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Depression | Short Film

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I usually talk about beauty and fashion on this channel. Which are obviously topics and things that I love. However, recently I have really been thinking. For a while now, I have not been proud of the content I have been posting on social media. Social media has become an outlet for people to broadcast their "perfect" life. I know, I am completely guilty of this as well. But through this video, I want to show something real for once. Its not all about cute sweaters or urban decay makeup. Depression is real. I am so so proud of how this turned out. I hope I was able to help at least one person out there. You are enough and you are not alone. ************************************************ Support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Courtneyraine_ Follow me on Instagram: Courtneyraine_ https://instagram.com/courtneyraine_/ ************************************************ For Business Inquiries: [email protected] ************************************************ A huge thank you to Alyssa Morris for collaborating with me to create this short film. Stop by her Insta and say HI! @_justlyssa_ WARNING: If you are easily triggered, do not watch this. There is no harmful content. Just a girl, going through her day. If you are struggling, please call the suicide-prevention hotline! 1-800-273-8255. This video is to solely create awareness for suicide-prevention month Thanks for watching! :)
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Text Comments (3258)
Tina Bhagat (12 hours ago)
It seems exactly my story, i pretend that im okay, but inside i feel terribly alone...
Avery Tackett (18 hours ago)
i really truly feel this same way and it hurts so much to not talk to my friends about it. they think something is wrong but i just say that i’m fine
fingersmcgee (1 day ago)
ive been dealing with low grade depression since i was 11 years old at least thats what a prison shrink told me,,, my mother went to prison for murder when i was 11 to serve a life sentence and shes still there, so after she went to prison i ived with my dad and brother and the 3 of us just felt like we wer waiting for my mom ,, they never told me she was serving a life sentence when i was a kid they just said maybe shell b home in a couple years and it wasnt til i was out of school that i realized she was never coming home ,, looking back i think i could have had a better life and been able to move on had i known this but i see how the adults in my life thought this was giving me hope but it really just made everything kinda suck because i was waiting and hoping my mom would come home,,, now im 43 i visit her a few times a year,, my life is ok ,, like i said low grade depression is not as bad,, i once thought i had bipolar and the times when i wasnt depressed was a mania but i learned about bipolar and depression in prison and know im not bipolar just have a low grade depression that lingers sometimes and sometimes i dont feel it and feel good just sucks never knowing whats up but i deal with it,, staying sober and excersise help tons,,, i had a period from 17 to 27 where i drank alot and partyed and thought i was having a great time in life but it just put me in some bad spots and thats how i ended up in prison,,, but prison was a great expierence because i learned about how excercise makes u feel good and i learned how to face life sober and i didnt need booze or drugs to feel good,,, ill probably always have low grade depression creep in and out but i live my own life sober and enjoy it mostly and i like the feelong of doing it without medication ,, i like lots of people dont think the medication is worth it because of side efeects and because of lifestyle habbits i usally feel pretty good ,, the low grade depressiom is a trip tho cause u never knpw when or how ;long it will last but usally only lasts a day or 2 sometimes just a couple houres and its gone
Shaheer K (1 day ago)
With or without social mask .how do you want to show cast yourself?
Jana, Swiftie (1 day ago)
They ask you how you doing you break down and say “I’m fine” But you know what people don’t even ask how am I :(
MGS Christine (1 day ago)
My mask always keep on falling because it doesn't fit me anymore.
Norway Bacon (2 days ago)
I love how my parents seem to notice everything wrong that I do.. But yet they can't tell the difference between razor cuts and cat scratches. Also I often give them signs, and they can't seem to notice. I don't know how to just straight up walk to them and say "I think I'm depressed" they would probably just tell me it's puberty, or im overdramatic. But those cuts on my arm... They prove otherwise...
