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Depression | Short Film

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I usually talk about beauty and fashion on this channel. Which are obviously topics and things that I love. However, recently I have really been thinking. For a while now, I have not been proud of the content I have been posting on social media. Social media has become an outlet for people to broadcast their "perfect" life. I know, I am completely guilty of this as well. But through this video, I want to show something real for once. Its not all about cute sweaters or urban decay makeup. Depression is real. I am so so proud of how this turned out. I hope I was able to help at least one person out there. You are enough and you are not alone. ************************************************ Support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Courtneyraine_ Follow me on Instagram: Courtneyraine_ https://instagram.com/courtneyraine_/ ************************************************ For Business Inquiries: [email protected] ************************************************ A huge thank you to Alyssa Morris for collaborating with me to create this short film. Stop by her Insta and say HI! @_justlyssa_ WARNING: If you are easily triggered, do not watch this. There is no harmful content. Just a girl, going through her day. If you are struggling, please call the suicide-prevention hotline! 1-800-273-8255. This video is to solely create awareness for suicide-prevention month Thanks for watching! :)
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Sophia Mallory (3 hours ago)
For some people with this struggle they have a good life but are just depressed and sometimes don’t know why but for some kinda like me have an ok or bad life which makes them depressed and in all honesty sometimes idk why I am depressed and sometimes I do know why buts it hard and a real life struggle but I know everyone who struggles with it can be strong or at least try and will and try to make it through this struggle and life cuz I am struggle badly with it cuz if many issues and having no friends and having j one tot all to or relate to about my problem but I know we can all be strong and try to be strong and get through this and life cause I struggle everyday and try and stay and be strong everyday sometimes I’m strong and sometimes I’m by strong enough but it’s part of life and everyone wil has it just has to live through it hopefully 😔
Sophia Mallory (3 hours ago)
See I know I have depression and anxiety and ya rly a hard struggle when I have to deal with school and people there at school and the work stresses me out which makes me even more overwhelming with my issues and my family issues and funerals I’ve been to and parents not understanding me at all and what I do and like and just how I am it’s rly hard to deal with that with my depression and anxiety and dealing with that makes it even worse just sometimes I sit in my room at night and cry myself to sleep and thinking I don’t wanna be here and always staying in my room 24/7 thinking. To myse and being in my head and thoughts which aren’t good ones either but I’m doing a little better now cuz sometimes and some days are better than others and my depression and stuff is better some days and some aren’t better I just need a friend or friends to help me get through this if anyone wants to be a friend and help me just contact me plz on here and I’ll give u my info to contact me privately 😔😭
IAubz (5 hours ago)
It's cool that this short film doesn't seem like one that would do this "Oh, lets search depression on -Social Site Or Google- and now we know!" sorts of things. It sounds like its almost from a real person with the mental illness.
ssimon2222 (9 hours ago)
Am i the only ome who could complete her sentences? I go through this every day. I only have one very good friend in school, and were having problems with the other girls in class. On top of that, i am doing really bad in school right now and i dont think i an good enough. I feel lonely and isolated constantly, and themworld just doesnt care. All they care about is the latest fortnite memes. Its like im a puzzle with one piece missing, but i cant find it anywhere i go ,like i was used to. Im never truly happy because thoughts like “ your gonna die one day anyway, or “ imwish i was dead are constantly clouding my brain. but i still try to look on the bright side of things, like how im auditioning for Americas got talent this summer with my best friend (whos the only one who knows about my depression in the whole school) doing ventrililiquism. Only those with true depression know how i feel
Nayana Vinod (13 hours ago)
Is it necessary to take medication for depression? I went to a counselor which didn't work and to a doctor which too was helpless. I have BPD too. Please help me. I'm doing this here because the ones who read this know how it feels. Others say you are a brilliant person who always smiles but you know, inside you are almost always crying, dying. I know how it feels to have them all. I am fighting and I'll keep on fighting, like you guys, keep on fighting, but just help in this one question, should I consult another doctor or are you all doing the same?. Can we fight this war alone? My parents are doing their best to help me, but I understand them but they can't understand me because they don't have these. Help me my fellow fighters, please!😔😭
MetalPCer (6 hours ago)
I wanna help, but I am sad. I take no medication at all and we should find positive people.
