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How To Pick The Best Pullover Hoodie For Your Brand!

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Winter is upon us and your brand is probably looking to create some dope custom hoodies. We ordered 4 popular hoodie blanks and review them for you; American Apparel, Gildan, Tultex, and Bella+Canvas. Get all the details on custom hoodies so you get the best one for your brand. To start a hoodie design; https://www.apliiq.com/custom/hoodies/pullover Shoutouts to Shana Frase for hooking up her studio for this one!
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Text Comments (90)
SirEdward Daniels (2 years ago)
good information guys
Chauncey Grant (2 years ago)
Always dope info from APLIIQ 👌🏾
James Wade (25 days ago)
Great video. I like the Gildan and Tultex . Hoodies should be thick so that you can wear instead of a jacket. 💯
Apliiq (24 days ago)
There are some awesome heavyweight options out there. Ind4000 in particular.
funyun (1 month ago)
Angela Cabreira (2 months ago)
Is gildan a good quality? Or what is the thickest hoodie after gildan? Please give me a good quality of hoodie :( i need ideas :(
Jason Lee (2 months ago)
Which type of brand is the cheapest
Apliiq (2 months ago)
Ghost (5 months ago)
Bring the premium hoodies please
BABADOOK (5 months ago)
Super like , thank you very much for the video !!
Ben Stirling (5 months ago)
Hey dudes! What company does a hoodie blank on the “high end” side of hoodies? Like with the fluffy interior and and really thick structured hood? That sort of vibe? Please let me know! Ps if you can only “cut and sew” premium garments like this where would I start Material wise? I want the best of the best ahah . Ben
Deezus Nubes (4 months ago)
Ben Stirling Independent Trading Co Midweight is amazing.
august ramstad (5 months ago)
Ben Stirling Check American Apparel’s thick hoodie on their website. It looks great, and I think it has that double hood fleece interior premium style. Check it out
Joshua Bolden (5 months ago)
Can you do one on unisex crewneck sweatshirts?
peter c (6 months ago)
tip: use a microphone and stand closer to camera. Also stop trying f to be a brand instead of a YouTube channel
Blank Frame Studio (6 months ago)
Hi guys, what’s the heaviest blank hoody available out there?.. thank you!
Apliiq (24 days ago)
Ind 4000 is 10 ounce.
Armorjay (7 months ago)
Is there a two tone hoodie?
Maria Vasquez (8 months ago)
I love bella 😍
You are BELLA 😍
Martin Idam (8 months ago)
Great video. About that GILDAN hoodie; is it 100% cotton or 50% cotton and 50% polyester?
Soos (10 months ago)
Lol fellow investors. Don’t waste your time with fashion if you can’t even make a sweater or jacket from scratch. You’ll be ridiculed for using these cheap brands as your canvas. Also fashion and street wear industry is extremely hard to get into. Just think of it like going against bape or supreme. (Best street wear examples based on social relevance)
The Chop Up (6 months ago)
Sound like a hater
Apliiq (10 months ago)
Soos Large fashion brands use blanks. Any business segment is competitive and cutthroat at the top. Don't start an eCommerce business because you have to compete with Amazon or shoe company because of Nike. That is a narrow view of the world and ignores future opportunites. Nike went up against Adidas and Amazon battled and every retail brand there is to get where they are. If you have something special to give the world, bring it.
Aboriginal Ancient (10 months ago)
Where can I get some blank short sleeve hoodies from
California Dude (10 months ago)
What model is the tultex ?
Maiesha H (1 year ago)
very helpful.
Tola Korede (1 year ago)
Good video about Hoodies... also unique hoodies and hooded sweatshirts for women, men, children and anyone else out there @ https://goo.gl/HmPxyC
Niibin (1 year ago)
many thanks for this review. most helpful.
Chris Eagland (1 year ago)
Great video. Very helpful. Thank you. What model is the B&C, please?...really nice fit
Al Z (1 year ago)
Could you guys do a follow up after wash? I was ready to print exclusively on independent ss4500 then found out it shrinks quit a bit, which brought back bad memories of my champion eco fleece that shrunk a good 2 inches and is now useless.
golou kevin (1 year ago)
Good morning guys ! I was just wondering if you could make a video to explain the différents parts of houdies and denim jackets !? Thanks a lot
Uli Lopez (1 year ago)
Ayyyy this was essential!
Rezurrect (1 year ago)
Excuse me I was wondering how many oz was the Gildan sweater
richard kwami (1 year ago)
Vinnie 6oz
REKSO STUDIO (1 year ago)
Very good
Userword00 (1 year ago)
Q: How long is the models arm length (from back of neck to shoulder) vs the Gildan hoodie arm length?
Sam Lauredant (1 year ago)
Have you guys made a video about crewnecks? Could you point me in the right direction?
c h u c k t a y (1 year ago)
What kind of camera did you guys use to film with this
urbexdrw (1 year ago)
Hi guys, I was wondering if using champion blanks for a clothing line would be ok? Most of them got the logo on the bottom part of the sleeve..
Apliiq (1 year ago)
Great question. We think Champions are dope. However, as you mentioned they have a very visible sewn in label, so they aren't a great choice for re-labeling. Your customers will know that you are using the Champion base garments.