Degrassi Fan (2 days ago)
Justin Ritter (2 days ago)
I appreciate how realistic and down to earth this is, depression can be overblown in portraying it as constant crying, constant complaining but it's not that at all. Depression is a silent emotional killer, it's a quiet assassination of the mind and soul, people who have it and suffer you wont even know unless you know them well. I should know
Hannah White (2 days ago)
My parents always ask me what's wrong and I say I'm fine but everything is not fine. I burst into tears, my parents wondering why, but even I don't know. I struggle to sleep at night, my thoughts fill my head and I cry myself to sleep. I feel like I'm a nobody in this life. I feel like I have no purpose. I put on a smile only to fake it. You always hear "your life is so great!" And "I wish my life was as good as yours!" But in reality, they don't, because you know what it's like to be you. You know what it's like to never be understood. You feel like your world is crumbling down and you don't know why. So you take that knife, bury it in your skin, and tears role down your cheeks. You write a goodbye letter to everyone even though you know they won't miss you. You fall on the floor, then your parents get home and see you laying lifeless on the bathroom floor. They cry wondering what they did wrong, wondering why you killed yourself, but they will never know, because they were never there to understand. You are 19 years old wondering why you had that dream and being thankful it wasn't reality. Because if it was reality, you wouldn't be where you are today. Thank you so much for reading this. This was inspired by what i have been through and I hope you guys will get better. I am still struggling but I feel like it will get better. You may feel like it won't, but trust me, it will. Lots of love-Hannah
YSam BM (2 days ago)
You'll get better my friend💗💗
64NERD (3 days ago)
Not only depression, but anxiety is horrible and similar. Like mine
Mardiana Putri (3 days ago)
Can't relate
Kariza XYZ (4 days ago)
It's better to fake a grin and tell them everything is alright.
Jorge Rivera (4 days ago)
The person in the video describe my hold life every day.
WarShock12 Gt (4 days ago)
I’m happy I laugh with my friends but I still feel a hole in my chest and suicide thoughts is all I think about
God made you for a reason. Please watch ,,Gods letter of love for you".
Rhythm Khapangi Magar (4 days ago)
Help. Please
LBI 4444 (5 days ago)
everything hurts. i’m so scared. i want to kill myself but i don’t know how or when...
WinterWolf 54 (5 days ago)
When some people say they have depression and really they have no idea-
Dumb Ugly Loser (5 days ago)
Depression is a battle I'll never win.
Lost in Atlantic (2 days ago)
First of all change ur username. U will never win with that name.. U r not dumb ugly loser. U r a smart beautiful sucessful human being. Start feeling good and you will recieve all the awesomeness
It’s hard to tell people about it because no one gets it. I’m not ashamed of my self I’m not sad it’s hard to explain. I’m only nine and I get it😢
Paula C. (5 days ago)
I have depression
ktdummy (6 days ago)
idk if i actually have depression. everything feels so repetitive. i have these little bursts of joy when i'm hanging out with real friends, but when i go home, i find that i just want to shut myself off from everything. i wanna lie in bed and do nothing. i wanna sleep forever, since my dreams are when i seem to feel the most.
grace caskey! (6 days ago)
none of my friends believe i have depression because i'm so optomistic at school... i dont even know what to do :(
ahhh (3 days ago)
Tell someone!!!! Tell a parent or a school counselor or whoever you can and get help. I’d recommend finding a therapist so you have someone you can be completely open with and who won’t judge you. But it’s better to talk to someone and get help now then to wait and hope it will go away. Whatever happens ik you can stay strong through it <3
Nicky Erps (6 days ago)
I need someone in my life that makes me forget about my problems.maybe then i can be happy again
Serena (6 days ago)
Sometimes when I am going home After school and feel stuck on that stupid bike, I just wanna jump of of it and fly. Just wanna go wherever I want, I just wanna Be free
Dis Again (6 days ago)
I love this comment section so much. It’s like everyone understands and knows how I feel. I don’t know anyone here. But the fact that there’s people who feel the same way I do makes me feel a bit less lonely. For anyone who needs it. Free hugs 🤗. (An no, it’s not a ‘cost a like’ kinda thing)- I just rlly wanna hug. And if anyone feels the same. Huggsssss. Srsly tho. It’s there. U can’t feel it but it’s there. And here’s some love to. 💕. From me to u. Anyone wanna get thru dis together?
