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Death Valley: One of the Most Extreme Places on Earth

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Southern California is home to some of the most extreme landscapes on the planet--none more so than Death Valley where, in 1913, the temperatures reached a world-record high of 134 degrees fahrenheit. From: AERIAL AMERICA: Southern California http://bit.ly/2afSwDN
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poprock051 (1 month ago)
alok kumawat (3 months ago)
india best the gret
M&M LINDSEY (4 months ago)
anoymoususer103 (8 months ago)
Why do people still use Fahrenheit!?
Shawn Afshar (9 months ago)
California is the nicest state
+Kristufer Rodicolous Yep
Kristufer Rodicolous (4 months ago)
And sucky air quality
Shawn Afshar Nah It has high taxes horrible traffic and they charge you for plastic bags
Toa Mataafa (7 months ago)
Shawn Afshar not no more..
judas brute (10 months ago)
just outside D.V. is abandoned/ghost town of Rhyolite, NV. worth a stop if you're in the area
L Rodriguez (10 months ago)
that's a lie palm springs had a day that was 136 degrees .
Gringo (11 months ago)
Beautiful place. Just don't go in the summer. (Need I say that?)
Sath Pichvorak (11 months ago)
America is known for great science, but why they don’t plant trees in Death Valley.
Curtis Momber Jackson (3 months ago)
If they did that ,it wouldn't be death valley
Kristufer Rodicolous (4 months ago)
California has too many wild fires
M&M LINDSEY (4 months ago)
Su Amigo El Ilegal (10 months ago)
Sath Pichvorak there is no since in the world
Public Health Safety Co. (11 months ago)
We also don't have to spend it right away, and not even that much. Even a billion each year is enough as part of the budget... For China cost might be higher, because empires came and went, they built cities and sometimes even burned them down. Population of China was always the highest throughout history too. America was mostly rain forest throughout the human history, with native Americans burning stuff down but not that much. And Native population barely rivaled Industrialized Europe. .
Serag Badr (1 year ago)
It's not the hottest place on earth. Theres a desert in Iran that get's as hot as 70 c, which is about 158 f
Joseph Barnes (1 year ago)
Paul York (1 year ago)
I think Ethipia had hotter temperatures. If California can reduce animal agriculture, it will save a lot of water for other agriculture.
Notthefather (2 months ago)
No Ethiopia didnt
Virginia Nelson (2 months ago)
You sound stupid
Stephen Clark (1 year ago)
The central valley uses toxic waste water from the oilfields to grow oranges, almonds, And hay to feed cattle the central valley is a shit hole
Sarwan Kumar (1 year ago)
verry nice
Iris lee (1 year ago)
I am luring about the desert
Happy Trails Hiking (1 year ago)
We traveled to DVNP and had a great time hiking there in March! You can see our adventure on our site. Our footage isn't quite this cool, but we try to show our hikes to the best of our ability. ;-)
Ann D (1 year ago)
Been there, had transmission trouble, towed. What an experience.
Heliosvaleriy (2 years ago)
Thank you very much!)) - https://vk.com/club51917729?w=wall-51917729_85331%2Fall
Manny P (2 years ago)
tevarion jackson (2 years ago)
im first

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