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Dreams About Snakes: Explained

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“A dream about snakes is a warning that you are interacting one or more persons who cannot be trusted.” Tip 1: If the dream is about 1 snake then the dream is referring to one person. If the dream is about multiple snakes then the dream is referring to a group of people or an organization Tip 2: There will be something about the snake that resembles the person or the organization it represents in real life. Tip 3: You normally have dreams about snakes right when you begin to deal with them or when the snake is about to strike you. So think about who you’ve recently started interacting with, that you think is trustworthy. Avoid dealing with these people at all costs. Why? because you can’t trust the snake. I’ve been getting requests from some of you as to how you can sow into the Ministry. You can go to the following link to give secure your donation, https://paypal.me/whitfieldharrington Thank you in advance for your consideration in blessing the work of the Ministry. My contact: [email protected] The Mailing address: Prayer City of Chicago 8607 S Racine Ave Chicago IL, 60620 If you would like to purchase a hard copy of my book on prayer please click the following link. https://www.amazon.com/Get-Point-Prayer-Points-Answered/dp/1505854601/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1542018074&sr=8-1&keywords=get+to+the+point+with+prayer+points To order a amazon kindle copy of my book click https://www.amazon.com/Get-Point-Prayer-Points-Answered-ebook/dp/B00RZXUKMI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1537270320&sr=8-1&keywords=whitfield+harrington Visit Our Ministry Prayer City of Chicago Service Time: Sunday Night 7:00 PM Address: 8607 S Racine Ave Chicago IL 60620
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Mzhotstylist Hair (7 hours ago)
Years ago I dreamed I was walking through the woods snakes were everywhere on the ground. They resembled the leaves on the ground. This time thousands of snakes, I could feel them........... Sometime after this dream I dreamed of big beautiful bright colorful snakes . Electric blue, pure white, bright green. My circle has always been no more than maybe two people close to me.. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Mzhotstylist Hair (7 hours ago)
Last night I dreamed of snakes! My dream started with one big/ long one. Then as I walked around the yard trying to get too my shoes, the yard was filled with dozens of big/long snakes in water with gators.. THIS IS NOT MY FIRST SNAKE DREAM! My dreams seem so real, I can feel them like in real life. Also I'm very afraid of snakes. 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Amy juvelyn Maniwang (14 hours ago)
How about python?
Zericka H (1 day ago)
I have been having a few snake dreams myself for the past couple of nights and I am not sure how to interpret them. Before the dreams started, I was on a run and came across a dead black snake which I almost didn't notice so I walked as far as can around it. The first dream: I was in my backyard and saw this black snake in my driveway so I ran and as I was running noticed multiple snakes started appearing all in different colors. The next dream that I remember is a black snake in my grandparent front yard. The snake is very long and is going from one side of the house to the other looking for food and I run inside the house just watching it. Before this dream, I also saw a snake as I was walking across the trail on my campus. This snake is also very long and black and it is slithering against a tree.
Jak Leen (2 days ago)
Thank you so much
fatima rashid (3 days ago)
My dream was a sneak chasting me it was green i was running away from it it keep chasting after me but i ran so fast it never got me in my dream can u reply to me pls
fatima rashid (3 days ago)
Dear Whitfield my freind had a dream about her husband left her on a beach there way bo way out and a tide drag her in the water can u reply back on this dream what it meaning
BLAZING BONES 7 (4 days ago)
I had a dream that I was swimming in a lake, and I climbed this rock so happily... I see my family and other people I didn't know, everyone was happy, we were all smiling... but I then see a REALLY big, black copperhead swim towards me, and it slithered up the rock quicker than I could climb it... I felt like king of the world on that rock, but irl I've been a foot away from a snake before so I'm not really afraid of them. I tried the same thing in the dream I did irl, I stood still, it moved around, then pounced and right before it bites me, I pinch it by it's neck and squeezed so hard I broke it's neck! I threw it down into the lake, watching it slowly sink to the bottom, it was dead. I looked into the lake, I smiled, I felt like a king again. I look to see people playing with each other happy as can be... I can't remember much of the rest except I think I remember the other black snakes of the lake( around 4 ft, the one I killed was like, 11 ft) rose from the bottom of the lake, it was almost like they bowed to me,(not really they just didnt bother me and swam in place giving me a stare of respect)I really was king? From this huge rock, I monitored the people, defeating that one snake, and the others just surrendering I guess... What does this mean?
Nicole (4 days ago)
May Godbless you bro and Peace be Upon US Amen ALELLUA from Toronto Canada
Mattie P (6 days ago)
Help I dream we don't recall who was with me but it was people's with me these people's was digging for Snakes in the ground the people's was digging on one end I look at the other end the Snake head was sticking out because it was trying to escape coming from out ground I yell the people's came running n pull the Snake outta ground by the neck it was a big heavy one they took it to weight it it was half snake with a female body it laid there alive but never move I begin to talk to it it didn't respond trying figure out what was it I start praying pleading the blood it start looking as it was dead just there no life in it I left dream end I woke up praying ..
