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Dream Interpretation According to the Bible

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Author Barbie Breathitt reveals how dreams can bring direction to people's lives.
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Kaling Taying (3 days ago)
Somebody please help me.... I often dream of losing my hair? RSVP ASAP...?? Thanks in advance... God bless you all.. 😇🙏👼🙏
Nikita Massaria (1 day ago)
Kaling Taying it means you're fearful of something in your life. You are fearing that you will lose the security of something in your life is that very important, something that you take for granted. Could be that you're worried or stressed about losing a person, money, faith, etc... or something that's even more personal and close to you that's been in your life for a very long time, maybe family or a business you spent a lot of time working on. hope this helps
Laura Jackson (4 days ago)
Why do I keep dreaming of my ex and his new live I dont want to I ask God to order my dream so why am I dreaming about them
Angeline De leon (30 days ago)
The symbol from my dream is that the bad guy draw X sign on my wrist by cutting it. Then theybtold that it will start on april 5
Jaden Parrish (19 days ago)
The man represents the devil and the X represents an attack. And he says it'll start on April 5th. (Well it won't start at all because we know Christ Jesus)
kumutania m (26 days ago)
That is from the devil!! CANCEL IT NOW in the Authoritative Name of the Christ who went to the cross for you!!! YOUR PRAYER CAN CHANGE THIS!! PRAYING FOR U RIGHT NOW!!!
GoodFruitForGod (1 month ago)
If any of you watching these videos from 700 club are actually Christian's, dont you know we are living in the end times and these people are fakes, frauds, ministers of Satan setting forth the wrong example of what the holy and sanctified life is to be, also they teach doctrines of demons to lead you astray. Go to gffg.info to learn what's soon to come to pass this summer
Orlbina Lafleur (1 month ago)
I dreamed of my own family arranging my grave .I'm scared
Lourdes Soriano (1 month ago)
Can u tell me where in the Bible where it describes Jesus Christ color of his skin?
Predator-Hunter - (30 days ago)
In the book of daniel and in the book of revelations it is very clear on the likeness of Christ. It describes his skin as the color of burnt brass and his hair like wool. It goes further and describes his skin in detail
Stelio Kantos (2 months ago)
Must be such a fun time being so ignorant. Wish I had a tv show paid for by rubes.
Pahare Pun (2 months ago)
sometime my dreams come true and i feel strange but somewhere i feel it is meant to be like that and god has already planned everything so i don't stress over many things 💜💜💜
protect Children (2 months ago)
When I have bad dreams I always rebuke them in Jesus name and say a prayer sometimes a long one and read scripture over me. Thank God for his protection from ALL evil! 🙏
UrMoms Chest Hair (2 months ago)
ever since i was in 4th grade i’ve had dreams of school shootings and my family and friends dying but never me
noodle z (2 months ago)
I dreamed about Going to someones grave and turning the cross upside down, it was black. Someone in my dreams told me it was a witch inside. When I closed the grave, bunch of dead people came towards me and this crazy, all of a sudden my siblings appeared, one friend from school, and Kuki Sanban we started jumping over obstacles. At the end, we were helping pick up the obstacles.... this dream weird, but if you know what it means.... explain it to me please
Velecia Sizer (2 months ago)
I had a dream that I heard gun shots. At first I was in a store shopping and heard them. I ran out didn’t see people just heard the gunshots. I started running and found a school bus sitting in an alley there was a couple ladies on there like they were hiding. I left out the bus and started running because I now saw a lady and a man looking for people. I ended up in this hidden alley way and all of a sudden started pulling up iron boards at the last one the lady and man walked past and then proceeded to back up like they saw me I remained calm breathing heavily and they stood there in my position but was pointing straight past me as if I wasn’t there. What does this mean?
Hetty Nyon (2 months ago)
I had a dream that I got shot by a man and while looking at that man I began calling the Holy Spirit.I didn't collapse.I know the HolySpirit is faster then any demonic bully
Josh Garza (5 days ago)
Hetty Nyon I had the same dream of me getting shot and then falling to my knees praying to God
TrueAmerican III (2 months ago)
I've been dreaming about OK well my church has a youth group I'm 15 about to be 16 and the dreams are about my closest freinds from the group we are always doing something bad like vandalizing gestations or getting drunk,(we don't do anything but hang out and talk,,)
SAD GAMER (3 months ago)
Bro my dreams go by so fast... like next min I'm doing something then I'm on another different thing...
dinerøø (8 days ago)
💯 I hate when my dreams morph into something else
Dd Taylor (3 months ago)
Are the nightmares from God too? I had 4 nightmares last night.
Predator-Hunter - (30 days ago)
Matthew 13:25 but while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat and went his way. Your advisory the devil also comes to you in your dreams. Before something materialize in the natural it happens first in the spiritual. The kindom of darkness seeks our agreement knowingly or ignorantly in our dream.
