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Alone - Depression Short Film (Award Winning)

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Irving's Superintendent's Shining Star Award! http://www.irvingisd.net/page/10786 Artist: Mattia Cupelli Song: Touch
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Mia lop (24 minutes ago)
hey you yes you want to hear a joke yeah okay the joke is my life
S Wilson (11 hours ago)
Depression is different for everyone. My friend committed suicide last week. What's next?
Constellation (17 hours ago)
I don`t think i`ve ever seen teachers act like that. I mean, I live in England, but still.
Fast (21 hours ago)
Elise Prytz (1 day ago)
I'm not alone, but I feel alone
micahi cringe (1 day ago)
Wow I ever knew I had that. (Edit: I don't have depression anymore I have... Sadness.
canon isensys (1 day ago)
being alone is an advantge people stop being depressed.
yee yee (1 day ago)
I feel like everyone in the comment section should be friends bc we all relate to this so much
Ben Drowned (2 days ago)
My depression is if I'm chocking for my own words to come out but black just comes out of my mouth that are lies. I'm chocking but no one notices it. People treat me like I'm nothing they hit me, push me, say things, call me names, yell at me, my family fight, I try to get my real words out but all the black just comes out and I drown in it. I'm a loner so I can go cry. But actually I want attention. I'm dating someone and I have everything I've wanted. I still cry. I don't want to tell my doctor. She won't get how I feel. My throat is always dry from the black and not my normal voice coming out. I choke and choke until the black takes over. The only thing that makes me happy is nothing. I act like I'm happy but I'm never. If I don't cry it feels like my insides are melting. I have pain in my body all the time. I'm loved but just some people at school make fun of me so I never really want to talk. They will even ask questions like why are u so dark, why can't u wear bright colors? The answer is because I'm not happy I wear black so I can hide in the shadows and cry. If I'm not wearing black it doesnt feel right. I feel like I can't run. I can't run away from the monsters fighting over me. Anxiety and depression they fight and fight then one wins and I act like that all day. They all are black and they look like liquid with red glowing eyes. At night they just fight on who can win. The confidence and positivity sit there and watch. Sometimes they both win. It means the broke both of my arms so I will hurt on both arms. Right is depression left is anxiety they fight when I'm asleep. (How it was before my crush asked me out) u are talking to another girl. You don't like me. You will always hate me. Why would u want to date me. I'm not good. I'm ugly. Why are u talking to me. By the way I still have these thoughts even though I'm dating him. I call for help but no one listens. The monsters come back every night. The only monster I like is insomnia because he makes me not go to sleep so I don't have to stand with depression and anxiety fighting. If this is u I know what your going through. This is how I am and u can't change me. The depression and anxiety won't go away.
Yeoji Bernardo V.I.P (2 days ago)
Me too I'm alone and depressed again. no one cares for me again.
"You know I like pizza right" You know ion give a fuck right
Kon Kon (2 days ago)
I am to scared to give up on life But I have no purpose here. I don't feel myself But I feel others. I am the most different person I know in my own dark world And no one IS me They say they understand That they support me But once I'm sad No one sees me If I'm happy They don't understand why When I'm talking They won't pay attention When I sit alone They don't ask When I walk alone I'm the one that has to follow I tell them I hurt myself They say "don't, it's bad" But does that border depression? No. Remember this And know Some one On the same planet In the same universe Is living a harder life On their own That no one Except them Will understand. #YouLiveOn
hey its Miceh Ugwuezi (2 days ago)
I'm going to cry
Katya Peck (2 days ago)
That’s not what teachers say tho
Oli vlogs (2 days ago)
I just want to scream and shout but Ik everyone will think I’m crazy. I just need one of those long hugs when you forget everyone and anything. When it says I feel like I’m not good for anyone is how I feel everyday. People see you but don’t realise what’s wrong. We just say ‘I’m fine’ because other would make a deal out of it. The comment from is true in many ways. Ik how it feels and it feels worse everyday. When people start arguing with you for an unknown reason it feels like everyone goes against you. That’s when it hits hard. I’m 16 now and been alone for 1 and 1/2 years. No one helps if they see you stressed or alone. It hurts to see this video but it’s really true about how people feel. I feel stupid for typing this soo imma stop now.