Elizabeth Chulu (7 days ago)
snakes what an ugly disgusting animal to be dreaming of,l used to dream alot about snakes when l was very much far away from my God but by the moment l received Christ as my personal Savior they immediately stopped appearing in my dreams by this time l sleep peacefully because it wasn't only snakes even cows chasing me, being chased by people wearing masking even trying to fall from tall buildings or mountain it was horrible l thank God for remembering me thank you Jesus.
Matachilangos (7 days ago)
The presence of snakes in  people’s dream has caused lots of spiritual havoc. It is very sad to see many people toying with the dream of snakes. If you are reading this message and the greater part of your dream life is serpent, then you need serious deliverance.  Dream about a snake in your house, whether crawling, running, sleeping with you, cuddling all over your body, this portend an household attack. It is sent to harm your destiny and destroy your destiny. The presence of a snake in ones dream shows that you cannot enjoy the blessing of your marriage. This wicked stubborn spirit will not allow you to receive your breakthrough but to bombard your life with regret and pains. GENERAL SYMPTOMS OF THE SNAKES ATTACKS Bad foundation Lack of protection Moving but crawling Untimely death and afflictions Sickness and diseases Needless loss Marital problems Family problems Hardship and suffering Rejection and curse When you experience this kinds of dream, it means the devil has diggeth a pit for you. It means your presence anointing cannot destroy them. It means you are in serious trouble. It means the era of difficulties has began in your life. So it is advisable to kindly see your pastor for deliverance help INSTRUCTION: Embark on 7 days fasting and prayers between 6am – 6pm. CONFESSION: Luke 10:19, Isaiah 27:1; Philippians 2:9-11, 2 Timothy 4:18, Revelation 12:11. PRAYER POINTS Every rage of the serpent or snakes assigned to harm me in the dream, I command you to turn back and harm your sender in Jesus name Gen 3:14,  Every serpent using your dream life to trouble, they shall be cursed, in the name of Jesus. Luke 10:19, Any ancestral serpent or snake assigned to hurt me in the dream, you are a liar, be destroyed in Jesus name. I am fully protected by the blood of Jesus. Micah 7:17, Every hidden snake waiting to attack my marriage in the dream, you cannot poison me with your venom, so therefore catch fire, in Jesus name. Every evil imagination of the snakes displaying in my mind, I cancel it with the blood of Jesus. I break the backbone of the serpent, in the name of Jesus. Proverbs 23:32, Every venom of the snake inside my body to cause slow death and sickness, be NULLIFIED BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS. My Father, by the power of the blood of Jesus, I disinfect my room and compound with the blood of Jesus. My family are free from the attack of the serpent in Jesus name. Genesis 3:15, Every agenda of the serpent to cause God to punish me because  of my sin, I destroy you in my life in Jesus name Every power using the spirit of the snake to fight me in the dream, be destroyed by fire by thunder in Jesus name You serpent of darkness, release me and die, in Jesus name Programme of the snakes against me and my family, I scatter your plans in Jesus name Every spirit of the snake using my house as their habitation, get out now in Jesus name O Lord, deliver me from the attacks of the snakes, in the name of Jesus. I frustrate every demonic snake over my life and marriage, in the name of Jesus. Every evil snake eating up my blessings in the spirit realm, be roasted by fire, in Jesus name O Lord, begin to expose any hidden evil snakes in my dream, in Jesus name You snake assigned to attack my marriage, be attacked by fire in Jesus name. My Father, let the weapon of my prayers begin to kill every serpents that refuse to let me go, in Jesus name. I receive power to tread upon serpent and scorpions in the name of Jesus My Father, whoever that sent this snake for attacking me in the dream, Holy Ghost fire roast them to ashes, in Jesus name. By the blood of Jesus, I destroy the legs of the serpents assigned to destroy me in my dream, in Jesus name My Father, let all serpents and scorpion begin to wage war against themselves, in the name of Jesus. Any man or woman turning into a serpent in the dream to frustrate God’s will, plan, and purpose for my life, die by fire, in the name of Jesus. I cancel the manifestation of this serpentile spirit coming to reality, in the name of Jesus. Shout the blood of Jesus 7 times. Say, Oh Lord, by fire,  rescue my glory from the spirit of the python, in the name of Jesus. I take the chains of the spirit in my hands, I chain the heads of the serpentine spirits attacking my glory. O Lord, If my husband/wife/partner is possessed with the spirit of the serpent, I command the marine spirit to die, in the name of Jesus. Every serpent programmed with my destiny, burn to ashes, in the name of Jesus. I destroy by fire, every spirit of python assigned to swallow my glory, in the name of Jesus. My glory in the belly and body of the serpent, come out by fire, in the name of Jesus.
