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The symptoms of depression

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Am I depressed? Should I see someone about it? Watch this video to find out. We explain the main symptoms of depression and why you shouldn't feel bad about getting help if you feel them. Most people have depressive episodes at some point in their lives and getting help to deal with it doesn't make you weak.. it makes you smart. Please share this video if you feel that it could help someone find help to get over their depression.
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claywords tutorials (6 hours ago)
I dont know how to tell my mom. I did try to tell my friends, they didnt really care, i dont even know if they took it seriously. And i cant tell my mom, i cant be sad with people around me. It makes me embarrassed and i simply cant so im stuck.
Raiee Million (2 days ago)
I have all these symptoms and I've been advocating for support but my parents don't believe in mental issues
GachaPotatoGirl 21 (3 days ago)
Im underage so i think they wouldnt understand me..
I experienced all of the symptoms for half a year now. Also my psychologist wont help.
Zuki nasa (4 days ago)
I am 😣
Robin Sk (1 day ago)
Why are you sad? You can talk with me about it.
Giulia Carasi (5 days ago)
I'm...... depressed but my parents don't believe me
Hello i am 30 years old because of masturbation habit i lost everyy chance of life now my condition is no job no qualification no gf no money only lonelyness now depression attact hit me everyday 3-4
M.S.S nightmare (8 days ago)
What if you tell you parents and they don't understand stand and they think that you are making it up I got all the 9/9 of the symptoms and I just want to shout out for the top of my lungs that I'm sad and stressed everyday and I don't know what to do!!!!!!
Robin Sk (3 days ago)
It sounds like you are really hurting dear friend and I feel for you. I just want you to know that, okay? I am thinking about you and praying for you as well. Please remember that. On a personal note, let me mention one thing from the heart. My best friend in this world is the Lord Jesus. He saves, forgives, loves me unconditionally, heals, encourages and so much more. He loves you friend and wants to hear from you. Make Him your best friend also. Please take care.
Prinsu Sanjel (9 days ago)
And i have all of the 10😞😞
Me Also me (10 days ago)
8/9 Um.. should I call up someone?
idc if I die tho, but if someone drove over me witha car and I died I would thank them
@Robin Sk stfu fanatic
Robin Sk (7 days ago)
"The thief does not come except to kill, and to steal, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly." -Jesus Christ
*my freind is suffering from depression, I have a Anxiety disorder, we are very alike and help eachother*
Benazir Samoon (14 days ago)
I think the next video they should make is about Facticious Disorder. Many people in this comment section seem to have it.
Sasha Pn (14 days ago)
The tym I told my parents that I'm suffering and nothin ryt is goin on in my life and that I feel sick mentally and cry myself to sleep They didn't believe me and started laughing like my whole life is a joke...
Lilly Gacha (15 days ago)
YT video: Symptoms ur. Deppressed YT video: Well lets see r u sad or like what
1lilypad girl (15 days ago)
I feel tired but can't sleep. My depression that has been on going for almost ten years.
Faithful Flower (17 days ago)
I experienced all of it, but except sadness because I only feel numb
xXPersondrawsXx ! (17 days ago)
Lol all 9 but ha I’ve been diagnosed ..... kinda I have been they say I have it but there’s some other factors that are going in so they think I might have something like it but worse but that has the same symptoms, or I have it and I just have another thing that’s messing with the results, anyway fun:3
Abigail B. (18 days ago)
One of my friend’s always says, “I wanna kill myself.” Whenever there is an inconvenience of some sort. I reply, “Same.” But she thinks I’m joking.
Robin Sk (15 days ago)
I'm praying for you Abigail. It hurts me to see you this sad. I was where you are a few years ago my friend. My life was miserable and I just wanted to die. With the help of a friend, I found that I am not alone, and there is help. The first thing I did was to give my pain and my life to Jesus Christ. He makes all the difference in the world. Counseling and medication followed, which really helped balance me out. There is a better world waiting for you Abigail. Believe me. Please take care.
lumii (22 days ago)
if i see another person who thinks they are depressed just because they have what the video says, i’m done. please, just go to a professional and let them decide, it’s stupid to self diagnose..