Wolfie CutiePie Gacha (3 days ago)
Im getting cyper bullied and i need help 😭 Thats why im here
Dagmara Nicole (4 days ago)
hate how everyone says you’re not alone and stuff like this even though they know nothing about your situation and your life
Blue Panda (4 days ago)
I was like her 4yrs ago. It's really depressing being alone and nobody to talk to about your problems. How sad is life. 😔
rude doll (4 days ago)
wattpad fanfic in a nutshell
Today me and my friend were in 6th period gym class and these girls were talking about us and we were upset and when I get upset I tend to cut my wrists so we went to the office to talk to the counselor and then we got written up for leaving without permission and we got into even more trouble bc my friend went into the gym to get her sweater and it was an 8th grade rally ( im in 7th ) and we wasnt supposed to be in there so one of the gym teachers yelled at us when we didnt even mean to leave without permission and when im sad I overreact and WE WERE GOING TO THE COUNSELOR they stay saying “ talk to someone “ or “ get help “ but when I try I apparently get written up so oh well im done trying and im just gonna plan my suicide.
Asad Yousafzai (5 days ago)
My life is even worse don't have any friend every look at me like a tissue paper use and throw no one cares about me....
C'Zaria (5 days ago)
I'm slowly pushing myself into depression...I feel like no one understands! If i wasn't alone, why hasn't anyone tried to help yet? Where is everyone?Is there anyone? I try to tell my friends i'm down! You know what i get back? "..." That's all! JUST DOTS! I wan't Help....But from who?
anime girl (6 days ago)
if you're reading this while you're reading comments, your life one day will change , trust me, you are not alone ❤
Hannah Baker Yourself (6 days ago)
The production 🥴🥴🥴🥴
Crazy Cat (7 days ago)
Well that looks more of an ABUSE
I'm damn alone. People are fake. I'm tired of their weird face when i'm talking. Peh nobody won't see that whatever 😑😑
Rae Ponting (7 days ago)
My mom says "you're too young, what can be depressed about?" And that's why! No one believes me! My ex bff hates me because I followed her around because I was trying to tell her I was depressed...
Evan Taylor (7 days ago)
You matter. We all matter You are beautiful We are all beautiful You belong on this earth We belong on this earth I love you. We all Love you.
Three musketeers 3 (7 days ago)
I have more struggles than you and I'm alone
Abigail Hoffman (7 days ago)
Depression is the silent killer
Angela Rutledge (7 days ago)
I hate people like that that are so mean and rude and inly care for there selfs and i also got bulled and i am10 years old i got bulled since i was 4 years old
Uncle Sam (8 days ago)
Bitch rlly thinkn bout killing herself over everyday problems that EVERYONE has. Ppl rlly out here wanting 2 die bc of shii and she just bein over dramatic
Nightmare Kunッ (8 days ago)
I’m becoming gay for her
Addisyn Kelly (8 days ago)
I would love if s o meone in the comments actually knew me so they could kill me and life would be over for me...💔😔😭
Squidwards Tentacles (8 days ago)
It takes me 30 minutes to walk 2 miles
Ken Hollis (8 days ago)
I'm sorry, but this film is utter shit. Even without the bad writing and terrible acting, it would still be shit. This girl isn't being depicted as having depression, she's depicted as being unrealistically surrounded by assholes.
nathaniel vasquez (8 days ago)
OMG the mom is soooooo LAZY you can right five miles in 30 miles child negleact
nathaniel vasquez (8 days ago)
you can walk five miles
Aira Angeles (9 days ago)
even тнe тeacнerѕ!? wнaт тнe ғυcĸ dυde!!! ι wanт all вad people тo dιѕappear!
This is my absolute life
Princess Vane (9 days ago)
A classmate of mine has depression so I’m her only friend and I make her laugh and smile 😃
Spenny Mit (10 days ago)
Peachyx Kiwi (10 days ago)
4:34 not to break the mood or something but could you imagine if she was just trying to take her medication and a hand comes out of no where saying "you're not alone" 😂
The tea is spilt (11 days ago)
Literally my life in a nutshell
Cute Alan Walker (11 days ago)
I have severe depression I wanna end me I have no purpose in life I dont have a reason to live No one understands me Not even my family I love staying alone I like crying silently
Meeara Nelson (5 days ago)
Sparky UR (7 days ago)
Cute Alan Walker i can relate really......
thaziri dyithran (11 days ago)
Award winning ,, you sure !?