Royal Forstresses (8 days ago)
Snakes… is represent witchcraft is being practiced in your life. I use to have dreams about snakes when I was pregnant - snakes was coming out my draws and crawling on my floor- at that time I had no biblical knowledge. I thought - I had the dreams because I was eat spaghetti- Turned out these people were trying to kill me and my daughter- which we almost lost out lives at time of emergency C-section- I was rushed into the ER and almost lost my life- after I’d developed toxemia. From that point- I had at different times of snakes. Still had no idea that people- were trying to harm my life.- my daughter is now 25 years of aged and my life have been sabotage by a Witch- From the Marine Kingdom- a white women has entered into my life- to kill me and my daughter by using astral projection- the lady is evil and she releases an evil spirit unto my daughter trying to take her life in death. “If you have dreams about feces” it means someone in your life is getting ready to ruin your life, reputation and bring shame and reproach- if you are having dreams about snakes- the truth behind it- someone in your life is practicing witchcraft on your life- they are seeking to kill you- to ruin your finances, take your job, take your assets, and they are close to you.
Jay Porter (10 days ago)
someone please help me i had a dream that i was at this abondon hospital it was a crises ... the snake tried to bite me it bit me 1 2 3 times i defanged it too stop it from biting my brother idont understand and the poison was still in me it was a rattle snake i was getting really tripoy and was about to pass out then i woke up
Joan Emmanuel (11 days ago)
One particular sneak pursued me for hours....no where I could hide from no one could help.lucky I met a police officer on bike passing through a street and I stopped him and jumped on him....he actually kicked off the sneak with his jungle boot...they sneak wasn't big can't tell the color.what does this mean pls?
TheCavegirl007 (12 days ago)
There was a large tan cream colored snake above my head and there were large alligators or crocodiles and I was attacked by a small one and it bit me several times. I was really concerned about getting all of the animals inside. It was crazy. I cannot believe how big these reptiles were.
Christy Alllen (12 days ago)
Clingy Chik29 (12 days ago)
I dreamt about snake the face doesn't really look like a snake it's looks like a duck face then I'm was picking a grapes somewhere then suddenly a snake came out The skin is color gold It's calm Then I'm was frightening so I run fast and keep all the doors close
Gloria Hobbs (12 days ago)
I had a dream about a year and a half ago about a great big black snake. I dreamed I and my husband were at a party or something outside and this snake was running after me very fast and I called for my husband but I couldn't find him. Can u help me to understand it.
queen- Williams (13 days ago)
I've heard green snakes represents the evilness of money, black snakes represents your nearby ememies....but I had a strange dream about a snake the color of the American flag...what does that mean I highly wonder??
Marcia Headley (16 days ago)
Your first explanation describes my dream and did just as you explained; cut off that person (snake, Minister in the church).
Amanda Shamlanga (17 days ago)
What if u dreamed that the snake bite on ur toe???? So meaning??!
white and blue (17 days ago)
hi i saw a dream in dream i saw 2 snakes they where silver colour 1 of them was moving and other 1 was not moving and also i was touching his mouth but it didnot bite me can u tell me what is the meaning of this dream?
Icel Donato (18 days ago)
i dreamed last night that snake bit me at my back..
Vanessa Husbands (19 days ago)
Pastor I know this video was posted a while ago but I would really appreciate your help seriously it's very important to me. I had a dream a while ago that I was bitten by a snake, I did not see the snake but someone told me it was a snake that crawled into me clothes and bit me. I cry bitterly because it was very painful. How approximately a month after I got another dream where I was in a church and someone said look a snake in the roof hiding when I look I just see the snake head and the person lashed it down and it come in contact with me them I wake up. Pastor two days after I dream about this snake again in the roof looking dome a me. But this time it was more than one, in my dream I tried to get something to spray and chase them away, they were even out side in the trees, I thought the place was infested with snake. While getting something from my neighbors I saw my dead grandmother in my neighbor 's yard. But we did not say anything to each other. My question is what is significant about this snake in the roof? Please pastor! Please for a reply. Thanks
Ladymidnight (19 days ago)
The weird thing was i was the one who's trying to catch the snake itself while warning other peoples to back up and suddenly i found myself all alone with this creature. It didn't try to attack first it was ignoring me and then suddenly he attacked but i could catch it from its throat. While its mouth was totally open i could even see its teeths and the poison comes from there. Suddenly it could bit me(on my right arm close to my heart and i could feel the poison how it was hurting my heart and right arm fully. It was really hard to breathe) , it didn't hurt first i also released him. But then yeah...i got high with trying to find a solution. I got even lost while i was screaming for a help. There was no one, like the world didn't have any people..