Bella Gibbs (13 hours ago)
Does anyone have tips to help someone who has Depression? Or ar least symptoms of Depression? I dont have it but someone i know does
Rose Alhashem (18 hours ago)
I just which someone will understand
Miss Torie (1 day ago)
I have a new way to beat that annoying feeling in me...is that I DONT CARE AS LONG AS AM ALIVE I HAVE THE BIGGEST REASON TO STAY...
Forest Gumpy (1 day ago)
I have depression. Having depression is like being colorblind and than everyone tells you how colorful the world is... I have really bad depression, if you ask me why... I can't answer because I don't know... I get called a fury because I used to wear werewolf ears to school I recently got a pixie cut and now a boy at school named Jacob keeps saying I'm a knockoff Ellen from the Ellen show I got kicked in the back at pe for a while My friends are ignoring me My best friend is mad at me for no reason I have ADHD I cut myself everyone hates me....
duhalvey1111 11 (1 day ago)
😟☹️☹️😖 me too
Phoenix Bloom (3 days ago)
I say I'm fine. People say if I fake a smile, it might become real. So that's what I do. I smile because of a lie. But I'm fine. I'm always fine. Okay?
Dana Ellison (3 days ago)
I am depressed and it sucks! This portrays exactly what it's like People who know don't believe I have it. I've self healed I've been nearly 3 weeks clean I'm proud yet I wanna.......
Robin Sk (1 day ago)
Praying for you Dana. Jesus loves you deeply and passionately. He gave his very life on a cross because he loves you so much. Remember that. Please take care.
Rainbow Bliss (4 days ago)
i want to go to a psychiatrist
Iedin Draws (5 days ago)
I relate. And I always think, “what’s the point of getting up in the morning?” And then I see my friends, all smiling and.... happy, and it makes me smile knowing they’re all happy.
DexxSolid (5 days ago)
This video is exactly my life..spot on
Yadanar Thin Gha (5 days ago)
Katherine Andrade (6 days ago)
I alwas think that things are changing and i just don't enjoy the way i did before i told my parents i was filling down but they only tell me its only that i don't wana go somewere but i just don't like my friend & hobbies like before
psyche srini (6 days ago)
Same way I feel😅😅😅
awesomemily 9393 (6 days ago)
I got a depression ad before this
DistantPerson23 3 (6 days ago)
The only people who get people like us are us...
Bianca Eilish (7 days ago)
Fake depressed is not true, everyone has there own story which people inspire to not suicide like me, i have depression and my brother said "oh u just have fake depressed" and all the painfull words that he said make me want to end my life
Human Tree (7 days ago)
I don't even know where to start. I don't wanna be that one drama queen so I'll make this fast. I smile, I laugh and I am pretty happy. I can be happy and crack a couple smiles ON PURPOSE. Its just as soon as I lose social interaction or stop talking to another human I fall into this spiral that wants me dead.
Wolf Girl (7 days ago)
This is like you filmed my life... I actually started to cry because of the reality...
evanrfox (8 days ago)
I'm depressed, I have been for as long as I can remember. I'm struggling to word this correctly. I'm not ok. I know I have Dysthymia from a therapist I saw when I was in the navy. Being a veteran doesn't help, being out of the military for 5 years now I'm still not able to acclimate to normal civilian life, also I drink alot now so none of this makes sense, its 23:26 while I'm typing this and I'm drunk like I am every night, the alchohol makes it all go away sometimes, not tonight though. I use YouTube to escape from reality, tonight it didn't work so I'm on this video
poof chan (8 days ago)
Long story short is I was cutting. I was a normal weird kid who HAD friends. Turns out they weren't friends. Then a year after that my grandpa died. We had to move from Texas to Indiana. It was so stressful. I found a blade in this little package inside of the case. I decided one cut was alright...one cut WAS what I thought. Everyday I would lift up my sleeves and open up my wrists. I stopped doing it though. My friend found out and did the right thing,she told my parents. Ever since i stopped I wanted to start again but this time instead of on my wrists it was on my leg. My dad (Not my birth father) left my mom yesterday. I have all of this homework to do so I couldn't take it. I broke one of my sharpeners and took the blade,went into the bathroom, and cut my legs. I stopped once more. Yet my legs still have the scars from those deep (not to deep) cuts I made. If you are reading this,don't make the same mistake I did.