Dis Again (6 days ago)
The fact that I related to this video scares me. I never wanted to admit that there was something wrong with me. Until that’s exactly what this video said. I am now so lost.
Gauri Saini (7 days ago)
People saying why do you have depression life is so beautiful is like saying why do you have asthma there is so much Air
Lenora Fedora (7 days ago)
I feel this. It's worse when they find out and say, "Just be happy!" When you can't be happy, at all.
MawuliDarkl Csapata (7 days ago)
I met a girl. And i did tell her everything how i am lonely and depressed. She is the only human who i did tell yet. we started dating for 4 weeks and suddenly she just stop talking to me.... i feel worse every day. worse and worse...
Jennifer C (8 days ago)
“But how many bad days is it going to take for you to realize that nothing went wrong”
Bail 10k (8 days ago)
just another day in paradise
Robin Sk (8 days ago)
A compassionate heart, A loving touch, A gentle smile, A warm embrace, A listening ear, A kind word, A hope filled future A purpose filled life, A brand new start, A heavenly home, Complete forgiveness, .... and paradise forever. All of this I offer you. Ask it of Me. -The Lord Jesus Christ
Ashley Nations (9 days ago)
Being judged being compared being called NOTHING hurts Its like no one cares
CutieclemsANIMATIONS (9 days ago)
I have depression and nobody can help...
jasmine ee (10 days ago)
i never knew someone could feel the same way i do.. honestly i felt alone. this helped to know that some people actually know how i feel. ty.
Zeynep Yuksek (10 days ago)
I see my self 😿
Nolla Brewer (11 days ago)
This is really amazing and relatable!
Tayyab Baloch (11 days ago)
I'm 100% related to this but i can't give up , i'll fight until the end. Sometimes i realize i'm the only one who is suffering from this kinda depression but i'm not alone and that gives me confident bcz they are fighting so i'll fight too until the end.
Tayyab Baloch (11 days ago)
I'm 100% related to this but i can't give up , i'll fight until the end. Sometimes i realize i'm the only one who is suffering from this kinda depression but i'm not alone and that gives me confident bcz they are fighting so i'll fight too until the end.
Tayyab Baloch (8 days ago)
@Robin Sk Thank you so much 💙 Time is the best healer . Everything will be alright insha ALLAH
Robin Sk (8 days ago)
I have great respect for your comment dear friend. You are a fighter. I went through depression and anxiety struggles for a long time, so I know where you're coming from. I now take daily medication and exercise regularly. One other thing I do: I give all my depression, anxieties, and worries to Jesus daily. He wants to carry my load for me, and He does. He'll do the same for anyone. Please take care.
Joey Rizkallah (11 days ago)
My parents say they know me but they still can’t see the pain in my eyes. Guess i’ll just have to always fake a smile and everything will be fine
Joey Rizkallah (11 days ago)
What if everytime i wake up i wish i could go back to sleep and over and over. Or if my parents notice my mood changes and just say she’s being stupid. That hurts
Julys Life (12 days ago)
It’s sad that we are so many...so many people suffering from depression...but at least we are not alone...I’m not alone, and you, the person reading this, you’re also not alone.
cyle Buchanan (12 days ago)
Me in 4 minutes and 24 second
Mason Burd (12 days ago)
She used to babysit me
Mason Burd (11 days ago)
Good Ella said you have a channel so I looked it up
Courtney Raine (11 days ago)
Gabrielle Bole (12 days ago)
Its just a bad day Its just a bad day Its just a bad d- Im just not okay...
bæ xxx (12 days ago)
For some, it's a bad day. For some it's a bad week. But for some, it's just a bad life...
