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Awesome Facts About Animals In Dreams and Your Future | Meaning of Dreams | The Magical Indian

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Meaning of these 10 animals in dream. Part 1 Thanks for Watching ====Subscribe====
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The Magical Indian (2 years ago)
Awesome Facts About Animals In Dreams And Your Future | Part 2 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5m-xiJSYi8
Madhu Shree (5 months ago)
kill lizard in my dreams what happen after in my life
Messi World (5 months ago)
Can u tell me the music at 1:58...pls??
Divya Nair (5 months ago)
+Kumaresan Kumar nice
Kumaresan Kumar (7 months ago)
Nelyn Tormon (5 days ago)
I had a dream of two cats sleeping on the side of the road and the other sides of the road has two dogs standing and someone has holding them...what does it mean?? Pls tel me
srinivasa rao (1 month ago)
I used to get fish in my dreams. Constant dream ..
chad kenney (1 month ago)
I had a crazy dream where a half pig half scorpion killed all my friends except one. So I ran after the being and kept beating it repeatedly but I couldn’t damage it. Out of no where a wild boar came and killed it with its tusks and then disappeared.
kitsune spirit (1 month ago)
I dream about a galaxy pink and blue fox in my dream,I was attack by a shadow then it came to save me I wanted to touch it but disappear I wish I could meet that fox again
вlacĸ ѕnaĸeѕ???
Maya Prakash (2 months ago)
Pothine kandal
CVHemanth Kumar (3 months ago)
Hiii... In dream, I saw a slaughtered cow means just like Cutting, Cleaning, Skinning, and Hanging the cow meat and i am observing keenly and passing over through that area having more number of shops... What will happen as i get this dream ?
XXBUDDERXx (3 months ago)
Horses, I had a dream about these fuckers, they were killing all of us in the world, happy life my ass.
samreen haneef (3 months ago)
What about dogs come in dreams? Can u tell me ?
Boss man (3 months ago)
Rmz 450 (3 months ago)
I saw a fucking dinosaur
I dreamt about being working with the government so we had these tech vecheles Chasing Assasins Then my vecheile became a flying bot then itcut to a cop hitting someone in the face with a baseball bat then we were at the Los Santos beach afterwards me and my friend became sharks the megalodon still small i broke a scuba divers cage but couldnt eat him i was Speeding then became human then this fish said i cant turn to any sea creatures in dry areas we were stuck then jumped off then i woke up
roja Riya (3 months ago)
What about snacks
Egi Zenel (3 months ago)
What about snakes dogs owls and eagles????
Rayene Rayene (3 months ago)
Yes dog
skgyri (3 months ago)
Yes snake
Elispher Nyambura (3 months ago)
Great one,thanks to God
Elispher Nyambura (3 months ago)
Great one,thanks to God
say in your video.not right I am you say you known why maning what is this maning people are don't no English many people. your video Like many people.say in your video. thank you for this video.
KEY TOTHE UNIVERSE (4 months ago)
How u make videos like this can u pizzazz tell me
bommidi vj (4 months ago)
phthiraptera kanavil vandhal? reply me sir
Raviraj J (4 months ago)
I have got a dream like a big tiger came in front of my house which gave me a blessing on my head like assirvaatham What does it means Please take it serious and tell me what that means
Nekesa Janet (5 months ago)
Ï always Dreams when à cow is chasing me does it have thé same meaning ?
