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girl in red - summer depression // lyrics

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Once again girl in red made an amazing song ❤️ I'm really proud of the lyric timing in this video :D ↼↽↼↽↼↽↼↽↼↽↼↽↼↽↼↽↼↽↼↽↼↽↼↽ 「Girl in Red 」 ∑https://soundcloud.com/lyfsuxx ∑https://www.instagram.com/girlin.red/ ∑https://girlinred.bandcamp.com/ ∑https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwlHDQ83jgF1crd6XXzSmIA Artwok by「Da Coffee Time」 ∑https://www.instagram.com/dacoffeetime/ ∑http://www.dacoffeetime.com/
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Text Comments (1336)
Globgloglabglab Glablag (10 hours ago)
You know I can’t relate but Jesus this song is so good.
Gacha Films (15 hours ago)
*praying tik tok doesn't ruin this song*
i.love.kiwiis. :D (1 day ago)
This is too retable to be real.
E (1 day ago)
fuck... it's that time of the year again a c c u r a t e
andioop- (1 day ago)
I need friends
g e m m a g r a c e (2 days ago)
me but *year round depression*
Person (2 days ago)
ME last year! But I realized it was because I was being inactive and only ate Pringles...I was so inactive and felt like garbage. But when I started going outside, like to the park and beach I felt so much better. Lack of sunlight and being inactive = vitamin D defiency, which leads to feeling depressed. I promise you, it’s your lifestyle affecting you. In school you have to go outside, be active, talk with others, and just in general be occupied. But during summer, you have no reason to go outside, so you stay home. LADIES, GO OUTSIDE TODAY AND DO SOMETHING FUN, TRY AND MEET WITH YOUR FRIENDS, ASK YOUR PARENTS TO TAKE YOU PLACES. I *PROMISE* you that you will see a difference!
SOPHIE CHANG (2 days ago)
Ugh it sucks to like girls
Graham Vermillion (3 days ago)
My worst habit is my own sadness........... beautiful
Izzibel Smith (3 days ago)
Why do I relate to this on a personaly level
Moe Black (3 days ago)
i'm so happy and healthy during the rest of the year but then i am left alone in my house most of the summer (not alone alone, just, i'm left without anything to do) and i get the summer depression.
Yoon Ki Min's Fan (3 days ago)
Social anxiety can relate
Aliana Duran (4 days ago)
summers here so... ;))
naruto god (4 days ago)
Important to have a routine and wear special glasses when online after 5. I hate all this sunlight and the backwards time change we have to put up with down here in the south!
lasagna lasanga (5 days ago)
Who just feels down sometimes but then u find something to cope it Bc thats y im here 🤷
g e m m a g r a c e (5 days ago)
lol me
Jakub Ďuriš (5 days ago)
Here we go again
Scetchy (5 days ago)
Been waiting for summer the hole year and now i dont know what to do anymore tf.
Alessandro Zamagna (6 days ago)
"Oh fuck, here we go again"
可愛いねこ (6 days ago)
My summer depression doesn’t end even in winter:]
Gacha Clumsy (6 days ago)
I have school depression....I confessed okay probably alot of you might agree with me and some of you may not but I hate school HARDCORE.....
Ghost Prince (6 days ago)
*Its that time of year!*
Shallie Min (6 days ago)
Pretty face with pretty bad dreams No one knows i cry in my sleep Waking up feeling like shit It's a normal thing to feel like this I don't care I'm feeling down I wanna stay home Never go outside Summer depression comes every year I just want to disappear Summer depression There's so much time to question my life Summer depression It's my Summer depression My worst habit Is my own sadness So i stay up all night Wondering why i'm so tired all the time All my friends are doing things It's good for them But i'm nothing Summer depression comes every year I just want to disappear
Harumii (7 days ago)
🖤🖤🖤 I don’t care I’m feeling down
Degenerate Pyromaniac (7 days ago)
Alright, guys, it's that time of year again...