Aftab Malik (12 days ago)
It's the most depressing when you really try to tell someon and they think you are overreacting for nothing.
M G (14 days ago)
I have Depression, Anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and I cut myself. Please help me...
M G (2 days ago)
@MetalPCer Thanks.
MetalPCer (9 days ago)
I am here to talk.
Leah Parker (14 days ago)
A fake smile can solve anything. Thats my motto. I have depression too.
Margot Petit (15 days ago)
For those kids under 13 like me who are always sad and are getting emotionally abused or just going through depression and anxiety.. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. For those people who are above 13 and are going through this.. YOU AR NOT ALONE. .
Paige Spicer (15 days ago)
I have depression and I'm still struggling with how to deal with it.
Paige Spicer (14 days ago)
@YSam BM I did go to thearpy but it didn't work for me so I stop going.
YSam BM (14 days ago)
@Paige Spicer well im actually getting better im not even sure if i ever had depression but yeah.. you haven't gotten help since 2015?
Paige Spicer (14 days ago)
@YSam BM since 2015, how about you.
YSam BM (14 days ago)
Same how long you've been going through it?
millsie312 Miranda (15 days ago)
I have depression but no one actually cares
Termeh Aslian (16 days ago)
questioning my life rn
Kielaya Alfonso (16 days ago)
The worst part of my experience is they keep laughing on me whenever I said im depressed thing that they only said and that is normal for a teenager, I can only prove that, when im gone.
Skylar Evergreen (17 days ago)
I’ve tried to kill myself 3 times in the past year and nobody knows but the people reading this
MetalPCer (9 days ago)
I am here to talk.
James Strickland (17 days ago)
Wow, was this relatable. Word for word...
ShainaCanYenDab LOL23 (17 days ago)
*Friend* : Why do you have cuts? *Me* : Oh I’ve been fighting... *Friend* : Must be her cat or something... *Friend* : Who? *Me* : Myself...
•Hinata• (18 days ago)
If i cant sleep well and i always laying down in my bed then i feel im useless did i have depression or iam just dramatic sometimes i want to die with a lil words😅
Kevin Oblocki (18 days ago)
This was very moving great work :)
Les Besties (19 days ago)
I have depression and nobody believes me just because I smile ( a fake smile) so I stopped smiling and they said I was just wanting attention
\\_Saturn.c_/ / (19 days ago)
Can anyone help me out? Ok so I have been having major problems with going to school like it hurts to physically get out of bed not to mention that I’m so extremely tired but I can’t fall asleep. My mom doesn’t understand and makes me go to school but honestly it’s SO hard to just get out of bed. I also don’t really learn anything at school I can’t do focus, can’t concentrate for the life of me, and I can’t learn a single thing it just sounds like there talking Chinese; CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!! If anyone has anything that could help please tell me, I’m really struggling with this😭
MetalPCer (19 days ago)
I am here to talk. depression is very deadly bc it tells the brain to be sad, shallow moods, hurtful thoughts, low energy, and much more. The problem is negative people causing these symptoms.
Kaitlyn617 (19 days ago)
I’m ten and I have depression I know what you’re thinking “oh wow your a liar” Well, I’ve been going to my school counselor since second grade “Now this kid is really lying” you are probably thinking Do you have a parent who since you were 5 has been making fun of you? Putting you down? Killing you inside? Well that’s why I’m depressed And I don’t think I will get better anytime soon My only friend who understood betrayed me My only other friend is all I have I’m always scared he will not like me anymore
MetalPCer (9 days ago)
Sorry that is a really sad story. I am here to talk. I will offer important advice, a supportive caring family is the most healthy in people. I have a lot of big problems myself dealing with this stupid family. As children we want caring, love, positiveness, and politeness from family and friends. All these qualities are fading away and it has made me upset and very sad.
