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Why Dating With Depression Is So (Bleeping) Hard - People Watching #3

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BrytheP (1 hour ago)
I think i met this girl on a dating site...constant whining about oneself, until they reveal they forgot to take their anti-psychotic meds...RUN AWAY!! women are such hypocrites-if a guy did this on a date, he'd be ostricized & laughed at.
Jessica Messica (9 hours ago)
Living with depression for so long you eventually just live with it and feel nothing :)
Amber Terrell (1 day ago)
Abigayle Lauren (1 day ago)
do you ever worry that youre not happy enough with them so when they arent with you you worry that maybe because youre not happy enough they arent the one
Silas Nonoir (1 day ago)
Ouch. This hit way too close to home for me. I don't know if I should feel relieved that I'm not the only one, or devastated that this just seems to be what live is. Also, there's this thought that other people have it way worse than I do, having actual mental health diseases or shitty life situations in general and I'm sitting here bitching about my own thoughts. I was just having one of those lovely chats with Mr. Depression and coming to the conclusion that the guy I've been going on a few dates with is really annoyed by my clingyness and bored by my personality. He cancelled the plans we had made for this weekend, so he must be trying to ghost me, right? He's just too polite to be blunt with me. AND THEN, the guy literally send me the cutest text apologizing for not having been available and even calling me cute names and sending a kiss emoji and I'm really happy for like 5 seconds and then Mr. Depressions begins again: "Yeah right okay, but you know that he just did this because he feels bad for you? It's not like there's anything about you that would make him feel sorry about cancelling your plans. Again, he's simply being nice. You would actually be doing him a favour by breaking contact so that he won't have to." Like.. what is this?! Why does this happen to us? And I know that most people deal with this and that it's not supposed to be an actual problem, but as she said, it makes me seclude myself from other people, it steals my energy, it eats me.
Danni Gibson (2 days ago)
This is annoying and it makes me mad bc i do this
Eloise Mart (2 days ago)
My heart dropped the moment I realised what was happening. The exact same thing happens to me, that condescending voice in your head that reasons with you, and is so logical and reasonable as well - even when it isn't. It's a struggle, but thankfully I found someone who knows exactly what the voice in my head feels like - he's got one too. Together we try and fight depression guy by telling each other about the real them, when we feel like our most authentic selves, and when we're not getting taken over by depression guy.
Claire Bear (4 days ago)
This is the most human web series I’ve ever watched.
Lauretta Ntiakulu (5 days ago)
I literally talk too much and when they ask to go to the bathroom I regret everything and then overthink every word I said then conclude to "they hate you go home they don't want you here"
Beth Vaughan (5 days ago)
I want more of these
Yarie Lauwers (5 days ago)
this is kinda how my life works you just never see it coming and when it or he does you just fall in the same trap over and over again ,, easy to fall in super hard to get out.
Mitch Unicorn (5 days ago)
Wow, the depression guy sounds like my ex. :(
Trash King (6 days ago)
ᵖˡᵉᵃˢᵉ ᶦⁿᵗᵉʳʳᵘᵖᵗ ᵐᵉ
TriviaBot (6 days ago)
Just discovered this, and now I'm kinda creeped out because I was just thinking about my anxiety, depression and relationship issues in my head without searching anything about it online, and then Youtube recommended this to me... But anyway, that ending hit me hard. I'm a good looking and pleasant guy who can be funny and clever, and numerous women have been interested in me, but then the voice in my head tells me I'm actually shitty and just imagining she likes me and then I just chicken out because I can't handle the thought of being rejected.
Oula Suliman (6 days ago)
This is excellent content
Cassandra Harris (6 days ago)
Goodness. I haven't been on a date in 3 years.
olszewska (7 days ago)
That's so sad and so True. Been there, done that.. too many times. Thanks for this animation! It's shows me i'm not the only one, who has that shitty relation or whatever it called with this hipster mustache person. Good luck to everybody who feel this too .
Aydemir ._. (7 days ago)
Oh my God... It gave my chills when the mood changed
Snow Kat (7 days ago)
never went on a date with someone or wanted to date but this i related with this some much ;w;
Lunacreates (7 days ago)
honestly, I really wish my dates had such good conversations like this.
Grand Diamond (8 days ago)
Gods that end scene hit me too hard.
