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Her last words (depression based)

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Song made for people who have got depression or want to try and understand it more like subscribe
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The Daily Productions show (39 minutes ago)
this is my last comment but I can’t get help no one will help me ;) bye
Red23 (57 minutes ago)
Dear life, 🖕🖕🖕
No one cares (1 hour ago)
Can you love life if life hates you?
Jordan Stoddard (2 hours ago)
This song reminds me of my friend who committed last year. She didnt let anyone help her. She faked a smile. One day I got a text from her saying goodbye. I ran to her house and kicked down the door. She was I the bathroom cuts all down her arm.
Brian Garcia (4 hours ago)
I'm suicidal but too afraid to die, so i spend my days loathing my existence day by day. Nobody cares about a sad soul, not until they've hurt themselves or took their own life. Nothing ever changes, the sadness and the loneliness, pushing everyone away when you actually needed somebody by your side the most. That is the curse of this wretched depression, i've lost the connections most dear to me because of it and now the misery that i feel is stronger than ever before.
Julian Fernando (5 hours ago)
By the time you read this, I'm long gone. It's just not worth it.
Skouiki Tube (6 hours ago)
I almost cried ...
Michael Wolf (6 hours ago)
Probably not going to be here's tomorrow
Michael Wolf (6 hours ago)
It's over it's hard when you have kids at school and make fun of you.
Dark Pokemon lord (11 hours ago)
I put on a fake smile all the time my family broke up and I was left behind I lost my brother in a foster home and every day I only eat one time a day I sleep all the time and I never go outside if anyone can make me laugh plz do
Madison Hess (12 hours ago)
it's really sad how anybody in this comment section could already be gone.
Mr. Man Man (13 hours ago)
Gonna kill myself
hhh hhh (13 hours ago)
Only fake friends and shadows come when the sun shines
Niko Ackerman (14 hours ago)
I love how parents treat kids like Carl then expect them to be your best friend or accuseyou without full knowledge of what they are talking about and expect you to to fine😂
Penguin in a T-Shirt (14 hours ago)
Have you ever had a song stuck in your head that you just can't remember the name of, and then suddenly find it after searching for so long? I'm feeling that right now.
blue-violet 153 (17 hours ago)
Nobody cares until it’s too late! 😔
Cookie Girl_30 (1 day ago)
I always listened to this if im depressed :(
Just Me (1 day ago)
I am sobbing soooo hard rn😭😭😭😭
Itz HannahHere (1 day ago)
Reasons why im depressed Family problems.. Heart problems... Losing someone that i really loved.. Having fake friends... I was bullied.. Im ADOPTED and my real parent never cared about me..i could say that they abused me..mentally and physically...never feed me..never loved me..never named me..never said any words but when my real mom came infront of my real dad she always acts like my real dad was a GOD well too bad NO...i've been cutting for 4 years..nonstop...u probably thinking "what about your fake parents?do they care for you?" HAHAHAHAHA CARE WHAT A JOKE...no they never cared..they can say things to me like..(why did i even accpet you,idiot,pathetic,psycopath,weird,crazy,die....all the time they give me negative vibes...i was thinking of killing myself since i was 8...you may see me having the biggest smile having the best day well no thats obviously a fake smile...
Romeo Kattil (1 day ago)
Sometimes I wanna kill myself too. But I don't have the courage too. My family always call me fat. They don't even know what I feel like inside. Truth be told, I am actually crying while writing this. It brings back memories from where my family keeps bullying me. All I can tell you is that I am not gonna exist soon. My sister and brother said that they don't care if I die and they wouldn't go to my funeral. I put on a smile before I start to cry because I try to act happy when somebody bullies me but I can't hold the tears in. Earlier my older sister called me fat because I was eating. I try to pray for them but they are still mean. 😅 <--- This Emoji is me when my brother is bullying me but I still smile then cry. Life is bad. People keep asking me "how are you doing", I say "I'm doing good" but I am actually depressed. I am fat but at least I have a personality. 😔
mika ella (1 day ago)
Watching this video makes me sad (This video told me to commit suicide)
Bobby Oldeack (1 day ago)
I honestly want to kill myself because my family already has and now I have no one
G’s Creations (1 day ago)
Life’s hard I wish I could end it
Sad. lia (1 day ago)
Who else is finishing up there sucide note for Monday ☹️💔
buggy4608 (1 day ago)
Please dont :(
Cheery Bubbles52 (1 day ago)
In this world we are all suicidal kids telling other suicidal kids that its wrong...
