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I'm Fine - Teen Depression PSA

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Yasin Safavi (10 hours ago)
Fine... how much i say this everyday to my mom ,my friends...
Tullia De Caro (1 day ago)
GUYS NOW THAT IT'S POSSIBLE TO TEXT ON YOUTUBE, TEXT ME IF U NEED ANYTHING🙏🙏 you're all amazing and deserve the world I am here for anything.
Ta (1 day ago)
I’m here for anyone who wants to talk, i’m a good listener
itsme Dora (1 day ago)
If people see me they I think I have it all. But the truth is that I'm struggling, I cry myself to sleep most nights, I try to starve myself and I try to be this girl that everyone thinks is perfect because on inside I'm insecure and I care what people think but I pretend I don't... BUT I do. Its hurts so much when people say something mean about me but I try to be tough and forget about it...but I just can't.. So that's my story. I'm trying to stay away from the toxic people in my life and trying to talk to someone about this
Rating Ashark (1 day ago)
I was so social and goofy back in 2016 (I was in the 4th grade at the time), after christmas break timeskip to 2017, long story short, the girl I was neutral about in class suspected I was thinking bad of her and said nasty things about me to my other classmates. People started behaving differently around me, except my best friend (she never heard of 'em) totally ruined my self-esteem. This was really sad too, I remember going to school on my birthday and no one knew, not even my best friend. I felt really heartbroken. My family at home prepared a meal for me and my parents got me a new phone but It all felt irrelevant to me. I took my new phone and cried in my room. Looking back on it now, it makes me really sad but angry at the same time. It made me act differently towards my family and friends, and was almost always in a bad mood. I plan on telling the damn school officials about this and make that insecure coward apologize.
Sarah Addo (3 days ago)
Even when I stay up at night crying I know that the next day ill be fine because i have my friends there for me
Phoenix Bloom (3 days ago)
My parents make me keep my room's door open. I'm afraid of hurting myself because of that. They helped me.
emma (3 days ago)
people always try to just judge you. they don’t know what it’s like. they don’t know what it’s like to feel like this, they don’t know what it’s like to feel stressed and alone and ugly and worthless. they really, *REALLY* don’t understand. well honestly, it’s not just “puberty” and it’s not “pms” and it’s not just “a bad mood.” it’s more. it’s more than just the tiny little suggested things they will all say. what they say are just nothing, and other times just tiny implements or what’s really going on.
Robin Sk (1 day ago)
I am praying for you Emma. Jesus loves you deeply and passionately. Remember that. Please take care.
Moriah Hartung (3 days ago)
Wow talk about SHORT film. But I'm depressed too these are all things I feel. I didn't even realize it till I watched this. It's scary cause I also have anxiety that just has to creep up at the times I'm actually feeling confident then I crumble. I hate it. But I'm never gonna take my life over it.
Lana Mohammad (3 days ago)
I Don’t want anyone to know I have depression but this Comment section make me feel safe
I don't know why i hate myself I'm miserable 😭
Monie Jones (5 days ago)
Watching this I just want to cry bc this is how I was for the longest and I’m still kinda going though it. Depression is the worst feeling ever
Sherif Adel (5 days ago)
You should truste in yourself
Hanna Rocks (6 days ago)
Sometimes people ask me what's wrong because I look sad, but I say I'm fine. I just wanna scream and say I'M NOT FINE I'M NEVER FINE!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Kamryn Ellard (7 days ago)
I feel all these things and all
Kamryn Ellard (7 days ago)
It’s just puberty It’s just a short time ... right?
awesome rae rae (7 days ago)
シKiaslo (7 days ago)
Nobody loves you Nobody cares for you Nobody is there for you Nobody will help you Nobody knows what your going through My name is Nobody 😊
シKiaslo (6 days ago)
+Gerald "Oof."