Yuvashri Rajendren (5 months ago)
In my dream I saw buffalo what is the reason?? Pls tell me
engr hassan (5 months ago)
whats about snake
Tug Wree (5 months ago)
Whenbin see snake being kill someone around me is pregnant and miscarriage if the snake is playing with me or lying on me it means I m pregnant
kiran Angarai (5 months ago)
The lion part explanation is wrong..when ever i had dream about lion i have got money..this reason is correct..
mc kboy (5 months ago)
what about snake
yogesh kumar (5 months ago)
In my dream I saw cow eating my hands and am running, please tell me what can I do
Ch Kavitha (5 months ago)
what about snakes
EVERYTHING PHOBE (5 months ago)
I dream a lot of Rats recently... Dead ones drowned in water, some live ones..... And i dreamed of 2 black panthers that were statues at someones cemetery that I was at and they came alive and one smelled my stomach
Dharani sri (5 months ago)
What about monkey it chased me in my dreams
Sneha Kumari (5 months ago)
Wht abt the snake yrr I saw it few days back
Vineesh Pk (5 months ago)
Sneha Kumari ok, as yu like
Sneha Kumari (5 months ago)
+Vineesh Pk ohh too far these temples r anyway I ll try
Vineesh Pk (5 months ago)
Sneha Kumar'i mannarashala and vettikkote' those are famous sanake temples in kerala state(Alapuzha district)
Sneha Kumari (5 months ago)
+Vineesh Pk well thanks btane ke liye
Sneha Kumari (5 months ago)
+Vineesh Pk we don't HV snake temple anywhere near to me
tharon kennedy (5 months ago)
what about seeing a red dragon in the sky? this thing was gigantic in my dream. during my dream, that was more than 10-13 years ago, it took place during early sunset and the dragon was in the western sky and coincedently couple months ago i was looking at a phone app of the constelations and there is a constelation of a dragon. what took me by surprise is that the constelation is in the same spot it the western sky during sunset here in the middle of united states. crazy dream was so surreal
A. Rosas (5 months ago)
Maggie greene (5 months ago)
What about black snake?what does it mean?because i dream alot of big snakes goes inside our room and keep on attaking us
manish nayal (5 months ago)
I want you to please make a video about what does it means if you see a wolf in your dream
Mbayiha Emmanuel (5 months ago)
Those are evil spirits entering your territory with negative spells, like sicknesses and diseases, deaths,
Rakshitha J Rskshu (6 months ago)
What does it mean if the cat in your dream is approaching you because it wants to warn you but you tell it that you'd be back and the cat asks you to promise?
Kanchana Chikhle (6 months ago)
Cows are eating all "Wastu Puja" in dream means what
Chris A (6 months ago)
B.s just saying things to fill ppl with hope🤔
Jhing Ugbinar (7 months ago)
What about fish with two heads?anyone??
Mbayiha Emmanuel (5 months ago)
Those are marine spirits like mermaids
Mbayiha Emmanuel (5 months ago)
Those are marine spirits like majins inform of mermaids, be prayerful
Jhing Ugbinar (7 months ago)
I dreamed a fish with two heads in a toilet bowl?
sharmila nithyanantham (7 months ago)
I saw dog in my dream
seiboiK1 Kipgen (5 months ago)
If you see a dog its means witch or wizard try to attack you
Carol Ndiyah (7 months ago)
Not for christians
bozz ampatuan (7 months ago)
i dream spider rooster and parrot in 1 dream... good sign for god
manivannan s m g (8 months ago)
what about many crocodiles in dream sir?
lakshmi devi (8 months ago)
Fishes grunchi cheppandi kalalo
kristen sosa (8 months ago)
What does it mean to kill a lion and lioness in your dream? My dream was about my husband and I ridding in our van backward out of control. Then we crash backward into an old junky metal pile by an old railroad depot. When looking at the damage I can see the dead lion and lioness mangled.
Joan Jojo (8 months ago)
I dreamt watching snakes fighting... Then I also dreamt a black big Python swallowing a snake...and a another huge black snake climbing a tree behind our house... Pliz wats da meaning of all these horrific dreams
__ Reigne (9 months ago)
I dreamt that I was bigger than a tiger and was walking with a tiger while holding its leash. what does this mean? i've been dreaming this for a while now. The tigers are not always on the leash but I always love the tiger like it's my own family. I'm really confused.