sakib galib (8 days ago)
I feel shamsful when i takes my angryness to my parents. They are the most closest person. I have no friend. Amd i know i can be a good friend. But because i cant talk funny things and some kinds of staff peoole dont actually like to talk to me. Im weak in English. So forgive me. Just trying share my life monent. Allah bless u.
Suicidal and Broken (8 days ago)
I was just fine the other day...why do I feel so sad now?why do I feel like I wanna die right now,right here?why do I feel lonely even though there are thousands of people around me?why do I wanna go to a bridge and just jump off?I was fine...but it came back again...this feeling of worthlessness,emptiness,loneliness,sadness...why can’t I just be normal like the other kids?why didn’t I die the time I tried to?why do they all pretend to care and when you tell them you tried to kill yourself they laugh?why do they pretend to help but joke about my depression and anxiety?why can’t I just be happy?I don’t even remember the last time I was actually happy...I remember when tears weren’t normal to me though...but now it’s just a thing that happens every day...I WAS FINE! HOW CAN I BE FINE AND THE NEXT DAY FEEL LIKE I WANNA DIE WITHOUT A REASON?!WHY WAKE UP THE OTHER DAY FEELING HAPPY I’M ALIVE AND WAKING UP TODAY WISHING I COULD FALL ASLEEP AND NEVER WAKE UP?! WHY DOES IT HIT SUDDENLY?!YOU CAN BE HAPPY ONE DAY AND THE NEXT DAY YOU ARE IN YOUR ROOM CRYING AND SCREAMING,THINKING WHY ME?!WHAT DID I DO FOR THESE DEMONS TO TAKE CONTROL OVER ME?!WHY DO I WANNA DIE?!I’M ONLY 11!!! WHEN I WAS LITTLE I WANTED TO BE A PRINCESS AND LIVE IN A CASTLE AND SLEEP ON THE MOST PINK AND GLITTERY BED BUT NOW WHY DO I WANNA BE DEAD,WISHING TO LAY IN MY COFFIN,3 FEET UNDERGROUND?!WHY DID I CHANGE LIKE THIS?FROM WANTING TO BE A RICH FAMOUS PERSON TO A DEAD 11-YEAR OLD GIRL?!!! I was fine...I kept telling myself I’m beautiful and smart...but I was lying...it’s never going away...please just let me die?...why didn’t you let me die the time I tried...?...I just want all this to be over god...
Im Vivitate (9 days ago)
Girls go through a completely different depression than guys
Gerald (6 days ago)
But why? Why is so much 12 year old white girls so depressed on the internet? And why are boys depressed just cuz they got broke up with?
shaniya willis (9 days ago)
Thanks so much for doing this I go through it everyday
Dirty Sprite (10 days ago)
*boo hoo let me play the sad violin*
Catwhind_ cat (10 days ago)
Is it fine to have depression but you don't exactly have any reasons to have it? Because I do. I wanna tell my parents but I'm scared. They'll say I'm just joking because I have no reason to feel depressed. Does it really needed to have any specific reason to have that mental illness?
Catwhind_ cat (10 days ago)
I have depression...never wanted to admit it, always tends to act happy even if I am sad..and the worse? No one knows it. Its like your heart is screaming for help but no one seems to heart it until...it slowly dies..and it slowly kills you..
Am so glad to find this, am so depressed that I feel in no time am gonna be gone, it’s so hurt to feel this way, I don’t feel good about life and am so scared it’s only gonna be one day and it’s over, but am mostly concerned of my love ones, I just can’t help it
kylie jenner (11 days ago)
sometimes is better to say ur fine than explaining why ur sad cuz sometimes there is not a reason i just feel lost i found out that acting it’s more easy
NYLA PANGMAN (11 days ago)
I don’t eat .... I weight 93 pounds and think I’m fat....
