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The Geological History Of Death Valley Documentary

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A look at the geologic treasure trove of Death Valley; how one of the hottest places on Earth holds evidence for the coldest times on our planet; and how the valley, already well below sea level, is still sinking lower into the Earth.
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Jun 純 Ota (25 days ago)
Paul Vegasphotoman (2 months ago)
thanks for the good documentaries Planet Kaos, the Death Valley Doc. had some really good geologic information! Borax forms only in fresh water the lowest point in USA = Badwater Basin @ -282 ft below sea level (-92 meters) the floor of the valley is dropping faster than the valley floor is building up with sediments One of the thinnest crustal regions of the world @ 15 miles thick vs Mt Everest & Himalayas @ 45 miles thick Death Valley gets 2 inches or less rain annually. (the reasoning why the ancient fresh water lake, Lake Manly, that once filled the valley to a depth of 450 feet, is long gone) as tested in experiments, there is 150 inches of water evaporation capability per year in DV.. ergo evaparation was much more than replenishment = LAKE MANLY GONE Hottest location in USA, hit 135 degrees F in early 1900s, easily hits 120F or more annually in summer Death valley was a shallow ocean floor for many millions of years Volcanic activity from the crustal subduction zone of the Pacific Ocean plate & North American plate to the west, caused volcanic activity that created many of the mountains that you see in DV (up to 11,000 ft peaks yet nearby 2 miles away is -282 ft below sea level valley)  Keep posting these videos THANK YOU!

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