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Uniqlo U Spring/Summer 19 Collection | Try-On Haul | What Did I Pick Up?

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Uniqlo U Spring/Summer 19 Collection | Try-On Haul | What Did I Pick Up? | Daniel Simmons + Support the channel My Lightroom Presets https://sellfy.com/danielsimmons + Stay connected with me daily. Instagram: @imdanielsimmons https://www.instagram.com/imdanielsim... Email: [email protected] DEPOP: @dws713 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey Team! Ok So Uniqlo dropped their new U SS19 collection on the 31st of January. I thought id pick out a few of my favourite items to show you! Let me know in the comment section below which you liked / disliked! Thanks heaps for all the support! See you next time. + UNIQLO U MINI SHOULDER BAG https://www.uniqlo.com/uk/en/product/uniqlo-u-mini-shoulder-bag-416493.html?dwvar_416493_size=SIZ999&dwvar_416493_color=COL74 + MEN UNIQLO U WIDE LEG TROUSERS https://www.uniqlo.com/uk/en/product/men-uniqlo-u-wide-leg-trousers-416457.html?dwvar_416457_color=COL69&dwvar_416457_size=INS029 + MEN UNIQLO U OVERSIZED CREW NECK HALF SLEEVED T-SHIRT https://www.uniqlo.com/uk/en/product/men-uniqlo-u-oversized-crew-neck-half-sleeved-t-shirt-415509.html?dwvar_415509_size=SMB002&dwvar_415509_color=COL47&cgid=IDtshirtssweats26154 + MEN UNIQLO U CREW NECK LONG SLEEVED T-SHIRT https://www.uniqlo.com/uk/en/product/men-uniqlo-u-crew-neck-long-sleeved-t-shirt-415508.html?dwvar_415508_size=SMB002&dwvar_415508_color=COL03 + MEN UNIQLO U COTTON BLEND V NECK LONG SLEEVED CARDIGAN https://www.uniqlo.com/uk/en/product/men-uniqlo-u-cotton-blend-v-neck-long-sleeved-cardigan-415865.html?dwvar_415865_color=COL09&dwvar_415865_size=SMA002 + MEN UNIQLO U POCKETABLE COACH JACKET https://www.uniqlo.com/uk/en/product/men-uniqlo-u-pocketable-coach-jacket-416636.html?dwvar_416636_color=COL34&dwvar_416636_size=SMA002 + Watch Anthony Deluca video on the collection to see another perspective / different items. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rvgvy0EN4o&t=86s + Keywords / Tags #fashion #mensfashion #streetwear #outfitideas2019 #mensfahionyoutubechannel #fashionyoutubechannel #streetwearlookbook2019 #dailyoutfitideas #styletipsformen #mensfashiontips #wintershoes2019 #minimallookbook #howtostyle #winteroutfitideas #mensdailyessentials #streetwear #uniqlouss19 #review #outfitideas #lookbook #mensfashion2019 #howtostyle #uniqlotryonhaul#fall2019 #winter2019 #howto #streetwear2019 #uniqlolookbook#uniqlou2019#uniqlou
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Text Comments (169)
Voyex (1 month ago)
How should these shirts fit oversized?
Wanlong Cheang (1 month ago)
love your mustard colour T-shirt outfit
Brooke Hoetzer (2 months ago)
How does the long sleeve purple fit? Tts ?
Brooke Hoetzer (2 months ago)
Have you tried any of the t shirts with the pocket ? How is the sizing
Christine L (3 months ago)
grandma fashion coming back
Pack Man (3 months ago)
We don’t have Uniqlo in my country
Jason Sanchez (3 months ago)
Where’s your necklace from? It’s so badass!
Aristides Ulloa (3 months ago)
Where did you get those pants? The ones you had with the black tee?
Bryan T (3 months ago)
How did you get Uniqlo to NZ? I had to have a friend proxy from UK, unless I'm missing an easier way? Thanks.
sanstimbre (3 months ago)
Just FYI, if you would like to tailor your uniqlo, bring it to uniqlo store and they would do it for free. I’ve had them tailored my pants before, and they did an excellent job.
apugc (3 months ago)
damn i love the jacket!! ur outfits r amazing
Aesthetically Pleasing (4 months ago)
UNIQLO plz sponsor him
Rémi BERTRAND (4 months ago)
please wear high socks
james marshall (4 months ago)
Hey man what's your height?
metcard (4 months ago)
Christof the shit?
Owen Chang (4 months ago)
Hey men what is your doc Martin sizes compared with air force😂 thanks love your content
Chang Charlie (4 months ago)
you could take the pants back to an uniqlo store, they will shorten them for you
Matt Andreadis (4 months ago)
how tall are you?
Marco Eliz (4 months ago)
what's your height?