SciencePandaZoey (1 day ago)
Why does life have to be unfair, just look at ourselves, 'Ugly, Weird, Messy, Fat, Stupid'. Every word people say just makes us wanna give up, like we are dropping ourselves to the bottom of the world where there is pitch black. Each word people say breaks our heart. I mean have those bullies ever thought putting themselves into someones elses prospective (sorry if i spelled that wrong). Like what if, what if... you know what if the whole world breaks down cuz of each word 7 Billion people say to them. *EACH* second someone commits suicides. To be honest, for me, i've always been feeling down. Cause you know, no one wants to be my friend or.. you know, they call me ugly and stupid. I don't know what the point in bullying is. Those bullies have extra time with life cause otherwise they would be more responsible with life. People *ONLY* cares when your dead. Like why do we have to look pretty and wear 50 pounds of makeup? I realized people only *NOTCIES* you when you are those pretty girls or boys. People are depressed cause of bullies, child abuse, cyberbullies, and others. For me, im always ignored, I wear glasses which makes me look uglier. I have a friend, when she's bored she comes up and talk to me, but when she has her other friends, she comes up to them and just completly ignores me. I told her how I felt but she wouldn't admit at what she has done and told me it isn't her problem. Sometimes i try fitting in with people, but they would ignore me and tell me I don't belong, so I just storm off crying to the side. Nobody of course notices. Even my own 'Best Friend' didn't care, she saw me *CRYING* but she just completly *IGNORED* me! Unbelivable! Of course, we all heard people say "Be yourself". But what if we have no self, or what if we don't know how to be ourselves. But eventually I made a realization. Just ignore those negative comments, you are pretty inside and out and yes those mean words can hurt us very badly. But if anybody says *ANYTHING* mean, walk pass em! Just remember you'll find someone who loves you for being who you are and if you keep doing that, you'll eventually have a self! P.S. Sorry if this is sooo long but just to let you know, you are beautiful for who you are, yes your crazy but hey! If thats who you are then be that way!
TSM swazym (1 day ago)
I’ve like just started feeling down this is something that I don’t want but it’s hard
Phoenix Hearts (1 day ago)
I cut my wrists and ankles and my thighs. I told my friend but she asked me if I wanted to get some help and I am going to take the offer.
minerva alburki (1 day ago)
maybe if i die they will notice the pain i was going through all theses years without anyone to help me
Brandy Johnstone (1 day ago)
I made It through being depressed almost hanged myself
Cloud the Kitten (4 hours ago)
i just wanna be somewhere where people dont judge you by your beauty or flawlessness
Dark Pokemon lord (11 hours ago)
If you seen my arm you would be like damn
Dark Pokemon lord (11 hours ago)
You want to be friends I'm going through a hard time to
Octavia Talley (1 day ago)
😭 this is Soo true 😭😭
SystemTerra (1 day ago)
Right now the only thing keeping me alive is my cat. I dont know what i would do without him. What am i supposed to do... .... ....
Hainaxx x (1 day ago)
Im just so tired. I’m so done with everything. I’m so tired of facing the same bullshit everyday. I keep on hoping for the best but life always fks me up each time I try my best. It’s like the universe has its own favorites
Anna Ross (1 day ago)
I think of that every day my friends thinks its a good idea to joke and say it but when i want to i get told not to and ever sense my mom finds out she gets scared to leave me alone. The reason I'm still alive is not to hurt the people i care about and pentatonix has heleped so much
GachaLara (1 day ago)
My depression started when I was 9. I can’t take it anymore. My smile is fake. I’ve been replaced. I’m abused. I have no friends. I’m an invisible freak. So, goodbye, it’ll make everything better for me and everyone else.
SystemTerra (1 day ago)
Dont do it, we are all here for you and will help you. Live another day, and another until your life is completed
Peace_gunner (2 days ago)
those 3.3k dislike you don't know how it feels like to lose someone through Suicide (i should know i've lost multiple friends close to me who helped me through my bad times yes i have been on that road.) and to those who are having it rough in life just remember you are not the only ones in this world struggling. Taking your life is not the answer it just make people around you sad,empty inside and they also start to get depressed (like i said i should know i'm one of many people who has lost someone close to them.) you young people today have places you can go and ask for help, there are people willing to help you
Drab YT (2 days ago)
Im sorry im just not wright i feel like i should kill myself ive tried commitiing suicide multiple times ive been in hospital multiple timea because ive felt like no 1 care and they still. Dont so i cut to make myself feel better. When people ask and say what it is j say its my cat and that tells how bearly ppl care
nicholas thompson (2 days ago)
i think i might commit suicide tonight
AKİDE EDA YAVAŞ (2 days ago)
my bf cheated on me... ı cant call for help. no ıne will ever belşeve me. ım getting bullied every single day. you cannot even count the cuts on me body.
