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Crazy Cat Sleep Running

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My Cat Dreaming of escaping!!!!
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yule Queen (6 days ago)
They get nightmares prabably from the past I know a cat who had nightmares coz she was abandon by her mother as a kitten but couldn't run so they take like this medicine so they don't attack during their dream
Kyle Jed (2 months ago)
That cat is not running its having a nightmare
madelyn trepka (4 months ago)
what's the name of the song
madelyn trepka (2 months ago)
@Noah De Lange thanks!
Noah De Lange (3 months ago)
c rose (8 months ago)
Actually looks like some type of seizure
RaptureReport (1 year ago)
XD cute and funny.
Tom&Jerry Tabbys (1 year ago)
Check out tom & jerry my tabby babbies!
User unavailable (1 year ago)
Loleytor Rubio (1 year ago)
Me encanta esta canción, pero tengo que decir que no pega aquí ni con cola.
Ting Skraa49 (1 year ago)
I bet they watched forest gump together run cat run
מי להשם אלי (1 year ago)
He is so fast runner HAHA
my93reefblue (1 year ago)
please get rid of stupid music .
cancelxkarma (1 year ago)
i think sooo its cool
Crulnagash (1 year ago)
Lose that damn song, had to mute just to watch
Sutapa Bhattacharya (1 year ago)
What a cutie! Fuchsia is a beautiful name.
ersu (1 year ago)
generally humans have these dreams coz our brains are telling us we need to move for some reason or another, in humans it's usually because we restricted blood flow to some part of out brain and we need to move our heads to regain the flow. I'm wondering if the cats doing because his oxygen intake might be restricted?
Khalilah Anderson (8 months ago)
ersu Lmao this was a year ago but you’re reaching. Many cats do this as they sleep. He or she is probably dreaming of chasing a prey or their favorite toy
Pajarito de Dios!!
Nhung Bui (2 years ago)
So cute ^^
EdudLufetips (2 years ago)
lol.... i fuckin hate running dreams... anyone notice how when you are running away from or chasing something in a dream you seem to not to be able to move fast or are stuck in motion? so frustrating. just like dreams when you're banging a supermodel and you wake up right before the action. dreams ... weirdass phenomenon
Gulaurfo (1 year ago)
EdudLufetips I keep falling when I try to run in dreams. Like I weight a ton or something.
Luke Nyeholt (2 years ago)
EdudLufetips tonight I dreamed I was running from someone driving trying to hit me and my friend in a car
Eszter Nusser (2 years ago)
....or you trip in your dream, and wake up at that point.... I hate that...
Unicorn Girl (2 years ago)
My Cat Does That Same Thing. If They Start Making Kind Of "Crying" Sound, Best Wake Them Up. They Are Most Likely Having A Bad/Sad Dream. :/
Ree Ree (10 days ago)
My little Q does that too! He makes the saddest crying noise when he is having a bad dream. I just softly call his name and pet him until he wakes up.
Team CRG (7 months ago)
My cat always seems to smile whenever she's asleep 😽💤
JustinZer (2 years ago)
R.I.P your Kitty :c
Kate Bletcher (2 years ago)
what makes you say that?
Susan Donovan (2 years ago)
I love this song.
IMr LAPS (3 years ago)
I hate the music, but that cat is fucking adorable.
Tiffany Glickfield (1 year ago)
IMr LAPS same. Cee Lo Green sucks
Melku44 (2 years ago)
you must be crazy
miamar (2 years ago)
Seriously? Music is fucking awesome, but we all have different tastes in music :)
Mr.L.A. (3 years ago)
lmfao....I'm over here in stitches that's so funny.....run....... run like the wind my friend
Mia Dravis (3 years ago)
If his movement in his sleep gets to the point of being dangerous for him, like he moves so much that he pushes himself off whatever he's sleeping, you may want to give him melatonin. A great episode "My Cat From Hell" showed a cat that moved in his sleep and he would fling himself off everything he was sleeping on, quite dangerous. A holistic vet gave him melatonin (I don't know the dosage), sleeping pods to keep him safe and it totally worked!
Fuchsia De Lange (5 years ago)
I just found out he may have been born with Cerebellar Hypoplasia. Bless him he's still dreaming. Thanks for your comments he's doing well!!!
kellykinsellives (5 years ago)
what a cute kitty
setio ryski (5 years ago)
Katarina White (5 years ago)
Hi there, I would like to use your cat clips for a show in New Zealand called Hardcase, would this ok?
Its me Sophie (5 years ago)
awww so cute :')
Amanda Maillet (5 years ago)
anyone else think he is dancing to the music or he is punching somone lmaoo xD
horselover26999 (6 years ago)
pretty cat
Jon Smith (6 years ago)
Cat dreaming of escaping...escaping a cruel owner from who the cat obviously has a desire to escape so badly she dreams about it.
skejcior (6 years ago)
invisible treadmill
Ali Wilson (7 years ago)
Maybe his having a spaz attack
Elizabeth Minton (7 years ago)
LOL always makes me wonder exactly the heck they are dreaming of lol.... epically cute
Fuchsia De Lange (8 years ago)
well i made this film. so it has to be made at my house right.
Lasciel (8 years ago)
Omg so adorable!

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