Uffe Petersen (4 months ago)
What are those pants you're wearing while takling in your room??!! 😍😍
Cameron Costello (4 months ago)
Bro we need uniqlo over here in NZ !!
Raymond DeGuzman (4 months ago)
Hey @Daniel, it was really cool running into you at the Pho restaurant in London. So random! I'm in London for another week, any tips one where to go for trainers?
88 JOEY (4 months ago)
Did you go up a size with the coach jacket?
Eivy Andrada (4 months ago)
You should try tucking in less. Feel like you've been to dependent on tucking in to complete your fits
Eivy Andrada (4 months ago)
@Aesthetically Pleasing :0 wow :0
Aesthetically Pleasing (4 months ago)
Yeahh he should totally leave his personal style because he is dependent on it
Cholo Daguitera (4 months ago)
You look like Ryan Reynolds bro
Bobby (4 months ago)
love those brown pants
The thumbs up, subscribe, bell icon part was on point .
Ronald Buenaventura (4 months ago)
Sad there’s no store near me. 😤
Raphael Romulo (4 months ago)
how tall are u fam?
puzy slayer (4 months ago)
ur vids are cool but improve audio pls
Evan O (4 months ago)
You should do videos were you create your own clothes by sewing them. Like if it’s an expensive piece you’ve always wanted but can’t afford make your own and add your own twist to it. This will encourage sustainablity which is really good
Denny Said (4 months ago)
Daniel I'm from Indonesia i want to ask, what is your pants name? Please tell me
Bvgcljycc Rgkgjgu (4 months ago)
Are you my dad
Professor Lamont (4 months ago)
I see what did there with 21 savage
MoUD (4 months ago)
love the orange jawn
Alex Tillett (4 months ago)
Been looking at the collection and after this video I’m ordering the long sleeve in the purple colourway 🔥
Frandison Chuku (4 months ago)
Yo bruh, where can I get proper crop pants
ndstrs (4 months ago)
What is your t shirt and which size + how tall are you? The t shirt look oversize but it fits very well!
Nathan Gobert (4 months ago)
Hello, I juste want to know where does your pants in the video come from?
Bryan (4 months ago)
might cop😤 coz of this vid
Henry Chen (4 months ago)
uniqlo in my country can tailored your pants for free! maybe you're country has too
Justinelance Bruan (4 months ago)
I really dig your style. You're my icon bro 🔥
Thaman Salami (4 months ago)
Do you fucking think that’s tight u stupid
STYLEDBYNATE (4 months ago)
Yes Bro love this - Beards looking stronggggg too man!!
Adrianne Clave (4 months ago)
Starmie (4 months ago)
Uniqlo have free hemming, all their pants are long so u can get them shortened in store
Daniel Simmons (4 months ago)
Ahh.. I didn't know that! AWESOME.
Kanin Amornratanasiri (4 months ago)
Hey man! After I saw your video about dr.martens 1461, so I decided to try and I love it, bro! 10000% you can't go wrong with 1461! I feel like it can mix with many styles like street, formal, vintage. just up to the way how we wear it from Thailand! btw, sorry for my writing skill I'm not that good in English.
Daniel Simmons (4 months ago)
My man! I told you brother -they literally are just the best shoes haha. Glad you're happy with them man - thanks for the support!
Collin Sunday (4 months ago)
So in general when buying from this collection I should go TTS? I have never bought from Uniqlo but I thought I had to size up
Daniel Simmons (4 months ago)
So.. in the normal collection I think I size up on some items. In this U collection I went TTS on everything :)
AJ U (4 months ago)
Surprised you didn’t mess with the mustard mesh knit in the thumbnail. So good
AJ U (4 months ago)
@Daniel Simmons Yea it fits pretty true to size - you were looking for Large or XL?
Daniel Simmons (4 months ago)
It's fire man - however my size wasn't available.
André López Senitagoya (4 months ago)
Damn, this guy does know how to kill it! This is how you style streetwear. Definitely the best one out there! Great video!
Daniel Simmons (4 months ago)
Wow - too kind yo! Love the support!
Robbi Asus (4 months ago)
i just love when daniel move his fingers when picking items to be returned :)
Daniel Simmons (4 months ago)
This comment made me go back and watch it haha
Tirhza Rivera (4 months ago)
just found your channel, new subbie! Aesthetics on point 👌🏽
Daniel Simmons (4 months ago)
Welcome! Thanks heaps :)
KorSter (4 months ago)
These pieces! Outfit #1 is a look. I have so many pieces from Uniqlo and I was just thinking about heading back there to try out some of the cardigans. Great job as always man.
Daniel Simmons (4 months ago)
It's a good collection man!
