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If you want to see more, you can help me out by joining my website with exclusive content: https://napiorkowska.ning.com/ ($3.49.month) Hope this helps you understand the process. I made this because many people seem to think that being depressed is something you choose and that in the end, it all comes down to looking out the window and listening to sad music. The truth is, it's very much beyond your control. OPEN FOR MORE. ------------------- No, I have never suffered from depression. I've known and lived with people who are bipolar for many years now and this is why I think I might have a pretty good understanding of how things work. I'm not in the positon to give you any advice on how to cope with it. If you think you might be suffering from depression, please visit a specialist. You have to trust me - it's the only way to go about it. Please feel free to share your story in the comments. Others might need it. This is where you can seek help: http://www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org/ http://www.suicide.org/suicide-hotlines.html http://samobojstwo.pl/ written, shot & edited by me. find me on: http://facebook.com/napiorkowska.official http://instagram.com/napiorkowska http://knapiorkowska.com http://napiorkowska.tumblr.com http://vimeo.com/kate89 http://www.midnightclothing.net/ music: Chris Zabriskie: I Am a Man Who Will Fight for Your Honor - Creative Commons Attribution (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) http://chriszabriskie.com/honor/ http://chriszabriskie.com/ Podziękowania dla Starogardzkiego Centrum Kultury.
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Jeon Chimjoon (3 hours ago)
I cried
21st century is killing us. It will only become worse...
Weird Places and things (14 hours ago)
Millennials who let the entire world let everyone know they have depression do_not_have_depression. Facts
Ashley Mercado (18 hours ago)
FALLOUT GUY 789 (18 hours ago)
Nopiórkowska Tat's Polish name im pole too
You are dead anyway (Tak jak każdy z nas ziomek...)
Aude (18 hours ago)
Thank you.
Batsbeerxx X (21 hours ago)
This is my life so strong im depressed and things are not going well and im 13...
Don't worry, remember all your friends have your back, and your mother loves you. If you have a problem, please talk to her.
Lucie w. (22 hours ago)
the only reason I haven't killed myself yet is because I don't know how
Talk to therapist please. It's the only advice a random guy can give you on internet
faith Maddex (1 day ago)
Wow why is this me like no joke ,dpresstion is not a fucking trend no one should want to be like"oh yeah I have depresstion too!" Like I don't get why everyone I know wants to have depression and like when I say I have depresstion they just laugh and agree like no I need real help but I just don't want to talk about it and i don't wanna be asked any questions I rather put on a fake smile and keep going than having to explain why I'm not happy Sorry for getting triggered and all
We live in a world when it's =ok "to be a victim". If you really have a problem, don't talk with friends from school (I talk from experience) , speak with your parents and a therapist if you can
Emma Lindgreen (1 day ago)
The line that gets me every single time I watch this video is: “All satisfaction is gone. Little things that used to bring you joy, are now worthless” That is what makes the tears stream down. Because I can relate to it on such a deep level :( I’ve lost all interest in my creative hobbies, and even reading or watching a series I love is hard for me to do now.
Marcus Cassius (1 day ago)
I am Bipolar and got stuck in a spiral twice. Twice I brought myself to the emergency because I told myself that’s it I can’t live my life I have to put an end at it. 4 years ago my wife was diagnose with CANCER. When I got the news in the office of the doctor it was like, oh you have a cold. But really it was like a nuclear bomb in my head. I have spend 13 years loving this women and now I could loose her in a second. Yes, I cried b7t alone in my corner without my wife looking at me. Because I didn’t want her to see how fragile I was. Since I remember being a child I wanted to die. I was hoping to die before my parents, it’s just recently that I try to convince myself that I want to live a few more years. But still, I want to die before my wife so I am not alone in the world.
Lgbt_for _life (1 day ago)
I miss my old me, please come again I want to be happy so much 😔😭
The N wOrd (2 days ago)
i keep telling myself that its only in my head ... and depression can't last for over 10 years / its just a phase ... but no sadly i reached a point where i don't feel alive at all like an empty shell , im not a teen anymore clearly everyone i know is getting a job getting married and bla bla but im still stuck , and the only one i feel bad for is myself can't think of anyone or a thing else to blame , i dont hurt myself or think of committing suicide anymore , cuz i don't feel a shit at this point not even pain .