manis (19 days ago)
I send you guys a virtual hugs 🤗
alex flores (19 days ago)
I think people should ask themselves what is it that they want the most in life. So for me its 1. Close friends who are girls 2. Meeting new girls 3. BlackBerry secure phones (the only ones with real security, and if you research properly, it's a fact) that being said I have #3 as my only one right now I had #2 for a long time but it doesn't happen anymore. I been thru not having my #1 thing all my life but for some reason I been strong enough to fight this depression thing. It sometimes tries to hit me hard but somehow I manage to push it away. However, at the same time, I feel exhausted by trying to figure out new ways to find new girls and im still not giving up. Being a good person and knowing that is a good thing, and that's a part of what has helped me prevent myself from going into hardcore depression. We must believe that we are good people and we have good things to say about ourselves. I am smart and I have something good to offer girls like being caring. I would never ignore girls if they text me on the phone, if I would've had close friends (who are girls) today. I know what doing the right thing is. So these are just some examples. Taking pictures and going out to eat are other examples of what i could do with close friends who are girls. All of us deserve the best.
James Dinnick (20 days ago)
One like = one hug and one conversation to comfort someone with depression 😢❤️
bish wut did u say? (20 days ago)
My day starts by me waking up in the morning feeling sad and having no hope. then going to school waiting for school to end school is hell. cuz i have no friends and i always sit on my desk pretend to studying and drawing doodles then coming home from school taking 2 hours of sleep and staying at home all day watching yt videos then at night staying awake and overthinking. 💔
Beatrix (21 days ago)
I'm depressed and right now i would like to kill myself now. I'm giving up. Anyone who reading this pls fight. :'( in the last 5mins probably I'm dead.
Robin Sk (20 days ago)
Before you take that last step dear friend, talk with me. I have an answer.
Alishba Arshad (21 days ago)
I’m always that one person that is the least important. Like you could just disappear and no one would notice
depressed guy (21 days ago)
You are not alone You are not useless You are not ugly You are not fat You are not unwanted You are not stupid You are not who rude people tell you who you are you are 💝 You are you and you're maybe not perfect but you are beautiful please remember that💓💓💓💝
wOnderwoman gamer (22 days ago)
I don’t feel alive anymore
wOnderwoman gamer (20 days ago)
Robin Sk thank you so much❤️
Robin Sk (20 days ago)
I am praying for you dear friend. Jesus loves you deeply and passionately. Please remember that. He gave His very life for you. There is no greater love, and He is waiting to hear from you. Take care.
Tori The killer kitten (23 days ago)
This is almost made me cry which is so rare i never cry because i have severe depression...
Robin Sk (20 days ago)
I am sorry you are depressed dear friend. You are in my prayers, okay? Remember, you a deeply and passionately loved. You have always been loved. You are loved far more than you could possibly know. The Son of the living God gave His very life for you. Give your life and all of your depression over to Jesus. Let Him take it, and let Him show you His mighty and wonderful love. I did. He is faithful and true. Please take care.
Nobody I actually know, knows I have depression. I act like the weird happy person but deep down I have anger, sadness. My outside is just a mask to hide how I feel about myself, alone, and sort of jealous of others, they have a happy life while mine is alone even though I have a big family. I’ve thought about ending but never had the courage to do it, it’s hard putting on the same face every day and pretending that nothing is wrong but like everybody else I have insecurities and embarrassing times, but sadly my emotions don’t push it away. The sad times I remember like yesterday but the good times, I mostly forget and and at night I try to cry it all away but it doesn’t feel like enough. I’ve never hurt myself but I just want to so I can end my misery but I know if I end mine it would be a domino affect because even if I do it people won’t notice until after and then they would get into the trap, and possibly never get help or they might just give up. I usually just cry it out in silence because I’m just embarrassed to tell somebody and ashamed. If you reply, don’t give me a pep talk because I’ve given up trying to listen to those, they never work out for me because I’ve never believed it. I just wish there was a cure.