Michael Jones (4 months ago)
Daniel Simmons (4 months ago)
Joshua Yu (4 months ago)
video starts at 2:24
Daniel Simmons (4 months ago)
Video ends at 8:52
mom (4 months ago)
pulled out the 21 savage 💀
Mr.Tomski (4 months ago)
The only thing that detracts me from going Uniqlo is the fact that there is a free shipment over a certain price. I know it's not much but considering how other websites (let's say ASOS) and brands (Massimo Dutti, Mango, etc.) offer the shipping, it just makes me not really want to try because I'm not willing to pay for the shipping plus pay for the return if I don't enjoy the pieces.
Daniel Simmons (4 months ago)
Yeah I fully think all online websites should off at least free returns - that way you can order as much as you won't and different sizes to see how things fit.
Rohann (4 months ago)
shirt and pants ID?
Fash Yetchum (4 months ago)
@daniel simmons where is that black T from you‘re wearing throughout the video? Great vid btw!
Daniel Simmons (4 months ago)
Cole Buxton :) Thanks man!
Nayan Tamang (4 months ago)
Bro pants in this video are tailored.. Or what?
Daniel Simmons (4 months ago)
What? haha. Pants haven't been touched but I need to cop some of the length off :)
Nayan Tamang (4 months ago)
❤👏Following your tips @009_nayen in insta
Louis Ortolan (4 months ago)
Hey guys could you help me to ind his black tee shirt he has all the video long (black one). Keep Going Daniels, I Do Love Your content !
Daniel Simmons (4 months ago)
Yo man! It's from Cole Buxton - Workers tee Thanks for the support bro!
Ben Habib (4 months ago)
No uniqlo nor COS where I live in Canada, feelsBadMan. Inspirational fits as always though! Thanks D
Daniel Simmons (4 months ago)
Damn! Hopefully you can order online!
J Dragon (4 months ago)
Really like the shirt and bottoms
Michael Ceulemans (4 months ago)
Beardgame is strong
Daniel Simmons (4 months ago)
It's getting there ;)
Joe Hardy (4 months ago)
Where is the black shirt you’re wearing from? I love that oversized look
Daniel Simmons (4 months ago)
From Cole Buxton brother :)
Raymond F (4 months ago)
I just love the colors I'm just enjoy your channel so much cool and interesting style keep up the great work
Daniel Simmons (4 months ago)
Colours for days Raymond! Thanks man!
CashKhreso (4 months ago)
Lmao, he put 21 Savage music. You have to be reppin a rapper from your country🤣.
CashKhreso (4 months ago)
@Daniel Simmons damn. My joke doesn't make sense now. I always thought you were British😂
Daniel Simmons (4 months ago)
Didn't know he was from New Zealand ;)
mom (4 months ago)
Yeah, aight brooo fr 😭
AmFurtY (4 months ago)
ah yeeessss lovely piecesss dudeee!!! keep up the good work! :D
Daniel Simmons (4 months ago)
Thanks G!
gareth phillips (4 months ago)
Lemaire does all of the uniqlou collections I believe
Daniel Simmons (4 months ago)
Think you're right here!
gareth phillips (4 months ago)
schnibbyy yes but kaws doesn’t touch the uniqlou line just does a collab woyh uniqlo
schnibbyy (4 months ago)
gareth phillips Kaws has worked with Uniqlo as well. Lemaire has done several though.
Christian Carrion (4 months ago)
They definitely need to sponsor you as I had to cop that jacket right after watching this vid haha
Daniel Simmons (4 months ago)
It would be nice haha. Awesome man!
Koen VDB (4 months ago)
*kinda like*
Koen VDB (4 months ago)
@Daniel Simmons YUH
Daniel Simmons (4 months ago)
Good :)
COPP (4 months ago)
What trousers are the brown/beige/sand ones you are wearing?
Demetrios Levi (4 months ago)
Bring back the pleats! Looking fire, bro 🔥
Daniel Simmons (4 months ago)
Thanks G !
Nick Sorensen (4 months ago)
What pants are those at 6:20? looks sick
Daniel Simmons (4 months ago)
Cole Buxton Field Pants
SSCH (4 months ago)
Oh what you can put that nice jacket in that tiny pocket, thats amazing next level fashion🔥😂
Daniel Simmons (4 months ago)
Clean right!?
adryan bartolome (4 months ago)
From this season I picked up the long sleeve t shirt in a grey and black color way. Personally this season overall I wasn’t a big fan of the collection compared SS18 when there was more pieces I was interested in compared to now
Daniel Simmons (4 months ago)
Nice man! Yeah I agree - I do like how their pushing it a bit more though :)
Daan de Sanders (4 months ago)
nice vid fam. where did you get the beige pants that you wear in the vid?
Aaron Villarreal (4 months ago)
A beast 🔥🔥 Mustard Uniqlo
Daniel Simmons (4 months ago)
Yes bro!
Anthony Deluca (4 months ago)
The pieces look great on you! Glad to see other items from the collection styled 👌
Daniel Simmons (4 months ago)
Thanks man!