Shane Christopher (9 days ago)
OMG shut up about your depression, we get it. Did YOU have to carry your dead friends to an extraction point in a combat zone?
shitkickertv (9 days ago)
kaylakeonai (11 days ago)
im kindah scared she looks like me and we spoke the same. its like someone obsereved me for a day and made this video.....im scared guys and this whole thing from start to finish gave me anxiety.
ibraheem khalid (11 days ago)
ok that was deep..... the end got me depressed for her
Exxcuse me ? (12 days ago)
Why does the moustache guy make me want to kill myself...
Ella Carmel (12 days ago)
When the depression guy came in I got CHILLS all over. Wow.
Versal Mit Unterstrich (14 days ago)
Oh fuck I don't like this at all
KwebStunter 2 (15 days ago)
I isn't hard to date depressed. I was quite depressed last year and dated two girls in that period and nothing was hard about that. What the fuck is this all about then??!!!?!?!??!!??
Anouk L. (15 days ago)
Ouf. me too.
Luna Bean (17 days ago)
This made me cry and cry and cry. It's so real.
alis (17 days ago)
why does depression guy look like Marc Maron
Diamond Browne (18 days ago)
omg :/
Riley ruth (18 days ago)
I’d like a relationship or at least friends but whenever I go out and do something with someone I stay awake in bed for hours that night and think about some stupid insignificant thing I said and then try to never talk to them again
Okay now I know how depression looks like .I hate this man
Venus Lazuli (19 days ago)
I thought I was alone...I guess not
thetypicalanna (20 days ago)
Isa Roeters (21 days ago)
Whats the song in the background?
FattyMcFox (22 days ago)
Saw it coming but it still twisted me up a bit.
Atty the Hammy (22 days ago)
skharri18 (23 days ago)
Nobody fucking cares.
Joshua Peters (22 days ago)
Yes they do buddy
La Ninfa (23 days ago)
"You have to get to a certin level before you are entitled to love and affection" I used to tell that to myself...
Slynn42 (24 days ago)
nicholas paes (26 days ago)
I can atleast picture the best When im severaly depressed That rhymes
jules dudes (1 month ago)
The ending hurt a lot.
Yaco Ale (1 month ago)
the way this is written sounds like a made up scenario you come up with at night when you cant sleep. both characters sound like the same person talking to themselves this is not why dating with depression is hard, the reason why its hard its because you cant bring it up. best case scenario, your partner pities you. most likely you make the situation awkward and you cant handle awkward
Yaco Ale (1 month ago)
oh my god im an asshoooooooooole fuck
Tracyn (1 month ago)
Get in the fucking Robot !
blackstonecherry 007 (1 month ago)
why no comments?
Jim Farris (1 month ago)
I can't believe how ridiculously accurate this is.
McKenzie Barrow (1 month ago)
I was fine until I saw her room...its been 5 minutes and still haven't finished crying
Juli Wheeler (1 month ago)
Can relate!
This fucking hit me hard
Marley (1 month ago)
Ever since I watched this, whenever I get ‘those thoughts’ they’ve started sounding like Depression Guy. And I’ve started picturing him there saying those things. Which, really makes it much easier to be like ‘up yours, you train track tattooed fuck. You’re just saying that to make me feel bad’ Like literally I’m lying in bed after a road trip, a fun one, and out of NOWHERE my brain starts bringing up everything I did today and how it might have seemed okay at the time but actually everything was wrong everyone is just repelled by everything I do and I should just figure out how to live away from people and at some point that voice morphed into depression guy and it kind of snapped me out of it. Like get fucked depression guy. You’re such an asshole. (I’m still clinically depressed but not spiralling tonite so thanks lol)
Joshua Peters (1 month ago)
Great to know your getting better and awesome seeing that this great series helps people.
Aakashi Liyanage (1 month ago)
Just realized that you can see depression guy in a picture frame during the dating scene at around 2:51
Wesley Phuthego (1 month ago)
Siti Fatimah Toms (1 month ago)
Can I cry here. I mean it. No one know me here. It feels so good..distancing from everyone thay know you. Isn't? You feel the same too?
ryanofottawa (1 month ago)
Frig, very very well done. Extraordinary video. Thanks for making it.
karma justice (1 month ago)
Im so used to being invisible, forgotten, or /over looked that when this beautiful man said he liked my style on the dance floor last week I felt like he looked into my soul and for the rest of the night i could only 2 step and check myself in the mirror looking for the thing that made me different from everyone else.