Taylor Caulfield (11 days ago)
I've suffered from depression for 12 years and yea I talk about how I feel to 2 people but nobody gets it. My parents say that therapy will help but it doesn't. I smile at people and at my friends and boyfriend but it's a facade. They ask if I'm okay I say I'm great just tired. I go to therapy and talk about how I feel but it doesn't help. I laugh and smile on the outside but cry and cut myself inside. I wanna die so bad but I'll fight until one day I'm alone and have hit rock bottom to put an end to my sorry life.
lala L (11 days ago)
Why is this video me
K I'm Blessing (12 days ago)
Sometimes having a good life is fine but the best is having God with your daily life💖
weezy tv (12 days ago)
whats the meaning of life ? I dont see a meaning in life I just wanna end it I don't care and I don't need help I just want to despair
King Kyurem (12 days ago)
This is so very true 🥀
Finn Hooijmaaijers (12 days ago)
Why is it always girls?
Gerald (6 days ago)
I don't know but I see a lot of depressed privileged girls
Ishi Khurana (12 days ago)
I like how it showed her laughing because in most short movies it like they're face is neutral or sad but people with depression do laugh even if it's fake
FairyyTail (13 days ago)
I keep binge watching these and I’m crying my eyes out 😭😭😭
Snowleopard Stalker (13 days ago)
Sometimes I feel like i just want fade away or for time to stop, then I could just sit there staring into the distance for all time.
Gabriel DeOllos (13 days ago)
0:36 don’t get pissed I know it’s acting but that’s probably why she and many others are depressed. Social Media makes you depressed because you see photos of people and it makes you think they have a better life than you and they have it better so it makes you depressed. I deleted Instagram for about 3 weeks and I figured out what made me so sad and down, it was social media and I haven’t been on it since and I feel great.
Quintella Santiago (13 days ago)
I don’t think I have depression and I keep telling myself that I just have a negative/low mindset and people with depression feel so much worse because I’ve felt much worse before but I’m starting to relate to what a lot of people with depression talk about, I’ve always had suicidal thoughts or self harm thoughts and I keep thinking people are tired of me. Idk what’s wrong with me
Aeron Rogs (13 days ago)
In all honesty and not to brag but if I sound like it, I’m sorry, but I have lots of friends at school. Everyone knows me. Everyone says why all people like me. Some other people ask: “how can other people like me?” Even one of my best friends asked me: “Is it maybe because I’m so bad at speaking English”. Some people even ask how many people do I often text per day and they usually think I message more than 10 people a day when I only message like 2 people CONSISTENTLY (my mom and my dad), or sometimes even none. Some people tell me I’m so cool, unique, thinks I get a lot of girls and hitting them up when I never even had a date or a single girlfriend, charismatic, and a good leader to the student council representing my year but overall, I feel like it’s still not enough. What I’m trying to say is, yes I have lots of friends, people think I’m one of the best people and the most popular kid at my year, but I still feel I don’t though. After all of these things, I still feel depressed, alone, I put out my anger on other people and the worst part about it, even if I show my charismatic and nice personality to other people, it’s still not enough for me to confidently say: “Yeah. My life is pretty good, how was yours?” It’s sad how when I help people, I feel much appreciated and they give a lot of respect from me. But when I was the one who needed help, I lost my respect for them. When you see me smiling in a photo, you think I am happy? No. It’s just me pretending. When you think I get lots of girls and hitting them up, I never even had an actual dater even had a girlfriend. When you think I have lots of friends, I hang out with a lot of people inside and outside of school, yes but I feel like most of them are fake and few of them are true. When you think I’m a perfect person, I am an imperfect person.