Gerald (6 days ago)
Oh cool
Brooke Bell (7 days ago)
I miss everything about the old me my laugh and my smile and I don’t know how much longer I can take this pain
Gerald (6 days ago)
Oh bitch please. I use to be depressed but I realized that I could wake up in the morning next to my mom and open up my fridge to food and go to sleep in a bed
Danielle Harp (8 days ago)
I can agree almost 100% with this, and I don't think that's a good thing, but I already know I have depression
I miss me. I used to eat a lot I was never insecure But now.. I don’t eat much I’m super insecure about my body Worst of all though.. I’ve started to cut myself.. Please don’t do what I did.. Your beautiful Your amazing Your talented Your a great person
I love dogs (7 days ago)
I'm lucky I don't cut myself,but my depression wants me to do it.My school is finished and it's been 2 weeks that I didn't go outside,I don't have anyone to hang out with,to talk to,I have no one.My "Friends" don't even text me anymore,I just stay at home doing nothing and overthink,I cry all day,my parents work 24/7 so they don't know that I just stay home, they think I'm outside with friends like everybody else.I can't do it anymore.I need someone to talk to,I need someone that can understand what I'm going through,I need someone. 💔
LemonLimeATHON (8 days ago)
Okay no offense or anything but like 50% of teens who “have depression” or say they have depression don’t really so
Diamomd Arin (8 days ago)
This is my life of depression...
Robloxgamer Girlplay (9 days ago)
Don't worry girl you not the only one...I with you your not alone.❤ (I'm not even a teen I'm a kid and I go threw the same thing)
Simone Shure (9 days ago)
damn if this isn’t me
Amor Luna (9 days ago)
Do you remember the time when you were happy? Do you remember the time our smile USED to reach our eyes? Do you remember when you weren't Judged? Do you remember the times insecurities didn't exist in us? Do you remember the old smiley, happy ,fun you? Do you remember when society was on our side? Because I can it was when I was a child when I never had to worry but that was in the past and this is the present and if this is now I don't want to see how the future is but I have too sadly...
Sister Rory (9 days ago)
Who else’s whishes they were 4 again...
Psy Cat (9 days ago)
I don’t know what’s keeping from reaching out. I think I’m pretty, but I’m not sure. I know I’m a little overweight, But I try not to make that an obstacle. Im 11, new to my world, but I always think about the end. I don’t want to die, i don’t hate myself, but I’m always thinking about death, everything will be gone. I only have one best friend in my One of my class. I’ve only talked about my depression anonymously, on YouTube. I want to reach out to family and friends SO bad, but I can’t. I’m confused about what got me into this, and I’m at 7 months, I think. That’s between the average months of a depressive episode. I want this to end, I want people to notice. They can’t though, I want to make that 30% higher. I want help. I need help. Help. Reach out. It’s not working. I want my old self back, the happy kid who loved to be creative and do fun stuff and hobbies. But I’m the opposite now, and I want to get back to doing those things. I want help.
AC (9 days ago)
*I wish I could tell this to my mom*
Gabe kenyon (10 days ago)
Im starving yet i dont want to eat and i sleep till 3 in the afternoon
reagan noelle (10 days ago)
*i miss my old self*
Robin Sk (9 days ago)
May God be with you and show you His kindness and grace dear friend. May the love of His Son Jesus surround you and embrace you warmly. Please take care.
V4Veird. ddd (10 days ago)
When I was young I always thought that people who committed suicide are selfish, because they never think about the people who miss them and cares about them. But now that I have depression, I understand what they are going through and I am proud of their courage to end their life. I can never have that courage and I will always wear a smiling mask.
Itz Meme (10 days ago)
I just watched deadpool 2 and im Fucked up Insecure Needy Emotional
P4NDAGIRL Z (11 days ago)
I used to be happy I used to laugh I used to smiled...... Now I'm sad and depressed I wanted to kill myself but, I'm too scared to die I've been cyberbullied by a random person I'm not safe anymore and the world doesn't want me anymore I have the worst anxiety and depression and I feel nothing😭😭😭😭😭😥😥😥
Leen Maarouf (11 days ago)
I am sobbing
Aelin Rose (11 days ago)
Why can I relate?
