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Launching A New Product

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Featuring: Anita Campbell, Small Business Trends http://smallbiztrends.com/ Any mention of products or services by video personalities does not imply any partnership or other commercial relationship between United Parcel Service, Inc. ("UPS") and the mentioned product manufacturers or service providers nor should it imply the endorsement, approval or recommendation of the products or services of UPS by those parties.
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Text Comments (11)
Robert Sparks (1 year ago)
Interesting- concise, knowledgeable, friendly...nice approach to business education and solutions.
Mian Waseem (2 years ago)
good job
Stacey Yada (2 years ago)
THANK YOU FOR SUCH GREAT SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS I'm so.... new to this what does Sales pieces and white papers mean?
vengamamba prasad (4 years ago)
super super any other clasess
Toi-ventor Hu (6 years ago)
It is hard!
MARIO ZUPPARDI (6 years ago)
AUTOMATIC VIDEO NEW BIMINI TOP - AUTOMATIC FOR BOAT AWNINGS FIB INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES SAS is an Italian company looking for a partner or a business partner inserted into the marine market that finances or work together to mass-produce or import or promote the launch of our new product for boating AUTOMATIC BIMINI TOP - AUTOMATIC Awnings FOR BOAT designed and manufactured in ITALY MADE We are also willing to consider proposals to sell the prototype or move abroad. [email protected]
mgu1N1n1 (6 years ago)
plug for UPS
aminhafizable (7 years ago)
tq so much!
aminhafizable (7 years ago)
i like the music.....can you give me the title of this music???
britishbrainz (7 years ago)
@geographics I want to know the answer to this too! Tell me if you find out!
Zara Crowther (7 years ago)
Thats an amazng summary of what to do :-) xx

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