Tamy Vale (14 days ago)
You have no reason to be sad i do i get u i know how it is to feel sad i know cuz i've been though it and trust me its hard itslike yourdieing inside but your not it feel like itsyour last moment depression is horrible its like you can't be happy like every day you wake up and still feeling sad its like you think that depression will end but itwon't thats whywe HAVE TO STAY STRONG AND LIVE OUR LIVE LIKE WERE supposed to live OURLIVE we can Fight depression depression doesn't give a f*** about what we think doesn't care what we think everybody knows that the person doesn't give a f*** about what we think and depression doesn't care about if you have to live or die depression is the worst thing you could ever feel it's sad it's horrible it's like you're living in hell but the truth is that we can fight depression we can fight it together
Lilian Santos (15 days ago)
Nobody cares im depresd i want to kill my self
Gerald (6 days ago)
K bye!!
Anu Shah (16 days ago)
I cry for no reason....7-8 times a day....I don’t have the guts to face the day....to sleep is the greatest escape for me....I don’t feel anything....n the situation is so bad that m writing here in comment section hoping for help....💔
PAJI (16 days ago)
I haven't hit rock bottom yet😟
PAJI (16 days ago)
Yes me too😕
ItsYoGirlKaytay (17 days ago)
I just got an ad about text therapy but I don’t think I’m old enough to even get it even though I need it
me fine (17 days ago)
Don't be sad because you deserve to be happy ☺️
Amazing Autumn (17 days ago)
"I'm fine"
Michelle Sithole (17 days ago)
😔I Don't Do Depression WHY? I choose problem solving instead 😏
Isidora Panic (17 days ago)
Not even my parents notice that something is wrong,they think i am okay,my friends think i am okay,my teachers think i am okay,but I am not.And it's not gonna be better if you tell me "but your life is great" "everyone loves you" "it is gonna be okay".They don't understand this feeling,no one around me does...
Grey's life Combite (17 days ago)
there's just those time when something great happens after that you'll just end up sad still empty and the worst part is when you talk about it in school thing will get worse if you know what I mean talk about it with your family more worse because they'll just tell you stop being so dramatic it's fake and when they try to put you in a box of glitter I'm just trying to get out if you know what I mean I'll be fine pretending 👍👍 not
Pretty Girl (17 days ago)
Its so funny how everyone blames the phone when it comes to teenage depression when the stressful school work is the main source of it or just school in general (People with depression will exactly understand what I'm trying to say)
Sophia Mallory (2 hours ago)
Pretty Girl thanks for stating the obvious (don’t tryna sound rude if u think I am) because people just rly don’t understand and always think and blame it on phones and stuff when not everyone with depression have it cuz of phones and social media tbh
Sophia Mallory (2 hours ago)
And especially those who say there’s no reason to be sad well there rly are reasons to be sad like for some don’t understand or know why they are depressed and sad all the time which is a reason cause they don’t know why and Twain would be depression and for some like me who have it that struggle with it and are sad for some days are bad and some are good or ok because of either personal issues or just issues in general or what ever there always a reason to be said and sometimes well should always have a reason to be depressed and the people who say to some people who struggle and say that they are just doin it for attention like some said to me it pisses me off because there so ignorant that they can’t and don’t relate or understand what me and there go through in life and the struggles with depression and other struggles or disorders or whatever and they just assume like someone did to me once and I went off cuz that’s not true yes I know they are some who do it just for the attention but there are most and plenty of people who don’t do it for attention and just do it either for a cry for help or other situations just most people don’t understand
Sophia Mallory (2 hours ago)
Pretty Girl so true like everyone blames the homes and social media and stuff and I’m always sitting here thinking to myself y’all are rly that clueless on this because y’all don’t understand and relate to it because not all depression comes from social media or phones for some they don’t know why they are depressed but they just are and feel and are just always sad sometimes for no reason kinda like me somtimes and for some like me have it because of school and ignorant people and school work just school in general and personal issues like family and stuff but people like some parents including mine don’t understand it at all like my parents blame it all on the phones when it ain’t true and I had a fam member who had depression and all my parents did was say it is a cry for help and give that disappointment and mad ashamed look at my fam member and then put in concueling which dosent help but only helped a little and never thought about that incident or thing again and thing my fam member didn’t rly have depression it was just then being sad and it being a cry for help that’s why I never talk about it to then cause hey didn’t rly help my fam member who had it but only thought they did so now I keep everything inside bottled up and one day it gonna be to much for me and for some others who relate to how mine works 😔 parents and people who blame phones on depression and say that u don’t have it or just doing it for attention those kinds of parents and people irritate me to the point where I rly just wanna day a whole speech to them included most people
IAubz (5 hours ago)
It depends on the type of depression almost.. Some people don't use phones, some do. Depression is something that occurs in your life and doesn't go away, it just fades and comes back even though its always there but either weakening and tightening to an extent. (Sorry if this is rude, I wanted to make a good explanation even though you might have it too, i'm just saying that everybody is different.)