Robin Sk (24 days ago)
My heart longs for you O child My heart aches for you My heart reaches out to you My heart is hungry for you My heart is waiting for you My heart is patient for you My heart is crying out.... I know your pain I too have felt pain I have been through agony I know your depression I know your despair I have lived it I have been rejected and hated I know how much it hurts I know the love you need I want to give you that love Open the door my child And let Me come in Receive Me And let Me love you I will love you like no other -The Lord Jesus Christ
JustJulienne Vloggs (25 days ago)
6 yrs na kong ganyan.
Im fine. I can fight it on my own
Molly B (26 days ago)
I am depressed because of my mum she called me a lot of names like fat stupid idiot so that's why I now live with my dad
CrystalSouls Gacha (27 days ago)
I have experienced all 9 almost every day. I'm screwed....
Shipper Pattis (28 days ago)
I have ‘1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9’ I really wanna die its just not only for two weeks but two years and ı realised ı have depression jest now...
har vin (28 days ago)
Man i want to kill myself But what if i do? :'(
Minty Xxxxl (30 days ago)
I took a depression test the other day I got 17 out of 27 so I have depression but it's cause of stress? Idk anymore oof
Minty Xxxxl (26 days ago)
It's more than likely its fake tbh (hopefully is)
duckzuuchii (26 days ago)
I did a depression test and got 19 out of 24 :/
Chaos_StarZ YT (1 month ago)
I sometimes laugh and have fun with friends, but sometimes I always have these thoughts were I say that I’m not good enough. Today I got my math test result and I actually thought I did really good, but when I got it handed I got not achieved, I was so mad and sad and the same time I didn’t know what to do, sometimes I feel like I just want to die I always say I’m not good enough and I always lose concentration on my work. And this all started when I first went to college so I don’t know what to do and I’m scared, I always eat I always lose apatite because I always lie that I have already eaten and I’m always tired although I have fun a lot I don’t have fun at home
DonnieCookie (1 month ago)
Well shit
noodlez (1 month ago)
me: *have experienced all the 9 symptoms in the last 2 weeks* bruh.. it's not like I have suicidal thoughts, but whenever my brain got the chance it starts creating different ways to die in that place
Lia345 (1 month ago)
Lol I am depressed....AND THAT GAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR in the comments I like to joke even know I'm literally crying RN XD........ :\ I kinda like being sad....................HOPE YOU HAD A NICE DAY FELLOW DEPRESSED FRIEND
SHooketh London (1 month ago)
I have depression but i never show it... sometimes i cant help but cry out of no where because i feel Like Im Nothing
Robin Sk (21 days ago)
You may feel like you're "nothing" dear friend, but, believe me, you're something. God never makes a mistake, and He made no mistake in creating you. He sent His very Son to give His life for you. Yes, you are deeply, deeply loved dear friend. The next time you need to cry out, then cry out to Jesus. He wants to hear from you. Please take care.
Mei-ified Gameplay (1 month ago)
Yay I got an 8/9 on the te- oh wait
Zeah Joy Bonaagua (1 month ago)
2 weeks..... I am suffering for almost half a year now that all those feelings are already torturing me. I have no one to talk to. I tried but no one is truly concerned. Until i decided to keep all of it inside me. I am already dying inside because of it. I thought it will just fly away. I am hoping it will just go away.
Robin Sk (21 days ago)
You haven't disappointed me dear friend. No, not at all. Your "weakness" only means you're just as human as myself!! Years ago I was depressed and suicidal and it was quite painful. And yes, I'm afraid many people go through this in life as well. That's heartbreaking. But read on....There's a verse that says: "Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." That's the answer Zeah. You see, life is hard for all of us, but the moment you give your burdens, troubles and depression over to Jesus, He takes them. He now carries them for you. Along with that, you will also have a home in heaven one day.
