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Dead Sea Valley - a place out of the ordinary

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On the shores of one of nature’s greatest wonders, in the midst of enchanting desert and sea landscapes that attract hundreds of thousands of travelers and medical tourists every year, the Ministry of Tourism is setting up the exclusive Dead Sea Valley Complex that blends into the natural surroundings and offers you the opportunity of a lifetime to take part in realizing a tourism dream.
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lambc123 (1 year ago)
how about promoting the fact that the Dead Sea is dying and decline of the sea level is ~1 meter per year. your video is a feast in time of famine. The Jordan River flow is reduced to an all time minimum, it is not even able to stabilize the decline, not to mention the ability to feed the sea enough to increase the lost levels. The beaches at the sea are closed and the only one that is left open is Khalia beach at the northern shore. Ein Bokek, which you are presumingly planning to develop, is not even the Dead Sea, it is the evaporation ponds at the southern area of the sea.

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