Mang Obasi (19 days ago)
Can someone help in had dream snakes shawering like rain interning people's body please what's the meaning
Jacquelyn Williams (20 days ago)
Shaloam .my daughter just had a dream about a snake 🐍 and I just told her that it was a warning ⚠️ from The Most High Yah that someone is gonna come knocking on her door about something and low and behold that’s what happened. I Thank our Abbah Yah for how he warns us .☺️
Kyvetta Dupree (21 days ago)
Hi I had a dream about a blue snake and I keep throwing it down and it keep coming back and biting me under my arm and I had a white jacket on? The snake it me about 4 different times and the 4th time I throw the snake outside and the was a dog and the snake this time around. I tried to close the door to keep both the snake and the dog out but the snake bit me again but the dog got his head cought in the door. Then I took the off of me and broke his neck.
Rashona Barton (21 days ago)
What is the meaning? I dreamt about this anaconda trying to get to me. I saw the same snake at my place of work around the business area when i do not be full time. However this snake found its way in my home into my room and proudly placed itselt besides my daughter bed looking at her and i while we were asleep. This snake seems proud. Answers please
chloe kingston (21 days ago)
I had a dream where a snake slithered out the window to attack me after I rebuked it...BUT it had the full size head of a very close family member..yes, a snake with a human head, was very disturbing. Is that the enemy trying to make me think this family member is not good, or is this a definite sign that this person is not good?? (The person whose head or face was on the snake)
chloe kingston ummmm just pray my sister
young kxnggg (21 days ago)
I dreamed seeing a small snake but somebody else that was in my dream killed it
Rashida Duncan (24 days ago)
Snakes are demonic whoever dreams about snakes constantly are being attacked usually through a form of witchcraft!! Dreams have meanings & u may need Deliverance🙏🏽 pray everyday and read your Bible, we need to cover ourselves with the blood of Jesus🙌🏾
Natasha Dharampaul (25 days ago)
I dream about lots of yellow snakes blocking my way to pass where I was going in my i had my two year old daughter and I had a baby that I don't know in my real life but all these yellow snakes are blocking us to pass where we were going in my dream i have been asking people to kill them and they will still be alive
Sifea SoCool (27 days ago)
I just had a dream that fish & snakes all different color and sizes was coming out of my body all over the place it was one really big snake that was watching me the while time from a chair in the corner. I set down now it was on the couch across from. me it attacked me. and basically if I didn't kill it I would die when I killed is with my bare hands. all the other snakes and fish disappeared.... can you help me. please
Joyce's World (28 days ago)
I had a dream of a snake....a huge snakebthqt look like an anaconda. It was talking to me...then I went somewhere and it got on my bed and said " I'll wait for you when you get back" ... please what do you think that meant
Whitfield Harrington (27 days ago)
Joyce don't let any talk you into bed for sex. (Snake is waiting for you to come and lie with it.) means some one you are talking to wants to have SEX with and the Acaconda is a patient serpent, plus the anaconda likes to squeeze its victims to death. This spirit in the person is associate with women who get in relationship with men who want let them go. Then the snake person will turn violent if the lady tries to leave. RUN.. and don't look back...
L SMITH (30 days ago)
I searched this topic because I've had two snake dreams since I moved into this house, and I don't usually have snake dreams. However, in both dreams, the snake LOST. Then a prophet emailed me stating that a woman needed to be bound. I suspect who it is, especially after the second dream, but I live with these people. Therefore I BIND the snake around me! I thank and BLESS the Most High for warning me!
Suswam Loveth (1 month ago)
I dreamed about green snake and after hitting the snake tree times the snake turn to a young man and walk away
Del du (1 month ago)
Question, I recently had a dream regarding a light green snake that bit my foot & it was dark outside & I was barefooted when it bit me. What does it mean? The snake also had light stripes on it.
Joanne Freeze (1 month ago)
I prayed before I went to sleep, I welcomed the holy Spirit and to show me a dream that I needed to have, my dream that I woke up from was a big black snake and its mouth was around my neck ready to bite, t then woke up
Kevin Campos (1 month ago)
Help me understand: Basically I had a dream yesterday that I grabbed a snake coming to me and grabbed his head and he got out of my grab and bit me
kaigousem Lhouvum (1 month ago)
Last night I saw my crush and I was talking to her with my friends loudly happily (but I don't know who my friends were) and she was just staring at me and went somewhere .. What does it mean sir !!? Please help me!!
Sexii Lipz (1 month ago)
Whitfield Harrington I had a dream of a black snake but it had seven heads and it just was watching me What do it mean?