Ij Wachuku (1 month ago)
+Dd Taylor That may have its truth and I dont want to refuse what you're saying if you've had your time alone with God, and He confirmed to you personally that it was from Him. However, typically, one of the main ways we can figure out if a dream comes from God or not is the state of emotion we are in when we wake up. If we're afraid, it isnt from Him. Even if it comes true....doesn't mean that was from Him either.
Dd Taylor (1 month ago)
+Ij Wachuku true, but I've had nightmares come true before. I thought it was him telling me to prepare for what was coming, by allowing me to have the dream.
Ij Wachuku (1 month ago)
God comes in peace. God is not the author of confusion or fear. If you awake in fear, the dream is not from The Lord.
The obama dreams are many, the pope dreams are many, the american mystery babylon dreams are many, the rfid dreams are many, the 10 horns dreams are many, the ufo dreams (defending Jesus' name's power) are many.. the church is to acknowledge this and build from these realities, amen and amen people are to listen to the dream reality for it is a key factor in the last days, Initiated by JESUS HIMSELF, THROUGH HIS SPIRIT...  Joel 2: 28 And Acts 2(peters msg). Prayerfully compare and contrast and use the process of elimination, testing the spirits, confirming with the word, and or establish truth via, the witness of 2 or 3 brothers, amen and amen... Obama- antichrist Pope francis-false prophet Cern- bottomless pit UFOs- fallen Angels America- mystery babylon United nations- ten toes of daniel, 10 horns Rfid chip- mark of beast AI- image of beast Israel- the fig tree.. that reveals the season.. summer is nigh. This generation wont pass until all is fullfilled concerning the end if this age.. Amen and amen. May The Army Of God Continue To Rise, And Rise To Heights Unreached. - Brother LeVand Of Houston Tx
Whispering Shadow Ghost (3 months ago)
I have lucid dreams and I’m not religious...
RC G (3 months ago)
Hi, I have dream last night, 01 /17/2019. I saw the face of Jesus in clouds, in colorful small dots, shaped of Jesus face then sudden it changed to Mother Mary Face. And people are so happy and excited looking at the clouds, people are saying "Jesus is back". I also had this dream way back in 90's and in early 2000, I saw Mary and Jesus face in the white clouds, but last night was different it was very colorful and were lots of movements.
Lissette Esco (3 months ago)
I'm not sure why but I started to not FEEL my dreams anymore a couple of years ago... I used to be able to dream so vividly that I felt every emotion in that dream. now I just don't anymore. And from that time I have never had a nightmare since then. I'm wondering what that means if anyone has any idea lol thanks for reading!
nenneh binta kamara (3 months ago)
I dreamt a big empty shot bottle on a table, but there were people sitting on the table but they were all Boeing their heads... Please give me an interpretation
sheilahawaii63 (3 months ago)
I dreamt that I was working for a chemical plant, and that we all had to evacuate because there was going to be a explosion , because they couldn’t stop the chemicals from overheating and boiling, over, we all evacuated the building to across the field , I ran back to the building because I forgot my purse, as I was coming out I ran into My deceased mother in law and deceased grandmother in law , I am also a widow and have been raising my kids all the way to adulthood all by myself, i’ve also been stressed out over financial matters and going through a very important court case , anyways in the dream my mother-in-law told me that everything is going to be OK not to worry and that God told her to tell me he loves me and that I’m not alone, then I ran back across the field to the other coworkers ,, and when I looked behind me my grandmother in law and mother-in-law were still there watching me then all the sudden they vanished and I woke up , I wasn’t even afraid it felt really nice to see them , today I felt stronger than I have in a long time and took care of a lot of errands ,❤️🙏
Tokoroa survivor (3 months ago)
I had a dream,,there were for white kids with red hair with big heads one of the kids faces was like a TV screen you could see his face bit also a movie,, does anyone know what this dream means...
triveni mandula (3 months ago)
Mostly I used to get dream about water and snakes what does it indicates plz give reply
sweethartia (3 months ago)
triveni mandula you’re very welcome
triveni mandula (3 months ago)
Tq for reply
sweethartia (3 months ago)
triveni mandula it depends, but snakes is not a good thing though. You’ve gotta pray for God to tell you the meaning
Eternal Perspective (4 months ago)
I keep having dreams about my wife cheating on me with my older brother 😓
kumutania m (26 days ago)
I am sorry!!! THIS sounds like a WARNING dream. You can CANCEL THAT NOW IN THE NAME OF JESUS!!! BELIEVE ON THE LORD! HE CAN GIVE YOU THE DESIRES OF YOUR HEART!!! Keep praying! Matthew 6:33 for you!! Seek ye FIRST the Kingdom of God and HIS righteousness and then all these things will be given to you! Bless u!
