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Alone - Depression Short Film (Award Winning)

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Irving's Superintendent's Shining Star Award! http://www.irvingisd.net/page/10786 Artist: Mattia Cupelli Song: Touch
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Fred Molly (4 hours ago)
U dond no depresion Trust me stop faking it makes me sick no ride home WOW
Sweet Mom (4 hours ago)
Her mom is too careless
JungkookX Jimin (7 hours ago)
the alone can still feel loved the loved can still feel alone
nightcore girl2019 (15 hours ago)
Ever since my uncle and grandpa died I've suffered from depression,anxiety, suicidal thoughts and feeling totally alone. None of my family likes me. And i don't want my friends to worry but if i look sad their ask me if im okay. I say yes but on the inside i want to tell them how i really feel and find comfort in them but im afraid they will leave then. I'll really be alone so for now i guess I'll just keep my suicidal thoughts and how i really feel to myself. And just cry to myself in a locked bathroom when everyone is asleep.
ISATORR™ (19 hours ago)
*No i am not like that i just feel alone becosue i am in love with maddie zeigler thats all ok!*
BACOT BRO! (1 day ago)
wow .. same life 100% im tryin to be cool
gatcha love (1 day ago)
Friend :are u okay Me : yeah "I'm fine" *suffering from depression and hates her self *
jade ritchie (1 day ago)
we dont walk like that
Depression isnt just this . Trust me. I had tried suicide 6 times but im still young. Even tho i may still have depression. Its fine. Im here to help. Just stay calm. U will find a way to solve your issues and dun be afraid to open up ( ugh this advice sucks im sry i cant give ACTUAL advice ) also keep out a keen eye on yr friends... sometimes the happiest ones are actually the most saddest ones .... like if they say they have been in bed all day and havent shower... u have to make time to check on them . Yeah idk what this comment is getting to at this point-'
Anjelica lopez (2 days ago)
I have friends I feel alone I have a partner I feel alone I have a family I feel alone no matter what happens i always feel alone I don't know why but it's not going away
Chireyona Jennings (13 hours ago)
You've got God
Mika M. (2 days ago)
Jenn x (2 days ago)
I've tried to kill myself once because i felt useless. I know people are suffering a lot, and im just here complaining. I have a loving family and i couldn't ask for more but why am i not happy. In school, i have no friends. Everyday i spend my time alone. Why? Because i have social anxiety and im scared to talk to people. Everytime im locked in my room, i cry because im a cry baby. I hate everything about me and im not satisfied. I hate my body, that at some points i think of suicide again. I know im just being greedy now
Witch Bitch (2 days ago)
I feel like teachers don’t really act like that though
Kinda Trashy (2 days ago)
That is the best school lunch I have ever seen I'm my life
Aqsa Shaheer (2 days ago)
I wish there would be a separate country for Depressed,Alone,Ugly Teens ! This world is not our cup of tea Fellaws ! 🙏
Abdul muddu (3 days ago)
I got millions of time suicidal thoughts and 3 times I am actually about do it but I didn't. Still feel fucking alone and depressed, pressure from everywhere from home to school, I can't live anywhere without getting pressure, the only person who believed in me was my dad not even my mother or any another person but unfortunately my dad is no more. Its been 10 yrs I am still suffering the same. This message is for those who thinks they r alone,believe me you are not alone. But being a depressed person I am still alone in my mind
Geeta Mahant (3 days ago)
I am watching this at night Is it so much scary
Elin (3 days ago)
I dont eat lunch at school because I have no one to sit with. Aftet some incidents in the lunch cafeteria I cant go near it because it gives me anxiety.