karma justice (1 month ago)
Now i feel like i was just spyed on me 😐
elena plmr (1 month ago)
Give advice on self live and how to take care of myself please
Katie Hill (1 month ago)
elena plmr recognize when your “depression guy” is taking over and controlling your thoughts and making you go down the spiral, and combat them with what you know is true. For example, I went on a date with someone Thursday and it was the most wonderful date in the world and me and her have liked each other for years now so it was just..everything I could have dreamed of. But, my “depression guy” keeps getting in my mind and saying she’s gonna leave suddenly and that she just feels bad for me and that she doesn’t really wanna be with me. I have to talk myself through my emotions and what I know to be true constantly. And anyways, hope this helps at least a little bit. Also, talking out your feelings with a therapist, family, or a close friend also helps <3
elena plmr (1 month ago)
After being diagnosed w depression and watching this video, it makes me understand my past relationship
Otakyun (1 month ago)
What's the background music at the beginning of the date?
Dave Dalrymple (1 month ago)
Twenty Odd by Wax Atlantic
You're Not Batman (1 month ago)
Thank you for this creation and for sharing what is so hard to understand and share with the people that care, and possibly would care... Very inspiring and heart felt!
Hamburger Helper (1 month ago)
My boyfriend has some pretty bad depression and we’re long distance so yeahh..not going well right now
Alohi Fernandez (1 month ago)
My profile pic is my face in the end
Dr Pepper (1 month ago)
Am I the only one in the comments trying to figure out what was the song at the beginning of the video
Dave Dalrymple (1 month ago)
Twenty Odd by Wax Atlantic
Hannah Greifenstein (1 month ago)
I kind of like your videos but somehow they seem a little pretentious as well I feel like the characters are very teenagy sometimes but yeah it’s both
Z YEATES (1 month ago)
I know this is a serious thing and stuff like that, but I personally am really, really enjoying watching this (i'm also not that far in, so I might stand corrected later on) and seeing the girl talk about stuff (and the way she's talking about it) as a near mirror image to me is so, so great for once. edit: fuck i'm crying
Z YEATES (1 month ago)
"- please interrupt me"   fuckin sAME
Georgie Pineda (1 month ago)
MY solution, avoid dating at all! Cheers!
Rowdy44 (1 month ago)
Oh shit there`s portrait of her depression on a wall
ellie rose (1 month ago)
This is so good. Though it definitely applies to dating the most, I see this reflected in the friendships I try to form all the time.
TheGreenerItGets (1 month ago)
That got sad fast.
Sarah Tonin (1 month ago)
I don't think I'm good enough to date anyone. Sometimes I feel like people only ever talk to me because they're bored or pity me.
Talia (27 days ago)
Weird girl Luttrell (1 month ago)
I have depression I know it can be hard
Rinkimiri (1 month ago)
dude what the fuck why you have to get me into the feels
Dis One (1 month ago)
terrible characters
Toad The Awesome Gamer (1 month ago)
This is like a shitty version of Bojack Horseman
Star Thy Name (1 month ago)
Bitch wyd making three of the exact same comment?
Toad The Awesome Gamer (1 month ago)
This is like a shitty version of Bojack Horseman
Joshua Peters (1 month ago)
Toad The Awesome Gamer (1 month ago)
This is like a shitty version of Bojack Horseman
Nada Gad (1 month ago)
I want to share this everywhere.
Cant Think Of A Name (1 month ago)
The Archer vibes are strong
TheWarkilla (1 month ago)
Recently, I was in the exact same spot as this girl. Over the last months, I've finally found a way to tolerate my depression and live a happier life. I'm going to ask her out again, just to see if it's possible to not be reduced to our worst fear, our worst flaw, but to actually be loved for the person underneath this pile of shame that depression puts onto us. No one needs to be rejected, because he/she is depressed, and no one deservers to to live under the reduced life quality depression puts us into. For everyone who reads this: feel yourself hugged. I like you.
Five Eights (1 month ago)
We got too much time on our hands. All that time and nothing to do. Self loathing seems to occupy that void.
Goe N. Phuc Yer-saylf (1 month ago)
Don't talk about depression on a first date.