Hana.Y Rashad (1 day ago)
yeahhh ik
*_Some/Many depressed suicidal people don’t actually want to kill themselves but they don’t want to simply exist. For example when you want to jump of a bridge, drown yourself, hang yourself, shoot yourself, anything that’ll kill you but some/many people are afraid to get hurt._*
What up I’m Jared (17 days ago)
I don’t think they want to do die,they just want to end the pain and suffering....and so do I
Maude (18 days ago)
Just.. thank you for this, I know I'm not alone now
Fool #1 (17 days ago)
I feel the same way thank you for making this it really helps
Absolutely spot on. Keep fighting everyone. Xxx
Alisha ! (18 days ago)
I don't know when I got depression but I try to hide it when I am around people and people at my school are starting notice but I tell them I am fine and I don't know why I try not to but I can't
Asmr mukbang and etc. (19 days ago)
I use everyone to love myself, So use me to love yourself. -RM Everyone love you.
Karen Lopez (19 days ago)
I had depression since I was 9 and am 10 and about to turn 11 and still have depression
Mark Williams (19 days ago)
I so understand. That's just how I feel. "Here we go...again." I wish things could be different for a lot of us because I've actually met many like this. I wonder how many don't talk about it at all or just deny it?
Margaret Nyagah (20 days ago)
That part of telling that you're doing great ,thank u for asking .....it hit me hard,its what I've been doing to avoid the questions
ladykait 2005 (20 days ago)
I have depression like I almost got a knife and stabbed myself but I wondered how to die without hurting the people that care about you...
Paige Sadler-Davey (20 days ago)
Depression is really hard But "i'm fine"
m_99 Gonzalez (21 days ago)
who else gets soo bad at night that all u want to do some nights is cry and it hurts your chest😔
chloe (21 days ago)
my biggest trigger is my mom. and it’s really hard for her to say teens depression is caused by phones or i get messed up when i’m on my phone to much, when she sits there, not knowing or caring about the ways she contributes to my mental health, even tho i’ve told her.
Caroyln Gallegos (21 days ago)
The suicide hotline is not gonna help me and I wish that someone would finally understand that! I’m still waiting for that someone that would understand. Cause if a therapist, psychologist, counselor, and social worker couldn’t help me. Then what makes anyone think that a hotline will💁‍♀️ Gets me really upset all the time. All I want is someone to understand me. Is that too much to ask?
Strange Girl (21 days ago)
All these comments remindes me my old self lmao How to get out of depression 1. Tell yourselfie why are you sad, what is your problem. 2. Try not to be sad girl. for example if you are getting bullied show them bitches dat u are the queen and you deserve better than them, or if you just have broken up wit ya bf play it like a bad bitch 3. dont think you cant get out of it. you are perfect, you are beautiful, you are strong so dont let other people laugh on you PS if you wanna talk to me something add me on snapchat: angela.a000 hope dat helped bye wish yall the best
Hi Hi (21 days ago)
one of my friends skipped school, I asked her why, she told me she was depressed ONLY THAT day. And I was like... are you stupid
First Name Last Name (23 days ago)
I am a 12 year old girl...... All I need is love All I need is a hug All I need is people to accept me for who I am I feel like running away, is it a good idea?
mikro beam (17 days ago)
If I ever saw you, I would hug you cause I accept the people who are nice.
luzi aesthetic (23 days ago)
i have the feeling that i am the only person realizing that i am suffering...not even my best friends or my family notice..