Qosay Barakat (2 days ago)
You touched me
L_ lawliet (2 days ago)
Some like to play the role of the depressed, but it is not so, my friend .. Let me tell you something. Depressed will not be here now will not come to write a comment here .. He just hates everything he sees .
Todd Eidson (2 days ago)
it's not going to be work I'm done goodbye
Wolfy's Channel (2 days ago)
I feel the same way...
Bodhi van Horrik (2 days ago)
Tears in my eyes
CaptenMurica (2 days ago)
Can someone please tell me what to do when someone says they are depressed. I feel like when someone tells me this I don’t know and just blurt something stupid like “mood” cause I really don’t know.
Sadie (2 days ago)
get diagnosed before self diagnosing (not at kat it’s at the viewers or commenters)
The cake (1 day ago)
Get empathy and understanding before assuming or blaming.
Fuuuuuck you, Just fuck you I wanted to share this message for a friend that really needed, (She is depressed but not aware of it), She really needed the last message. But you guys have put an advertisement on the last text. Please move it to a corner, please. (I am not asking you not to monetize from your video just move that thing to a corner)
Lymbo (2 days ago)
I can relate
Jakub Wyszuk (2 days ago)
Oglądając to bardzo się z tym utożsamiałam, a łzy leciały mi strumykiem :( bardzo dobrze obrazowuje toco czuje osoba chora na depresje...
blazenko cagelj (2 days ago)
Metallica fade to black
Megan w (2 days ago)
watched this while struggling to fold laundry for about 3 hours..
Bad Bear (2 days ago)
Has anyone tried to cure mushrooms for depression?
Cara Kerner (3 days ago)
My parents got divorced. They want me to practise piano, which I hate. They want me to do all the work around the house. I have to hug my mum for hours per day, make dinner, wash the dishes, take care of my brother and pets. My dad, which cheated on my mom, have never told us about his girlfriend. He celebrates New year with his ,,friends". He lives in his ,,friends'" house. Once we went skiing and he didn't tell us anything, he just took ,,her" son too. My step-brother. He called him ,,instructor Eric". I don't know how Eric felt, but I felt so bad and stupid. My father didn't see. He is always telling me that I'm his clever girl, but he still ,, lives with friends". Seriously, I'm not that dumb. My best friend and crush for almost two years just arrived to Germany, because his parents had work there. It literally broke my heart. My pet died. They bully my brother. Nobody ever told me that I'm fat and doctor said I'm underweight but I don't think so. I feel so fat and ugly. None of my friends knows these things. Any of these things. And they don't care. I hope they don't see it, 'cause I don't want them to feel sorry. But I laugh all the time. No one could ever tell that I am sad. But now I can finally tell myself that I have depression, altrought I cannot cry. Thank you.
Christina Cormier (3 days ago)
Just want to be better person
Christina Cormier (3 days ago)
Theres no hope from me I take my anger out on people even if it's there fault or not I even got so angry at someone and told them to kill themselves which I regret.
Mola Vola (3 days ago)
Depression and weed
Im that Bitch (3 days ago)
SamAly Ou (4 days ago)
Committing suicide isn't the end of the depression - you're just simply passing it to someone else ( your mom/dad, friends, etc) Maybe you'll be free, but your freedom trapped someone else
fookoffvictoria (4 days ago)
I relapsed yesterday, my Valentine’s Day scar it’s worse than the other scars which isn’t really that deep and red
fookoffvictoria (4 days ago)
I relapsed yesterday, my Valentine’s Day scar it’s worse than the other scars which isn’t really that deep and red
laci foster (4 days ago)
I can feel my depression coming back, I just don’t know what to do, I’m losing all my friends or they just don’t care enough to call or text, I feel like Everyone hates me and I feel like I’m annoying everybody around me when I talk so I slowly stoped talking as much. I don’t know what to do I just feel so alone l guess I have my slowly coming back depression to thank for that
Joy Smith (4 days ago)
This is how I feel every day. Depression has become a way of life, a thick blanket I find comfort in at the end of the day. I don’t believe happiness is a real, genuine emotion, and haven’t for a long time.
marivicdeleon deleon (4 days ago)
Why am I crying? Maybe because finally someone blow out the things that I badly want to say
liar666 (4 days ago)
idk if i’m depressed or not because i’m only 13 but after i went through a breakup i have been real sad and not wanting to do things, but making it look like i’m happy and the joyful girl my family and friends think i am, also me wanting to not be on earth anymore but being to scared to actually leave, for what people will think, and also being scared that i will only be cared for if i’m dead like whats happening with deaths..or coming out to my family because they are very religious, and hearing them say that “suicide will take you to hell”.
