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If you want to see more, you can help me out by joining my website with exclusive content: https://napiorkowska.ning.com/ ($3.49.month) Hope this helps you understand the process. I made this because many people seem to think that being depressed is something you choose and that in the end, it all comes down to looking out the window and listening to sad music. The truth is, it's very much beyond your control. OPEN FOR MORE. ------------------- No, I have never suffered from depression. I've known and lived with people who are bipolar for many years now and this is why I think I might have a pretty good understanding of how things work. I'm not in the positon to give you any advice on how to cope with it. If you think you might be suffering from depression, please visit a specialist. You have to trust me - it's the only way to go about it. Please feel free to share your story in the comments. Others might need it. This is where you can seek help: http://www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org/ http://www.suicide.org/suicide-hotlines.html http://samobojstwo.pl/ written, shot & edited by me. find me on: http://facebook.com/napiorkowska.official http://instagram.com/napiorkowska http://knapiorkowska.com http://napiorkowska.tumblr.com http://vimeo.com/kate89 http://www.midnightclothing.net/ music: Chris Zabriskie: I Am a Man Who Will Fight for Your Honor - Creative Commons Attribution (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) http://chriszabriskie.com/honor/ http://chriszabriskie.com/ Podziękowania dla Starogardzkiego Centrum Kultury.
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Text Comments (21202)
Edgi (2 minutes ago)
I don't wanna comment for attention but yh this is pretty accurate. The only way I can ever get slight happiness is artificial like some drugs and stimulating myself online. Although I am working through losing weight and taking care of myself which may help.
Get his stupid Ass (1 hour ago)
No youtube im not depressed!!
legendary ass kicker (2 hours ago)
i can't even enjoy my happines because now i love my sadness more than happines
Iron Cote (3 hours ago)
What accent is this?
hesinalno (5 hours ago)
Someone help me
valenauad _ (7 hours ago)
If you're depressed... Well don't be😁 Hope it worked💕🌷
Just_Sleep (9 hours ago)
Grave is the home now
connie t (11 hours ago)
Deadass Dan Howell's depression video
Totsku Sama (14 hours ago)
Thjs is no real depression ... real depeession is when u strugle on yo studies.... ur parents get disappointed on u .... u became hated by everybody ... ur poor ... sick ...
Totsku Sama (14 hours ago)
A real depressed person would never be posting bout it on the social media ... its a serious problem that may lead to suicide
Gulzar Khan (14 hours ago)
It's me
Amine (14 hours ago)
It was only my whole life, why am I still stuck on this?
btwsyj (15 hours ago)
não queria ter me identificado
jeje jes (15 hours ago)
Ima jobless and depress
xdFirez (16 hours ago)
2:24 it gets worse when ur in that position and ur phone falls in ur face
White Shadow (18 hours ago)
Depression is a stage of knowledge when you find out how many fake people we met and how silly our life made us to wear a mask that's coverd with lies, hate ,anger and every bad thing we learned then you try to find a way to break your mask and you do it after a while and when you do it you'll know that you don't have a thing behind that mask Then you start escaping from life by sleeping and remaining silent and everyone Until you find an atom of true love Your life will change forever Ask for the LOVE and you shall get it Depends on how much your heart is clean That love is not connected to this world ...
Soone Lucas (21 hours ago)
I can be sad & mean at the same time, i make a book to rant, esp bcz i can't express them in words, so when i die, i hope they find that book and know its their fault and they can blame themselves for life but sadly im too nice to put their name in it and don't want them to be sad
gacha lilly (1 day ago)
Im eleven and i think i have depression, I have taken multiple tests, seen many videos about the symptoms and i apply to most if not all of them. I am affraid to bring it up to my parents, does anyone have advice? If so, please reply to this comment. Thank you for reading this and taking the time out of your day or night, i appriciate it.
Cyber Skull (1 day ago)
Live like this for 8 years and counting...
Rxillyy (1 day ago)
Living with a boner is hard.