Lucy (23 days ago)
this is the most accurate thing.
fatima sorna (24 days ago)
I just want to kill my self😢😢😢🖤🖤🖤🖤
fatima sorna (24 days ago)
I'm 20 years old ; I dont have had any boyfriend and I dont have any friends ; I'm virgin and good girl but nobody can love me
fatima sorna (24 days ago)
I'm not looking like models ; my height is 166-167 and my weight is 63 or 64 kg
Allison Sidell (24 days ago)
Literally me
socorro calderon (24 days ago)
Depression is like a drug. You take it and it stays with you forever. Anxiety is like another soul that stays with you where ever you go. It says with you forever in your life. It doesn’t let you do things. Like go out because it will make you to afraid to do stuff without over thinking what people think of you.
Sila Arslan (24 days ago)
I’ve been depressed for 2 years now and I’m 16 right now. I only told my mum and my best friend because I know I can trust them. I went to the doctors today to get more medicine to help it, but nothing really helps it tbh :(
Esam Tele (24 days ago)
Only one person in my life knows that i have depression and i don't even know them and they've only talked to me once only on a comment section
Esam Tele (24 days ago)
That's how i feel every single day
Edyelvey Seraphine (24 days ago)
LimeLight Dolan (25 days ago)
I had a breakdown in front of my parents and some more family. I screamed “I wanna die”. The next day, they acted like nothing happened. Like it was just an ordinary day...
Daci Wilbanks (24 days ago)
How did they react?
Clara H (25 days ago)
Tips on how to tell your friends that your not wery well?
Shweta Pardhi (25 days ago)
The hardest thing for a person in depression is to ignore the comments by people on their behavior and living it made things even worse... Kash iss duniya me insan ek dusre ke dard ko samjte n ki usska majjak udate ..
rose 671 (26 days ago)
I wish people would realize little things matter even if that means a hug..♥️💔
kenzela (26 days ago)
Everyone thinks that i am perfect couse i alawys smile or make jokes but inside i feel nothing
MsVamPireChic (26 days ago)
I'm not going to lie, I seriously don't understand this illness.
KablePvP (27 days ago)
I’ve been one to be rather resistant to stress and anxiety. Although depression must suck, I’ve never really known what it’s like. Maybe it’s b/c I’m not an emotional/feeling type of person, where as I just make smart decisions and also I don’t surround myself with braindead people.
nightcore girl2019 (27 days ago)
I have depression and suicidal thoughts all the time i pretend to be fine infront of people to.
Ljiljana Vesovic (27 days ago)
I know what she feels bc im suicide, depressed 9-year old child.... Just it
Omel Banine Sulaiman (27 days ago)
I was at my teachers house I didn't want to do my H.W IS history so I wasn't okay I was crying cuz I watched a sucide prevention so my heart start beating cuz I'm scared for being a teen with depression ii cried and express my feelings through mom she was telling me everything is okay I went to a psychologist and everything turned okay I'm fine now I if nobodys with me God is with me
gatcha viki (28 days ago)
just another girl (28 days ago)
Well....i need help idk what happening with me sometimes i "wanna " be sad when one person is there even if im not sad...but when im home alone i cry id really have reason i just feel like it...i ask myself whats is point of life? And when i wake up i feel alone i dont feel good but then in school i feel good and happy but still i look sad when i see that prsn AM I PRETENDING I HAVE IT OR I REALLY HAVE IT idk why will i try to feel depression but it look like it still when im alone i crying IM SO FUCKING CONFUSE
Aysel (28 days ago)
Accurate but I was hoping till the end to hear some advice how to deal with depression
Andrew Aleksi-Lankinen (28 days ago)
Aysel Anyone who needs help with depression suicidal thoughts anything message me on here or on Instagram @21stcenturyantiglobalist I have helped many friends who have suffered the same hell I suffered before I was able to transform for the better. I want to help anyone who seeks it.
Mika M. (28 days ago)
I can't sleep and I'm crying rn

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