Gina Meeks (4 months ago)
Hey BIG ED here still on my wife's tablet I dream of being with JESUS soon. My dream will come true soon
Veronica gabriel (4 months ago)
Exactly, I had a horrible dream, and I prayed about it and the next day I had a dream opposite to the one I prayed about, same setting, same people, the only difference was tbis time everything was happy and Godly. So yeah you can control yoir dreams. Just pay attention and pray, pray and pray.
Robin Stanley (4 months ago)
lil diamond (4 months ago)
i had a dream with a man in a white robe and his face was made of light. he told me to follow him and i was about to go up these stairs that entered into a white space. i turned around and seen my Muslim sister and her daughter. the daughter was death and could not hear us. I've also had dreams that actually happened.
Seikholet zonggem (4 months ago)
I always dream my Mom who passed away a year ago,but truly I never think about Her(not in negative way)anyone can explain me please!
kumutania m (26 days ago)
Study with John Paul Jackson who was a prophet/dream interpreter. He has books and classes online. Proverbs 25: It IS THE GLORY OF GOD TO CONCEAL THINGS; and it is the glory of Kings to SEARCH OUT A MATTER. Go for it!!! Listen to some of his dream segments on Joni Table Talk on youTube.
Bradleybemz (4 months ago)
From South Africa ...I just felt Gods spirit while watching this Wooow
spaghetti noodles (3 months ago)
Im from SA too bra
Sherna Brady (5 months ago)
Hello there, I had a dream about, the person I never seen for a long time and that person appeared in my dreams and smiled at me. What does it mean, Then my brother passed away 7 years ago appeared in my dreams and seems to be happy, after that it appeared the symbol of scriptures. Thanx
Nevers Klunda (5 months ago)
I dreamt that i was flying in the dream. What does it mean.
DeuceNinja (5 months ago)
So God has a presence? So he is invisible? But yet we csn feel him? Sounds too imaginary to me
DeuceNinja (2 months ago)
+2021 Eden Edelbrock-Peterson Nobody knows how we got here
who do you think created the earth. who do you think made the sun, the ocean, and the stars. who do you think made adam and eve. how do you think you got here.
Eric Morrison (5 months ago)
I've had a few dreams in life that later were revealed to me. Usually, if I have the same dream more than once I know that something is going to happen. Here is one dream I had that was related to a future happening. ..... When I was 19, I dreamed of my sister standing at the Alter with her Groom. Suddenly the Groom Disappeared. I had the same dream several times. When I turned 20 my sister had a baby and he married her just to give the baby his name and then had the Marriage annulled. That's when I realized that was the dream I'd been having.
Lori Sheppard (6 months ago)
what about dreaming that your teeth are falling out in your hands
sara p (5 months ago)
Lori Sheppard dreams of your teeth falling out is a death 💀 dream. It means someone you know or someone around you will die. Most likely it will be from extended family or friends side. Every time I’ve had dreams of my teeth falling out , the deaths would happen months later in 3’s. 3 people would pass away.. it’s scary!
Robin Luich (6 months ago)
I have dreams that are visions.I've dreamed of friends funerals before they die,and have described the funerals to others who have remebered and I pointed out the things I tokd them of in the dream
lili M (6 months ago)
I had multiple dreams of being with God
I got a pink paper rose on my dream!!! Anyone knows what is it??
Kayann Campbell (6 months ago)
I dreamt that my late grandfather handed me a palm branch and told me too look up the meaning of palm Sunday
Michel Engbino (7 months ago)
I had a dreams and visions and some of them is happening now.
jack bryers (6 months ago)
Gods hand not for second I believe that
The 700 Club (6 months ago)
Thank you for sharing with us, Michel! We ask that God's will be accomplished in your life as He provides a clear revelation of your dreams and visions.
Tea cup (7 months ago)
I've had bad dreams 2 times in a row this day. The second dream made me unable to move for 10 seconds and I called unto the Lord for 3 times until I was able to move again and my eyes opened wide. It was the middle of the night. I felt that while I was sleeping, my heart beats were so fast and even after I woke up. The dream sent shivers down my spine, I really felt it. Right now, I am still afraid to sleep.
Cloudheart (2 months ago)
You had Sleep Paralysis. Not all dreams have to have meaning, I've had it before, dreamt an evil figure was in my room. Was afraid to go to sleep again. Sometimes it's meaningless, and you should just glorify God for comforting you in the fear. Our bodies are imperfect and do strange things. Apparently, it's a state of being semi conscious where the body can't move due to a natural chemical that gets released during sleep. We can't breathe in as deep, we get scared because of this, and fearful visions appear. Hope this helps!