Rory Higgins (7 days ago)
Mine is called “year round”
Lunaric Cat (8 days ago)
We were excited to hang out during the summer because we barely got to with school. Then she broke up with me. Week into summer. Thanks. Now I’m starting to wonder if it ever was real
Moon Light (8 days ago)
Lunaric Cat Sorry to hear I hope everything gets better... i started dating someone and I’m too much of a self hating, depressed girl that I feel like I’m such a burden to him. It’s only a matter of time before he gets tired of it and goes..but it’s okay I’m used to it :)
white cat (8 days ago)
https://lyricstranslate.com/ro/girl-red-summer-depression-lyrics.html depresiune Sinucigașul adolescent De ce fete? Emoţional Anxietate socială   Fata destulă cu vise destul de proaste Nimeni nu știe că plâng în somn Trezirea la senzație de rahat E un lucru normal să te simți așa   Nu-mi pasă Mă simt în jos Vreau să stau acasă Nu ieși niciodată afară Depresia de vară vine în fiecare an Vreau doar să dispar (depresie)   Depresiea de vară Sunt atât de mult timp să-mi pun la îndoială viața Depresie de vară Este al meu Depresie de vară   Cel mai prost obicei Este propria mea tristețe Așa că stau toată noaptea Mă întreb de ce sunt atât de obosit tot timpul   Toți prietenii mei fac lucruri E bine pentru ei Dar nu sunt nimic Depresiade vară vine în fiecare an Vreau doar să dispar (depresie)   Depresie de vară (de ce?) Sunt atât de mult timp să-mi pun la îndoială viața Depresie de vară Este al meu Depresie de vară   Sinucigașul adolescent De ce fete? Emoţional Anxietate socială depresie   Depresie de vară Sunt atât de mult timp să-mi pun la îndoială viața Depresie de vară Este al meu Depresie de vară depresesie
*cries in piloto (8 days ago)
Year depression
Slava Yevchenko (8 days ago)
Who made these dislikes, fuck off people
jøcełin x (8 days ago)
*me in one song* .
ExoticJas ;3 Noneya (8 days ago)
Y'all it's summer time! You know what that means...⊙︿⊙
Stella D00 (8 days ago)
Welcome summer and welcome summer DePrEsSiOn
I made it
Disko Кошка (10 days ago)
This song is about me Тут кто-то на российском гласит?
Luna KDominika (10 days ago)
I mean, it's normal nowadays for a teen to be suicidal sometimes (like me)... At least I believe that. My mom didn't care either when I mentioned it. 🤷
Eeveeiscute188 (11 days ago)
This Song Is To Retable To Me
DVJ Alan Herrera (11 days ago)
matilda Tyrell (11 days ago)
my life
Lucie Polakova (11 days ago)
I'm in depression since i was born lmao
Hyūga Hinata (12 days ago)
my mood. i feel the song.
O.Evelin (12 days ago)
lilou (13 days ago)
OMG, mood.
fᎪᎥᏆh (13 days ago)
Summer 2019 anybody?????
uwu (11 days ago)
Lacoste Framework (13 days ago)
She looks like Filippa Eilhart
Pamela Westerfer (14 days ago)
I have school time depression:)
ツYikes (14 days ago)
this legit is my life
Its your boi, Pablo (14 days ago)
Not just summer for me lol
Potato the Killer (14 days ago)
This summer and I'm depression
uwu thot (14 days ago)
♥NOISS3Rb3D R3wwnS♥
babydoll jules (14 days ago)
Everyone always has winter depression but I always get more sadness in the summer, especially in the beginning
/\ greenтea /\ (15 days ago)
Its June 1st...yeah i kinda have summer depression
tonifashola.x (16 days ago)
/\ greenтea /\ (15 days ago)
tonifashola.x when did deprssion became a mood what the actual fuck 🤦‍♀️
dxtxrmination (16 days ago)
summer is literally around the corner and my depression is already hitting high, ouch
miss.stupid xx (16 days ago)
Lmao. Summer is the only season I don't feel really depressed..