Krazykatzkovak (5 days ago)
I've been depressed since I was 12. I ve attempted 2 times to die. I am still depressed and i hold on to the days where i kill off my old self...and start living life to the fullest before i die...i cant keep being a mind numbing meat sack in a factory job any longer. I must live my life to the fullest even if I die doing it. Cause I died fulfilling life...ready to die...
Sweet Johnson (4 days ago)
I dont know man... But this state sucks, im depressed too for 1 year, almost 1 and a half year one week im suicidal, second i dont feel anything, im not happy, sad, third i dont know where i am and going so.
Maryanne lovely (5 days ago)
I've been dealing with depression for about 6 years now and my past did impact my future being bullied since 3rd grade by people and huge betrayal of friends and heartbroken. Im 20 years old now and feel like i don't have a purpose in this life , i recently lost my job and i can't afford school and even hate it in matter of fact cause of how much of an outcast i was and never had a true friend who stuck in my life. I was always alone dealing with the pain. My dad is strict and never will understand me and my mom is the one i can talk to but i don't like to worry her. I have insecurities so much that the weight keeps me in bed. I don't know if Ill ever love who i am completely. I attempted suicide at least 3 times but failed. Death is a bit of a fear for me but at those times i wasn't caring cause i figured nobody does anyway. It's hard to explain everything that's eating you alive when you don't even know yourself :'(
halk hugan (5 days ago)
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Black Panda (5 days ago)
Death is nothing to me...my only fear is that Better days may come, But they never do...
Meme Momo (6 days ago)
I want help but i cant get it ..i want to be with people but im so insecure
White1998 (5 days ago)
Meme Momo Please go to a psychiatrist dude it really might help :/
Why would you even keep on trying when nothing makes you happy anymore, this is the truth of my life and I feel so ashamed of myself just carrying around myself whole day is a task
Google Support (6 days ago)
The thing that sucks the most for me having mild depression is feeling like I am wasting my time because I dont wanna do anything
mallory (6 days ago)
i keep coming back to this video because her voice is calming, and i can somewhat sadly feel related to, and/or understood. *_sigh._*
STIG (6 days ago)
G o o s e b u m p s
Sugood Rabbo (6 days ago)
There is nothing makes any sense.. Heaviness Emptiness
José Carlos da Cruz (7 days ago)
Thank you, thank you, thank you, much love and peace to you and to all, namaste <3
Erich B. (7 days ago)
Well done - Depression can be debilitating. Worse when you suffer alone, in silence, but worse yet when you try to tell someone and they tell you just to "snap out of it".
AirForce Gamer (7 days ago)
this video explains how i feel perfectly. My best friend of 10 years died on deployment, my mom overdosed, my fiance cheated on me and left, ive got no friends anymore, im in a shitty state that i hate, i hate my job and everything about my life. I see no hope. All i want is to be happy and financially stable and have a group of loyal friends that dont abandon me. im tired of being alone. I dont want to live but i dont want to die either. I just want to stop existing
victor geurts (7 days ago)
Depression at 4am......life
Nechay Hooks (7 days ago)
I’m really scared I can’t be in a room alone but I don’t want to be around people I don’t want to eat and then wonder why I’m hungry I don’t wanna be asked if u are ok but then IM NOT OK and then when someone does ask if ur ok I say I’m ok 😕
Dogmaster33 (7 days ago)
When your depressed and you just wonder and dream of not having depression thinking what life is like without it, is it the world of happiness? I still don’t know
Canis Major ## (7 days ago)
I was depressed for two years and at one point I started feeling better. A while ago I noticed that I am slowly falling back into it. I fell like crap because I realised that I have never really overcome it in the first place.
Arya Lynch (8 days ago)
This resonates with me in such accurate levels it hurts. And I thank you for this. Fourteen years of depression, never sought help. I am finally getting help. It's scary, but the alternative... well, we know.