Zion.T Butt (2 days ago)
Fck life I wish I was son of company owner I'm here being discrimated Because of being poor
mistaken (2 days ago)
what if i die are they going to cry?? i guess no cuz nobody care......
mistaken (2 days ago)
its a disgrace im a mistake born in wrong time and wrong place
why don't we precious (2 days ago)
I am 14 I have not been happy since the age of 13 I don't know what it it is I don't want it to be depression I can't take it I cut my hand ppl come and tell my best to stay away from me my family doesn't believe me when I tell I am not ok they say I am to young to have problem I don't cry at night much but I think about my existence I don't have anyone I don't want to exist I want to leave please I just want to go I don't think I'll never be alright anyway no one cares about me it's not to much to ask for happiness but I never got I just want to tell I love my family and my dog I will leave soon
puiwenlam lam (2 days ago)
Does anyone else put a fake smile but have dull eyes and every one thinks u r alright but u really aren't and hope it's just a phase and u hear people saying there going to depression to the other classmates but they really have no idea what I am going through
Joshua Dorsett (2 days ago)
Well hell
Joshua Dorsett (2 days ago)
Thanks to the person who wrote this. I get bullied everyday I'm just a dissapointment and a fuck up Goodbye world, goodbye friends and family and goodbye pain Don't cry for me I'm no real loss. I'll still be watching over you from heaven
E-Content (2 days ago)
Last song before i harm my self
Roger Brian (2 days ago)
This really helped me… I met some new friends and now I’m happy... I’m here for anyone who is depressed or going through rough times❤️ Remember you are loved💖
Yo fav explora Dora (2 days ago)
The onky reason im alive still is bc of my mom.
Sarah Lafleur (2 days ago)
am I the only one crying?
thelaughing kitten (1 day ago)
FaZe DavesDream (2 days ago)
finaly a song I can relate
Gatcha_ Moon (2 days ago)
I'mma do that soon bc I can't take the pain it's too much for me...
susan (2 days ago)
Please hang on There will be better days in your future a song you will sing to a new friend to laugh with look for a little light. Hugs to you 🦋
Why Not? (2 days ago)
I haven’t realized until today that my happiness is an act. I put on a fake smile 😊 and laugh a fake laugh, but my depression is getting to me. Don’t know if I can much longer.
Faith Echeverria (2 days ago)
I can't to talk to anyone :(
xNUx Elite (2 days ago)
Lol all of you are depressed and I’m not. Take the l
Itz_ Black (2 days ago)
It took my family 2-4 to figure out I cut myself it’s hard to look back but it’s even harder to try not to hurt your self when I cry sister hears but doesn’t do anything I know she’s loved bc she always rubs it in my face and when my friends try to comfort me it still makes me feel like nothing when I die that’s when people care? I have been threw enough pain but people still can’t see that I am suffering people make fun of me they tell me “kill your self” or “it’s to crowded in here it will make more air if you just jumped off the building right now” and I feel so hurt when they say this but it’s true if I die no one will care except for me I will care about my self! But to think I put up with this bull really sets off the trigger to just slit my wrist. I keep a fake smile to keep my friends happy what they did not realize is that they might wake up and see me not there any more I’ll be hanging from a damn rope or just me in a tub filled with blood damn it 😪💔🖤
SerenityKN •-• (2 days ago)
"Blame the cat"...🥺
toffee talks (2 days ago)
My best friend is slowly leaving me and ditching me for football and I told about how sad I feel all the time
Gatcha_Cupcake (3 days ago)
I hate how relateable this is. I harm myself because of my self hate. But when I want to commit suicide, I think about my freainds and my family and how they would react. When I try to tell someone they think I'm fine and I just need to get over it. I can't get over it. It's been two years. I just need someone to confide in but im terrified of therapists and I just want everyone to be happy. So I just put on a fake smile and pretend every thing is ok. Nothing is ok. Even my teachers are starting to notice. I would say everything is great. But I don't even have the confidence to say that to myself.