LAKERGIRL84 (1 year ago)
Which hoodie would be good to replace with your own tag
LAKERGIRL84 (1 year ago)
Which hoodie would you prefer for screen printing purposes
SSS (1 year ago)
what are Groobie's measurements? (hight and weight)
Apliiq (1 year ago)
6'4' 220lb. j/k 5'10" 150lb
franklin winnie (1 year ago)
franklin winnie (1 year ago)
hmmm .. lememe do my research , i will b back for more qstns ,,lol thanks
Apliiq (1 year ago)
There are definitely scenarios where that makes sense. For example if you are fulfilling on demand, are running small quantities, or if you have photo-realistic artwork.
franklin winnie (1 year ago)
1 MORE QSTN , do you advice a DIRECT TO GARMENT PRINTING on the gildan 18500 hoodie?
Apliiq (1 year ago)
Kenny Jones (1 year ago)
Great info! Just what I needed for my new store
Flacko (1 year ago)
What is the brand which produces the best quality (blanc) hoodies?
Petty Da Don (1 year ago)
So far, Tultex killing da game! The Hoodys are great and the different selection / color of tees are dope.
leo ortuyo (1 year ago)
hello @apliiq I just want to ask, is the gildan manufactured in Bangladesh is better than gildan shirt that made in united state? or they do have different quality? thanks.
leo ortuyo (1 year ago)
Apliiq thanks
Apliiq (1 year ago)
Hey Leo! They manufacture all over the world depending on their sources / factory availability. Quality is generally consistent by style number but some styles are a bit nicer fabrics and constructions than others. Hopefully that answers your question!
VJ Gurung (1 year ago)
Is it easier to relabel Gildan hoodies?
Apliiq (1 year ago)
Just about! Some can be torn out easily though. Occasionally you'll find a Hanes or fruit of the loom with a printed label inside the shirt but most don't do that so you can re-label them.
Apliiq (1 year ago)
All manufactured apparel is required to have tags that contain place of manufacture, manufacturer's id, and material contents. Some brands have tear away tags that are very clean to remove.
VJ Gurung (1 year ago)
Apliiq thanks! does all wholesale brand have tags around neck area?
Apliiq (1 year ago)
You have to rip the tags and may see some stitching in the neck but it's not impossible!
RAD TV (2 years ago)
American apparel sucks! There's better options, independent trading co makes the best HOODIES! For the price & quality & THE FIT IS AMAZING specially if you're looking for a looser hoodie & tear away tags whole sale price $10-$20 The medium weight it's great & if you want a really heavy weight go with their heavyweight hoodie
vintagechicable (2 years ago)
Can you do this type of video with more premium quality hoodies ?
Dale M (2 years ago)
+vintagechicable vetements is not quality lol
vintagechicable (2 years ago)
Okay great. Thanks so much!
Apliiq (2 years ago)
Hmm, the pre-made blanks don't really come close to the cut / fit of Vetements. Those are definitely Cut and Sewn. We'll explore some more premium options and get back to you though!
vintagechicable (2 years ago)
I'm not sure if you are familiar with Vetements hoodies. I'm more than positive they do not buy blank hoodies, but just for reference something of that quality or close to it. I'm not too sure about specific brands.
David Okenwa (2 years ago)
Ok guys, a quick one please, which of those hoodies is the best in quality and last longer even after washing them on several occasions and also affordable?
David Okenwa (2 years ago)
Thanks Guys, really helpful
Apliiq (2 years ago)
Unorthodocks (2 years ago)
how would these compare to Champion hoodies? I've noticed a lot of people using it and am not sure if its solely a trend or if they actually make high quality materials
Apliiq (2 years ago)
Champion is very high quality and pretty heavy weight. I'd say moreso than most of these. Definitely worth checking out if you like the big C on your swag!
Fajri Nasution (2 years ago)
Awesome info, +1 sub .. keep it up dude!
Violet.Surfer (2 years ago)
prices per shirt?
Apliiq (2 years ago)
Pricing all depends on the quantity you're buying and how you're designing them. Generally Gildan and Tultex are less expensive while Bella and AA are pricier.
Very helpful, thanks!
DaFishMan (2 years ago)
Thanks for posting this video. Very helpful.
Apliiq (2 years ago)
Good call! We don't normally work with them but will check them out.
DaFishMan (2 years ago)
Also why didn't you add Jerzees? They are pretty nice.
Destiny Enogieru (2 years ago)
guys I'm a youtuber and I'm making goodies from your website for subscribers you guys are so good I'm ordering Tuesday so better make em good lol😂😂😂
Reek_9 (2 years ago)
hey guyz i love the videos and its helping me start my own clothing line i would like to ask a couple a of question
Apliiq (2 years ago)
Dope! Hit us up at [email protected]
The Tultex is seems very similar to the hoodies I use in the UK which is AWIDis College Hoody.
Casey Waterhouse (1 year ago)
www.tscapparel.com TSC is the only wholesale distributor of the Tultex Brand.
DJFear Ross (1 year ago)
americanbrands.co.uk for non-USA customers. Seems to have most US brands but not Tultex.
Alexander Tai (1 year ago)
What website and any good? Does it crease the logo advice would be helpful ^_^
Apliiq (2 years ago)
Looks similar! Just different drawstring and a wider pocket it seems.
quistuhpha (2 years ago)
Yes, you listened! Good information. What are your thoughts on Independent Trading Co's SS4500 or IND4000?
Apliiq (2 years ago)
Thanks! Those are solid, heavier weight like the Gildans. Pretty good quality although occasionally zippers can be inconsistent.

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