The 700 Club (7 months ago)
Thank you for your honest comment! We would love to pray with you. God is an amazing God and loves you so much more then you could ever imagine. Call us: (800) 700-7000. The 700 Club Prayer Staff is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week
Cynthia Chauhan (7 months ago)
I saw a dream that I was had a beautiful pink wedding gown in my hand which was for me to wear
Jaden Parrish (19 days ago)
The white is holiness and power. The red is the blood of Christ. And the dress is the rebirth. Your dream is telling you that only the blood and sovereignty of Christ can make you truly beautiful.
kumutania m (26 days ago)
So beautiful!!! I have lots of dreams in pink, too!! Pink is a color combination of Red and White. White: righteousness Red: Anointing, Calling, Wisdom, Power. Hallelujah Messiah God!!
Jay Dom (7 months ago)
She lost me at saying she’s prophetic
Zanele Dube (7 months ago)
i had a dream that i had broken up with my ex boyfriend and a year later it happened and when it happened it felt like a deja vu. at the very moment i remembered that i dreamed about it yet it was something i had forgotten i ever dreamed about. and i believe it was God because after i broke up with him i have been seeking the kingdom of God. .
Channa B (1 month ago)
This was God showing you what would happen before it happened. 💙
Monjit Dey (7 months ago)
I saw my elder brother was gifting me so many sparkling watches I couldnt understand about that dream what is the spiritual mean it ???
Jaden Parrish (19 days ago)
Monjit Dey Your dream is saying that it is time for a change to happen in your life.
planner812 (7 months ago)
I dreamed i was a lemon jumping into a giant martini
Jaden Parrish (19 days ago)
You are going to be part of a big plan of God. That's what your dream means.
chris murigi (8 months ago)
Guys i need someone to tell me about this dream... I saw me and my father going in a place and the clouds had covered the whole world then suddenly i saw to suns which were next to each other but one sun was realising rays which were detroying the whole earth while the other was harmless. It came a point where the rays realest by the dangerous sun were about to hit me but i woke up... Please explain this dream
Bernita KT (8 months ago)
KJV Leviticus 20:27 - A man also or woman that hath a familiar spirit, or that is a wizard, shall surely be put to death: they shall stone them with stones: their blood shall be upon them.
Krystal smith (8 months ago)
I had 1 where i was a market, i was in hell and an angel zet me free, once set free ppl.were lined up all aroudn having no clue what was really happening or where they were going
Krystal smith (8 months ago)
I dream of demons kissing my cheek, capturing me and making bad things happen in my everyday life.. i know when i saw jesus in the dream and i wake up its an attack
Channa B (1 month ago)
Ask God to reveal what it directly means. I think of Judas in the Bible when you say demons kissing your cheek..Judas was supposed to be a friend with Jesus but then betrayed Him. The devil of course wants to steal, kill, and destroy but Jesus comes that we may have life. Pray against the devil and his plans, rebuke him, and plead the blood of Jesus. Don't give the devil any open doors to come in your life. Resist the devil and he will flee. Stay in the Word of God, stay prayed up. Also ask God to reveal anyone in your life that mean you no good. And remember God didn't give you the spirit of fear but that of power, love, and a sound mind.💪
najaw caraballo (9 months ago)
i dream a man was stubbing women in her back and he just kept stabbing her than he would stop then a nothing man would say to him stop and he would stab her again there were two women there just talking like they didn't see nothing two more people standing right by him and they were acting like nothing happening and than I went a got the little kids and phone to call the cops but everywhere I went to the home people was around and I didn't want them to catch me calling but everone was just going on about there business like nothing was going on.what that mean?
Daniel Baires (9 months ago)
I had a really nasty dream. I dreamed about 2 demonds attacking me. I was alive and I was in pain I heard myself scream I was scared. Now I can't sleep I am so scared.. Please pray for me.😟
Mimi M (11 days ago)
Jesus kill the enemy in your name. Amen
lorna lewis (2 months ago)
+Vexx Valentia this interpretation is from the pit of hell
Vexx Valentia (6 months ago)
The demons are apart of you:(parts of yourself you aren't willing to accept), and the fact that they are attacking you means that they are going to be brought into the light later on so that you can understand that part of yourself; and you will have to make a decision that will change you for the better. Or it could also mean transformation, usually when we are being attacked it is a type of transformation. We are taught to hide/not accept the darker parts of yourself and hate them. However, in order to grow we need to work through those parts of our-self to become a full/whole person. The Divine Feminine. Our Sacred Mother. These are Yin energies for the numerology meanings of the harmonious Number 2. As the second of all numbers, 2's symbolism is the union of and peace between different entities. It seeks to end separateness and unite all for the greater good whether it be music, food or humanity. hopefully this was helpful.
Valerie Morrisgill (6 months ago)
Daniel if you're a Christian, pray for God's protection over you as you sleep, plead the blood of Jesus over yourself and your home, have the word of God playing while you sleep. Also, ask God why are you dreaming this way. I'll be praying for you. Be blessed.