Mandi Morris (11 days ago)
I'm sorry but....why do you have your pillows like that they would just fall off the bed for me
SPD Channel (12 days ago)
He/she : crying* Me : trying to make him/her to feel better He/she : you can't understand how sad I am you are always happy. You can't relate. . . . . no I can relate . . . I have depression . . . I'm faking my happiness . . . . I try to feel better helping others . . . . and you.. ? . . . . you said that I can't understand? You said that I'm always happy? You said that I can't relate? . . . . . you're WRONG WRONG Wrong wrong 😢😭
Rҽϝʅҽxx (12 days ago)
Depression is way worse
Dany Stark (12 days ago)
Heyyyy !!!! That's exactly my story. And it gonna end the same way as it is but this time there is no one is there to stop me and say your not alone 🤧
khalid waleed (12 days ago)
every dipperessed human being... your cure is Islam trust me. do you guys really believe we accidently popped into existence out of no where and somehow we are so perfect and unique... all you have to do is to look into the mirror to realise you have been created by a creator.. and the reason for your existence is to believe in him and his holy books angels and prophets... and to worship him alone and not to disobay him and like that your vision becomes clearer and you won't have a reason to be dipperessed because you know why your here and you know anytime your going to leave so your working hard for that moment and hardly anything upsets you because you know that heaven is way better. prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was asked about heaven how does it look like he then narrated a hadeeth saying ": Allah the Exalted and Glorious, said: I have prepared for My pious servants which no eye has ever seen, and no ear has ever heard, and no human heart has ever perceived but it is testified by the Book of Allah. He then recited:" No soul knows what comfort has been concealed from them, as a reward for what they did" Trust me Islam is the answer
Brian J (12 days ago)
I just need someone to love and care about me. Anyone. But there’s never been anyone and after all these years of hope it’s slowly deteriorating and I feel like I’m going to be alone forever. It’s getting hard to go on
Master Chief (12 days ago)
Needs a different filter
fish (12 days ago)
I really wanted to relate to someone and this is just pure satire
Jobe (12 days ago)
Gokul-Random Gaming (13 days ago)
Seriously even after seeing this man... There is no one in the world who cares about me excluding parents and yea I feel worthless everytime
Spoidd Michael (13 days ago)
That is NOT how depression works or should be portayed. You'll make people who don't encounter those problems and still have depression feel even shittier about themselves.
lemon yellow (13 days ago)
Huhhhh this is tiring for me i'm 19 and i can feel this whole situation.other people can't understand but i do...
Chelsy Costales (13 days ago)
*Sure I’m, beautiful are you* read that backwards
Martyr Loxe (14 days ago)
Random Person: You are not Alone. Me : Yes, i am! Michael Jackson appears : You are not alone I am here with you Though we're far apart You're always in my heart You are not alone ME: Shut up, dude!
Alora Bullers (14 days ago)
The best actor in this was the woman telling her to leave the school
Belen Romero (14 days ago)
I need someone to tell me I'm not alone... that they care or can relate... but I'm actually alone...
MetalPCer (13 days ago)
I am here for you
Kittens Mittens (15 days ago)
I got depression for a few years now and this year has been the worst... Some morning I woke up, I cry because I am not dead while some morning, I just feel numb as heck and thought why do I even bother.. I have depression for so long now that I don't really show the signs.. Mental Illness is a taboo thing to speak in my family so most of time I just lock myself in my room while wondering if only I am good enough or ways to make death painless. I get pissed out easily and I feel bad. I stop making plans with my friends and even distance myself with them even though they asking me what is wrong. I once told them I have chronic depression and they just laugh saying lol ur funny. So from that point I just stopped saying the truth. People saw me as this cheerful, bubbly and overall weird girl but deep inside I just want to end it all. I really can't stand living any moment anymore because of my really bad childhood and some shit that is currently going on. Last year, my depression actually clear up a bit but idk why it came back. Every night I remain sleepless and numb thinking why I am still alive. I never cut myself but I have attempted suicide few times.(I still got a mini noose somewhere) I dropped clues and tips to my teachers but they just don't really care. thanks and sorry for reading my rant.. I just want to blow off some steam... lol
Kittens Mittens (10 days ago)
+fish I suffered physical and mental abuse through out my childhood.
fish (12 days ago)
Kittens Mittens what event as a child made you depressed?
Deenathayalan aura (15 days ago)
I feel that hand touching moment scene. because im also alone.........
TTL Dorxel (15 days ago)
This is shit
Soorya raj (16 days ago)
Nowadays every short flim comes with an title " Award winning "
david bob (16 days ago)
Yeap we were created for some important reason, we're worth it.
Hessa Alderei (16 days ago)
The girls the one that’s making it hard on her, if she was just positive and had a bright personality that positive things will come back for her
Slime68 Lover (16 days ago)
I am alone
Megan Evans (16 days ago)
Why can’t she take the school bus home
Megan Evans (16 days ago)
What’s with the beeping in the beginning? I thought it was hospital noises or something 😂. Then realized it was her alarm 😂
Crystal Los (17 days ago)
Tf is this
olivia (17 days ago)
i have depression and i stopped going to school 4 months ago, i don’t leave my house anymore. i barely leave my room.
