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[Part 1] How to Plan Your First Product Launch

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http://suitcaseentrepreneur.com/lifestyle-business-videos/launch-planning/ It's a New Year and I'm sure you have grand plans to do all sorts of wonderful things that you've never done before. One of those might be launching your first product. If it is then today's video is especially for you. This is Part One of a four part video series on launching a product or service throughout this month. The very first dollars I made in business were from a digital program I launched after running a series of physical workshops on using Social Media for your business. I launched it by running webinar with a whopping 30 people attending live and I made ONE sale after putting in hours of work turning it all into an online program. But man was that one sale exciting to get that! I went on to to make over $1500 during that launch, and then launched my first eBook and later a high-end mastermind and coaching program for women entrepreneurs with Natalie MacNeil that made us US$40,000 during our first launch (more than the entire year's salary I made in my first ever job). Last year I launched, not only my Suitcase Entrepreneur book but 4 other digital products as well as The Highflyer Club! http://suitcaseentrepreneur.com/highflyerclub/apply With EVERY single launch I've learned so much about what you should and shouldn't do that actually works. The key part I've found, is always in the planning. That's what this video is all about. In this video, you'll learn: Why planning is so important to your product launch Why shipping it will ensure you actually launch! Two critical questions you need to answer before you even get started Types of products you can launch and resources you'll need Phase One - Planning As the saying goes, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." And in the case of product launches it's very true. One of the most important parts of the planning phase is that you... Commit to ship. If you love Seth Godin like I do, you've heard him talk a lot about shipping your product --even with flaws. You can't wait until it's perfect. You'll never launch! The problem for most people is that they have a ton of ideas but don't actually get them out the door. But here's the thing: There is always going to be something you could have done better, and you will do it better the next time. So when you're planning, set a date and STICK TO IT. Commit to ship. If you have trouble staying on task, ask for some help. Hire a coach or launch strategist, or join a Mastermind to keep you on track and support you along the way.
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Alic & Franc (3 years ago)
Thank you Natalie Sisson! Part 1
Ask Keysha Bass (5 years ago)
Great video
Prepare to just ship it -- simply said, but the hardest part :)
Natalie Sisson (5 years ago)
Indeed it is but without shipping nothing is ever created in this world - it would just be millions of ideas waiting to be unleashed
Tanya McGill Freeman (5 years ago)
As always, Natalie is delivering LOADS of actionable information and WOW - in well under three minutes! Who else can do THAT?! Bravo, Natalie. Thank you so much for these fab tips and for all the superb knowledge you're constantly infusing your tribe with. I definitely drink the Suitcase Entrepreneur *juice*. Happy New Year, dear! XO
Natalie Sisson (5 years ago)
Why thank you @Tanya McGill Freeman - so glad it packed a punch of usefulness
Jeremy Butler (5 years ago)
This is really good! Thanks!
Navid Moazzez (5 years ago)
Great video Natalie, I really enjoyed it. Keep the awesome lifestyle business videos coming :)
Natalie Sisson (5 years ago)
Yes indeed - the video and your launch. I usually am in noisier places like cafés as part of my work and live anywhere philosophy
Navid Moazzez (5 years ago)
Haha, I need to get better at planning so it was quite useful. It was a bit noisy in the background but I can live with that. I'm not much for "perfect" anyway, it's better to get things done and ship it!
Natalie Sisson (5 years ago)
Really? I didn't think it was the bomb at all but glad it's useful. Next time I won't be so energetic in my actions to the mic doesn't rub against my top ;)
wedge15TV (5 years ago)
Love this video. Thanks for the great resources superstar.
Natalie Sisson (5 years ago)
@wedge15TV oooh as we discussed awesome. You guys are rocking it
wedge15TV (5 years ago)
We're launching our first DIY Self-Pub course in Feb so count on our views as we plan our steps...will be in touch with you about it too :)
Natalie Sisson (5 years ago)
So glad you did (and could get past the mic rubbing on my top!). More to come as this is just part 1 of 4

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