M H (11 days ago)
I remember how it felt. I remember the anxiety, insomnia, loss of appetite, anger, sadness...the stress. I remember it all. I had depression. But as someone who's come through it I can say it does get better. There is hope on the other side. Some days I feel depressed again but then I remember that I'm in a better place. I remember that life is wonderful. Then I'm okay.
I feel depressed the moment I think it’s getting better I think I might be able to be happy my sister spats something at me it’s like a living hell with her I can’t excape she never gets punished for bullying me sence she has medicle problems I’m supost to be the normal one but that blinds evryone around me to what I’m going through I need help.......please help
ToxicSouls -w- (12 days ago)
I'm depressed. It's not fun. I get called names. I get dropped by my so called 'friends'. The only friends that haven't dropped me yet are Slowpoke (Oscar) and Ayla. They're by besties. Just so you know, if you feel like you have no one, you have me. I may not know you, but just note that you're not alone. Oscar and Ayla have helped me so much. I was feeling, depressed, and Oscar said the most touching thing he's ever said. It doesn't feel right to repeat it, but, it made me feel loved. Again, if you feel you have no one, someone is always thinking of you, and someone loves you. ❤️~anonymous
Cece does weird things (12 days ago)
Before this vid o started, there was an ad about teen depression
Hamda Abdulla (13 days ago)
I’m literally crying 😭 that’s my life 💔
How i like to describe it : Depression is like being a ant drowning inside of a glass of water, one would say water is clear or invisible.. So all your ant family and your ant friends outside that glass of water think your fine because just like water, depression is invisible..when really your drowning
twenty øne scars (13 days ago)
For the people that type “I’m fine” with tears in their eyes, who want to die, who don’t want to eat, who want to hurt themselves, who don’t think anyone cares, who fight a battle every day, who feel alone, who feel forgotten, who feel worthless, who can’t sleep, who feel like there’s nothing else they can do, who feel like giving up... I love you, I care about you, you are needed, you are a warrior, you are strong, you are beautiful, you are handsome, you are unique in the best possible way, you can do this, you can fight Battles are not easily won, they can’t be won overnight. But there’s always light at the end of the tunnel, it’s up to you to get to it “Stay alive friends, it gets better, I prømise” -Tyler Jøseph
Annalena Lehmann (13 days ago)
Wow that's exactly me..
Grace Levey (13 days ago)
What song is this
Salma Baharith (13 days ago)
if she's fat ,then what am i ?!💔💔💔😭😭😭😭
Jessica Fint (13 days ago)
Что грустненько будто-то
Xenia Rd (13 days ago)
If there’s anybody who wants to talk about anything, just text my insta and maybe I’ll give u my number🌪 Insta: Xenia.419 (just say ur from yt and u want to talk)💫
KiriYume기리 (14 days ago)
I missed my energetic me...
this is me but except im always hungry
I love dogs (7 days ago)
Mia Basic (14 days ago)
How dumb this is
moonlight team (15 days ago)
Help me. I need someone just talk to me. I'm in pain... :(
Kristiana Langan (15 days ago)
Ok but like wym ur fat ur skinny as hell
Addyson Rardin (15 days ago)
I constantly say I wanna die and people think im joking but I'm not.
mary queen (15 days ago)
Iam sad i hate myself more than anyone else no hurts i hurt myself 😢 Iam happy i love myself more than anyone i don't get hurt at all am stronge😎
Anna Rothmann (15 days ago)
I'm so tired and when I want cry I can't and in the school I feel like I hate everyone and I hate my teacher and I haven't friends when I go to home I just want go to my room I favourit eat always alone okay I can study but really really inside I want kill myself cause I'm not happy and i can't be happy ....