Banoe Abdullah (8 days ago)
Funny how you can feel alone in an room full of people :)
Robert Coleman (8 days ago)
Still feel in a daze is there anything out there for me
Intan lokollo (9 days ago)
tina zhang (9 days ago)
dear everyone, please don’t self diagnose yourself and tell others about your “*depReSsIoN”. i’m not trying to invalidate those who self diagnose, because for all i know, some of them could be correct but before you say anything about your “depression” go to a therapist and get it clinically proven. personally i find it pretty fucking annoying when those *certain* (not saying everyone is like this) self diagnosing teens say they have deprEssiOn to be quirky and relatable. it’s just disgusting when they do it for attention because it’s a real mental illness and affects so many people horribly. when those self diagnosed teens act like they have it when they, in reality, don’t, it’s basically disregarding the fact that it’s a real illness and not some sort of booster for attention. it’s glamourised too much in our society and the issue needs way more recognition as it affects more people than you think. thanks for coming to my ted talk.
Aqi_momo (9 days ago)
Well I just wanna say I don't anyone I can turn to in my life cuz I have no friends, I feel no joy and I'm only 15 I feel nothing
Simona Hrvatin (10 days ago)
this is how i feel
Cool plays AJPW (4 days ago)
same here Life School bullyies sad heartbroken i more 😭😭😭😭😢😢😢
Ricardo Soto (10 days ago)
This was me 1 month ago😭, but believe me over time you will get through it I was there and know I’m here 😁 i know it’s hard and sometimes you don’t know why it’s happening but I believe in you I know your stronger than anything the life puts on your path after all even in the darkest túnel their is always a light at the end of the way ☺️ hope you get better ❤️💙🖤
Ricardo Soto (4 days ago)
Cool plays AJPW np 😌 my pleasure 😇 ❤️🙈
Cool plays AJPW (4 days ago)
+Ricardo Soto thanks again
Ricardo Soto (4 days ago)
Cool plays AJPW Hope it helps 😌❤️
Cool plays AJPW (4 days ago)
thank you😢
Julia Shaw (10 days ago)
I know this word for word🤦‍♀️😢
GAMEOnLY (10 days ago)
Of hundreds of videos describing depression this video is the most accurate description of what in fact is major depression, at least for me. I can’t stop listening to this video because is exactly how I would describe my major depression disorder. I just 3 minutes is the best video to understand depression. Thank you very much for sharing this video.
Hana Jung (10 days ago)
I keep on denying to myself that i have depression. I keep telling to myself that this will just passed. But it's been 2 years and i don't know when will this stop. As i watched this video, It is exactly what i've been feeling. When someone asks me how am i, I can't answer them 'cause I can't explain it. I'm confused.
A. O (10 days ago)
😢 I have a depression...
Tea Spilled (10 days ago)
Mohammed Nasser (10 days ago)
I love u
ptxx skz (10 days ago)
One word P E R F E C T
Mahmood Hasan (11 days ago)
I have all these symptoms and tried to commit suicide in the past several times and now I am in the hospital more than ten days and I think suicide suicide Believe me something terrible and began to worry me and dont know how to get rid of it😔😔😔😔😔
I remembered seen this video And then I was diagnosed with depression. They put me in a mental hospital for suicide attempts. I didn’t want to be alive (still) I really hate myself for existing. I feel disgusting I feel like I annoy everyone I feel like is time to leave this pain I need to take a rest is so hard to leave like this.
Big Foot Legend (11 days ago)
The only way I survive is by peeing and pooping my pants! Don’t tell my mom! She thinks it’s the cat!
The Mr.J Show (11 days ago)
I'm highly depressed. I can't say I wanna die but I can't say I still wanna be here. Sometimes I feel I've finally lost my mind and I don't feel in control. I don't care if I live or die but I am not going out quietly
Sha Gia (11 days ago)
Depression sucks, I feel like I'm drowning in my own tears day after day non stop. I don't have 2 many happy thoughts throughout my days.
Non-happy Child (11 days ago)
My mind has gone completely blank these past few months I can not concentrate all I can concentrate on is the things people have said to me that have hurt but I always felt this way... I really don’t know what is happening... I broke down COMPLETELY a few days ago just because of a sentence someone had said in front of all my friends and I rushed to the bathroom and just cried and I couldn’t breathe it was horrible the constant feeling of anger and sadness and misery and death as a escape is really overwhelming right now.
sHADγ (11 days ago)
I have been trying to get help since the age 6. My mom came into my room one time crying because she didn’t know what else to do. I’m only 12 years old. I have been like this since 6 without knowing it.
