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Cats in a Dream and the Meaning of Dreams About Cats

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Cats in a Dream and the Meaning of Dreams About Cats.
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Black Phanter (8 days ago)
This video is full of shit
BIRD BLUE (26 days ago)
I had a dream that my cat that my mum took away . I saw him so skinny and he looked like he was dying what does that mean?
I saw myself chasing my lost pet cat in dreams....she wasn't ready to cone to me but atlast she faced a wall and there was no way out so the chase was over and i got her. All this was going on in my home. What does it mean??
prema S. B (1 month ago)
disability (without hand )cat coming in dreams what does it mean...
tata godwin (1 month ago)
i dramed a cat and always accidentally killed it..and it always become many
tata godwin (1 month ago)
dreamed i mean
Limited.Edition DROP (4 months ago)
I don’t understand why people dislike some videos
Nina FineAsia (6 months ago)
I dreamed of cats and one being hurt by this time my beloved cat was missing for a day or two. By Sunday 11:11/2018 I found my 3 year old first cat dead I’m so sad and distraught she was missing since Monday and I was determined I’d find her alive and well ♥️ see you at the rainbow bridge my baby Neptune 🌈
billie’eyelash ‘ (6 months ago)
i dreamed about an orange cat , it was like i found the cat and hide it in my room then i forgot the cat , we were going to vacation. and i think in my dream i put the cat in a bag pack , i dont know why , then when we where going to package everything, i grabed my bag and the cat came out , it was the cutest cat , but it looked like an anamation cat i don’t really know , can some one explain why i had this dream
anand bhat (6 months ago)
I dreamed abt hidden cat making noise in my room so m searching here.. Wt does dat mean!!!!???
Net Aban (7 months ago)
I dream last night that we have a new cat the color is gray with the dot at back ..
Ezeburo Praise (8 months ago)
I dream of a cat walking and eating together with a rat and I tried chasing them away but they dint go
Asharie Animates (8 months ago)
I was dreaming about crossing the road and a car accident was going to happen to me until a white cat pushed me away from the car
PeachyStatics (1 year ago)
I had a dream that me and my mom were casually walking around the park and we see these goth gang holding a kitten and making pictures as if they were to eat them.I was in tears and said if the cat runs away I’ll grab it and take it home.They held it by the tail.And walked away.I woke up crying😫
metromelody18 (1 year ago)
I dreamt I was holding an impaled white cat and it was lit on fire before my eyes. I woke up freaking out what does it mean? it was impaled from the back straight out its chest in the air. It didn't make any sense to me why the heck would I dream that? I need help.
HYDRA DRAGON GAMERS (7 months ago)
I see a yellowish cat with Ash colours cat behid it in my dream at 5 am . what it mean? in Kannada .
Cotton Panda Cloud (1 year ago)
I dreamt with a man with a cat head wearing a cloack
AidenTRP 2 (1 year ago)
My sis had a dream bout a fluffy cute white cat during so I searched it
Carmen * (9 months ago)
aidenlongnose1 ME TOO
Lincoln C Mitchell (1 year ago)
good video
Megha Kathare (1 year ago)
sapneme billi picha nahi chod rahahe to iska matlab kya he
Sherin MD (1 year ago)
It means that some Disease that is going to last for long time, but their vil b cure..

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