AcciorraOfficial (1 day ago)
I watch discussion type Youtube videos to keep myself sane.
Einshine (1 day ago)
Depression is simply regret
Lucia Larrea (1 day ago)
I felt that when she said things that make other people happy don’t make you happy
Daisyøxø (1 day ago)
It’s a well , it’s dark and empty and cold and numb you don’t feel anymore. It’s a cruel space deceiving you it’s full of things but nothing feels full it feels empty. It feels dark, that won’t make sense but it does it feels like a dark that you can’t escape. And your just an observer. You feel trapped inside yourself begging to leave but the emotions leave you powerless and helpless. You can’t move the darkness is numbing but pain is there to take that away it’s like you just stopped. Like a beautiful cold night with the rain pouring down the windows. Except it’s the opposite the rain is moving fast and the sounds are beautiful but you can only observe. Knowing there’s barely an escape make you feel more trapped it feels like your are in a cold metal world that is so empty but feels full with a darkness that you can’t describe because there’s no words for how it feels. I am young but I am numb. There are times when you could feel so built up with emotions that you just break like a hammer smashing a thin pane of glass in slow motion, like you see in the movies with no sound it just happens and people won’t even notice. You can look happy but again it’s deception and we’ve experienced it so we know how to use it too.
Nessa D (1 day ago)
When you feel like why meet people? Why try to have a relationship when dying alone seems like the better option then worrying about being that depressing burden that the person now has to deal with when you have your unpredictable deep dark waves of emotions.
Anette Solis (1 day ago)
This video explains me,depression haunts me, I feel bad for my parents who give me everything,but still cry every night,depression sucks,something i cant handle and something no one cares about
Can we do a group chat for depressed people ? I mean i need to talk like so bad
Patrick McQuiller (1 day ago)
"Why are you depressed? You have a great life?" Is there an easy way for people with clinical depression to answer this question?
jobran al-roumi (1 day ago)
So relatable
SAD HERO (2 days ago)
i feel empty..
PaiN ExoTiC (2 days ago)
apparently everyone on the internet is depressed now. Starbucks running out of coffee now classifies as "depression" now LOL
Anna B.V (2 days ago)
Okay the video is beautiful. The comments lowkey piss me off tho
Keith Fendley (2 days ago)
How about the "stop feeling sorry for yourself line?" That one drives me up a wall. Like WHAT?! No way?! Just stop? Never even fucking thought of that! Wow, thanks for the tip. But, I recently started seeing a therapist and it does help people, trust me... I was really debating on if I should just give up or keep going with life. I realized I couldn't give up. You and I (the person reading this, hey) didn't come this far just to come this far. To just give up when I've never even tried speaking to an unbiased, non-judgemental professional seemed illogical to me. But, I promise, you will feel better week after week of letting things out that you're too afraid to tell anyone else. Our bodies have all this tension built up and when you tell someone all the things you tell yourself when you're going through a bad episode, your body will breathe a sigh of relief for once in a very long time. So please if you're reading this, it can get better (even though you don't believe me right now since the depression has convinced you otherwise.) Just remember, depression is LYING to you. About everything. Fight the urge to believe it. Also remember I love you. Yes, the person I've never met, I love you and I'm with you. You're a strong son a bitch and you know that's true... don't you 😌
Phenotype (2 days ago)
100% accurate
izolepa (2 days ago)
That's how depression really feels like.
Ja N Koktol (2 days ago)
"You have only two options.."
feel the payne (2 days ago)
hey i know i am not anyone to you, i am just random person passing by. But you know what? I do care for you. Maybe you are depressed, stressed, stuck in the darkness or something that i dont understand, and no one understand, but i know one day you will found your light. I mean it, your own light. They will guide you home, where you used to be, where you have to be. No matter how hard your problem is, i know you will get trough it. If you don't have anyone to share your problem, you can tell me. Just dm me @_homewithpayne. Well, it's not private account so you can dm me without following me, thank you. Have a great life everyone! Someone loves you! Wait, i mean, i love you! <3 Ps : i know you will think, "she is a happy person, she won't understand." But i do, i do understand. If you dont believe me, test me <3
Thinking about giving up, I can't stand this anymore ...