Zeah Joy Bonaagua (21 days ago)
@Robin Sk thank you so much. I am truly thankful. I am fighting. i will, always, With all my strength. You dont know how much this message of you means to me.
Robin Sk (21 days ago)
Someone is concerned about your suffering dear friend, and that someone is me. Your comment was heartbreaking to read and I feel for you. I want you to know that God loves you deeply and passionately and always will. He sent His very Son Jesus to die for you. That's how much He loves you. Ask Jesus to save you today. Do not delay. Please take care and write back if you would like to.
3leonora _ (1 month ago)
I would like to talk to a psychologist but... my parents are the main problem here
Pug Gamer Yt (1 month ago)
... why do I check off all of those things but I ain’t depressed
shinddersh uwu (1 month ago)
Most people: *is sad for 1 minute* Also them: I am depressed
Tallwhalebob Gaming (1 month ago)
Wait so my friends say that I don’t and I am overreacting but I feel like I might have......
_ saaaging (1 month ago)
after telling my parents that i felt depressed and suicidal, they said i was being dramatic but they took me to a consult anyway. it's hard. life is hard.
Mystery L (1 month ago)
Hi I just noticed about this video and I decided to check it out because I've been lately feeling well negatively about myself. I did have a trauma when I was in 3rd grade that my bully was about to kill me by drowning me anywhere that had water in it. I have also figured out that I have 7 over the symptoms of depression that has happened to me over a year.. I do want to get help but mom wouldn't believe me (since I'm only 13) and I just want someone to talk to about this and other of my past time's...
LoreOfTheGame - (1 month ago)
Supportive peers? Bruh I have none.
Sophie Langer-Hurst (1 month ago)
I want to visit a pyschiatrist, because im feeling a bit deppressive, but i don't know the best way to tell my parents, because they're are overprotective, and i dont know how they would react. On the list of symtoms, i have 6 of them, and i started thinking, " would everything be the same if i disappeared?" I need help in telling my parents.. can anyone help me?
Sophie Langer-Hurst (1 month ago)
i am an artist, btw, and im losing intrest in making art, and feel too tired to do it..
Zack mack (1 month ago)
I have all symptoms..
Angelica Mora (1 month ago)
I knew I had depression I have all of the symptoms and all of this happen because of moving out of states
Mystery L (1 month ago)
Mines about a trauma I had in 3rd grad about my bully would drown me if I ever did something that was going to make her mad (almost like everything I did made her mad) rn I have 7 of the symptoms
The thing is, I don’t see the point of anything in life but I will never kill my self either because there’s no point to that So I just carry on and put on a fake smile, and everyone believes ir
F H97 (1 month ago)
I have all the 9 symptoms... i wish i get hit by a car but i don't want to kill myself because i don't want others to suffer because of me
Itz Ashley (1 month ago)
I suffer from this every day..I cant eat,Cant sleep,Dont go outside..
owo (1 month ago)
Why do I have them all-
Sheng Caban (1 month ago)
Its better if you don't draw a picture because I feel dizzy of what you are doing.
Christian Arthur (1 month ago)
I got most of the symptoms but I eat a lot, like seriously after just an hour from eating i get hungry again
charmaine harvey (1 month ago)
The eating one sucks cause after u eat u still feel empty and then u also starting calling urself fat and may even end up with an eating disorder because of it.
earth salt (1 month ago)
"stay strong and just keep breathing"
Rave Rantz (1 month ago)
Feeling the same thing here...
Number Letter (1 month ago)
my mom said if u can prove I'm depressed she will get help. (I doubt she thought that through, I could've killed myself and I already cut) and I showed her thsi so I'm currently getting help it's pretty annoying but I'm stabilizing slowly. Thank you for thsi video, surprisingly it worked for something.
Ashley Leon (1 month ago)
Thats great! I hope you recover :^)
Robin Sk (1 month ago)
Sounds like you're on the right track towards treating your depression dear friend. May God be with you and show you His kindness and grace. May the love of His Son Jesus surround you and embrace you warmly. Please take care.
paknoz B (1 month ago)
All 9. But its episodic. Is there a kind of depression that is episodic?
