I hate everything, no one likes me. I just want to die i’m 12 so I feel like if I tell anyone they’ll take the piss.
Seattle the Great (4 months ago)
I want to be set free as well. The girl is brave and sweet. Hugs!!!!
Kitties & Doxies (4 months ago)
I have cats and dogs.. And that's mainly reason i have second thoughts about suicide... If they weren't rescued or given to me.. I wonder if it'll be easier to comitta suicide
Joudy Khaled (4 months ago)
Iam 12 yrs old and I wanna suicide
Marcos Corleto00 (4 months ago)
You're beautiful, and this world needs you.
Aiden Nash (4 months ago)
I’m already depressed I’ve already tried to over dose luckily I have a friend named Wyatt he helps me through alot
Darius Gabriel (3 months ago)
I want to be your friend ;-;
Hinata Hyūga (3 months ago)
VB Stubby I’ve had depression since I was 8, mate.
Joudy Khaled (3 months ago)
Don't let him not be your friend one day, please. And know!every one goes on a depression for sometime in the life. You are not in the life to only be happy and live happiness cause of course you must be sad one day but you also must be able to go through it♥️
VB Stubby (3 months ago)
you're 8 years old mate
Shadow MB (4 months ago)
Please keep in touch with your friend. Have you talked to your parents about it?
MD Motaleb Hossain (4 months ago)
trust me u did wrong and u r not better now u did wrong direction... may Allah bless you Amin
TroompetLife (2 months ago)
Screw you
Gigi Gigi (5 months ago)
Many people has Mental Illness and they don't even know, and the parents don't pay the necessary attention to get them the help they need, too bad and very sad...Also the parents should Introduce God to their children it is not happening very often nowadays 2018 etc...
Goguntherr (2 months ago)
Gigi Gigi I wAsnt introduced to god as a kid could I still be introduced?
Lazy Chii (5 months ago)
I’m 11 and depressed, I just cry all day with no one knowing, my friends aren’t my friends. Friends don’t ditch each other. My friends told everyone and the teacher that I was cutting myself, what’s the point in living. I’m scared and stressed. I can’t cope anymore.... I just wanna die...
sister angelina (2 months ago)
+dolans twins i wanna be her friend too
sister angelina (2 months ago)
+dolans twins e and gray are amazing
dolans twins (3 months ago)
Lillidel Chii I wanna be your friend...
Xena Edwards (5 months ago)
R.I.P to such a strong little girl
Xena Edwards (5 months ago)
Ive never cried more in my life
tiffany young (5 months ago)
Xena Edwards I have.😭😭
Bunny games2 (5 months ago)
I was on the edge sometimes i am it's way harder with anxiety and depression. And when your mom once tries killing herself but um.. One time I was isolated a loner bullied and alone when I moved i opened up and told them when I was 9 that i was going to kill myself finally i got better threw out the years and now it gets hard usually but yeah. Whatever your going threw it gets better.
PokéFanatic ! (3 months ago)
Bunny games2 Godbless you. Don't do anything to yourself, if you ever tried and I was there I would fight you to not. Keep doing good. I mean it.
Bed Bug (5 months ago)
But 12 years old were too young for depression.. 🧠 is still fresh on this girl's age
TroompetLife (2 months ago)
Age doesnt matter I've been depressed since I was 10
sister angelina (2 months ago)
+love my dog alley you're not alone 🙏♥️ just know i'm here
i disagree.
love my dog alley (3 months ago)
+dromaticdragon 9 I'm 11 to and same
Hinata Hyūga (3 months ago)
Bed Bug I’ve been depressed since I was 3.
Train Food (5 months ago)
Boohoo thuis so sad stfu smd
Gacha Girl (6 months ago)
Even ask my friends I try to kill my self and I’m very depressd and I try to be happy but doesn’t work and my boyfriends dump me for it and I try everyday to die but it’s stress full and it’s so sad so I watch these and find out if I do this this what hapoends
Gacha Girl (6 months ago)
This is what HAPPENDS to me
Abigail Radford (6 months ago)
Wrong emoji😭
Abigail Radford (6 months ago)
Who else cried😂
Skylar Nicole (2 months ago)
Uh dude do u mean this 😭 not 😂 -_-
JESUS CHRIST (2 months ago)
What's so funny?
mistaken FUTUREZOID (6 months ago)
I'm crying I can't take this
OGNitro (6 months ago)
:,-( so sorry 😐😓😢😭
Terry (6 months ago)
ツLenoEditsFX Thanks but I’d rather be dead
Maurice Fuqua (6 months ago)
kyle booker (7 months ago)
Joy Lan (7 months ago)
Rip 💜
Terry (7 months ago)
Well this makes me more depressed...........I.........well.........bye.......