AJ Mains (3 days ago)
I've been dealing with depression since 1st grade, I'm so fucking done.
Bennn (3 days ago)
I don’t understand, how do u get depression no matter what happens life is great.
No Name (3 days ago)
I lose everything what i love. maybe if i start loving depression, i'll lose it too?
No Name (3 days ago)
The thing is, i never needed so much sleep in my life. i was going to bed around 11pm when i was 12 years old. now one year later, a lot happend. family fights, friends that lock me out of their lifes, relationship problems, police,....the line keeps going. and that makes me tired. my emotions are breaking me down. how longer i sleep, the more i feel tired. so i decided to sleep only 4 hours on a day and the rest of the day just spending in my bed cause i got nothing to do, and im useless anyways. im crying for no reason. and thats the scary part. crying for no reason is the worst thing that can happen. people also judge me, threatening me, calling me out...it keeps going and im done with everything. for the last time im going to say this...im sorry.
delilah 0114 (3 days ago)
*It feels like someone is squeezing my heart with the strength of the entire goddamn world.* Other times, it’s just numbness. There is no in between.
Julia K. (3 days ago)
I’m not backing away from friends family etc. I’m just putting on a mask🤷🏼‍♀️
waffle waf (3 days ago)
i've watched this 3 years ago and i asked myself damn how could a human get to this point 3 years later i've been through the hardest times of my life and i relate to every single thing in this video .. it just feels like nothing is enjoyable anymore everyday is gloomy
juste une personne (3 days ago)
This is how I ruined my life, and now I like it, I can't imagine my life other way, one day I'll get the guts to leave this world
Inner Peace (3 days ago)
My videos will help all of you to be happy again in life .. It helped me permanently
Liliana (9 hours ago)
It makes me more sad
Bala-bala (3 days ago)
me in a 3-minutes-video
Faisal Dosary (3 days ago)
Any one have a depression PLEASE go to a doctor believe me it will help
Titik Siti Fatimah (4 days ago)
Im not felt sad or happy, im just useless
Megan Koks (4 days ago)
najlepsze video jakie jest na yt!
Maya Sandoval (4 days ago)
I’m literally crying. I’m avoiding friends because I don’t want to ruin the relationships I have with them. I don’t want to go to family events. I feel hopeless. I listen to music to distract my thoughts.( that doesn’t work sometimes) I sleep more than I’m supposed to. I don’t think it’s normal, I never asked for it either. I actually don’t know if therapy will help.
Angeliaryx (4 days ago)
Looking at this video makes me realize how more depressed i was for 7 years....i just recently am getting back into it...
Miguelitoo Lloren (4 days ago)
Hey, You’re not the only one.
Dima Sologub (4 days ago)
13 yo girls: 😭😭😭😭
otw.oliver (4 days ago)
So many people here who think they’re depressed, I’m not your most likely not either m.
Alex (4 days ago)
All of us, in the comment section can fight against depression togeather, we can try the best we can. Suicide isn't worth it, it isn't and never will be the answer to depression. I love all of you 💚.
Syncツ (4 days ago)
I started cutting myself and one of my friends laughed at me. My other friends were supportive though
CjANE VINZX (4 days ago)
Cgg Gfg (4 days ago)
Depression is the reason why depressed people percieve the world and live the life in a very different way than others. For them, it's unfortunately so painful , tasteless, and challenging. Hopeless starts to evolve when they think life will be the same forever, only then suicidual thoughts come up in the mind. In fact, that hell is only a state of mind which can be treated with the right therapy and supportive environment.
Badak Terbang (4 days ago)
I don't know.. i'm not sad.. but i can't feel happy. I can't calm
Badak Terbang (4 days ago)
I'm stressed, anxious, guilty, scared, empty.