Elle Moore (7 months ago)
Daniel Baires - praying now!
Maria Pressy (9 months ago)
Can you tell me the meaning of my dream... I'm fifty plus I have a daughter of marriagable age.. But I dreampt that I'm getting married to a guy I don't even know non Christian and I'm very unhappy.. But in the middle of my marriage I woke up and said thank God it's a dream... Please tell me the meaning
d (10 months ago)
Was dreaming I was eating a 10 lb marsh mellow....when I awoke, my pillow was gone.
Eliza tamang (10 months ago)
i saw yesturday night in my dreams... stroms outside my home and we family were safe..nd the next dream on the same night was a women with a black cloth all her body was hidden only her side face i could see.... i felt afraid but next day i noticed it that first dreams meaning was from god and i got into temptation but m still confused about second dream please pray for me nd ma family specilly for my dad he is a paster so many temptation are comming....my name-elija tamang.. father's name-samuel tamang Mother's name-Rina tamang sis name -caron tamang
Arianna Frazier (10 months ago)
I had a dream this lady I talked to on instagram turned into a demon
kumutania m (26 days ago)
Sounds like a WARNING DREAM. Cancel this now in the Name of Jesus!!! You better get off Instagram for awhile.
WontB Quiet (11 months ago)
*The dead know nothing* *The dead just sleep in their grave until Resurrection, they do not roam the earth or manifest themselves in front of you or can even talk to you.* *Dream interpretation is pagan.* *Most dreams don't have much meaning, but there are dreams that come from God, as a warning or prophecy, but never for no to little reason.* *And you WILL KNOW when it is from the God of Israel..* *If you doubt if a dream is from God or not, then it is definitely not from God.* *God is not a god of confusion.. you will know it is from Him.* *Read you bibles people, get to know God, then you will have discernment what is true or not.* *The only dream interpretation that is not pagan, is when we have a dream from God and when we don't understand, we go to God and pray and ask for Him to help you understand...* *Just like Daniel did for the kind of babylon.*
TrueAmerican III (2 months ago)
+Mel B well god was giving him the ability to and the interpretation was 100% true every time
Blessed Ones (2 months ago)
+Mel B they say its pagan because u start paying attention to what other people tell about ur dreams so u lean on them. Ur dreams are ur dreams pay attention to ur life and what they might mean to u dont go asking people especially tarot card readers and all that. God says that forbidden to do.
Robin Luich (6 months ago)
+Mel B ,I have visions played out like a movie while I sleep, and I am a follower of Jesus Christ.
Robin Luich (6 months ago)
Absence from the body is presence with the Lord.
Mel B (9 months ago)
WontB Quiet Dream interpretation is not pagan Joseph did it. Daniel did it and probably others
Mel B (1 year ago)
What does it mean when you save kids from demons that are hurting them?
Mel B (1 year ago)
The other day I knew I was dreaming but couldn't do anything about it and just said this is a familiar spirit and he said you don't even know what that is and I said I don't have to know what it is to recognize you. Last nights dream was better.
Rose J (1 year ago)
I have had dreams of the black widow...just watching me...not biting me or anything, but hiding under the toilet seat watching me.
Meitnerium (10 months ago)
Rose J i have dreams of spiders of all sizes, shapes, colours, and species often. They dont harm me but they are all over the place. Floor, walls, ceiling. everywhere.
andrew parker (1 year ago)
In 2012 I had a dream I saw a baby ad it was smiling at me and the baby said she was being sent to heal my brokwn heart. I asked the baby would it be a boy or girl? Sje said she was going to be a girl and she said I was in need of love and when she would be born I would have gone through some real sad times. Well my best friend died that same year 2 years later my dog was put down and 2 years after that my mmere died of kidnwy failure and a year later this year infact my cousin was born and it was a girl just as the fream said
Sophia Daniel (1 year ago)
I dreamt i was going into a fight in my home against boys who was harrassing me. Before i entered it i saw a guy, he was a spirit or a ghost and in the dream he was my dead brother. He asked if i wanted help but i said i didnt want help, i was going against about 7 boys and i was struggling to stand my ground. I have no dead brother, he was older than me but i dont have an older brother. What does this mean?
Cecil Cross (2 months ago)
That woman could represent a person or people that there is a major misunderstanding that is causing harm, your feelings about it is an indication that you are correct in your assumption, the key is to ask the Lord to reveal to you exactly what you’re doing or not doing that is bringing harm or sorrow to someone and correct it.
DOUG BROWN (2 months ago)
+Cecil Cross I dream last night a woman fair skin and blonde hair was speaking to me in tounges and was crying. I was crying as well as I spoke back to her. I didn't understand what she was saying but feel she is sad of something I'm doing or not doing in my life
Cecil Cross (1 year ago)
You’re welcome Sophia, just remember when you are a child of God you’ll never have to fight alone, Jesus said he will never leave you or forsake you, and he puts others in your life to fight with you, that’s why it’s important to fellowship with other believers.