gmaknae (15 days ago)
this isn’t depression. depression is not just sadness or a bad time, it’s a condition when everything loses meaning or when everything is deprived of emotion, the same sadness no longer exists. you’re empty and apathetic. *depression is when you exist but you don't live.*
Fanny Sue (15 days ago)
You are Not fat and you are beautyfull, i Know that you are an actor and I Know that people who feel like you dont belive in this. I Know i cant help you but be strong enough to help yourself
Falcon Gaming (15 days ago)
Anybody needing help can check this out - https://youtu.be/chE00kGtg48
Lisa is my wifey (16 days ago)
Totally me :) right now
Halle Lint (16 days ago)
this vid is just a little too relatable
Madelena DiFabio (16 days ago)
I feel alone and empty, and feel myself faking a smile more and more, but I don't know how to tell my family. When I think I might try to mention it or I mention how I feel, my parents say it will all pass. they think it's a faze, but they don't know the whole thing, and I'm to scared to tell them
X.elise.X *Gacha*life* (16 days ago)
I had hope, But lost it... I had happiness, But that fade away...... I had friends, But they feel fake..... I have a caring family, But I don’t feel cared about at all.....
Yuvashankari Yuva (16 days ago)
This dePressiOn is killing me every seconds😔😑
Jessica Blog19 (16 days ago)
'I feel fat.' When I saw her wearing crop or tank top, I literally could not describe my feelings. I have scoliosis and yes I can never wear those clothes even though I want to so bad. I am really not sure if I have depression or stuff like that I am just perhaps unsure about my life.
Nazmi Zainal (16 days ago)
I suffered depression when i was 11 years old
Christina Barajas (17 days ago)
bro shes so pretty i dont understand why shes the one whos sad...
I'malittle lamacorn (17 days ago)
My twin sister deals with depression thoughs (not exactly depression) recently she started visiting a psychologist and she begins to reheal Iam happy for her and today it was a special day Because today after a long time my sister finally felt happy an relaxed at school, she laughed with her friends and she had a very good day I'm really happy for her. As you can understand se begun to find the light that she had lost walking in the dark. However she has still a long way to go but I will be there for her now for me Iam a really positive person who has desire for life and I like to make my friends laugh with my jokes dats me so bye and thanks for reading this long ntupid comment and remember even when you don't see the light there is still somewhere outthere.. You have to fight to find it that's it byeeeee
Asheri Asheri (17 days ago)
I told my parents but they were just kinda like "then fix yourself" and "I'm getting tired of your attitude" I honestly don't know what to do
Klara Stopar (17 days ago)
do ever your friends ask you : why woudl you depressed you have no reason me: *UMM FUCKING EXUSE ME-*
Lady cat (17 days ago)
I'm the same honey😢❤
Obsessed with Trains (18 days ago)
The years go by, The depression gets worse, You don’t have the time to fix it, And everything piles on top of you, You just want to kill yourself, But deep down, You don’t want to, Because your religion is stopping you from doing it, So you just continue with your life, Hoping that it will get better, But it never does.
koko Mohamed (18 days ago)
I have deep depression..I cry all day and all night..I don't know the reason,but nobody care about me..nobody ever asked about me..I think when I die,nobody will notice that..I feel great pain in my heart..I don't know the reason too..maybe because my great sadness..I think my heart's broken..whatever,when I told my mother she didn't care.she just told me that I will be fine..Nobody ever cared about me even the nearest people to me..I am really tired from everything..I just want to die.. *sorry for my bad English*
Robin Sk (17 days ago)
Your comment was hard to read. My heartfelt prayers are with you dear friend. It pains me to see you suffering like this. You are loved and cherished far more than you know, and it begins with me. I will tell you the truth dear friend, because that's exactly what you need....the love of the Savior is waiting for you. Call upon Him. His name is Jesus. Please take care.
Naglaa Samir (18 days ago)
It's me.
Karmen Marija Bevetek (18 days ago)
* looks self in thw mirror * Voice in my head: what do you see? Me: ...nothing...because that's exactly what I am...