Naomi Kao (4 days ago)
My chest feels tight
Distressedpeaches (5 days ago)
My depression has gotten so bad, I have horrible anxiety, I can’t sleep or I sleep too much, I’m always exhausted, I can’t remember the little things, I’m constantly worrying, and I always feel my depression lingering at the bottom of my ocean even when I feel happy. I don’t even know what happy or feeling better is, I feel lost, detached, I don’t know what’s real.
Vivian Thurner (5 days ago)
it sucks when ur too afraid to talk to ur family about how ur feeling so u keep going on with ur day feeling numb and empty until that’s the only thing u ever feel. I have to fake every emotion every day and it’s exhausting.
D._. (5 days ago)
lmao i dont have depression
ashley dona (5 days ago)
Can anyone bless me with anything? Cashapp is $AshAnn01 thank you so much
Chair Kun (5 days ago)
Depression looks a lot worse than this, i don't know how to help them
Sil (5 days ago)
i personally don't like school but i don't like being free too. It really doesn't matter what i do i just don't care anymore. I feel so tired even doing lazy stuff like gaming isn't fun anymore. In my spare time i just watch youtube, play runescape or just go and think about stuff but it doesn't matter what i do i don't feel satisfyed. I feel empty. School is too easy i just waste my time there yet everyone thinks i am stupid. When people say stuff like that i don't care but than when i come home i'll just go ahead and cry about it. The last 5 weeks i didn't do anything usefull the only thing i could think of is feeding some birds but apart from that i could not have been alive the last 5 weeks and i still would have ment the same. Fake depressed kids i mean the onces that go like ooh fake ppl and school sucks make me even more depressed. Sometimes i feel so sad that i can't even express it and that makes me even more sad.
Zukwa Chazio (5 days ago)
Come to my church you’ll heal ✊🏾
Emily Cheeseman (5 days ago)
i’ve told my mum multiple times about my mental health, hinting with continuity, showing no signs of it being “just a phase”. i showed this video to her recently, she told me i was being pathetic and to grow up and snap out of it. that there was nothing she could do to help me and to sort myself out. i’m not here to beg for attention you guys, i just need someone to listen. i watch this video every now and again and each time i watch it becomes more and more real. i’ve attempted 3 times, i’m only 14. i have one passion in life that is unsupported by my parents and even that is beginning to fade. i feel like no one wants me here, i have no friends and i rarely leave the house as i’m just too tired? idk if that makes ay sense but oh well. if anyone has any advice it would be much appreciated
Dis Again (5 days ago)
I have depression. But I’m too scared to ask for help because I’m scared people will say I’m being overdramatic.
Shelby Lovern (5 days ago)
I cant tell if I'm numb or..?
Larissa P (5 days ago)
I don’t remember what it feels like to wake up in the morning and be happy
Anne Nos EUA (2 days ago)
I’m here I wish I could hug you
jtspiky (2 days ago)
I'm sorry to hear, I know it's hard. I do. But dont give up 5 mins before the miracle. Change will come.
Bad girl (3 days ago)
Luis Maak (6 days ago)
Android Marocco (6 days ago)
I suffer from social anxiety and idealism that mean I want to do everything well. I left my studies this year. I left everything and death alive in the comfort zone "My father's house". I just want someone to give me treatment to get rid of all these things Because I'm really tired And thank you . Note:: I can go to a psychiatrist because I do not have the money and the courage
grace caskey! (6 days ago)
depression is so hard. my parents get mad at me for being rude, but i can't help it. i feel so bad. this video is so accurate.
kate (4 days ago)
Reality check: Stop being such a spoiled brat. Are you even listening to what you're saying? "My parents at me for being rude, but I can't help it." Seriously? Have some respect for the people who raised you. Depression is not an excuse to be a bad person
Lil Ting (6 days ago)
omg I'm crying so much right now :( this hit me so hard. every single sentence till the end. I'm getting help now. I hope you do too. I love you all and your not alone
C Parker (6 days ago)
Everybody it will get better! You will see! Have faith, many of us are here for you!