Sophia Daniel (1 year ago)
I always wanted an older brother for protection or someone to lean on but I neglected help from that figure in the dream
Trustin Christ (1 year ago)
Possibly Human (1 year ago)
All dreams are full of colour. O.k this lady is way off on many things because she only sees it from a Christian point of view. I dream a lot, lucid as well. I have dreams she would think were visions if I were churchy.
Jesse henry (1 year ago)
dreams and visions are the same thing, one while you are asleep the other while awake. I've had dreams before that continued on after I woke up.. I think there are 2 kinds of dreams. Dreams from God and dreams from our brain only. Before God gave me the gift of dreams I had maybe 2 dreams that I thought were from God, but since he gave me that gift I've had tons of dreams from God. I've had a recurring dream all my life of floating on air. Also, God will give people dreams for others at times. Also, I believe that God gives some people a gift in dreaming which is different than normal dreaming. Like Joseph. logging dreams does work. I've had mmore dreams since I've tried to remember them and wrote them down and thought about them.
marichu bonjoc (1 year ago)
when im was 17 years old i had a dream that im going to hell ..theres a gate of fire and it is only for entrance and im the one to line there ..i saw couples .. and i saw in my back after me.. many chines.. they still talking bad.. when im was 13 years old someone calling me in my name very loud like a thunder sounds like a man.. im so scared i9mshaking because it was not a dream..
Cecil Cross (1 year ago)
Did you give your life to the Lord yet? John 3:16 and Romans 10:8-10 read.
marichu bonjoc (1 year ago)
my dream repeatedly many times.. about the second coming of jesus..i saw the perfect place above the clould beautiful river .. anykinds of dogs and butterflies ,flowers.. i saw the ground a sink whole of fire .. i saw there a blind folded naked statue.. . if people had a wrong answer it will trough it down the fire.. im so scared and im crying.. but jesus told me.. you have time coz your still alive
I saw my mom on judgement day in a dream and my sister in heaven and they are alive! And christians! Mom was victorious and laughing and so solid and happy. My sister was beautiful and she answered a bible question I had.
kumutania m (26 days ago)
There are 20 different types of dreams. It doesn't only come from beliefs in your mind. Study with John Paul Jackson who was a prophet/dream interpreter. He has books and classes online. Pastor Troy Brewer is anointed as well as the woman, Bobbie, in this 700 segment. I would love to have a dream like what you had. It confirmed where your mother and sister are. This is from the Lord. Bless you!!
noodle z (2 months ago)
well you see, thats called a dream. since you have your beliefs in your mind, you tend to dream about it.
DeuceNinja (2 months ago)
Wow thats a pretty crazy dream
Jennifer Jao (6 months ago)
Christine Horner wow! Nice dream. How did your sister lived on earth?
I’ve prayed to God in my dreams before.
Jenoui (1 year ago)
i keep dreaming about Planets (Jupiter, Mars, etc), Meteors, Fire since i was a child and our planet being destroyed by men, demons, God himself (The end or the revelation). I was a follower but i lost my spiritual battle afterwards. I'm no longer one anymore today. But what did my dreams mean?
chanYO it's your soul, it's your eternity, it's your freewill, I'd choose life...
Cecil Cross (1 year ago)
You basically stated what it represented, what’s recorded in the book of Revelations concerning the end times. However, the looming question is “was a follower of what?” If it is of the Lord Jesus Christ, hold on to him until there’s no breath in your body. Everything else will perish.
Sarah Smith (1 year ago)
chanYO Having troubles understanding your dreams or visions🤔 Are you in need of Godly Mentorship. Let us help you for as little as $10 per dream 🤝 Biblical Interpretations of Dreams, Parables, & Visions. [email protected] Follow on Intragram ChristianDreamAnalysis
Joseph Sin (1 year ago)
I've dreamt of angels, Jesus, Judgment day and being able to control a panther .....I've only tapped the surface ..
Tomica Pall (1 year ago)
adam m funny, I dreamt of a pen full of black bulls, crammed together, and a panther was sitting on top of it. It chased me and I was looking for a house to run into. Hmm?
darknlovli (1 year ago)
The person mentioning being pregnant- thats a Gift!
Tamar Jean-Baptiste (2 months ago)
I’ve come to know that being pregnant in dreams mean sin and when have the baby it means you’re delivered
Stacy Chatora (6 months ago)
Really..how so
Jeff Key (1 year ago)
Wow her shirt looks like a upside down ears with horns spooky ,gods grace gives us salvation thru faith in the lord Jesus Christ
Eva Evelyn (1 year ago)
Hi need to email you be answered with my dream meaning. kindly send me your email. Thanks
Martha Gillespie (1 year ago)
It is easy to think that you are going crazy when dreams and visions and the voice of the holy spirit come into your mind. But a friend of mind told me of a saying that he had heard which was: Thank God for the crack pots, they let in a little light.