Monika's Gacha Life (3 days ago)
When my mom found out, I did blame it on my cat. ;w;
jol z (3 days ago)
I told my mom I had depression she didn't believe me so once it started getting bad I started cutting myself wearing long pants and sweatshirts tbh yesterday u jumped off my roof trying to kill myself I'm 12 I've been wanting to die since 11 years old I'm almost 13 all I wanna do is die my bf is pissed at me my family hates me my friends are leaving me and my life sucks ik life isn't easy but nobody told me it was so damn hard doesn't help that nobody likes talking to me. If I kms nobody would give a fuck my bf probably would be happy my friends wouldnt have to pretend to like me and my family will finally be happy so why the fuck haven't I killed myself? I just hate life I hate myself I have depression anxiety and fake love don't think it could get any worse
Chanchal N (3 days ago)
I Cried Listening This :")
Charlotte Mcintyre (3 days ago)
I’m not crying there is just dust In my eyes 😭😭
I'm a useless piece of shit
Kaylee Kay ツ (3 days ago)
Am i happy?... Nahh... Heh.... Like anyone cares.... My friends... I.... I know this will sound weird but i dont f-ing care...... I love them.... They have helped me threw so much... Especially my most best friend Emma..... I have body issues.... I make it a joke.... So no one will worry... Or care.... Or tell the teacher..... Are we were on the topic of friends.... I feel they are all fake..... Once i told Emma that i was depressed and she helped me so much.... She did tell my parents tho.... I just said i was ok after talking with them.... 2 of my "friends" say i am depressed cuz i feel doen for no reason...... I wanna cut but i have nothing to cut with... Im fine... You might think this was all fake... But you can think what you want.... Ok .... Bye.... I hope you are all happy.... And if not i will help in eny way if i can
Stupidity Last (3 days ago)
I’m going through depression, I’m getting bullied, I’m getting laughed at , I’m cutting I WANT TO DIE☹️
Dark Pokemon lord (11 hours ago)
I know how it feels I almost killed myself
super Master maxy (3 days ago)
I came here happy but came out heart broken on the thought that this could happen to anybody
Grimms Hollow (3 days ago)
Just looking at the comments, I'm glad I'm not the only one going through this.
Laci badblood (3 days ago)
I know how everyone feels about this 😣😥😭 I have cuts all over me
nightmare venom (3 days ago)
We people been nice to others but they don't be nice to us we fake are smiles we fake our kindness we fake everything we want to fit in but in the end we don't some of us thought committing suicide but we stay in the world longer
MCStyle2017 YT (4 days ago)
Why can I relate to this boy I’m just making it D,: my best friends don’t even know I miss my smile My old smile My pretty smile My REAL smile );
シシSukhraj (4 days ago)
Is it even worth it to live anymore?
Lewis Davies (4 days ago)
I am so depressed, everyday I feel like ending it all 1 like = 1 prayer
Lewis Davies (4 days ago)
+Kyle Uzzell ;(
Kyle Uzzell (4 days ago)
+Lewis Davies About fuckin' time. Good riddance.
Lewis Davies (4 days ago)
+Kyle Uzzell right I will commit not alive now
Kyle Uzzell (4 days ago)
Fuck off you edgy 9 year old virgin.
Gacha엘 큐 (4 days ago)
Saddest part is when they always think your happy bc ur smiling but little did they know that’s just the mask
Oogabooga 1712 (4 days ago)
I want to scream to the whole world that “YES IM NOT ALRIGHT” but where I’m at who the hell cares?! I tried reaching out to someone but I got rejected Ever since I was three I ripped my self apart I would scratch and scratch until I bled They leave scars But I’m ok I’m here today so I guess that’s a horray But I always feel sad these days
Ummkpop (4 days ago)
If I died it wouldn’t matter because there is millions and millions of people in the world It’s just one person less🚮
Lybie Jane Bajade (4 days ago)
Why people says "speak out" but u really never listen
Levi Conover (4 days ago)
Ciara Casso (4 days ago)
I can relate to this song
Alaa Issa (4 days ago)
If anyone wants to talk about depression this is my insta: alaahissa im here :)
Alaa Issa (3 days ago)
Cris 1275 u have to change ur mindset !! No one wants to really die ! I know ur feeling like this right now but trust me things will get better !
Cris 1275 (4 days ago)
Not Depressed Trying to be Positive Not suicidal Yet I'm breaking Taking things in Just lost a friend she pushed me away and a few other friends I was always positive because I want to die not Suicidal but I really do Wanna die...
Valtra Long (4 days ago)
A lot of people laugh when they are hurting th most, I do that and it's not healthy.
Rylee Sperduto (4 days ago)
This is me rn because I’m trying to hang myself rn
Hannah Burdette (4 days ago)
this how I feel 😣😫😫😫
Sammuel eat soup (4 days ago)
If all of you are so depressed why dont you just be not depressed? Just a thought
Crystal Marte (5 days ago)
The first time I heard this song my friend calls me this was her last call and I sent her this song for she could listen to it that day my friend committed suicide I miss her a lot and I hope she's happy wherever she is right now thank you for this song because it wasn't for you and this song I wouldn't have her in my life as a memory she love this song so much I wish she did kill herself 💔😢
Hahaha, I only do self-harm since I feel numb and I want at least feel something. I don't really care if anyone sees it but I don't say why I do it since they wont understand me.