Mukkz (3 days ago)
Shyt if my mom wouldn’t drive me I would just stay home
Kayli adams (3 days ago)
all she want is a ride HoMe
Kayli adams (3 days ago)
don’t hate this video
John Schroeder (4 days ago)
This video wasn't really about depression , it's about one teen girl just having a bad day. Her mom was to lazy to give her a ride to school , but in my own experience sometimes you are the only one you can rely on. The girl will stronger and more prepared the next day. The gay guy instead of paying others to do his homework he should just study and gain some knowledge so he won't be too dumb or whatever to do his own work. The girl offering her some food and a douche just going out of his way to get the only food she had. I seen the same thing back in elementary school. Trying to take other people food after they ate their own. The girl trying to hitch a ride with someone else seldomly works. In the end when her mother wanted her to clean the house it wasn't a completely horrible thing , it will keep her out of trouble and teach her responsibility . The only thing did the mother do anything all day or just sat on her ass all day waiting for the girl to do the housework after school. I'm flip flopping around with this , I'm just wondering if it's an Cinderella story , but without the step sister's.
Klarice Chaney (4 days ago)
That video actually describes my life. It seems life I am invisible and I am always in trouble for something. Everyone's always mad at me...This video made me even more depressed...it just describes my whole life...
nob0dy 899 (4 days ago)
They dont even know what they're talking about
Emma Jenkins (4 days ago)
you know it’s bad when you start watching these videos again
Maddie Greer (4 days ago)
"(awrd winning)* mmm are you sure about that
IAmLazy (5 days ago)
Not really accurate
lol lol (5 days ago)
Bro she 10 minutes late like some times I'm an hour late....
Kanika Savoy (3 days ago)
StinkyRubbishBoi (5 days ago)
Depression is funny Cuz I don’t have it
zero16900 (5 days ago)
Welp this isn't depressing but good try :v
Naddillee Dimond (5 days ago)
* Trigger WARNING*
Erin O'Sullivan (6 days ago)
What it says: Your not alone How it feels sometimes: Your -not- alone.
Greg Jonas (4 days ago)
Brother.....its like people are not able to see me....I'm like invisible......I wanna end this life....enough with this shitty little life of mine........I'll kill myself I promise......theres noone for me bruh.....i am an abomination....i never cause any problem...yet people tream me like shit.......man...😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢...god take my life
Alexis Collins (6 days ago)
Dont do something permanent to something temporary 💓
Salty Egg (6 days ago)
This reminds me so much of myself. My mom loves me but she yells at me all the time. My sister is really mean to me. My dad loves me as well but also yells at me. I don’t understand my math class and i have two Fs. I’ve tried antidepressants, they didn’t work. I tried the Suicide hotline, it didn’t work. I feel hopeless, if anyone out there has a better option please tell me. I’d appreciate it.
night wolf (6 days ago)
Well gosh darn first time i cry in a video
Lily’s nest 99 (6 days ago)
Sometimes I genuinely can't explain how I'm feeling, why? I don't know what too do about its like an empty horrible feeling and I try and talk too my mum and my sister about this but they don't understand how depressed and how down I feel a nd get even when I act and look very happy. I'
Aryanna B (6 days ago)
“YoU aRe ThReE mInUtEs LaTe For ClAsS!”
s t r a n g e r (6 days ago)
*’I wish I could hurt you the way you hurt me. But if knew I had the chance, I wouldn’t do it.’* - me
Ian Beilfuss (6 days ago)
For those that are losing hope: Suicide is a permanet solution to a temporary problem. You only have one life to live. Don’t end it. There are so many people that are willing to help you if you are hopeless. You may feel worthless, but you are priceless. Keep fighting the good fight. You will be in my prayers.
melanin shamzz (6 days ago)
Depression will eat you up inside spit you just to do it slower than before being depressed isn't fun it makes you feel unwanted,lonely, suicidal,sad,angry,hurt etc....I wish I wasn't depressed it's hurts soo much staying up late at night crying wondering what's wrong with me....I think the only think I like about depression is that I can understand how much pain people are in
Renee Gordon (7 days ago)
Wow she really rolled out of bed extremely fast for a depressed person - I need her secret😂😂
poweravok eilish (7 days ago)
this didn't portrait depression as it is. This video make people think that people need to have problems or bad days to have the illness. But it's not like that, it just makes people think that you're just being dramatic if you've had a good day and yet you feel depressed/suicidial.