Mark Rogers (1 year ago)
There is no Biblical foundation for this nonsense. Stay away!!
Tyranda Harris (1 year ago)
Mark Rogers
Shannon Porter (1 year ago)
I keep having dreams about zombies....
Jaden Parrish (19 days ago)
The dead represents past, but when it comes to life, it becomes present. There is something that from your past that you deeply regret and it's trying to become your present.
Mel B (1 year ago)
Shannon you probably watch too many zombie movies
Wojciech Zgodowski (2 years ago)
There's a big question about why people have dreams, example: when I was living in NJ my phone GPS was misguiding and showing that I was at a different location then I actually was, and I had a dream about beying in front of that house in the location where my GPS was mispointing my location. So The 7 God's of Egypt have connections to our internet/data networks? 10000dreams Interperted states that dreams are messages from the gods, not from the god. So must be 7 Egyptian Gods.
Misty Taylor (2 years ago)
I have dream before I found out I was pregnant with twins what does that mean? I have PCOS polycystic ovarian syndrome and I don't understand the dream can it come true even though I have PCOS
Cecil Cross (1 year ago)
Our God specializes in impossiblities. If he brought dead wombs to life surely he can deal with what you dealing with. Just believe!
Victoria Charlesworth (2 years ago)
The lady on here said that I could mean God has implanted something new in you that needs nurturing so to pay attention. Everything is possible with God. 😊❤️🙌❤️
J.C. Nightwalker (2 years ago)
this has been happening to me for some time now. I wake up around 3am ish. I've been having a dream about giving notes to children and they are handing them over to Jewish elders (I am not Jewish, I am Christian). I don't know what the notes say but I know I'm not allowed to speak directly to the elders so I send children with my words. I've had this dream for a little while now. So I have been praying every day about a certain problem I have been having and turns out I had to mail some paperwork that I was unaware of .. so anyway I mailed it in .. kept praying and I had the dream again last night and this morning at 11:11 I got a call from the office I mailed to and yes I got the answer I wanted. God is great.
Victoria Charlesworth (2 years ago)
This could mean that God has work for you to do in helping Jewish people to believe that Jesus is their messiah. We are to have a faith like children. (I may be totally wrong but that is what came to me when I read your post). I have had lots of dreams from The Lord scince I was a child and I can usually find they are quite self explanatory most of the time. Praise The Lord! God bless 😊❤️
CHRISTINA _ GAMERYT (2 years ago)
I had a dream about a week ago that i was the only one worshiping Jesus and everyone else was ashamed or confused. what does that mean?
Victoria Charlesworth (2 years ago)
The way is narrow. Keep praising Him with all your heart no matter what anyone thinks of you. Don't be ashamed. God bless 😊❤️
MM M. (2 years ago)
love this interview. most informative that ive ever seen heard or read.
Guy Baldridge (2 years ago)
I keep a pad next to my bed and keep a log to go back to later on.
Dd Taylor (1 month ago)
I used to keep a dream journal.
I just started doing this.
Corner Stone (1 year ago)
Guy Baldridge so do i
Gays R Us (2 years ago)
When people have really good ideas and things and then throw the word God into the sentence. Instantly don't believe it ahaha
Victoria Charlesworth (2 years ago)
+Blir Fedt Productions exactly! I have had dreams from The Lord scince I was 6yrs old and they are sooo different to normal dreams, they are unforgettable and a true blessing. People who deny Him are wanting to stay in their sins, but God WILL let them know during their lives that He IS REAL and it's their choice from there. We should pray for all unsaved souls. I would dearly love to see every single persons hands raised in worship and praise to Him before they are made to bow their knees and confess with their tongues that JESUS IS LORD. it is a very scary thought to me that people will be without hope and separated from The Lord forever. How horrific that would be. They don't realise that while they are here and alive there is still time to be saved and they have hope but once that is taken away... I shudder to even imagine 😞
Throneless (2 years ago)
Ideas and Dreams don't come from your head alone :) I wish I believed in God sooner than I did. One's own stubborness is hard to overcome without tears in eyes. But once the truth is revealed, there is space for tears of Joy. Think that, actually, while there were so many non-believers, they still have a chance every single day to live life. Science cannot even comprehend to the divine design of human beings. It cannot explain the fact that Jesus Christ walked the earth (and water) and performed miracles. A lot of Love and all the Glory to God!