Nicky Erps (6 days ago)
Why do i only feel extreme emotions and nothing els in between?am starting to hate my own emotions.i feel like a mirror if there is nothing infront of it am blank.if there is a happy person infront i can be happy.if there is a sad person i try to chear them up or to understand there problem. So who will stand infront of this mirror?🤔
Tasia Sanderson (6 days ago)
The worst part is, is that I'm drowning in my mental illness more and more every day.
Math96Gra (6 days ago)
I feel... nothing. I get no thoughts in my head either, nothing happens in my head that i want to happen. Not even depressive thoughts. Life wasnt meant for me. If i cry, its because i force myself to, like an actor in a movie. Just to be able to feel sad. Feel like a human being. Humilliating thing is, that this all started after i fell in love while struggling with social anxiety.
Elias Delvalle (6 days ago)
Chale q feo
Minu Dhungel (6 days ago)
I wish someone could just gimme a hand and say .. u are not alone in this... but no one cares they dont see whats going on inside me... i am tired of trying and pretending
TheBlockBreakers (6 days ago)
Yeah, accurate. Life feels monotonous to the point of silence. I'm always either sleeping, or wanting to, because dreams, however dark, are more exciting.
Kristoper (6 days ago)
Cry until you sleep, and hope someone kill you..
i love jahseh (6 days ago)
sleeping is not just sleeping anymore, it’s an escape now.
Diana Lastovska (6 days ago)
This video is brilliant with understanding my feelings. That is exactly how depression feels. I come back to this video all the time, every day, because it makes me feel understood
Gotcha Info (7 days ago)
The only thing keeping me from full-blown depression is the constant distraction of pretending to be happy to everyone around me..
luna studies (7 days ago)
i love watching these, so if anyone has more to recommend about depression,ocd or anxiety i would love to check it out :)
Hannah Panchelli (7 days ago)
Depression doesn't care who u are, what u do, or who it's hurting. It only cares about not being able to give people the purpose of having a mind of negative thoughts
Alia Mahmoud (7 days ago)
Think about depression like this. Weather and climate. Weather is temporary, and won’t stay for long. Climate is general and is the usual state. That’s what depression is. When happiness goes from being your climate to being your weather and sadness from being your weather to your climate.
foreversweven (7 days ago)
The worst thing about having depression for the past 15 years is missing it when I briefly overcome it :(
foreversweven (7 days ago)
o_kei XD meditation, exercise, keeping away from alcohol and people that are a bad influence, creating music and art etc. any positive distraction really
o_kei XD (7 days ago)
How do you overcome it?
Nico Pala (7 days ago)
Why is everything accurate :(
Bratayley Musical.ly! (3 days ago)
Nico Pala stay strong ❤️
Krutika Patil (7 days ago)
CAN ANYONE HELP ME PLEASE i am soo depressed because of my classmate when i was standing near the door of my classroom with my friends standing little away from me she said to me that dont stand here the other girls will run away after seeing you and after 2-3 months another my neighbour lady when i was in her house again said same thing i am soo confused and depressed about this thing that how they said same thing even they dont dont each other...
I dunno Nanmolla (7 days ago)
About 5 months ago i started feeling jnlike myself and about three days ago i thought i got over it but i guess not
angie kearney (8 days ago)
*14 year old girls have entered the chat*
Redapple (8 days ago)
I always loved this video. After years of learning videography and photography I appreciate this even more.
Amani Nefzi (8 days ago)
Can you do a video living with anorexia
Scramie (8 days ago)
GOSH YOUTUBE STOP RECOMMENDING ME THESE THINGS I've gotten out of depression 6 months ago, why didn't you try to motivate me THEN?!
Jara and Helena (6 days ago)
Same here, but why am I watching these than?

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