T.House (1 month ago)
Thanks for your support and help because I dreamed about snakes a lot and sometimes killed them in my dreams but seeing this video really opened my eyes to a hole new different world Thanks God bless you
they can also mean actual snake are close to you and if your not watchful things can get fatal . I talk by experience. I've experienced your kind of dreams about snakes as well so I know you are giving us more understanding by the word of your testimony . A wise man indeed. stay blessed brother and pray for me as well. pray for my success . Peace.
Moises Gonzalez (1 month ago)
Hi what about if you have a dream that your mom is throwing the snakes to you and the snakes Open their mouths and try to strike you that they turn around all kinds of different snakes
sugga beauty (1 month ago)
I looked this up cus i had a dream that 2 huge snakes devowered 2 animals and a baby😥but the snake let the baby loose and the 2 huge snakes were brown i was so scared in my sleep this morning it felt so real i woke up and have not went back to sleep yet. Can someone tell me what my dream is about please even though im woke I'm still shooken.😥😥😥
ShaniaShania Shania (1 month ago)
God i got a dream it was about a grean 🐍🐍🐍🐍 in positions ov cobra at first it was given to me but ad u was going to kill it I stopef and let da snake 🐍 go in de same dream I saw this particular snake it was up like wanted to bite me but didn't and then I wakeup
ohyeayea oceanツ (1 month ago)
I had a dream about a HUGE green snake coming out of the ground, A VERY BIG SNAKE I was in a town with a lot of people around me shopping and i was alone The snake cane out of the ground and everyone ran Now idk if i dont remember my dream that well or my dream skipped some stuff I basically started again in a mall A VERY empty mall and im with my friend who survived and i saw him and he saw me The snake came and im not sure if it saw me and my friend but it ignored us And we arent sure if it killed anyone or not but then i woke up This is my second time dreaming about this but i the mall part was new to me Idk what this means
chi micheal achu (1 month ago)
I saw a python eating a girl and wasn't satisfied he wanted to eat the second person he struggled until but failed the girl felt off it was also badly injured
iAmAnonymous IAm (1 month ago)
i dreamed of alot of snakes in a lake there were like thousands or millions of them in a lake then theres only one giant yellow pyton snake it was soo big and it was staring at me then it slowly comes near me then it opens its mouth it was gonna swallow me then i woke up lol i think i died in my dream its like anaconda but a yellow pyton i was swimming in the lake with millions of snakes
estelle Lottering (1 month ago)
I dream about 2 very big anaconda snakes one have 5 heads and it's agains the wall the other one lay next to him playing with his tough looking at me
Alan Bolden (1 month ago)
I had a dream about a green and brown snake was slithering towards me and I was throwing things at it and it kept coming towards me. I finally reached out and grab the snake and snapped it’s neck. What could that be?
Carlos Medina (1 month ago)
Had a Dream last night A black Cobra snake was chasing me as i keep running away from it. But i kept waking upand snozzing back to sleep thinking it was coming from the side of my bed , I could sleep i was kind spooked it kept fuking with me . i know Gods the Answer i just gotta stop sinning
Com Pter (1 month ago)
West Africa snake Dream is betray or Haven a child
Katia Roberto (1 month ago)
I dreamed of a black, gray snake while curling my body up to the front of my face, what does it mean?
Charles An (1 month ago)
Wow! I had almost the same dream about a ditch, multiple assorted snakes under a blanket and they were hissing at me. I killed them all by stepping onto them, one last one tried to strike me but I struck that one too. I know there are people in my life only want the worst for me and I feel like I can now overcome them and live a good life.
Alice Emma (1 month ago)
When I was pregnant I use to dream about snake. What does that mean??
Whisky Jack McCrane (1 month ago)
What makes you think that you have the gift of interpretation? This is a serious question. There must be something that makes you believe this.
Little Bit (1 month ago)
So I dreamed I was in some place ~I cannot identify the place, like a cabin or something~ And I was about to eat and there was a tiny baby snake in my food, I just sorta lifted it out with my spoon and thought it was cute, then from over head, like from a high shelf a huge orange anaconda snake fell off the shelf.
Vanessa Garmie (1 month ago)
Glad I came across your video. Interesting!