Kenny The goat (2 months ago)
I have
Thea Helisten fast (2 months ago)
I have ADHD and it makes me feal like in stupid in school, i feel fat ugly and nobody whants to be with me, i lost my sister and my parentes got a divors...
Robin Sk (1 month ago)
I am praying for you dear friend. Jesus loves you deeply and passionately no matter what you''re going through. Remember that. Please take care.
Emily Kearns (2 months ago)
This might've happened this year of a week or two of having Winter Blahs on February. I'm not 100% sure. 1️⃣ There are times I don't feel as motivated. 2️⃣ I like going for a walk if it's nice outside. I'm still trying to get involved with interior design, art, music, and writing. And not just looking on the computer, binge-watching videos, or napping all day. 3️⃣ I guess I overeat a little bit. 4️⃣ I take sleeping pills before bed. But I do take naps at times. 5️⃣ Like I said in 1. 6️⃣ Trying to stay awake and trying to find a nice time for a walk. 7️⃣ It's bad enough to hear those random negative thoughts popping in your mind. And I'm also trying to fight that with thinking of something else. 8️⃣ There are times I can mostly remember stuff on cartoons and animated movies more than the real world. And there are somethings I don't know what to do other than daydream. 9️⃣ It's bad enough to think about it. I despise suicide. What good would that do? I just REALLY need to try and wake my mind from this *shrouded dark cloak*
Emily Kearns (1 month ago)
@Ashley Leon I said "I'm not 100% sure" Like I said: I just REALLY need to try and wake my mind.
Ashley Leon (1 month ago)
It doesn't sound like you have it. You seem so unsure about everything liek sayings things like "I guess" or "sometimes" and etc
audbod F-j (2 months ago)
I have 7 of the options but idk how I can tell my parents or family
Pluffy Fluffy (2 months ago)
I'm a kid with these symtoms and i can't tell my parents about this what i am i gonna do?
Robin Sk (1 month ago)
If you have all these symptoms of depression dear friend, and can't tell your parents, then first tell Jesus how you feel. Pour out your soul, because He loves to hear from the hurting. You will find telling your parents to be much easier then.
Door Knob (2 months ago)
I don’t want to be helped
harumixty (2 months ago)
ThatOneKpopFan (2 months ago)
Don't confuse depression with hormones. If you're still developing and going through puberty, at times you may think your depressed, but it's most likely just hormones fucking with you. If you're *REEEAAAALLLLY* sure there's something wrong with your mental health, talk to someone or go to a therapist. That is, only if your still developing and going through puberty, if you're an adult who is experiencing a lot or all of these symptoms, then chances are it's not hormones, and you really should get the help that you need and deserve.
surypap the fallen human (2 months ago)
I resonate with 134567
Super Hamster Gaming (2 months ago)
I hope everyone who has this disorder gets better. Don’t tell my mom I told you but I have major depression myself. It’s tough and it’s not a joke. Depressed people need support from anyone who is willing to give them it. Depressed people are not psychos.
Mac Kelly (2 months ago)
I'm 53. My depression is horrific.
What if your a kid and you think you have it... And your to scared to tell anyone because they'll say "no you just think it" ....but you really feel.lile this...
Black Ink? (2 months ago)
I lack interest and motivation I want to just lay on a bed I feel neither happy nor sad.I usually feel nothing I am addicted to eating I dont want to die though.I actually have no intention of dying.I kind of fear death. But still i feel so empty. I wont diagnose myself with depression because that might not be it. Maybe a change of environment will help me.I dunno.
Teodora Koleva (2 months ago)
1:27 I have experienced them iven more than the last 2 weeks
Lina M (2 months ago)
I dont care what age i die. Well to me atleast. Well i think so
Itz kawaii studio (2 months ago)
I am scared , cause you described me , most 9 .