Anthony Deluca (4 months ago)
@JOG thanks man!
JOG (4 months ago)
Sup dude liked ur vid
30m3 (4 months ago)
They always do a great job with the U collections. Btw you were right about the Cole Buxton joggers, super heavy and great quality!
Callum Fry (4 months ago)
Got the exact same grey trousers and had them shortened by 3 inches - they were super long
Daniel Simmons (4 months ago)
Fire pick up! I need to do the same!
Tomas Sabov (4 months ago)
You are my biggest fashion inspiration. How you deal with people who dont understand your style, and judging you because that?
Daniel Simmons (4 months ago)
Thanks dude! Tbh I don't think about it much now because it's not my job to get them to understand me haha. Plus if they are judging then their not really people id want to be around anyway :) I always ask myself, if I'm not a fan of their style, then why should I let their opinion effect me? Because we clearly have different taste which is ok :)
Dean Doggie (4 months ago)
i love these vibrant colors! but i could never pull that off. lol.
Daniel Simmons (4 months ago)
You can pull off whatever you want to pull off my dude :)
willibe (4 months ago)
@Daniel Simmons what are the pants u are wearing throughout the video ?
Remigiusz Dysk Google (2 months ago)
@Aaron Villarreal Can i get them anywhere else?
Daniel Simmons (4 months ago)
The bro found the link below :)
Aaron Villarreal (4 months ago)
They are an essential Simmons piece its 🔥🔥 from Asos, unfortunately out of stock. https://m.asos.com/noose-monkey/noose-monkey-wide-leg-woven-in-england-trousers-with-chain/prd/8819919?clr=brown&SearchQuery=noose%20and%20monkey&gridcolumn=3&gridrow=3&gridsize=4&pge=1&pgesize=72&totalstyles=28&affid=10607&transaction_id=102d99e410c57f3bf4dd3ddbea70b5&pubref=1023
Chris Libera (4 months ago)
whats the tee you are wearing bro?
Daniel Simmons (4 months ago)
Cole Buxton man
Kenny Thapa (4 months ago)
4:20 = major fresh prince vibes
Daniel Simmons (4 months ago)
100 bro!
icandomusicme (4 months ago)
Currently rocking the wide leg jeans (black) from this collection, and have to say they are super comfy. Good selection of pickups dude. Uniqlo need to cut you the check at some point soon for sure.
Daniel Simmons (4 months ago)
Fire brother! Think I might look at the black ones too! Haha fingers crossed they do some day ;)
Fash Yetchum (4 months ago)
Where is your black T from? Fit looks sick
Daniel Simmons (4 months ago)
Cole Buxton :)
Youssef BCH (4 months ago)
nice video bro ;) keep going
Daniel Simmons (4 months ago)
Alvin Anis (4 months ago)
Anyone who needs to purchase some basics should look towards the Uniqlo U collection. Lemaire is doing a great job with his collab with Uniqlo so far and luckily, I was able to purchase their wide light denim pants and orange shirt. Great content again man, man like Daniel!
Daniel Simmons (4 months ago)
Fully agree with what you said champ! Thanks for the support dude :)
Justin Wu (4 months ago)
Ronald Camasura (4 months ago)
an arm workout tips would be cool
Daniel Simmons (4 months ago)
Sounds good!
FYRRt337 (4 months ago)
you got yourself a new subscriber man, naughty content mate... what are those pants tho?
FYRRt337 (4 months ago)
the ones you had during the intro
Cherylife (4 months ago)
神God (4 months ago)
Your fits' literal flame.
Daniel Simmons (4 months ago)
Thanks my guy!
King Curry (4 months ago)
best channel on YT improved my style so much. Update for Daniel, in one month I lost 8kg, I'm very pleased with myself, still got another 10 kg I wanna lose!!!
Daniel Simmons (4 months ago)
Thanks heaps for the kind words brother! And bro!! Thats SO SICK MAN! Awesome effort G -keep it up man & keep smashing it.
CAPS LOCKED (4 months ago)
8kg in 1 month sounds crazy
Khalid Von (4 months ago)
Nice broo welcome to me in morocco ♡
Khalid Von (4 months ago)
@Daniel Simmons yeh bro
Daniel Simmons (4 months ago)
Thanks man!
Lennard Von Arnim 2004 (4 months ago)
Have you tried to get the Off White air Max 90? I have But didnt get them
Lennard Von Arnim 2004 (4 months ago)
Daniel Simmons tomorrow Nike Balzer x Off White and selena Williams ( maybe you have a girlfriend or for yourself)
Daniel Simmons (4 months ago)
Lennard Von Arnim 2004 Nah man!
Ly Bo (4 months ago)
Did you hear that Uniqlo? You guys should connect 🖤👌🏽
Daniel Simmons (4 months ago)
Ly Bo There we go!!

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