Janeidra Whiters (1 month ago)
I had a dream about a green snake inside of a tube couldn’t see it at first and I pulled it out I seen it was a snake when I pulled it out some how it went into the sink faucet I pulled it out it bit me and it bit me twice then I threw it across the room my brother came grabbed it as it bit me it grew bigger and turned brown then as my brother tried grabbing it it bit him also so I grabbed a knife stabbed it it started to get bigger the knife went in the snake head sideways and it slide under me and started biting me again I was calling my brother saying pull it it’s biting me it’s like I was getting weaker and weaker then I woke up can some one tell me what does this mean please
Janeidra Whiters (1 month ago)
I had a dream about a green snake inside of a tube couldn’t see it at first and I pulled it out I seen it was a snake when I pulled it out some how it went into the sink faucet I pulled it out it bit me and it bit me twice then I threw it across the room my brother came grabbed it as it bit me it grew bigger and turned brown then as my brother tried grabbing it it bit him also so I grabbed a knife stabbed it it started to get bigger the knife went in the snake head sideways and it slide under me and started biting me again I was calling my brother saying pull it it’s biting me it’s like I was getting weaker and weaker then I woke up
Erica Young (1 month ago)
I just had a dream about a blk snake ad. In real life im terrified of them.in my dream a man was holding the blk snake ad the snake just looked at me a followed me ad i looked at it as i walked buy but keeping my distance.the second snake was blk as well coiled up then it jumped at me to bight but i put my foot up ad it only caught my shoe then went on its way then i woke up.i have preminitions but some are to hard to read.what do you think.
Charli3 Lu (1 month ago)
I had a dream that I was driving down the highway I got distracted went Tru an wrong exit turn and seen myself slide down all the sudden with no car and the slide was shape like an snake and end the of the slide I seen the head of the snake split in the middle - the end of the slide I slide all the way down ... I'm just don't know what that means ??
Brenda Keokupile (1 month ago)
Every time when I dream snakes it means someone is pregnant in my family and the baby will be a boy. Particular the brown and black once.
Peace Peace (1 month ago)
Hello I got a dream of a grey Color snack with yellow patches.on that snack. It was in a bucket of water n I said to myself I was going. To let other see and think of what to do with that. But as soon as I got off and start walking in my dream there snack out of water and start following me really fast and my eye open n I got up and start Praying... but before I never had a dream of snake before but between oct n December I had two dreams regarding of sanck.
bellissimamoonlight (1 month ago)
I had a dream about a black snake just sitting in a tree.. I was looking at it only a few feet away. I wasn’t scared but just staring at it, something was kinda coming out of its mouth too but idk what it was 🤦🏽‍♀️
I had a dream about having sex with a snake and l felt really good and loved it, what does that mean?
Kate Hartung (1 month ago)
What about a dream like this: I was in a dark fiery pit. I could see this huge python rising in the air like a big as a train never to see the tail, to devour me. I was looking up toward the opening of the pit call Jesus to save me. But He never did come and I woke up before the snake could devour me.
Calandra Perry (1 month ago)
I had a dream about 9 light green snakes 🐍 In my dream it was all my family Before all of this I got rob I’m convinced someone knows about me getting rob
Asins Asina (1 month ago)
I dreamt about snake but it bite my friend and after it come on me and wanted to bite me but I couldn't GOD protect and I stop dreaming such dream
Tiffany Johnson (1 month ago)
I dreamt about a snake in my bed 3 times what does that mean?
Grateful Goddess (1 month ago)
My dream was about me having two pet snakes. They were blue and green. And they we're humble with me and did not attack me. I was sitting with my nefew and the rest of my family. And we were all laughing. I live in Texas and my nefew lives in Memphis. I wasn't scared in my dream. I was happy, and smiling
Javier Olivero (2 months ago)
Greetings Mr.whitefield, without prejudice just like to ask for the interpretation of this snake dream I had. I was in a reptile exhibition setting in my dream and this woman who handled snake and educated all on watchers had hand me one of the snake. The snake was red and black vertical striped, the woman who handed me the snake had long black hair but reminded me of a class mate from 40 years ago. As I grabbed the snake it moved around in my hand then turned its head and bit me in my finger leaving me a bite bruise, then I woken up remembering in full detail of the matter. Could you please explain this dream for me?
steve donjuan (2 months ago)
I just had a dream of a baby snake biting me on my left Achilles. I was walking out of work with some coworkers. the snake doesn't bite them and they all pass by the snake but it bites me. than I start kicking and fighting the snake to get it off me. the snake fought back, but eventually started wondering off when I was stomping on it. I started walking towards the snake too see where itd go than out of no where a female couldn't tell who it was go grabs the snake and comes back and throws it on me again, and again me and the snake are fighting but this time I'm able to put it in a bag and I wanted to kill it but I couldn't than the snake was coming out of the bag so I let it go I believe and the dream ended
Odia Ashly (2 months ago)
I always dream about snake attacking me sometimes I fight back and kill them but sometimes I can't.
qntnbarrett88 (2 months ago)
I dreamed that a snake bit me but the snake was amazed that the bite didn't harm me.
Lady J (2 months ago)
Thanks you, and how can I email. It's in regards to a dream i think i understand half of the dream but I'm not sure.