Ashley Leon (1 month ago)
Go see a doctor or a therapist
Lucas Carter (2 months ago)
I detest seeing my son goinginto depression so I looked and discovered therapy “fetching kafon press” (Google it) and my son was utilizing it for months. Within 2 months of him reading it he had become so loving toward life where before he were unsatisfied with everything. And made him a better individual right now..
blinkoncearmy _ (2 months ago)
And here my "friends" are thinking I'm lazy when I don't even have motivation to simply *live* because of this.
limuel lozano (2 months ago)
Right now i'm on these staqe....yesterday i i eat my antibiotic(500mg)2pcs and eat it toqether.... But nothinq's happen except i'm getting sleepy
Rocio Gomez (2 months ago)
... I thing I have depresión :'c but my family not help.. Me... I justo but a fake face :) but. I all toma sad
Ben's vacation (2 months ago)
90% of people now think they have depression
Annika Nabors (2 months ago)
I have all of these and I know I have depression and anxiety diagnosed and i wanna kill my self and I have done self harm
Kari 24comedy (2 months ago)
I think i have depression,I mean,I’ve tried ALL the tests that exist and the results are pozitive,I still can’t diagnose myself,but I’m scared to talk with my parents about it because I’m scared that they won’t belive me and Say something like: You’re just overreacting! What should I do ? Edit: Please?
Isidorodavid Doro (25 days ago)
@Kari 24comedy no problem
Kari 24comedy (26 days ago)
Isidorodavid Doro Thanks!
Kari 24comedy (26 days ago)
Madilyn Ray me too :,(
Madilyn Ray (26 days ago)
I have taken a TON of tests online and all say I have major depressive disorder. I haven't told my parents mainly because I am 98% sure they won't believe me(gosh they don't even believe me when I say I have a cold) i just wish I were closer to them so I can explain this to them. I hope we both somehow work through this because I know how tiering it is without help
Isidorodavid Doro (2 months ago)
Bro do something i have anxiety and depression too but i never Said This to my family my Mother died and i noticed that something was wrong with me,you deserve to be happy that voice in our heads needs to disappear
TheKartikDada (2 months ago)
I have all those points
Melanie Diaz (2 months ago)
So one day my day was fine and everything but then this boy ruined my mood saying that people was talking about my looks and because I’m a little chubby and then at school I’m like I don’t care if people talk about me and everything but deep down it hurt 😔 me. So I stared to get mad at my friends and everything but they were like what’s is going on and everything cause I usually walk with them to go home so they were going to some fast food restaurant and I said I was leaving early, so I was so sad and hurt that I didn’t want to eat so. I wanted to talk to my mom but she was like stop being dramatic and stuff,so the next day I begged her not to take me to school because I was scared, so she didn’t take me, but there there was a time I wanted to hurt my self but I didn’t wanted to die I just wanted to hurt myself because I though that was going to make me feel better. But I didn’t cause I was trying to call my self down even though I wanted to hurt myself so bad. So I went to school one day and my friend I trust her she asked me what happened and I was scared to tell her. But I did and started to cry but somehow talking to her make me feel better and I’m glad I had the chance to talk to someone. Please if you have Depression, anxiety, etc please talk to someone you trust. 🙂 Or have a psychologist. Just know that if you are suffering from any of those disorders, I love you and we are strong cause that’s what family does and we are going to get through this together. ~from me
Tuti Anwar (2 months ago)
My friends say that they are depressed, but when I ask them they said they were only upset and stressed out. I think I am rlly depressed and for the last 3/4 months I've annoyed, tired, and sensitive. At school I seem to be 'The Class Prankster' or 'The Class Clown' becausw its my way of hiding my depression. I haven't have the courage to tell my parents because they would ask why am I deppressed and it is actually about them. I loved them so much but sometimes I got tired of them yelling at me. I have friends but I couldn't bear telling them. Also sometimes that I wished that I was somebody else like Princess Leonor of Spain. I sometimes hated myself and I rlly don't wanna kill myself but I couldn't help it anymore. I am usually cried my way to sleep. I almost cried writting this. I hope you appreciate me. Please no Hate:). I am almost 11 and live in Indonesia. I am using my aunt's acc. Since I have an email but my dad wouldn't tell me the password. If anyone could help me please tell me in the comments section;).