I love dogs (7 days ago)
I'm sure you're beautiful.Do you know what it feels like to have acne and acne scars all over your face and your body?Do you know what it feels like to be fat and ugly?I'm the ugliest girl in the world.In school I'm the most hated person and everybody including my crush,they call me ugly. I hate when girls conplain about how "ugly" they are,because I'm sure they are so so pretty.If you would look at me I'm sure you would say "Wow , she's so ugly, is she a monster?"Sorry if I'm writing too much,but I need someone that can understand what I'm going through,i need someone to talk to.Im alone.Its been 2 weeks that I don't go outside.
arianaa grandee (18 days ago)
I guess high school just gives depression. Free for everyone
xMoonlight Edits (18 days ago)
What happened to the old, nice me?
xxl0st boyxx (19 days ago)
Why does this explain me so much... I really have to think sometimes... I’m not the only one...
Joyce Baird (19 days ago)
you know it's back when you find yourself watching these
Abigél Csernus (19 days ago)
Igazából csak nem kell minden geci ribancnak depressziósnak lenni mert nincsen rúzsa vagy mi a fasza olyan geci balfasz lanyok vannak hogy megdugatjak maagukat vagy depisek mert 10 évesen elhagyja oket a pasijuk sztem aki "depis" ugy hogy oka sincd ra az maradjon is az ott kapjon rakot ahol van undorito
Bri Rosario (19 days ago)
Let's Just say, When I Talk to My Mom How I Feel.. She Just Simply Says, "Your Too Young For Stress..and The Doctor Never Diagnosed you to be Depressed" But Everyday it's a battle to move, to get out of bed At this point I can't smile when I want cuz I've been faking my smiles for years and I don't know how anymore Anxiety Mixed with this..is just horrible..
kpop lover btslover (20 days ago)
im fine
Vivo Y55s (20 days ago)
I am depressed, I usually wear long sleeves shirts. Because of the cuts in my hands. Day by day, I feel like adding more scars. But I'm tired of wearing long sleeves
Whale Cat (20 days ago)
I'm failing school I'm always stressed I'm always sad It hurts... Yet I say I'm fine.
Robin Sk (17 days ago)
I'm praying for you dear friend, okay? Jesus loves you deeply and passionately....and He loves to hear from the hurting. Remember that. Please take care.
Miss Asmr Queen (20 days ago)
I miss my old self 😔.
Cookies Girl (20 days ago)
Just be happy (It's Drive people crazy)
Juana Hurtado (21 days ago)
I hate when people say that i'm i fine but i'm not fine i'm just depressed because of my ex. Ever my ex broke me up i wondered if i'm a bad girlfriend? Edit: like if this ever happened to you.
rana ariwibowo (21 days ago)
I only watch these films as a reminder. And so I can distract myself from all the other bad things in my life. I pretend I'm always happy so my parents won't have about me, because they're already stressed about my sister. I don't talk to anyone about this, except my friends, who feel the same way, but they take things to another level. It feels nice to talk or at least write/type about it. It takes some of tension away. The tension of trying to pretend I don't feel any of this.
Luigi1k3 (22 days ago)
I am physically and emotionally tired
Luigi1k3 (22 days ago)
Why does this make it seem that only girls can get depression I personally know that men can have it because I exist sadly
People at school call me a slut. I can’t deal with this and another person made a rumor about me sending nudes and now I don’t know what to do I’m trapped and I can’t breathe.
Fallyn Ranek (23 days ago)
Wait... are these symptoms?? I have this same thing going on...
Gissy Q (23 days ago)
I can relate more to the comment section than I can relate to my friends
LINA'S QUEEN (23 days ago)
Gooood ,❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
SakylerMAN EMC (24 days ago)
Thats me :/ I really miss my slef
wolfy gall (24 days ago)
I used ti be this happy girl that every one loved but now i am th rude girl that no one likes and me only real friend is this girl below my grade but i still cra in the inside at school but at home i let it out i could never be happy with me i am ugly rude girl that no one likes and i am petty sure when i was in grades 1-4 on one liked me i would kill me but i am scared that people i love will kill them over a ugly girl like me and you know what they say "they only care when you are dead"i wish that people cared but they don't
Jeon Irene UwU (24 days ago)
dalyas b (24 days ago)
I just want to kill myself
Althea Santos (25 days ago)
Why can i relate to this? :((

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