Niva Kapali (10 months ago)
What about unicorns in dreams
Black Jax (10 months ago)
I dream that I caught a white fish.What does that mean?
seiboiK1 Kipgen (5 months ago)
You will have money
Sanjiv Shukla (11 months ago)
Add voice bcoz Bina voice sub bekar h
The Grim Reaper (11 months ago)
Yes, yes i bet a lot of people dream of cocks😂😂
Selajh Soulh (11 months ago)
black jaguar and ancient elephants?
Hema Venkatesh (11 months ago)
What is the meaning of rhinoceros comes
Nami Shensue (11 months ago)
I say lions so guys it was two three four lions I was hiding behind a bush and the lion was walking pass me so scared 😥 glad that dream was over and not real
Shahna Ubaidulla (1 year ago)
Enne oru dog attack cheyyunnadhayit njn swapnam kandu. A2dhinte meaning ariyooo
Mbayiha Emmanuel (5 months ago)
Dreaming dogs are spirits of lust and perversion
Sainath Biradar (1 year ago)
Can u tell the dreams about books... I saw a dream that my books were not there in my bookshelf....
Chandrima Acharjee (1 year ago)
i saw 3 dogs bitting me ..what does it mean ???
seiboiK1 Kipgen (5 months ago)
That not good thing.
Sajid Rathore (1 year ago)
I saw lizard in my dreams mostly what's the meaning of it
Arul Das (1 year ago)
What about snake
seiboiK1 Kipgen (5 months ago)
You will sick
Murali Prasath (1 year ago)
What about frog in dream
MARIFI GAYANILO (1 year ago)
horse dreams.
Christine Musana (1 year ago)
Recently I dreamt A lion I thank God Christ loves me unconditionally
melodies ju (1 year ago)
Lion dream always
Venkat Raman (1 year ago)
Blank big snake kiss in toe in dream when I was in pregnant
meena gole (1 year ago)
agar sher dekhai diya to uska matlab ??
Jessica mea (1 year ago)
everytime that I am in trouble I always dreamed lion
Adverd Modibedi (2 days ago)
Jessica mea me too ey
No one (1 year ago)
most of my drms are about snakes or spirits or murders........snakes are there most of the time
cecilia nkesi (1 year ago)
about a week ago I dreamt of a hanging snake
daman diano (9 months ago)
cecilia nkesi that's good cuz snake means some1 trying to harm you or hurt you but u hang it. so that mean you are safe
rima dkhar (1 year ago)
Anyone who wants to know about their dreams (any dream) mainly dreams on teeth, animals, shoe, shit, colors, Gold, water, money can mail me in this email [email protected] especially for youth who are in a relationship.
hmetalmosh (1 year ago)
Hello! What software did you use to create this video animation??
shabeershaik8 (1 year ago)
I see a 🐍 big snake chasing a small 🐍 snake to eat it and the small 🐍 snake was trying to hide behind me and I was running can anyone explain this
Alicia Daniels (1 year ago)
vampirx (8 months ago)
Alicia Daniels i never dream my own cat but I remember a couple says ago i seen him running around lol. He wasnt attacking me just around
Alicia Daniels (1 year ago)
Lisa Radcliffe (1 year ago)
Magical Indian, I'm sooo glad that we have you. Thank You so much good job.
Kumar Kumar (1 year ago)
if I see both black and white cat in my dream
it's meh! (1 year ago)
what about snake and dog?
Jerry Jacob (1 year ago)
can u include a tiger????
Tejashwini Sampath (1 year ago)
I had dreams of some animals continusoly
Mbayiha Emmanuel (5 months ago)
Tejashwini Sampath commit yo life to Jesus Christ
Trizafatia Sanyu (1 year ago)
I often dream about big snakes chasing me in school but am no longer in school Wonder what it means
Nara Garcia (1 year ago)
What about red bull in dream?