Deb Davis Sumner (2 months ago)
There were several snakes in my dream and I think they were yellowish-brown, only one of them was really after me to bite me, I was kind of panicked to get away, but right when it started to strike and then something else flew up in my lap, some kinda of small creature.
tracy webb (2 months ago)
I think its my drug dealer husband he wont stop no matter what i tell him .so i just continue to pray for him..we live seperate now ..and he comes over. And i feel weird now like i dont want to be around him...
tracy webb (2 months ago)
I had one dream that i was on this bus .and i saw a snake lying under a seat of another passenger and she picked it up and threw it with a blanked over its body and then it landed on a seat of the bus and turned into a baby.after that i woke and prayed and i went back to sleep..
Arnettisha Robinson (2 months ago)
I just had a dream I was walking down some stairs with my family and. U could see a crowd of people sitting. A snake appeared on a ladies shoulder looking right at me. I look over and another coming my way. I look up and I'm told the building up top is the safe place but. We my family and I had to go down some stairs. I sent my daughter with my son and another little boy down first told my husband to go next to help the kids down the stairs they had wide bars and raild. My daughter friend appears and says this way wrapped around me and bit my side and all I could feel was my heart beat and. Hear its OK relax. I got straight up but the stairs...
Neechie boo (2 months ago)
I Dreamed of a yellow huge snake it was about to attack me but I wake up before it got to me
Rita Liyati (2 months ago)
I wish I saw this earlier it was just last 3 months when I woke up from a dream of snakes. Not only one snake but a lot of different sizes and colors. These snakes where on a shortcut path I used in my home country and I noticed them a little late then a boy from my back said don’t work they with not strike or bite you. They will only act crazy when the big red one meets the skinny blue snake and science then I have been looking of answers. I have never seen a snake in real life only on tv and this was really weird for me
Beverly Ramsay (2 months ago)
I deamt I was covering up.snakes under a sheet I was keeping it safe for someone who was waiting on someone to collect them
Carol Myvett (2 months ago)
What does it mean when you dream that a snake is chasing you and you running until you're tired but right when the snake gets close to you, you wake up frighten and breathing hard" I have a fear of snakes "
POPPY MANANA (1 month ago)
I dreamed of 2 snakes brown black and cream colour...in a barn sort of like setting ,one was big,one small and i was approaching them,very scared and they both just past by me...and i had prayed last night for clarity ,concerning someone iam in a relationship with but do not fully trust..anyone's perspective of this plz.
Abolade Esuruoso (2 months ago)
I also dream about Snakes a lot even till recently. Please pray for me. GOD BLESS. AMEN.
Daphne Rodriguez (2 months ago)
Semi-Gamer ™ (2 months ago)
Please read this all. So, I had a dream I was behind my home, there was a weird animal, a really weird one like a combination of a dog and mink or however that animal that sneaks up at night and kills your chickens, ducks and everything else is called, anyway a combination of a dog and that one, it was pretty small and it was white with big black spots on it like a normal dog, then I walked around and saw inside the greenhouse a BIG hole, like a man dogged one or animal dogged with big spotted eggs like that little bird found in the wild but some people have them too, it lays tiny eggs, anyway big eggs then a lot of big birds kind of like kiwi birds but much bigger like 20-30cm. tall, brown feathers with white spots at the end of their wings, the wings were tucked they were walking, and they kept cracking the eggs and more and more appeared, then some of those weird dog animals were in there, then I was back where I first saw the animal, just like a 5meters distance and there was a piece of tarp, the hardly transparent type that greenhouses are usually wrapped in and it was big like there was a pillow under it, I grabbed it and moved it, under it were a lot of small snakes, like a ball of them, A LOT, mostly dark colors, I then moved from it and went to my did to get a gun, one of those simple ones where you put a piece of shaped aluminum in it and it just shoots based on air or something, you can use for sparrows and small game like that, the "bullet" you can squish it, anyway I went to get it and my dad gave me a really weird looking one that was pretty small and some white plastic on it, I went back and tried to shoot that animal, nothing, again, nothing, then I was back where I came out, ok so where my dad was, is under the balcony is like a big corridor with a summer kitchen that goes from the front of the house to the back, nothing fancy so as I was at the part in front of the house when I took the gun then shot the animal and nothing happened I appeared back where you would get out of the corridor and there was like a line of those animals walking from right to left, the spot with the snakes and me trying to shoot the animal would be to my right, so there was that line of those spotted animals just walking and walking, starting from behind some old metal junk to my right and going to the left behind a tree and the building with wood and stuff, and they just kept walking more and more, the line wasn't ending, then I was back at the spot with snakes and where I tried to shoot the animal and it was looking at me and now it has little teeth, like how monsters have in movies at the bottom and with 2 big ones to the side, but they were little as he was the size of a 2-3 months old puppy, also in that line there were some big ones too but the body was the same, only their scale changed, not with much also I only sat and looked at the line for a few seconds, less than 5. Then after that animal look at me the dream ended. That night or the night after my brother was coming home, he was in the country next to us, he transports people, parcels, cars stuff like that and the road was icy, he couldn't control the car and went into the barrier, not hard, he hit it bent it a bit and kept going, everyone else was sleeping and they didn't feel a thing, only his friend which was his second driver, sleepin nin the passenger left seat turned a bit. My mom also had a weird dream. Now I am thinking, was my brother the animal, and me trying to kill it with the gun and not succeeding, was I the ice on the road and the fact that there was that barrier and my brother being a very, very experienced driver and having a trailer with a car behind him being the smaller and weaker gun, like, is that why the gun was how it was and the bullets dkpoing nothing? Then the teeth were... idk the reaction of his friend ? Then what were the snakes, birds, and line of animals? What the F was that dream ? Could you guys tell me something, I think I got half of it, but I am missing on something, wait, there were a few of these animals on some planks in the greenhouse watching the birds from above, were the birds the people and the animals trying to get them but not succeed? Because the people didn't feel a thing and the birds also didn't react so that is something. But the snakes and the line of those animals, what did they mean ?
