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A.P.C. - Cotton Drawstring Hoodie (Grey) Review/Unboxing

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A.P.C. - Cotton Drawstring Hoodie (Grey) Review/Unboxing Price: € 138,72 - $155,5 Bought: https://www.farfetch.com/dk/shopping/men/a-p-c--drawstring-hoodie-item-11550169.aspx?storeid=9393&from=search&ffref=lp_pic_2_6_
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Thomas k (2 years ago)
hey, I always get bummed out when I order hoodies online. I kind of like the cuffs to be tighter around my wrist. You got any recommendations?
Frederik C. Gade (2 years ago)
Not really... I guess it a leap of faith every time...
Jaleel Harris (2 years ago)
That's dope hoodie

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