Greg Bourchier (23 days ago)
I feel this way all the time. I really thought nobody could feel as bad as I do. I used to hide in plain sight and deny anything was wrong. I'm sort of glad my memory is failing because I'm sure I have forgotten a lot of sadness and anxiety. Though so many remains.
Robin Sk (20 days ago)
May God be with you and show you His kindness and grace Greg. May the love of His Son Jesus surround you and embrace you warmly. Please take care.
Lonaj Gamer (24 days ago)
I always feel left out
Lonaj Gamer (24 days ago)
Technology isn’t making us lazy or dumber You are just depressed
Life is Cruel (24 days ago)
Those few times I have tried to tell people about how I feel, they never understand, or at least shut me down. When my grandpa died, my will to live left with his life. I haven’t felt remotely close to okay since he died, and no one has ever really asked and cared about the actual answer.
MetalPCer (23 days ago)
I am here to talk.
norma jeany (24 days ago)
I am alone and..need a hug..i know that is kinda shameful to say i need a hug..but ..i just need some HELP
Robin Sk (23 days ago)
Thanks for your honesty and willingness to be open dear friend. I am praying for you. I want you to know that you are loved far more than you could possibly know. Jesus laid down His life because He loves you so much. Reach out to Him dear friend and receive the biggest hug you've ever had. Please take care.
MetalPCer (23 days ago)
I am here to talk.
Emily Holloway (24 days ago)
I've been of 2 days from school now because I'm to scared to go to school
seriously dude (5 days ago)
Are you okay...If you need friend I can be your friends..We can share our stories together..Stay strong everything will work fine..
Emily Holloway (20 days ago)
@Robin Sk thankyou 💕
Robin Sk (20 days ago)
I am praying for you Emily. You can count on that. May God be with you and show you His kindness and grace. May the love of His Son Jesus surround you and embrace you warmly. Please take care.
MetalPCer (23 days ago)
@Emily Holloway ur welcome. I did the same thing in middle school bc I was scared to see dirty violent black kids all over the school. I still got promoted with so many absents and went to high school.
Emily Holloway (23 days ago)
@MetalPCer thanks for the advice 👍
Hayet Amir (24 days ago)
You can look at the good side 😊 Try to be happy even for the little things life is short profite ma chérie ❤
Prototype (25 days ago)
No body notices untill you reach rockbottom! 💯 true
Aaliyaha Liedke (25 days ago)
I’m so tired of depression I’m always tired no matter if I go to sleep at 7:00 I’m still tired
Boofa Corner (25 days ago)
When u tell someone how u feel it’s called a attention seeker when u keep quiet they say how r u it’s so hard living
Boofa Corner (25 days ago)
I have depression people say it’s for attention when I ask for help
miguel chavez (25 days ago)
To all of those who are struggling with depression, God has a plan purpose and a future for you. Dont Quit. Dont let the Devil win.
My cat is Cute (25 days ago)
People ask me hey are you okay? Me: Yes I’m fine! Stop asking
MuscleMeals (25 days ago)
I live every single word of it. Even sleep isn't easy beacause they wake me every night with their laughters and shouts when they leave the clubs..but am not alone.:(
Lola (25 days ago)
I don't have depression but I feel sad sometimes Im always the kitty like I am always kinda childish and always happy and cute and my friends love it But.... The only thing that makes me feel sad Is school.....is way too hard
Arun Kumar Rohilla (20 days ago)
@Lola tf? Thank God, you haven't seen my non edited comment.😑
Lola (20 days ago)
@Arun Kumar Rohilla tf?😂
Arun Kumar Rohilla (20 days ago)
Just pass the exams. Don't care much about your marks. Because your future husband will care all about you. So pay attention on your personality and be good girl.