Omega Fire (2 months ago)
I saw a black snake in my yard and it went in my house and it was hiding until I killed it what does it mean
Sylvia Orosco (2 months ago)
My dream on one occasion when I was very young but has stayed with me all my life; a very large, colorful, happy snake with an almost human like face an a smile playfully chasing me. I'm not sure but I think I was scared of it an killed it in my dream
Betty Nduta (2 months ago)
I saw in right hnd of my foundation a pit there was darty water and a lot of snakes. 1 bite me i ask mum medicine sh didn't know, went back i kill 1 all were killed. My hnd was burned sme month i lost my father. Further more wt does it mean
Gundecha Koushik (2 months ago)
I dreamed that a two snakes moves and falls on my father's lap who was sitting and he moves on floor I catch that two headed snake with my father's dark chocolate brown color towel and throw that two head snake where I see (not sure) two headed snake get separated and become two snake. In no time I return back to my place where people having the joy moment where I don't get the reason behind for their happiness.. and very important thing is the dream which I saw is in my old rented place where now we are in own place... Kindly explain
Giselle Garcia (2 months ago)
I had a dream about a snake. I was playing with the snake and then I started to choke it until it bit me on my left arm. I woke up and my arm hurt and couldn’t move it.
Shareice Thomas (2 months ago)
Hi I had a dream of three snakes coming from the foundation of the house going to the right! Then King Cobra came out and went to the left! He stood up and watch the three run off! The things I remember the Cobra was Gold!
Nan Awish (2 months ago)
I dreamed of snakes in two different ways 1. I saw a big Grey snake beside me on bed 2. I was with my elder sister with luggages, is like we were moving to unknown place we got tired on our way and we decided to take a rest under the tree, after sitting down we saw many small snakes around us , I didn't know how we manage to get out of there and we ran asking for help, on our way not far we met a man with a cart who help us continue with our journey
indu lidoo (2 months ago)
Hello sir I was sleeping and then black coloured sleep touched my hair and was crawling in my hair..I felt d motion ..I shook my head..and he ran away.. Wat does it mean?
Sophie Williams (2 months ago)
Amazing! My situation exactly working at a company. A few years ago. I was'nt well liked by my co-workers. As soon as I started to get a bit comfortable there, in spite of feeling those weird vibes of not being well liked. I started having really bad dreams however, about snakes, lots and lots of snakes. It was starting to get real disturbing. I remembered seeing snakes running after me and I'm jumping in the air to avoid (lol) them, really huge snakes. And they were recurring dreams of snakes. But I always heard they were a sign of the enemy around you. I'm no longer at that company by the way, and the dreams of snakes just varnished. Amazing! Thanks for this video. Its a clear indication that things are'nt always as they seem. Be careful who u have in your circle.
Ms. LesaRenay (2 months ago)
Just had a dream where I was in one of my old favorite childhood houses but my room was messy. Several clothes covering the floor. My oldest nephew was with me and we were laughing about something . I had seen a black and gold snake rather big bundled up under my bed. My nephew was laughing and got close to it not knowing it was there. I tried to warn him to get away but just before the snake lunged at him and bit him on his ankle twice. He sorta laughed and said oww both times. For some reason I went into an emotional hysteria. I was so worried about him. I went to tell my parents and when we came back the snake was nowhere to be found. I dont know if it means anything but my nephew is a gay man, and I wondered if it meant that I needed to warn him about possible snakes under the bed that can bite him twice or is it something about me?

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