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A Day In The Life Of A Teen With Depression

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Find out what it's like to live a day in the life of a depressed teenager. It's not as great as it seems. Share this video to spread the word about depression and how it affects people.
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Text Comments (41)
ThinK BiG (3 days ago)
I have a very important question please reply me
Grace Nyuon (3 months ago)
I just had an anxiety attack
M E (3 months ago)
Half the people in the comments aren’t even diagnosed lmao
Luis Suarez (4 months ago)
Alot of times I just wanna end it
Soly G (6 months ago)
ok thats sadness/being depressed.now having depression is a lot more worse than this video shows
Nonesense Speaker (7 months ago)
Depression is numbness, you don’t cry as much as you sleep, you are tired and bored and nothing you used to enjoy has any appeal. You have no energy, can’t get work done, and frankly you don’t care. Depression wears you down and some people kill themselves not to experience it again, sometimes they kill themselves to experience ANYTHING again.
Shy (7 months ago)
Lilly Prez paw (9 months ago)
They Ruthless (10 months ago)
I act really happy at school sometimes and come home a mess. I have serious mood swings but now that I’m out of school it has been better
ThinK BiG (10 months ago)
zac aimery (10 months ago)
hi courtesy from me.....https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=al+waqiah+misyary+&&view=detail&mid=DEE18BFACCFA48293A0FDEE18BFACCFA48293A0F&&FORM=VRDGAR
Kill me (11 months ago)
I had a stroke watching this
martin wang (1 year ago)
i thought this was a comedy skit, im such a monster
ur mom (1 year ago)
Must be so hard.
Why are you depressed
wig snatched (4 months ago)
HJUK BMWUILJKS that’s like asking someone “why do you have asthma? there’s so much air!”
Gaggy GiLL (1 year ago)
In school am acting that am happy. in home ....i can't tell
Hayley H (1 year ago)
I have been treated with severe depression and anxiety, everyday is hell.
CVDΞ ΒLΛCΚ (27 days ago)
Hayley H 14 year old am i right
Jack Knight (1 year ago)
Hayley H how old are you?
Theyy Loveee MyaaaxXx (1 year ago)
I have clinical depression 😔
Fuck (2 years ago)
Choo choo Train (11 months ago)
Keep your smile :)
End Studios (1 year ago)
Keep yourself safe
Roach Dog Jr. (2 years ago)
dam this shit edgy dUd
Abigail Elizabeth (2 years ago)
Hi friends, I was one of the people in the video (the main actress so to say), and I just wanted to let you guys know i'm always here for you! If you need anything, message me. Much love ❤️
Jack Knight (1 year ago)
Abigail Elizabeth that was you?
Syd W (2 years ago)
Hi! I really appreciate that you are using this video to spread awareness on teen depression. I have an article that I think will help you. https://www.jw.org/finder?pub=g17&issue=201702&wtlocale=E&srcid=share
Destiny Dight (2 years ago)
I act happy at school but there's just stuff that makes me feel so upset I feel like everyone is making fun of me
CVDΞ ΒLΛCΚ (27 days ago)
Destiny Dight nah you just blaming yourself. Dont do it
Yas Sutton (2 years ago)
That's literally me, I am acting happy at school, I come home and break down 😭
Luis Suarez (4 months ago)
+Nightcore Momoi that's so very true
Nightcore Momoi (6 months ago)
Same only depressed people can understand other depressed people. Friends can never understand and sadly even ur family
ThinK BiG (8 months ago)
Just Same
JIMINS SECOND TOE (9 months ago)
Same and almost every night I cry myslef to sleep . I really hate life
Man Op (1 year ago)
Martinez Martinator same
Jagoda x98 (4 years ago)
Whats the song in the background?
Abigail Elizabeth (4 years ago)
It's called 'drift' by Emily osment! :)

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