Nancy Beauty Dose (25 days ago)
Megadestroyer303 !!!!! (25 days ago)
I damned my soul in depression
Firefox (26 days ago)
if youve ever cried so much at night that you have to cover your face to keep from making sound, im sorry
kate bult (26 days ago)
I have depression and nobody knows
Arun Kumar Rohilla (20 days ago)
Even if they knows. They will not care about you. They are happy with them. This is our society.
Robin Sk (20 days ago)
Your comment read; "I have depression and nobody knows." Well, actually Kate, somebody does know, and that someone also cares. I know and I care. Your Heavenly Father knows, and He cares. You are not alone. You will never be alone. You are deeply and passionately loved dear friend. Remember that, okay? The Son of the living God laid down His life for you Kate. He loves you that much. Cry out to Jesus like I did in my deep depression, and watch Him come running. He is faithful and true. He will never say no. Please take care.
Boroesch (26 days ago)
Ughhhh who is cutting the onionssss 😢
jill bong (26 days ago)
I hide the pain
Robin Sk (20 days ago)
If you are hiding your pain Jill, I understand. I understand completely because I used to do the same thing. My pain was so bad that I wanted to end my life. But through the help of a close friend, I found an answer. I found that someone loves me far more than I could possibly know. Someone who would do anything in this world for me. Someone who laid down His life for me. Someone who will never reject me. That someone is Jesus. He loves you deeply and passionately Jill. He has loved you from the day you were born into this world. He is waiting to hear from you. Please take care.
Janelle Caluza (26 days ago)
I’m depressed without any reason. It just came one day and I feel like I’m alone. Which I am. I don’t have a good life but it’s good enough for me. But sometimes I can’t stop being jealous of people who are happy. Everything that is said in this video literally describes everyone who are depressed. This deppression is slowly becoming suicidal. I’m numb. My bestfriend is the only one who understands cause both of us are suffering from deppression. Both of us are having suicidal thoughts. The only thing we do to make it go away temporarily is drinking and talking about it. Sorry but I just wanted to share this. I’m crying as u read. I mean Idk what date you’re reading this but I’m pretty sure I’m crying cause I always am.
idoont caare (27 days ago)
i am literally crying watching this video . i am mentally right now not in a very good place. everbody thinks that im so happy but im not i just dont show that to anybody.
Robin Sk (20 days ago)
I am praying for you with earnest dear friend. I know you are hurting. I feel your pain even now. I want you to know that Jesus loves you deeply and passionately. He always has and He always will. Cry out to Him and ask Him to save you, to help you, to change you. He will not reject you. Please take care.
Hazel xx (27 days ago)
I relate to everything you said in this video. I don't think I'm doing too well
Komal Makwana (27 days ago)
I feel lyk i m rlly depressed. i feel trap in a cage. i need independence. i fight buut lose every tym. I try to get along woth the ppl but aftr the conversation i feel dat all i did was fake. ppl easy lve me..ignore me. i feel pressurised by my parents. Dey want me to lve on their conditions which i rlly dont want. I thng relation in my life eventually gets complicated. So, i dettach myself from the ppl for some days n spend tym with myself i motivate myself. I fear to get along woth someone n den just get ignored but i try to socialize even when i kne i m going to fail..n i do fail. I tried to kill myself mang a times but somethng stopped. I want live warmly,happy,independently,socially..i need strenght to overcome my over thinking..i dont want this suicidle thoughts to contral me.
Roselia (27 days ago)
I don’t have friends 💔
Robin Sk (20 days ago)
I am sorry you don't have any friends Roselia. It hurts me to see that you are lonely. I know you are lonely and your Heavenly Father knows you are lonely as well. He wants to help you find a friend, and that's why He sent His Son for you. Yes Roselia, Jesus will always be your friend, no matter what is going on in your life. Please do one thing for me today, okay? Ask Jesus to save you, forgive you, and be your friend. Then sit back and watch what happens next. Please take care.

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