Aaliyah White (7 days ago)
Damn the teacher is rude but you don't know what people are going through. That why I hate when teachers just dont consider that and blurt out what they feel. This child is just used for everyone satisfaction and I can relate to her
Ngelaa (7 days ago)
Youre not alone Masih ada roqib sm atid :)
I felt this
Marzanna Pl (7 days ago)
American child's problems = first word problems
GurlInpink (8 days ago)
You’re skin isn’t a paper.📝 *Don’t cut it.* You’re face isn’t a mask.😷 *Don’t hide it.* You’re size isn’t a book.📖 *Don’t judge it.* You’re life isn’t a film. 🎥 *Don’t end it..* You’re beautiful just the way you are! *You can die anytime.. but.. what’s the rush?* ❤️❤️❤️
Ata Kamyar (8 days ago)
Damn son R.I.P Kubrick surely needed to learn such hyper cibematography😶 94k likes man...
GrowOZ (9 days ago)
When I was young my teacher once said ”You will never accomplish anything good in your life.” while in a meeting with my parents. They also said ”He always does everything wrong”. Yet here I am. I don’t talk to anyone about my depression and I keep struggling with my life but I won’t give it up. I still have a hard time finding a meaning in life but for now I don’t really feel like I need a reason to keep on living, #JustDoIt 😂
Clarance Helkena (9 days ago)
Just stand tall and dont fuking fall
Kristiana Langan (9 days ago)
Random person: YoUr nOt aLoNe. me: Wow u cured me!
anas abbas (10 days ago)
World address lonely r depressed people loosers but they dosent know one should balls of steel to be alone and live this life ..... Nothing is going to change we all are always hated for no resson... After so much of years of trying now a days I just don't meet anymore people to be with..... Have to complete the term of life with out disturbing or hurting anybody.....😖
Santiago Tomé (10 days ago)
Loved the piano melody, seems deep. To me it was a nice short movie
Raven Werner (10 days ago)
Person: you okay? Me: no. I’m living in a nightmare I am alone everybody hates me. My father could care less. I am ugly. I have no friends. I hate myself. What I actually say: yeah totally. Why wouldn’t I be.
GamerDev (10 days ago)
- You're not alone Me: Lost all my good friends, lost my loving girlfriend (the closest person I was to after my Mom), parents will abandon me if I decide to drop outta college and pursue my dreams, God himself has probably abandoned me.... So yeah, I AM ALONE
The Septic Fangirl (11 days ago)
idc if I’m not alone I feel alone
Nightstar Marine (11 days ago)
I cried at the end because events like this are exactly what helped to lead up to my depression. And I'm not sure if someone will even want to stop me if I go too far.
life happened (11 days ago)
Depression is worser than this
Michael Sullivan (11 days ago)
Why da fek is dis in me recommendations
b bayarmaa (12 days ago)
If I was her I would still take those pills
farizos (12 days ago)
if i was her classmate i will smack that teacher's face .
Nardo Silva (12 days ago)
I always sat alone in school and even after it's over I'm still alone but thank God I know I don't need stupid people by my side and I know that life is good to be missed
Duck Soup (12 days ago)
“Depression does not end pain, it just transfers to your family....That’s why I’m still here” I heard that once In a video... it hit me hard.
PROD. RXPID (12 days ago)
This is just typical teenage issues depression is worse
Meraki Otaku (12 days ago)
This really doesn’t portray the **real deep** parts of depression.. as a girl who has depression, multiple hospital visits, sadly many failed suicide attempts. This isn’t the true meaning of depression..
Summer K (12 days ago)
Yo that teacher was a real asshole
mary mullins (12 days ago)
I have many friends they make me laugh they love me I love them but I still have depression even if I hide it with a smile
Noah Vejar (12 days ago)
Wow this video is so inaccurate, it’s disrespectful when you have these shitty writers who think they’re doing good but instead turning depression into a joke.