Domino Phantom (1 month ago)
This is why when you have depression you don't tell anyone. you keep it to yourself, find a therapist and don't tell anyone you have a therapist. (just saying) ^~^
Star Thy Name (1 month ago)
That wasn't the problem. She had depression and her own insecurities made up this reality where this guy doesn't *actually* like her. But that was far from the truth and it was hurting the potential relationship that was blossoming. He cared for her and understood, but her depression made it a lot harder to see that. Depression isn't something you can just "hide and bottle up UwU" it's a mental disease. And bottling up your emotions and hiding your illness is such a toxic ideology. This kind of thinking will only make the effected spiral further down, making their illness worse. Don't hide your imperfections, be open so you can get the proper support systems you need; not just from your therapist, but from your loved ones as well. Because hiding these things AREN'T helpful to anyone and it perpetuates a culture that diminishes actual mental health problems.
Sage Dill (1 month ago)
Fuck that ending hit home hard
Cutekitty (1 month ago)
It is really frustrating hearing people nowadays being like oh I struggle with anxiety and depression. Like there are people that suffer with it. But saying oh I have depression and anxiety because tests make me nervous or life is hard. Like bullshit. I don't think a lot of people had anxiety back when and I'm sure many are like well doctors can diagnose and blah blah blah well buuuuullshit. If you imply you are sad over a pet everybody is like ooooh you have depression. Remember that work deadline. That made you anxious, boom you have anxiety. Like no that is normal. If you want anxiety to try having it 24/7. Not just about mundane stuff but like random things, things your brain will just nag you about things. Like oh, you didn't say this so now everyone hates you. Or remember that water you spilled 5 years ago what if someone slipped on that. Depression is feeling nothing. You don't want to do anything. Not being lazy, there is a difference. Honestly, I feel people use it as a crutch to lean on for things to go easier and to make up their shit personality. There are people that are like I have depression and don't shut up about it. Like yeah, I'd fake an illness to have a personality to (that was sarcasm). With such a triggered generation I'm surprised no one gets mad over this but whatever
Cutekitty (1 month ago)
+Allison Lee nope. Just being honest
Allison Lee (1 month ago)
Are you gate keeping being sad?
Josh Peck (1 month ago)
Cutekitty (1 month ago)
I get it but I do have some problems with this. Look I've made this mistake before but NEVEr blurt out all of your insecurities on a first date. It's not something you should do.
bubblegum pencils (1 month ago)
why not though? there's not really a reason Not To. I mean theres "maybe youll weird someone out" or something, but you dont wanna be around someone who finds it weird anyways lol
Mj lover Forever (1 month ago)
I like this vid makes me grateful that although similar to the girl I’m fortunate to have a philosophy and friends and family that are the opposite to Jeremy a constant reminder of how dope you are is great way to handle depression
YourFakeMustache (1 month ago)
That.. hit a little too close to home
Madeline Timms (1 month ago)
I relate to this so much. I haven’t dated in a couple of years because of a combination of bad experiences and just feeling like I can’t connect to people because of low self esteem and anxiety. I feel like I’d be wasting people’s time.
Ariel Williams (1 month ago)
anyone notice the san junipero egg in the last scene?
yo mums a ho (1 month ago)
i’m seeing this really nice guy, he likes me but i’m not myself and i’m just so afraid of opening up but i can’t force myself i just feel numb... i wonder when i’ll be myself again
Kiersten Suglio (1 month ago)
what is the song in the beginning called??
Dave Dalrymple (1 month ago)
Twenty Odd by Wax Atlantic
A Beautiful Mess (1 month ago)
Fuck depression!!!
Lexyyah Farron (1 month ago)
Wow. Holy shit. This spoke to me on such a level I can't even explain. This has been me this past week; talking with people, making plans and dates, and then... thinking that I'd just be wasting their time and that they would hate me because I'm annoying. I ramble, I stumble over my words, and I'm a depressed and anxious mess. My room looks like hers, and I apologize so much, just like she does. I feel like this is exactly what I needed to see. Like I was meant to see it. This is gonna help me get back. Because I'm not the only one. And it's okay.
SumGuyOnTheInternet (1 month ago)
I have another one for depression guy: When you find the same episode on TV from a show you don’t watch, it’s because it’s the only thing you recognize from the show. If it wasn’t the same episode, you would dismiss it and keep looking for something else to watch. It’s not because the universe is sending you a message because you’re special. You’re not special. You’re insignificant and worthless. What a juvenile thought. Depression guy is strong in me 👍
I love this series

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