Scarlett Frenette (2 years ago)
one time i was in a foster home in México but i dirent iven was born in there becose of the fault of my sister that had happend and they treded you like a animal i was there for 7 months and wen i got out i told God in the name of Jesús christ ill never will go back to here agan then i dream that im in there and i told my self its not real i told my self in the name of Jesús christ will not go back and i chaged my dream and woke up and i told God i now you wont let me down it hapend 3 times and in the same place but difrent and in all those 3 dreams i said the same thing and i saw that my fait was stronger that i coud ever imagended i now god send them to me and i can control my dreams still. Im not talking becose im talking im saying the truth ive been true alot ive seen alot of unbeliveble things that if i told you you migth not belive me. Wen im with God ill ask why.theres things that i cant even explain
VeganLove :3 (3 years ago)
I Dream very weird like I found out that my parents were aliens lol
valinperal (9 months ago)
D.C. I definitely agree metaphorically speaking of course. Like your parents are Alien to you as in they have never truly shown you their true selves. Or it could mean they treat you like an experiment or a animal specimen. Like they treat you like they are superior beings and you might as well be an abducted cow. I think the prior is more likely though but could be either or even both or neither.
D. C. (1 year ago)
That could mean that they're not who they appear to be...
Zahra Mohaa (1 year ago)
VeganLove :3 you watch too much alien movies hhhhjh
MAQ (3 years ago)
+VeganLove :3  LOL im done
hairyreasoner (4 years ago)
Dreams are cool.  They are the misfiring chemicals of a resting brain, produced rather erratically by evolution. They're cool.
Peter Kobel (4 years ago)
My dad talks to me in my dreams. He died 8 years ago. Every time I'm not on track he shows up and starts lecturing me. Sometimes he doesn't say anything and just stares at me, like how he did when he was alive, when I did something wrong.
B N (8 days ago)
I know I dream but I never remember them until one day I lost the most important person of my life. I was out of my mind with grief iand Jesus appeared in my dream and comforted me. Jesus assured me my family was okay and he showed me each and every one, no one spoke but he held my hand and let me into church and in another dream he carried his cross to let me know we all have a cross to bear. My takeaway is that Jesus comforted me at a time no one else could. I remember waking up after each dream feeling comforted and greatful for our lords compassion. All praise be to God
Ti Nicole Official (3 months ago)
Jesse M right!
Ti Nicole Official (3 months ago)
Facts yes
Ti Nicole Official (3 months ago)
WontB Quiet yep!
Kk Kk (4 months ago)
Symbolic and in context.... Dead yes we can't talk to the dead or prayer or worship.... But believers that died, are alive🤔 a father could be symbolic of Daddy God, or mother..Jesus.. sometimes people or family that passed, could represent a family calling. Or a generational calling... Remember dreams are symbolic most the time. And each symbol needs and has to be looked at in context.
Dr Dj Psycho (4 years ago)
the bible says god is the creator of all,good and evil,so to say he dont give you bad dreams you dont read your bible,he sure haunted king of babylont about the dream it took daniel to interpret,joeshp had to interpret a 2 yr dram of the pharo.about the 7 yrs of famine coming to egypt,did piliots wife not have nightmares from god the were going to kill jesus?pretty assumptions ant what your bible really says,
AbundantLifestyles (4 months ago)
When Are people going to stop fighting over the interpretations of the scriptures, or even different religions and come together as the collective and realise we are all people of god as we embody all Higher Attributes of the Living God, that were given to us in the scriptures and the commandments. please people do not fight or you are just as bad as those who take part in Holy War between religions in what they believe is for their god. may peace prevail on earth as it is in the heavens. Peace and love to all of you
Yolanda Briggs (2 years ago)
Butch B i can comprehend what your saying more than the lad. he is boring as well.
Paragon Arc (4 years ago)
He saw God the Holy Spirit, not God the Father. If he saw God the Fathers face he would have died. Jacobs encounter was one with the Spirit. Like I said in a previous comment, I looked at the site and it was not a challenge at all. Maybe you could get a masters in theology, than come back and speak to me.
Butch B (4 years ago)
+The Cardinal he did,other wise i wouldn't have been able to point out your hypocrite ways in your lack of patience and judgmental assault of my character because of my own view and ow grammar..  he gave me what must be briallince to debate some one trolling me and my comment and then call me the troller...and now you get it,look he just performed a miracle,priceless.
Nathan Bartlett (5 years ago)
I have thee most beautiful dreams, I love dreaming. I love life. Last night in my dream I was walking with my mom on the Great Wall of china then I remember telling myself that spirit is locked behind the walls of my body then as I looked up the sky it was warming to my soul because the whole sky looked like a galaxy.
walter mcthenney (5 years ago)
as I recall in olden times they used to call prophets seers
Angie R. A. (1 year ago)
Are prophets still alive
Joseph Sin (1 year ago)
Not all prophtes were seers but some prophets were
River Powers (3 years ago)
Bill Ralens (5 years ago)
chapter and verse?
blubberbun (5 years ago)
write your dreams in a dream journal best thing to do.

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