NANDINI AM (1 year ago)
I had dream of idli as Prasad in one of temple my dreams are more vivid now a days too much confused don't know with whom I should share
syrelle B. (1 year ago)
What is the meaning of dream many small spiders crawling in my feet.i smshed them all..but I didn't kill.
priya ravindran (1 year ago)
I often get dreams of snakes and elephant
Marilu Hernandez (1 year ago)
You sucker
Sarah Stewart (1 year ago)
Everybody's dreams means different things.
Jasmine Lee (1 year ago)
What about a lamb???
Hyderabiker Sam (1 year ago)
frog, fish etc animals??
Night Wish (1 year ago)
I dreamed about a cat. Not a cat. CATS One day,outside my house. Six cats came. (I couldn't remember all the colors of the cat's I only know an orange cat and a black and white cat) Suddenly. Outside my house have a purple bench. So, the orange cat came on the bench. THEN. The orange cat scarped me and killed me ;( Then I woke up like it's a Nightmare.
Manish Pb (2 days ago)
haha. dont worry dream state reality and your thoughts are simply illusionary imagination dust.
Shannon Bice (1 year ago)
I dreamed of my cat getting rabies like the dog cujo and she attacked me and I had to kill her
Sarah Stewart (1 year ago)
Ashley James You mean the cats got the best of you? What does purple represent to you bc it usually represent royalty. May be you felt like you were a king in someone's life but they deserted you or it didn't last. It could be that you felt in control of something and someone you didn't trust overcame you or you felt defeated by them. Also black and white means positive and negative.
Harshini Harsha (1 year ago)
what about fish?
Chitra Santhosh (1 year ago)
What about frogs
Parag Chowdhury (1 year ago)
Bhai bol nehi sakta kya 2
The Jams u Never Had (1 year ago)
What aboit a dragon?
Sarah Stewart (1 year ago)
The Jams u Never Had; Dragons, monsters are fears in your life. Something you may feel is overcoming you or intimidates you.
Immortal Music (1 year ago)
Naveen Kumar (1 year ago)
Where is snake..?😂 🐍
In my dream I saw snake many more times...almsot my dreams are full of snakes ...... .but I don't like snakes. ......what it's Reson????😳😳😳I really get feared by these dreams😵😵😖😔
Joshua Lima (1 month ago)
Sarah Stewart please may i talk with you?
Joshua Lima (1 month ago)
Sarah Stewart can i talk with u?
samreen haneef (3 months ago)
Šùşhmïťâ Přîňčêśš Hi. Dear It's means Lots of enemies u have in real life. that why snake are coming in ur dreams. . Ok .. God bless you
black boazzia (4 months ago)
Me too all my dreams is snake
F.f Star (1 year ago)
What if not dreaming about them, you are living as them in the dream state. I live as a dark bluish mare with blue tattoos and marks on her body. No matter the dream i am always her and i see "people" as animals. I also luccid dream.
Sarah Stewart (1 year ago)
F.f Star Yep. Good luck
F.f Star (1 year ago)
Sarah Stewart. Makes sense I guess. Ill have to do more research
Sarah Stewart (1 year ago)
F.f Star Maybe you feel the need to control or dominate something your life. Maybe just to get a handle over things in your life. Every dream is different so what you have to do is relate the dream to your life or whatever is going on in it with you or/and the people associated with you. If you feel good about the dream then that's good. All I'm saying is Lucid dreams can bring things out from those spiritual dark realms. So be careful.
F.f Star (1 year ago)
Sarah Stewart explain? I've never had negative effects from being/seeing her
Sarah Stewart (1 year ago)
F.f Star Be warned of Lucid dreams. You may bring something from it that you don't want.
Wolves At Dawn (1 year ago)
I had a dream several different types of animals, they keep attacking me :(
Wolves At Dawn (1 year ago)
Sarah Stewart one of the dreams I remember was a black dog with crazed blue eyes
Sarah Stewart (1 year ago)
Wolves At Dawn What animals were there?

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