Flip off puii (2 months ago)
Alfie's Gaming bye
Xx Gigi- the-Demon xX ** (2 months ago)
Don’t leave......stay
Gaming Trends (3 months ago)
Alfie's Gaming wtf
Crimson (6 months ago)
Nightmare Lavender what happened when you left?
Nightmare Lavender (6 months ago)
Don't leave I want to leave before you then you decide if you want to go because I will show you what will happen if you go I'm the example I'm not trying to be rude Btw
Galaxy Thingy (7 months ago)
So sad😢😭😭😭 I can't stop crying
Natalie McCloy (7 months ago)
I’m crying right now🤭🤭😭😭😭😭😭
rena Pennington (8 months ago)
Daniel Fisch (8 months ago)
What kind of God would allow this?
Crissy .S.B (2 months ago)
A God that does this, wants to show the world that we need to help eachother. Like @hoe life said, God gave us free will. This poor just wanted freedom, and now she is with the angles. RIP 🙏❤️😢
PokéFanatic ! (2 months ago)
Mike Barooshian You think God controls our every action? "Free will" dude.. no hate towards you of course, I won't start that because of what you believe. But what kind of God would be so controlling they wouldn't let a person die? Not the one and only.
PokéFanatic ! (2 months ago)
SuperSassy Exactly.
SuperSassy (2 months ago)
Mike Barooshian he did and he loves her so much to this day . the devil attacked her and she’s believed his lies
PokéFanatic ! (2 months ago)
ß Gray Yeah.. you're practically right.. But there is a lot of different ways. Tell me this. What is your definition?
Rajiv Kumar (9 months ago)
I know when someone goes in depression then how he or she feel...because i m also suffering from depression and sometimes i cut my hand from blade...😭😭
Usman Khan (9 months ago)
How a 12 year girl face with depression
Ethan Leicester (5 months ago)
Unless she was chronically ill there is. I reason she should be doing that. Kinda retarded tbh
jimin’s jams (6 months ago)
Usman Khan different reasons like, bullying, abuse, a breakup, a loss in the family, many different reasons
Valeera (10 months ago)
just nature weeding out weak minded cucks
LunaWesternStar Official (5 months ago)
This is a video where we’re supposed to spread love and support. Is this love and support? No. So stop acting immature.
Javedur Rahman (6 months ago)
Valeera eat shit bitch
what a bitch
Valeera (9 months ago)
haha nice , hopefully she does every night
James West (9 months ago)
Yes, but my wife lets me borrow hers on occasion.
AA MFG INC double A Ron (10 months ago)
i am so unbelievably sorry that you lost your best friend. just understand that depression is the hardest thing some of us will ever go through and the light at the end of the tunnel just goes dark sometimes. rest in peace Stephenie
Destany (11 months ago)
Sad to see such a beautiful young girl take her life. I talked my brother out of suicide. I told him about all our memories we have together. Showed him a picture book of our fun times. We sat there and flipped through the pages of it for hours, laughing and talking. I reminded him that if he's gone, life would get boring without him. I saved his life that night.. I care about him. He is now receiving counseling and treatment. I check up on him often. He said he felt like no one cared. But I do.
Famor Carmelita (3 months ago)
dumb bimbo (4 months ago)
+Nightmare Lavender It's not that deep chill.
Nightmare Lavender (6 months ago)
It's like saying "well if you did commit suicide it would be boring but still the same just not fun but I want you to stay to make thing fun" if you understand my point of view that's what it sounded like to me when I read that I'm not trying to be rude just F.Y.I
Nightmare Lavender (6 months ago)
Wait get boring!?!? That came off offense to me when I read it it sounded like you just wanted him around to spice thing up u should probably fix that
Olivia Xo (1 year ago)
You made me cry so much! RIP😭😭
xXThe LoverXx (1 year ago)
This almost ended up to me...I almost tried it. But I came to my senses, may she Rest In Peace. She must have been so talented, in a wrong state of mind, she’s in a lovely place in the sky watching over her family, so don’t think she’s gone forever. She’s there, she’s there with her family watching them loving them.
Katrina Belleza (1 year ago)
i hope u are okay now😊❤ i'm always here to talk. @_.katrxna._
Skyla 12 (1 year ago)
Shit that’s though In all do respects R.I.P
SwearI'mQwerty (1 year ago)
💕R.I.P, I'm so sorry your best friend committed suicide. She died on my birthday...😭😭 But she was probably an amazing talented person on the wrong place.
Precilla Harrison (1 year ago)
This was too sad. may she r.i.p. 😢😢😢😢
Kate_Ambrosi (2 years ago)
May she Rest In Peace in heaven. 😭❤️🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 prayers, I feel u.. :'(
SuperSassy (2 months ago)
miles grant chill out right thing wrong way of saying it
Mark White (2 months ago)

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