Iceak99 (11 days ago)
oh yeah yeah
Moses Zal (12 days ago)
Due to many reasons, I developed what it seems like an OCD. Everything I've tried to get out is interrupted and sabotaged by certain incidents that keeps on wierdly happening and occurring. It's like a godly curse. As if it's my destiny and fate to enter the depression zone. I know what depression is all about and I can tell without a doubt that I've entered the zone of depression since yesterday. Psychological treatment is taking so fucking long to commence. I don know what to do anymore.
I am a diffrent people (12 days ago)
And the funfact U don't want to lose depression when you are ok 👌 Just can't do it
molto onesta (12 days ago)
yesterday i went for the first time to a therapist because i knew something was wrong with me and i was taking in consideration that i may have been depressed but i never thought i was,, and hearing an adult, a person who knows this stuff saying “you have depression” hit me so hard
Karina H (12 days ago)
I can’t figure out how to die without anyone finding my body. I don’t want to scar anyone🤷‍♀️
MarvelGirl2003 (12 days ago)
I think I was lonely. Lonely. All by myself. I think I felt like that for the past year. But something happened today. My friends brought up things from the past. They confronted me and told me what they really thought of me. They told me I use my family problems and excuses and that they will never forgive me for something i did that wasn’t even that bad. Usually I would come home and be so, so angry. I would rage and scream at my mum. But today, the worst of the days, I didn’t. I came home and I acted fine. I think what happened today has really, finally flipped the switch in me. I really cannot do this anymore
Jenn x (13 days ago)
How do I tell my family? I feel embarrassed but I need help.
Cool plays AJPW (4 days ago)
i wanted to say i need a little help with _______ please and i feel little inembarrassed about _______
This is the closest video ive found to how I feel. Thank you, at least now I feel a little less alone
Live Lively (13 days ago)
1:52 so it is my fault... i new it......
Kayli Clarke (13 days ago)
Who else played this so much times that they know it by heart😭?
Faisal Nurrachman (13 days ago)
i still have no idea why i’m exists in this world. i feel like want to die but don’t want to commit suicide.. what a mess
Pea ch (14 days ago)
im too young for this. I didn't wish this..they made this to me... They hurt me and its stuck it in my mind...and my soul..i don't know how to be happy again...I laugh but its fake..
oblivious wanderer (14 days ago)
Back to this video. 2019 and ive had depression since 2015. Tried to get help but my family they think i dont have it. Its gotten so bad i missed school. Im starting to believe, nothing really gets better.
le FOU d'ANGER (14 days ago)
No f***ing way!!! I hear that song like every day. I really love it. It helps me to being depressed, nostalgic and dreamy the whole time.
Marcus Carter (14 days ago)
Jeremiah 29:13. This is the way out
SmugMuffin ÒwÓ (14 days ago)
I’m honestly not gonna self-harm because I’m afraid I won’t get away with it (or maybe I haven’t felt empty enough yet, because there’s a few people who still give me hope) if you’re reading this, please stay strong, and don’t kill yourself❤️❤️❤️
A S (14 days ago)
I could relate to this so much. Life is terrible for me. I feel like a failure and this made me want to show others on what it feels like to have depression. :(
Tae: I'm god. (14 days ago)
Okay, i'm crying.. it's just so relatable.. it's my history, and I wanted to thank you for saying all these things..
Jonn Robinet (14 days ago)
Needed to see this today
Fatin Ninibear (15 days ago)
Celso Henrique (15 days ago)
at least theres someone at ur door... some people is exacly that but with nobody, seeing happy people around and wondering... feeling like trash day after day, and that feeling put more people away just to see your eyes screaming to everyone around that theres something wrong, and you just cant hide that.. than the isolation gets bigger, to a point were you cant even act normal when someone strikes a simple conversation about the weather, you dont know exacly how to behave so you start to try to be overnice and that comes out as weird, enough for people to see u as a failure, as dumb and the more that happens the hate inside you growns cause you know that is not you, thats nearly a shadow of who you are, but you dont have anything or anyone to even try to get back, to try again, then you sleep and wake up and the cycle goes over and over, and each day feels worse... well, thats.. someones might be like this... just saying...
Cacaseca Pancon (15 days ago)
It started with just a bad day... But I was wrong
Ward Mosili (15 days ago)
man, stop trying to rhyme things that don’t rhyme, It’s so annoying. Female prince ea

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