Julia Kassab (18 days ago)
My sister sucks lol jk or like I’m lol
Królowa Blyng-blyng (18 days ago)
It's so sad and happy
Julianneth Ackerman (18 days ago)
I can relate, but I admit, I've got my disorders whole year. Prettt song.
Dontask Why (19 days ago)
İts 03.00 a.m and ı am here
Ella Havia (19 days ago)
Teen angst
BEE Saldaña (20 days ago)
It's me😭😭😭 Somebody help me please 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
BEE Saldaña (9 days ago)
uwu (10 days ago)
are you ok now?
lilimhs (20 days ago)
summertime sadness advanced version
Cimao (20 days ago)
What is the genre?acid ghost song like this too
Eliothebeast (20 days ago)
catherine Ebbett (21 days ago)
“Why, girls?...”
catherine Ebbett (21 days ago)
Listening during summer love✊🏻
one light (21 days ago)
Its summer.. and here we go again
summertime sadness...
• Tylic • (22 days ago)
Summertime saddness, Summertime deppression, next is Summertime happiness
e r r o r 7 0 7 (23 days ago)
MelLovesToDraw (23 days ago)
Don't have summer depression but whenever summer rolls around I get to mental breakdowns every time due to people
Sophia Scott (24 days ago)
"so i stay up all night wondering why im tired all the time." oof why is this acurate?
Antek Zalewski (27 days ago)
Its bout me but i have IT all the time
Nevaehh Brown (27 days ago)
When you’re depressed and wanna not feel lonely🤣 But contact with humans makes you uncomfortable😭
Ben Rev (27 days ago)
Petit pincement au cœur en écoutant cette musique
Chloe F (27 days ago)
I didn’t know summertime depression was a thing : I feel validated
b a s i l (27 days ago)
And summer is about to start once again..
Manic Pixie Dream Girl (27 days ago)
This is every angsty teen's theme song lol
cute mochi (27 days ago)
This is officially my theme song-
Internet Explorer (28 days ago)
I hate summer :)
Bolita kawaii (28 days ago)
она такая милая)
Prettyin Pink (29 days ago)
All the milenials raise your hands!
Kayla LK (29 days ago)
All year depression
Radhika Kaur (29 days ago)
..... Summer starts June 21st .....
AnnaOrLeah ' (1 month ago)
''I wanna stay home never go outside'' I can relate so much
Black little Goat (1 month ago)
I used to listen to this all day whilst laying in my bed and crying last summer 2018 it has a odd nostalgia for me
- emily (1 month ago)
i just wanted to thank you for introducing me, a year ago, to my now favourite artist, idol and model figure.
Audrey (1 month ago)
I’m not depressed but this song slaps
Gothiccgorl Uwu (1 month ago)
I relate to the lyrics so much it’s depressing
Cordelia Porell (1 month ago)
even though I only found this song in November, it still gives me some kind of nostalgia. Bad, but also really good times.
nicolisk (1 month ago)
seasonal depression is the worstt
Mia Lewis (1 month ago)
I can’t be the only one bawling their eyes out
blueberrrywolf (1 month ago)
damb, this has so many more views than the actual original
Downhill Niklas (1 month ago)
This song really reminds me of Summertime sadness by lana del ray
cami eden (1 month ago)
glad to see some reverse seasonal depression awareness bc we get no fuckin representation smh
Jijia J (1 month ago)
https://clk.ink/de4CWl check this out
lfd jg in hf (1 month ago)
Summer depression, my whole year is only summer
NoLifeLover (1 month ago)
This song reminds me of a more melancholy version of the Clifford theme song, especially the chorus.
rifai assasin (1 month ago)
"Waking up feeling like shit" yep i feel ya

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