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Geoff Lawton - Permaculture School Garden in Jordan's Dead Sea Valley

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Geoff Lawton talks about a new school garden project that is a collaboration between the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia (PRI - www.permaculture.org.au) and KidsAreSweet (www.kidsaresweet.com). This project enables children in a small village with severe water shortages to learn how to build soil, maximise water retention, and create garden abundance.
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Figettable Charms (3 months ago)
I am new member and love watching your gardens.. all my life I'm a nature peorson I dont beleve I can live with out the flowers the vegies, fruits heaven to me !!
oyinbo peppe (2 years ago)
Go Geoff, Go! and Blessings to your Wife too!
Great work, very well done!  ;-)
Changeling9au (4 years ago)
Excellent stuff! Hopefully this will serve as a beacon for the rest of the Middle East and indeed, the World.
Michael Warren (6 years ago)
Geoff, could you please comment on the use of Comfrey, Watercress and Moringa in Permaculture. Thanks, Michael
mercurio0000 (8 years ago)
The way this lady's did this was the way I thought about doing mine. To me it made no since about the raised beds. In any case this is very useful and important information. I thank you for uploading this videos. I have learn a lot from them. But as always, the US in November is going threw a bill that will make it illegal to grow your own foods in your back yard. Along with the other Anti-Civilization agency called The World Health Organization(military organization).
justgivemethetruth (1 year ago)
Guess I must be a criminal for growing my own veggies how, huh?
ThanksgivingWalk (9 years ago)
Really enjoy Geoff's work. Very inspirational work. Wonder if he fully realizes how many people around the globe have and will, far into the future , benefit from the sacrafice of his time and hard work? His teachings will continue long after his time on earth has passed and he truly has left the world better than he found it. Thanks for all the great videos. As always, looking forward to the next one, even if it's another short 3 minute one. Take care,

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