Justine Calosing (13 days ago)
and she is not even doing anything, thats basically my life.
mysterios being (13 days ago)
I think I'm gonna to die lonely
Paper (13 days ago)
Whenever I’m depressed I just watch this it 100% works https://youtu.be/LENywaDydWg
"Place your hand on your heart. Can you feel it? Thats called purpose" IM STEALING THAT SJSHSHSJJS
kill eye (13 days ago)
But then I think that I'm like god,people only remember me when they need something from me...
Asia 23 (13 days ago)
So apparently everyone has depression.
Maddie Myers (14 days ago)
Depression isn’t wandering around pondering in sadness because your life sucks ass, a life can be absolutely perfect and the person living it can feel like they’re drowning in despair. Depression is going between feeling nothing at all and indescribable pain. Suicidal thoughts are plagues of the mind that can invade any time, wanting to just stop going through the inescapable motions of life. Suicidal thoughts aren’t just wishes of escape from a shitty day. If you don’t understand depression or suicidal tendencies then don’t fucking make a short film about it.
EnabledStudios (15 days ago)
https://youtu.be/addme/M3f73TidQrm3Jv2R7X9b3qG6PpPsYw if you ever feel lonely Im a send button away
Jazzy (15 days ago)
this would make people cry but not me, I shredded to many tears already
Xtro l (15 days ago)
This doesn't really show a depression story but it does show a shitty life And actually kinda Does nvm
Nasome King (13 days ago)
Yes it does
Xtro l (15 days ago)
Award winning? Their acting was kinda wack But the main character Is an amazing fucking acter
Yuser Khalid (15 days ago)
Shirley I feel you so much
Vuyelwa Jack (16 days ago)
Im going through more or less the same thing
Daniel Michael (16 days ago)
This depression remedy “fetching kafon press” (Google it) truly aided me pullmyself out of a dark hole many months ago. I was unemployed on crutches in a foreign country living in a shoebox with a ruined soul. But I am a totally different person now, joyful and very satisfied in life..
TofuDelivery Boi (16 days ago)
That's literally me but as a male😭
iiBlackWz (16 days ago)
Am I the only one who don't have depression lol
Ra Anasthesya (16 days ago)
okay, so i'm crying at the end of the video ;-;
Nick Marquez (17 days ago)
Who created this? Terrible writing.
Alyssa Syn Yen Yeoh (17 days ago)
Why do people have these dangerous drugs in their house!?
nikanj6 (18 days ago)
Very innovative approach. Great job.
xd jeffreek (18 days ago)
That a happened to me
makayla shepherd (18 days ago)
ok so my mom she believed my ex friends and teacher that i was doing stuff but i really wasnt doing anything but like really this isnt the first time she done this to me i mean i have 2 younger brother and a older sister that live in my house and i really feel time i have no one ps my mom took my phone bc im a " bad child" but again i do and did nothing
Too Slick (18 days ago)
3 mins late to class...
Brett Kramer (18 days ago)
I feel the same because I had a girl friend who broke up with there boyfriend and dated me then broke up with me and got back with the same boy and broke my heart 8 times now where not friends anymore because what she done to me 8 times she is nothing but a lying heart sabber 💔
Alex31YTB (19 days ago)
4:07 **sees pills** what tf i just started watching this is he or she or what ever goin to commit die(also known as suicide)
Zackbro29 (19 days ago)
Who else is here like 4 am in the morning looking at these films.
Alex31YTB (19 days ago)
Not you
Rhiannon Henry (19 days ago)
A+ acting
The sad thing is that no it’s not Evan this o obvious I’m the nice girl who says hi to evryone in the morning and cumforts evryone no matter what the issue if enyone knew I was struggling that I’m in my den with the lights dimmed crying and feeling helpless I’d be shocked
Maia Leeds (19 days ago)
Jaaaamessss the MANNNN the mannnn with the plaaAaAaAaAaNnn
john obenita (20 days ago)
her mom dumb fuck
Iqra Zafar (20 days ago)

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