And I'm still 12
Bts ɪs lɪfeu (5 days ago)
You fake a smile and you fake a laugh but in the inside you were crying, sad, depressed..
Ahh , Sup guys . its 2019 but i still have the suicidal thought. Deep inside I'm still depressed inside and shit theres nothing in this world can fix me. I'm 22 all the way from Malaysia and already seek all kind of help. Changing my look, Getting a good job , hanging out with my pals and i even resolved to drugs. But deep inside, its not working at all. Fuck man , i could had the chance to have a happy life if it weren't because of my dad. Fuck you dad, fuck you and anything that has to do with you. I had it all and you took it from me. Fuck you dad. Fuck you.
DarkHearted_Gacha xxX (5 days ago)
Someone: *Hey! How are you?* Me: *I’m* -fine- Then, they get on with the day like nothing happened.
jude vincent arias (5 days ago)
anyone else thinking how just to get by another day?
Ajpwplayer girl (5 days ago)
Hi I'm a mistake this is my last words So Bye.. From...mistake
Princess Heartbreaker (5 days ago)
•Y's Creations• (5 days ago)
Heh depression spreads huh my friend had it tried to help instead she hated me for that and because of that I now stress eat and that cause me to look in the mirror and cry every one even my own mother called me fat I now keep a fake smile no one knows about it not one even in my channel both you see have depression don’t expect uploads from me any more and now my friend have to deal with 2 people i might start cutting soon who knew an 11 year old could face this
AlphaDesigns (5 days ago)
I can imagine how my arm would look like had I slit it open. I can invision how My mother would look like when she heard I killed myself. I see her with a quiet smirk on her face.
AlphaDesigns (4 days ago)
+Lili ! You've had SHARKS!!!!!!! sweet Jesus I'll never have a pet shark!!! Yeah I know I've helped a couple people even though I am in pain. I can't stand seeing anyone in pain, physical or mental pain. It hurts me to see people hurting. I try to help people but I me and myself isn't willing to allow myself to get help, well at least take the help I do have
Lili ! (4 days ago)
Plus I’ve looked through the comments and you have helped a few people, even though you yourself are also in pain. I’m not sure if you believe in God, but I believe that for all your suffering something amazing will eventually come your way. Also you could consider getting a pet they really help with your loneliness, if you need a suggestion I’ve had everything from sharks to dogs so.
Lili ! (4 days ago)
AlphaDesigns for me it is my mom. I had a different experience, my dad was really abusive and my mom and I hated him. She tried to leave him, but he pulled strings and got me instead. He was always smoking and drinking and had to have his mom watched me She ended up getting back with him and having 4 other kids. He threatened to kill her ( mind you he had knifes everywhere) and she wasn’t allowed to divorce him because her job was a disgraceful one ( phone sex online thing). That would have made anyone depressed. She also has extra bones and at some point she will be unable to walk. The other children hated her and yet she smiled and worked hard for us everyday. Eventually things got better but she and I were really depressed. Thankfully she shouldered through it and I got to meet her, a living angel. I think as long as everyone tries to stay alive and make the most of a bad situation eventually everything will be alright.
AlphaDesigns (4 days ago)
+Lili ! Was my dad till he passed now I have nothing stopping me killing myself. I've attempted suicide many times after his passing because he was the only thing keeping me from doing it
Lili ! (4 days ago)
AlphaDesigns oh, I’m very sorry. Do you have anyone you care about in your life
Lonely Mimikyu (5 days ago)
I can relate to this song
albert gaines (5 days ago)
Its weird because all them moment they took for granted with you.And now your gone you cant come back but just know suicide doesn't release your pain it just gives it to somebody else
KpopDisBoochie (5 days ago)
Why are people so cruel? I have feelings too. The hoodies I wear help my scars. I try my hardest to not let I get to me. I want to walk into a pond near my house I need help. It's gotten to where I skip meals and talk less. I just want someone to see me or at least talk to me, SEE ME. The pond calls my name.
Ashley Ledwidge (5 days ago)
im planing to do it again
Ashley Ledwidge (5 days ago)
i actually once.. tried to commit suicide....
The Gaming Ape (5 days ago)
I would feel happy and love life but my family and others are making it horrible to be alive. Not all of my family but most of them I feel like I’m under too much stress and pressure and I wanna kms everyday but I try my hardest to fight through it. It’s so hard when you feel like you have to do anything you can to try to change to fit in If that makes any sense

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