Eminemwhiteye (15 days ago)
+olivia so how we do it?
olivia (15 days ago)
Eminemwhiteye sure if u want
Eminemwhiteye (15 days ago)
+olivia so do you think we can BE friends? Im being real :(
olivia (15 days ago)
Eminemwhiteye me either.
Eminemwhiteye (15 days ago)
Im in the same situation as you :'( and I dont have any friends...
Gacha Grace (17 days ago)
0:00 beep beep beep beep beep
James Nieto (17 days ago)
Seems like homework is the source of the problem
Sanrio Is amazing (18 days ago)
I don’t think this portrays depression the right way. It’s a lot darker then this.
KwiinJess💖 (19 days ago)
At least she has her cat
George Carmel (19 days ago)
Gaurav Saini (19 days ago)
What is it works if you all say suicide is not an option? Nobody knows nothing, all they can just say some positive words but even now this stopped working now...
Kal Staff (19 days ago)
Idk how this is award winning, Im a film student myself and this is really subpar as a film
Mitchell Cruser (19 days ago)
Award winning my ass
Kelsey Grace (19 days ago)
Can I just say, when they say, place your hand over your heart. Can’t you feel it? Well I can’t. 😕😔
Aniket Kumar (20 days ago)
I am very alone
Sara Killer Chips RO (20 days ago)
If I don't care about me...no one can
Jesus Is The Answer (19 days ago)
I care about you with all my heart and Jesus does to. Even though it may not seem like it, there are a lot of people who care about you. I love you 😊💖💕💕💕
DylanBlitz 123 (21 days ago)
Yes I’m alone too no one likes me or wants to hang with me or anything I’m never gonna get a girl I fucking hate school I’m ugly af I suck at everything my parents yell at me for doing bad in school when I don’t give a shit I don’t know how to change what the hell is the point any more? 😣
g lani (21 days ago)
that cat lowkey hitting the beat
Leah Fosdick (21 days ago)
I'm starting to think that parents should always hide pills from their teens, no matter how trustworthy they are. The parents can waste three seconds giving their kids a pill or waste their child. Hide the pills parents, please.
Chris Iz Dawg (21 days ago)
This video is honestly garbage
crypticNwitch (21 days ago)
At least she isnt fat 😪
Tetagonic (21 days ago)
Diane nguyen
Awsome Gaming (21 days ago)
Purpose huh well what if i cant find mine what if im just a waste of space thats how i feel
Xxlena IsonxX (21 days ago)
The girl on this video has the same hair as me I'm not joking this made me cry
Erum Sadaf (22 days ago)
These videos wont help ...... y doesn't people understand depression is worst than that...
Ash blossom (22 days ago)
I tried suicide but failed maybe god wants me to keep in this earth for some reason now i lost my foot as i jumped off from 6 storey apartment😭
Hey, let's talk. Tell me about what was the reason. (I'm not a psyhcologist but better than it trust me. I tried to sucide too. Now better than b4 anyway)
Majid Naeem (22 days ago)
You people act It ive been living it for 33yrs n counting.
DRE Wiloajns (22 days ago)
Omg how do people think this is good acting
Blake Caldera (22 days ago)
Fuck that teacher
Emre Duman (23 days ago)
I'm 26 years old and I'm still thinking my life is not worth living I already have confidence for suicide but I can't do it because of my religion my life is a mess and ruined by the people I trusted all I do is just home to work and junk food so do I need help...probably but even I don't fucking care and so who the fuck cares if I'm fucking alone I'm not even worth a penny
Wave Palmer (23 days ago)
I am here for you. I know this is hard but I will never give up on you. No matter how dark your days get, I'll be here for you. Don't let the darkness steal the beautiful person you have inside. You are enough. If you want to talk about how you're feeling, I'll listen. Is there anything I can do? This isn't your first or last dark time. I know you can get through this one. I can't even pretend what you're going through, but you aren't alone and you are cared for. You are never a burden. Wanted to remind you that you are loved. I know things are hard right now, and that's OK. You don't have to do this alone. I'm not going anywhere. Remember who you were before the darkness stole your light. You will NOT let these bad thoughts win. You are important in my life. You are not a disappointment. I will always have your back.
Mini Thumbelina (23 days ago)
I never really had friends in high school Or a boyfriend. I’m in college now and I still don’t have friends or a boyfriend. I’m a mf loner and depressed!! Sleep makes me feel better and sometimes food. Nobody pays me no attention friend wise or boyfriend wise. I be so angry and sad wondering howcome I can’t have a man or any friends.
Holy...this is the real me everyday in school I swear!

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