GachaRis Okay (7 hours ago)
I know it’s hard to see this right now, but it’s only temporary… Things will change. You won’t feel this way forever. Look to that day.
Paige Davis (2 months ago)
Tbh I had most of these symptoms
Brie Yela (2 months ago)
i knew it. i got all 9. how am i gonna tell my parents? they'll think i'm just asking for attention. my friends have been seeing some of my symptoms too. i DAYDREAM about suicide. when i'm at school, i want to die. i lie in bed in the afternoon, hoping to fall asleep and never wake up. maybe i'm just overreacting.
Brie Yela (17 days ago)
@Abigail B. i'm so glad you can relate. things have gotten somewhat better, and i hope they will for you as much as they did for me❤
Abigail B. (18 days ago)
Brie Yela Hello, I hope you’re still with us. I know how you feel. I am obsessed with the thought of dying. I think about it most of the time.
Angito 90 (2 months ago)
I have 7 of 9..
Sherryl Fernandez (2 months ago)
i have all the symptoms..😢
Brie Yela (2 months ago)
please tell someone. i don't like the feeling of hiding it and never telling. i feel the same way. get it off your chest.
kaia moon (3 months ago)
Wow I have all of them😭
Harley Mahoney (3 months ago)
7 of them
# Zephyr Woomy # (3 months ago)
I know I already have depression, but geez, this video just proves it times two.
ScribbleGacha (3 months ago)
*When you have all 9 of them +self harm for a year now*
kaia moon (3 months ago)
Useless_bitch yep...
BTS ARMY AND PROUD OF IT (3 months ago)
8/9 :') Yeahokmhmsurefine
YAYYYY It DEcRACED to 4/9 after becoming bts army :)
Daniel Michael (3 months ago)
I had the most awful days of my life 5 years ago. At first I thought it was just because I had a bad break from a relationship but the feelings wouldn`t go away even after I got a new girlfriend. After adhere to this depression remedy “fetching kafon press” (Google it), I`ve held my depression at bay since that time. And I am very happy today since I am not going thru depression any longer..
SparksFly (3 months ago)
Lmao I have all of these symptoms Haha Ha Ha... Can I die please?
Pedro Solis (3 months ago)
This is the fifth video I’ve almost completely matched with
syed yacob (3 months ago)
i had all of the 9 symptoms ...but i cant consult anyone beacuse if i say to my paretns this they think negative they think i am just lying.. they thnik of me as an attetion seeker
kimberly manuel (3 months ago)
Heh..... I don't even know if I have depression I have 7 or 8 of those facts. But I wanna have a therapist or phsycologist to ask, but it will just waste my moms time and I,don't want her to be mad at me so.... I guess I'll see what happens in the future. Oh!! And I know she uses a micron pen!! OMG I love those!!! 😍😍
Potato Nugget (3 months ago)
are those copic markers i see? sorry i just noticed them
Nyah Senpai (3 months ago)
I have depression and did not even know ...
Raghad_10o (3 months ago)
The funny thing is that I experience all the symptoms every day for 3 years and I've never told my parents about it and I'm suffering all alone yay me...
GachaRis Okay (7 hours ago)
I know it’s hard to see this right now, but it’s only temporary… Things will change. You won’t feel this way forever. Look to that day.
Random vids (3 months ago)
Well, shit i think im depressed. Ive got 2 bffs but i fell like theyre fake. Ive got some past experiences and it makes me scared to make new friends. I had no friends for about 3 years ever since my "bff" got better friends. I still miss her but we've gone our own ways now. I dont know anything anymore. Yes i do know what 1+1 is and all you leatn in school but i dont feel like living. Im living in confusion a world of lies, once a guy on roblox told me to die. I did try to stop eating, but it didnt realy work. I do kinda wanna cut myself but thats bad. I am going to a therapist soon and thats good.

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